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Use Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer as Leave-in Conditioner For Wet-Hair


Have you tried this? It is called Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer? It is called Wild Growth® because it has the same strength growth formula as the Hair Oil, but can also be used in the treacherous washing and rinsing phases.  A few drops mixed in any shampoo followed by a few drops as a leave-in in rinsed wet hair and scalp will not disrupt the growth momentum  that all shampoos (good or bad) are known for while preserving the natural oils with little or no  (grime) build-up  that a co-wash  produces. As a result, the head feels clean and vibrant with little or no ‘expected’ hair breakage from the washing and drying process. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer is called light because its consistency (allowing for better penetration), odor, and color are light. Also, its 'friction factor', 'hold', 'drag' or 'grab' on the hair structures is light for breakage-fee, glide-through detangling. It is called a moisturizer because, 24/7 (during and between washings), it moisturizes with penetrating and lasting nourishment and so protects the hair cuticle and scalp from drying and cracking. Between washings, it can be used  alone or with Wild Growth® Hair Oil to regulate thickness, stickiness, and odor. 


To Break the Wet HairDry Hair Cycle

Water, when present, is a moisturizer and lubricant. But it also breaks down protective surface oils such as are found in wood (wood contains a cell-wall structural protein), hair, and other protein based molecules. When the water leaves, so does the protective barrier, with resulting parching and cracking. So while still wet,  Wild Growth® Leave-in Conditioner For Wet-Hair will slow down the drying rate while progressively integrating a natural and effective  surface and even sub-surface hair cuticle  fine oil penetrating and stable barrier.  Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer directly applied to wet hair will produce the following results the following results:

1. Less tangling, easier glide action combing/brushing, less frizz, and more body

2. Reduced hair breakage.

3. Uninterrupted therapeutic nourishment of hair root and follicle.

4. Instant protective water proofing: natural hair cuticle seal guard during water attack of natural cuticle barrier.

5. Stabilization of sebum energetics for hair growth and maintenance.


Read about Grooming Stress


For directions on how to use Wild Growth® Leave-in Conditioner (a.k.a Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer) on Wet-Hair for Maximum Protection Against Shampoo, Wetting/drying cycle, and Grooming Stress, see Maximum Protection Method




Wild Growth® Leave-in Conditioners For Wet,  Dry or Slightly Damp Hair


                                  Wild Growth® Hair Oil-heavy duty texturizer.                                      Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer-medium duty texturizer, enduring moisturizer, slickener.





 For Dry or Damp HairFor Wet, Damp or Dry Hair


                                                             SEE              Grooming Stress Explained                                                    

How to use both Wild Growt Leave-in Conditioners (a.k.a Wild Growth® Hair Oil and Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizerfor Dry (or slightly damp)Hair for maximum Protection against grooming stress Maximum Protection Method