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SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (also see uses and general instructions)







Both Wild Growth® Hair Oil  and Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer should be used for braids. To understand this, you must know the general difference between both products:

The Wild Growth® Hair Oil offers growth AND powerful natural texturizing for detangling, soft and manageable natural styles, extending relaxers/perms,  and chemical-free straight or curly hair styles when blow drying and pressing and/or curling. Wild Growth® Hair Oil will re-condition an old wig to make it new again because of its powerful texturizing qualities. In addition to powerful hair bending qualities Wild Growth® Hair Oil has strong grab (sticky) action when first applied. This allows for powerful detangling but also eases doing and undoing of braids. After absorbing, Wild Growth® Hair Oil will make the hair (skin too) smooth, but, magically, not sticky or oily. It is best used on damp hair, but, as is many time necessary, can be successfully used on dry hair and scalp. The Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer offers growth, as it shares the exact same 'Growth DNA' that Wild Growth® Hair Oil has. But, in addition  Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer can be used directly in a shampoo to protect hair from over-stripping while still moisturizing and seeding for growth while the scalp is cleansed. It is also used as a leave-in conditioner on wet hair to prevent wet/dry cycle damage (breakage). It is very slick or lubricating to enable handling of delicate hair without pulling on it and will prevent wigs from pulling on hair too. While Wild Growth® Hair Oil  is good for working with braids, Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer is good for maintaining braids by holding moisture longer and keeping braids slick so hair edges will not cut against each other. Like the name implies, it is light in feel, color, and odor and, when used together with Wild Growth® Hair Oil between washings (on damp or dry hair), can customize Wild Growth® Hair Oil's level of heaviness, color, and odor. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer will deodorize or freshen-up head funk in between washings. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair and scalp. No matter what hair type, by using both products one can get maximum texturizing and heat styling results while aiding hair growth 24/7 in all cycles (wash, rinse, and in between) forming a complete hair growth system.



Braiding/ (actual braiding) : 

To set your hair up for braiding (detangling brushing, combing, or smoothing with heat) Wild Growth® Hair Oil is the primary product to produce a frizz free body-full braid. Then, it will be easier to work with the Wild Growth® Hair Oil while braiding because it has more grab. Wild Growth® Hair Oil applied occasionally will give braids more definition, less frizz or 'halo effect'.


Braid Maintenance (applying to head with braids):

Once the braids are in place, the Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer should be the primary product to use. I provides the slickness to lessen the cutting action of hair-strand- against-hair-strand during normal movement. It is to be regularly applied (always in small quantities) throughout the hair and scalp. You want to have always enough in your head to draw just a little shine on your fingers when you touch your head. 1- 3 times per week should be the frequency for most users to accomplish that. Of course, for protective styles avoid micro or not much larger braids. For large braids you can go down the braid with the bottle’s pointed spout. For smaller you can clench an oiled hand along the braid. There is no build-up with these oils, but let the Wild Growth® Hair Oil absorb well before taking down and washing head to avoid saponification of any residual surface oils resulting in stickiness or film which has more to do with the mixing this heavier oil with the surfactants than the oil itself. For when you do take down the braids to wash, Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer can (5-15 drops) be actually be mixed with shampoo in hand for washing the head, and can (5-15 drops) be used in rinsed wet hair as a leave-in conditioner without any ‘residue reaction’. Also, if head gets funky while in braids, Wild Growth® Hair Oil will extend the scalps freshness longer for less frequent washing. Always remember to use these oils sparingly. They can produce a growing itch or growing dandruff but to tolerable limits if used just enough.


Braids and shampooing

Shampoo when really necessary. The less the better. The WG Light Oil Moisturizer will keep gunk, funk and flake levels down so you can stay fresh longer with your protective style.
WG Hair Oil will revive and recondition both artificial and natural braid and, because of 'grab' Factor, will help in the process o doing and undoing braid.
Summary: Shampoo infrequently and only when necessary. WG Light Oil Moisturizer will extend the time between shampoos. WG Hair Oil will revive reduce frizz and 'halo' effect) on both natural and artificial hair and make the braiding/unbraiding process easier. In between those times rely on using more WG Light Oil Moisturizer for lasting moisture and maintenance.
Remember to mix 10-20 drops o WG Light Oil Moisturizer in each dab of shampoo for protection against harshness while deep seeding for growth during cleansing and use as leave in conditioner on rinsed wet hair before drying to combat the wet-dry hair breakage cycle.




Coarse, extremely coarse hair. Try Wild Growth Hair Oil After shampooing on slightly damp (not wet), towel dried hair, apply the oil to the hair and scalp (best way possible) and put a cap on and sit under the drier for maximum penetration. The longer one waits with the Wild Growth in hair before attempting to comb or brush, the more effective the Wild Growth will be. Also, oil hair and scalp in between washings. Wild Growth Hair Oil is a leave-in product that, even with extremely coarse hair, with persistence, will PROGRESSIVELY make hair more manageable. This may be the natural answer.


Complete Hair Growth System: To use  Wild Growth® Hair Oil    and   Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer  as the proven and recommended 24/7 Complete Hair Growth System   see  Maximum Protection Method or General  Instructions .



Dread Locks/ Natural Hair Locks:  See Braiding/ (actual braiding) and

Braid Maintenance (applying to head with braids)



Fragile, Fine, or dry/easy to break hair.  Avoid brisk, vigorous, or  extended massage sessions. Gently apply Wild Growth products as they will spread and penetrate by themselves. Use less for fine hair.  Eventually, both Wild Growth® Oils will make hair strong.



Frequency of use/will results be faster with more frequent use?   Using daily may or may not speed results. With some people, too frequently may slow results. By following the recommended frequency of 3 times per week (every other day) one bottle will last at least the two months that you need to allow yourself. Every person is unique. Some people see new growth in days or even the next day (just by following the recommended 3 times per week). Most start to see some growth in two months and are glad, months later, that they continued because they eventually achieve their hair growth goals that were never achieved for years before. We would recommend that you do 3 times per week as recommended for best and sure results across time.


Hair Locks (Natural) :

Dread Locks/ Natural Hair Locks:  See Braiding/ (actual braiding) and

Braid Maintenance (applying to head with braids)



Hands and Nails (directions for ) :  If you, after using it on your hair and scalp, spread a little on your hands and also over your cuticles (the tissue that overlaps the nail plate and rims the base of the nail) and nail plate (the exposed surface of the nail) you will notice how fast (approximately10 minutes) nearly complete penetration occurs. For efficient application apply some (15-20 drops) spread thoroughly after every time you use it on your hair and scalp. Other skin areas: Apply a small amount in the center of the intended area of coverage and spread to the perimeter until the oil has almost completely penetrated.




Hot Oil.  How do you use these products as a hot oil treatment? Combine 30% WG Hair Oil and  70% Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer and double boil (place the mixed oils in a jar and heat in a pot of water to boiling.Apply the hot oil treatment after it has cooled down to a comfortable and safe temperature.

1. Apply it to damp hair.

2. Gently work the hot oil into your hair and scalp, making sure to cover all areas of your hair.

3. Afterward, use a wide-tooth comb and comb through your hair.

No need to rinse.




Itching (as well as growing dandruff) is an indication of scalp activity associated with growth. To avoid discomfort, one can apply less to scalp. But irritants from beneficial detoxification of a sluggish scalp cause excessive itching which can be taken care of by an unscheduled head wash (use WG Light Oil Moisturizer with shampoo to cut harshness and as leave in conditioner). Itchy scalp is a detoxification stage, which, when it moves right along, the itching will disappear. WG oils often stop itching (that was already occurring before using product-see http://www.wildgrowth.com/Stop%20Itch.htm   ) and chronic conditions such as eczema or psoriasis because the detox process is strengthened to resolution. A sluggish scalp, once made more active will go through a detox cycle, ridding itself of metabolic wastes and other toxins that will come up to the surface of the scalp. This explains why WG oils may also encourage itchiness, but as the process continues, the itching will reduce and go away. You can try managing the itch as stated above. Always work within your comfort level.


 Wild Growth oils will usually stop itching as they have natural, powerful but gentle anti microbial and anti fungal properties, but also, in addition to neutralizing properties, they have follicle tonifying and natural scalp cleansing action as well.  Still, temporary Itching, tingles and or soreness can be experienced by some users after applying Wild Growth Oils which, for most people, would immediately remove the itchiness that they had before using Wild Growth products.  These sensations usually soon go away with continued use because they stir up toxins from within the scalp to be eliminated. Once they are naturally eliminated, there is no more itching. For some, itching may persist longer than for others. Although they are signs that the product is working on making the scalp ready for growth, one can cut dosage or frequentage back if too uncomfortable. Drinking 8 glasses of pure water per day is also very helpful. The product will still work without feeling those sensations. Also, because the scalp yields up metabolic and other wastes from the scalp cleansing process, these substances, that deposit on the nerve ending rich scalp surface, can irritate and thus cause itching. Therefore, if the itching becomes intolerable, an unscheduled shampoo can bring relief, even without changing the dosage or frequentage.



Minioxidil/transitioning from/concerned with side effects from Wild Growth®used together with Minioxidil.  If you are worried about side effects, please consult the side effect information on Minoxidil. Wild Growth products  are not drugs. Unlike with a drug, any results from using Wild Growth will not reverse when it is discontinued. It will be difficult to know the results of Wild Growth until all hair is  lost as a result of discontinuing the drug. Therefore, the ideal time to use Wild Growth is when drug withdrawal induced hair loss completely stops.




Mixing both products together before applying/can you mix them? Yes.

Mixing  benefits (You can experiment with the percentage mix)

1. Reduce work in applying two products separately.

2. Combine conditioning and moisture qualities.

3. For milder odor.


When you may want to use these products separately:

1. Use only Wild Growth Hair Oil in  more challenging detangling situations or for maximum heat styling results.

2. Apply  straight Wild Growth Light Moisturizer as the last step (after applying Wild Growth Hair Oil) for maximum  protection of hair and scalp from dry environments.

3. Apply Wild Growth Light Oil only if potential yellow coloration of grey hair (from Wild Growth Hair Oil) is unappealing. 


Odor. If odor is objectionable, reduce Wild Growth® Hair Oil quantity and increase Wild Growth® Light Oil quantity See testimonial below for example:


October 24, 2012

Charlotte, NC
Great for growth
Posted October 24, 2012
I have been using this for over a year. I purchased both bottles and put 1/2 of each in an empty bottle. It cuts down on the smell. Apply to hair twice a week. My hair has double in length in the past year. It also softens my hair and it getting thicker. You get a moisturizer and growth when you combine both. Give it a try for three months. This is how long both bottles last for me.

from:  http://reviews.sallybeauty.com/6151/SBS-308002/reviews.htm





Perm/relaxers, transitioning from a perms/relaxers.  Wild Growth® Hair Oil will also condition the perm/relaxer for less breakage and will make the natural new growth soft and of more relaxed texture to blend with the perm. Result: perms with Wild Growth Hair Oil progressively last longer (at least 1.5 times or more to start with) so you will be exposing your head to less chemicals. Also, Wild Growth® Hair Oil  in relaxed hair  does makes the hair stronger, more resilient, better feeling and looking, healthier and more natural.  Apply The Wild Growth Hair Oil to all of your hair and to your scalp. The new growth will blend in with whatever relaxed or permed hair you have left. Most people notice a difference in growth between 2-6 months. With Wild Growth Hair Oil in it, hair will be more manageable and more protected with less breakage. Of course, healthier new growth should occur as well.


PERMS/RELAXERS, Safely using Wild Growth® Products with perms/relaxers.

 Wild Growth® Hair Oil has demonstrated chemical damage protection qualities. Users do add Wild Growth® Hair Oil in  their perm/relaxers  not only protect their scalp from burning but experience stronger chemically treated hair for the first time ever. While working in the hair and scalp, Wild Growth® Hair Oil has also been known to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy and radiation. 

But it still may be a good house keeping to not have any oil in your scalp (by letting the oil dry out for two days prior to the relaxer=stop applying two days before)  and  apply the chemicals (lye, dye or otherwise) without Wild Growth® Hair Oil added. This is because if there are any chemical residues that have not been neutralized, any oil which penetrates skin can drive such chemicals into the skin where they do not need to be. At least this is the theory. Users, then, must decide whether to either get burned by the chemical at the surface of the scalp which is a tough protective layer of dead  protein rich cells but not risk oil facilitated deeper penetration of the chemicals into the deeper hair growth follicle, duct, and root levels or to strengthen the hair and and protect the scalp from burning with Wild Growth® Hair Oil but possibly letting some of the chemical piggy back on the oil into the deep delicate hair growth regions and then...who knows?

Finally, although, users of chemicals get growth results with Wild Growth® Hair Oil , maximum growth is expected when no chemicals are used. Using Wild Growth® Hair Oil away from relaxer application times to both soften the new growth and strengthen the hair to the ends is a step in the chemical-free direction.



Pregnancy (During).  Slowly increasing usage to normally recommended amounts over the course of four weeks. In reference to the general instructions for your hair type, first apply the product(s) lightly once during the first week. Then apply twice the second week. And finally apply the generally recommended frequency of three times from the third week on. Increase to general recommended amount starting the fourth week. If you feel comfortable using by the end of the fourth week, then continue.


Pressing Pressing Oil

Scalp oiling. Apply a small amount across your entire scalp. Sparingly apply oil as you part your scalp.  You should see some oil residue (shine or sparkle) on your finger when you touch your scalp immediately after applying so that you know there enough to penetrate to do its job. You may have to experiment to get in just the right amount so that there is no excessive oiliness. It shouldn't be hard because the oil does penetrate well.



Scalp sensitivity/how to try or or continue Wild Growth products with scalp sensitivity. If you believe that your scalp has experienced heightened sensitivity manifested through excessive itching, hair breakage,  breakouts etc.   prior to using Wild Growth products, it is recommended that you apply Wild Growth as a test to only one defined area for a week before applying to the entire scalp as recommended. If you experience scalp sensitivity after using Wild Growth®, then, perhaps, your scalp is sensitive to the product or there is breakage associated with growth. To confirm, stop using the product for two weeks. Then re-introduce product at 1/4 the original amount used and 1/4 the frequency. Monitor progress. If there is no breakage for the following two weeks, you can either continue the new regimen (since WG products work well in small quantities) or gradually increase amount and frequency by 10% every week while monitoring until you successfully reach the generally recommended amounts and frequency for your hair type. Your hair may need to get stronger slowly as reactions to the product may be too fast with normal recommended dosage and frequency. So build up to normal dosages slowly.  If breakage persists, contact us at wildgro@wildgrowth.com



Shampoos: Transform any  shampoo (regular or otherwise) into a healthier growth shampoo with Wild Growth® Light Oil Mosturizer.  Just add and mix in a few bio-activating drops directly to shampoo portion that you are about to use. Use as part of Complete Hair Growth System by following directions in maximum protection method or general instructions.



Shedding/breakage from using Wild Growth Oils:  Over 99.9% of users do not claim that their hair broke off, fell out, shedded, etc. But a few do claim such results. Because it is small percentage, we can only conclude that some people may carry a unique signature in their physiological make-up that reacts to these oils. Of this small percentage, the majority of these reactions may not be considered negative, though sometimes alarming. For just these few users of Wild Growth Oils (as well as  other proven hair growth products), growth  can occur too fast (in the language of some seasoned salon professionals): meaning that the hair root and shaft have not strengthened enough to withstand the movement stress associated with an  increase in appositional growth (hair literally pushes up from the base as nutrients form into a concentric ring at the base of the hair shaft )  of hair as well as from an increase in dermal papillae (muscles that exert mechanical stress on the hair root) activity. 


It is recommended that the user who does notice breakage, shedding or loss, and suspects that it resulted from using Wild Growth Oils, immediately stop applying the oils in the manner used so far and proceed according to the advise offered below:




 When the suspected increased speed of growth overpowers the strength of the hair at the root, various degrees of results (for which advise is offered below) can be experienced:


No hair loss but no visible growth because shedding and retention of newly growing hair is balanced. Here, it is advised to continue using Wild Growth Oils  but reduce the frequency (for example, from every day to either three times per week as generally recommend or to even once per week) for a month and trying to increase gradually during subsequent months.


Some hair loss because shedding somewhat exceeds retention of newly growing hair. Here, it is advised to take a one week break from using the oils and then resume to once per week for a month. Then, if no more loss is observed, then increase by one application per week every month until 3 times (generally recommended) per week  with no hair loss observed.


Significant hair loss because shedding significantly exceeds retention of newly growing hair. Here, it is advised to take a two week break. Then begin applying first only to hair once per week for one month. Then, if no hair loss is experienced, apply sparingly from finger tips to scalp  once per week in the following month. Then, if all is well, more liberally applied to scalp once per week in the following month. Then, if all is still well, gradually increase frequency (to no more than the generally recommended three time per week)  at last upgraded dosage in the months that follow.




The purpose of tapering off or resting and then gradually introducing more  is to give the roots a chance to become stronger to  handle faster growth. An analogy here would be not to over exercise a muscle that has been inactive to avoid cramping, but slowly build its capability. Wild Growth Oils bring nourishment and exercise to the hair root. For just a few people the hair root can get over exercised before having a chance at being  nourished to proper strength. So reduction can gradually build strength to sustain heavier work that increased dosages and frequency would bring about.



If shedding continues to occur during any of the above advised regimens, then discontinue as the reaction can be allergic in nature.






Skin Areas (other) :  Apply a small amount in the center of the intended area of coverage and spread to the perimeter until the oil has almost completely penetrated.




Slow results?  (See How long to see results? under  EFFECTIVENESS)  1. Make sure that products are used 3 times a week or every other day. 2. Make sure that product is sparingly applied to all hair and entire scalp. If oil runs down face and neck, you have used too much. 3. Make sure not to apply oil every day or multiple times per day as that can prevent the scalp from exercising if it is constantly being fed (link to eye opening testimonial). A small percentage of enthusiastic people reportedly use the Wild Growth Hair Oil daily (and some times more frequently) with no results.  In these instances, a "use less" rule of thumb would then be most appropriate to follow. For some, it would be every 2-3 days. For others, it would be every 4-6 days. And for others, it would be once a week (or even less frequently). Also, (A) whether or not the oil is always used on both the hair and scalp , (B) how much the oil is applied at one time, and (C) how long the oil has been used (some longer term users can use it more frequently than when they first started using it) may determine the appropriate frequency. Since first-timers wouldn't know which category they are really in, a 1-3 time per week would be a good rule of thumb for everyone. The following testimonials demonstrate how "less" is sometimes more:

"About a year ago I wrote y'all a letter and said that I used your product and it didn't work. Well I received your letter and it said that it would work after a couple of months after use. I didn't believe y'all, I thought this was a fraud. I decided to give it 1 more chance. So I bought 1 bottle and used it every 2 to 3 days and 2 months later it grew. I was completely almost bald, but after those two months my hair grew to my shoulders. I was so shocked. I know what went wrong before. I was using it twice a day and every day. That was way too much. I guess I was just too anxious to use your product. Well now I want to order the 12 bottles. I have enclosed my money order. 6 bottles for me because it makes blow drying easy and I want my shoulder length hair down to my elbow ( I know it works for sure!). 6 bottles for my little 15 year old sister as a gift because she's dying to know my secret (Lord knows she needs it). Thank you for taking time out to read my letter. P.S. You can use my true testimonial if you want. On a scale from 1 to 100 I would give your company/oil 110%. 'Cause your oil is da bomb baby!!And it made my hair grow and it has me sayin yes yes yes yes yes. Without it I woud be bald and sayin no no no no no." Thanks so much! L.A. Schiller Park, Illinois. March 14, 1998


"Hey guys i really want to thank you for introducing me to this product at first it wasn't working and i got frustrated but i figured out that i was using too much of it so i used smaller portions an i immediately saw the results thank you very much." Luis A. Wednesday, June 20, 2007 12:12 PM 






Stickiness (Extreme)/How to remove Wild Growth® Hair Oil from hair if hair gets extremely sticky?


Your head can get oily which means you use too much. Even if you happen to over oil your head with Wild Growth® oils they will eventually penetrate and break down. Don't panick and immediately attempt to wash out as the shampoo will fight the oil and make a mess- which will further lead you into a rabbit hole of damage from teasing and repeated back-to-back shampooing. These oils are concentrated and a little goes a long way.




Cause of stickiness: If you used too much Wild Growth® Hair Oil and tried to immediately shampoo it out or applied Wild Growth® Hair Oil on completely wet hair which then became sticky and immediately tried to shampoo it out, you have learned the hard way that shampooing was not your savior and made things worse (you should have either waited a day or so for oil to absorb or used only a conditioner to wash it out) .  


Solution to: extreme stickiness due to use of shampoo immediately after applying excessive amounts of Wild Growth® Hair Oil. If you do not have Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer or if you do but don't want to waste it just for the purposes of getting the Wild Growth® Hair Oil out of your hair, then get some vegetable oil such as olive oil, and thoroughly work into your hair. Then sop up (not by rubbing) by pressing paper towels against your hair. After that, wait a day for the oil to evaporate absorb, or dissipate. Then wash out with conditioner only.  What happened is that you used too much and before it could absorb, then you tried to wash it out with shampoo which fought it and made things much worse.  Next time, unless you could live with the excess oiliness for a day or so (oil will dry up eventually), never apply Wild Growth® Hair Oil  right before you shampoo no matter how much you use. Also, do not apply Wild Growth® Hair Oil (unless in very small amounts on wet hair, especially if it is African fold-and-coil quality and if you are not absolutely sure that all traces of shampoo have been rinsed out.


Prevention of potential stickiness:  Wait a day or longer to let Wild Growth® Hair Oil oil absorb, dissipate, and/or evaporate. Then wash head. If waiting is not possible then wash head with only  conditioner. See testimonial below:


November 10, 2013


"I have been using Wild Growth both the Hair Oil and Light Oil Moisturizer and have seen an incredible amount of growth in 1 month (my hair had grown 1"+ in under 2 months) It's light , my hair absorbs quickly, my hair is never weighed down. I will be ordering it again as soon as I'm out. I gave one bottle to my mother and I have almost out as I use it daily. It washes out best with just conditioner. I WILL USE THIS FOR LIFE"





Stickiness (light to moderate) or undesirable heaviness

For any undesirable level of stickiness or heaviness that Wild Growth® Hair Oil may produce even if used correctly, add Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer  until desired hair lubricity (slipperiness) and product thickness is achieved. If  Wild Growth® Hair Oil consistently acts sticky or heavy when applied, then pre-mix some Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer with it to achieve desired results without sacrificing hair growth (as can occur when diluting Wild Growth with other non Wild® Growth products, etc).  Adjust the amounts of either or both oils even to drops levels, since these products are concentrated and work effectively in minute quantities as well.  If the hair and scalp can absorb normal recommended amount per instruction on the bottles without excessive oiliness, then that is what that person needs. If oiliness begins to  be excessive at smaller quantities, then reduce those quantities even further.




When confidence in General Instructions as to quantity to use is low or General Instructions do not seem to adequately apply, then use the.......'RULE OF FINGER':



Sparingly but thoroughly apply to hair and scalp. Your hair and scalp should have, as a result, some oiliness but not enough to run down your scalp, face or neck. After a couple of hours, it should penetrate where the oiliness is slightly noticeable. Use less the next time if oiliness is more than slightly noticeable in the two days following application. If your finger, after touching hair and scalp, is bone dry (meaning not any bit of shine or oiliness on it) before two days go by after the application, use a little more during the next applications until you can always see at least a little (not a lot -except immediately after application) bit of oiliness on your finger tip (after touching hair and scalp) between applications.

You should apply more for heat styling such as blow drying, flat-ironing or using curling iron, or sitting under dryer.