Genuine Wild Growth Product Specimens Retained by Wild Growth Co.

All photos of bottles, including those offered by  authorized Amazon  sellers, suspected as fake  have been confirmed by Wild Growth Co. as genuine. The main source of confusion are ingredients listing differences on bottles which Wild Growth Co. assures are only differences in name rather than  actual ingredients used.  Such changes were only motivated by conformance with trading standards. 

Although there have been genuine versions prior to the earliest version  (year 2011) featured on this page, by now they have been used entirely with maybe only a few exceptions and have achieved Wild Growth's established 90% success rate with their users. Note that there have been many variations in ingredients listing, product descriptions and disclaimers. All versions are genuine.

April 2018 G4D18

IMG_2150 & IMG_2151


March 2018 G1C18

IMG_2147 & IMG_2148



February 2018  G1B18

IMG 2157 & IMG 2158






January 2018 G1A18

IMG 2154


December 2017  G1L17

IMG_2181 & IMG_2182


November 2017 G1K17 Batch #3

IMG_2179 & IMG_2180





November 2017 G1K17 Batch #2





November 2017 G1K17 Batch #1



 IMG_2138 & IMG_2176


October 2017 G1J17  batch #3

IMG_2173 & IMG_2174







October 2017 G1J17  batch #2

IMG_2171 & IMG 2172




October 2017 G1J17  batch #1

IMG_2169 & IMG_2170





September 2017 G1I17

IMG_2167 & IMG_2168


August 2017  G1H17



August 2017  G1H17

IMG_2144 & IMG_2145





April 2016  G1D16

IMG_2129 & IMG_2134




October 2014 S1J14

IMG_2125 & IMG_2127


February 2014  S1B14

IMG_2124 & IMG_2125


September 2011  S1I11

IMG_2120 $ IMG_2121