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Thank you for writing back.  By bead I mean you see the line of oil as you squeeze it out. You shouldn't be concerned with too much because if your hand is still oily after running your hand down a braid, that same oil will go into the next braid. Experiment with the quantity and you will get it right.
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Thank you so. You have a very blessed product. I'm tired of having damaged short hair because everytime,even when I was little, I had very,very long hair all up in my shoulders. Like,4 times and I feel so down b/c long hair and being a Black person is me and gives me more confidence. Was all messed up....Finally something that grows my hair back very fast and Thankyou again. Im 15yrsold and I understand what you have sent m, but when you say bead of oil, does that me apply a small amount?

Wild Growth Company <wildgro@wildgrowth.com> wrote:
Oiling small braids:
You put your fingers together and squeeze a bead of oil across where your thumb would strike and then take braid between thumb and fingers and run down the length of the braid. Repeat for each braid.
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Subject: Confused.

I love your product alot. I would like to know of how I should apply it when I have single braids. Please I would like to know because it's confusing. At that point is alot of singlebraids which is small and to much to handle . Please help and thank you.

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