Product images of genuine Wild Growth products


Product demand has exceeded our original bottle supplier output capability. We are now circulating both original tall/narrow versions of Wild Growth Hair Oil and new short/wider versions from another supplier. See side by side photos below:


 Fronts of tall/narrow and short/wide versions                                                                               Backs of tall/narrow and short/wide versions


Bottoms of tall/narrow and short/wide versions           REAL (two versions) BELOW

REAL (short/wide third version) BELOW


04/13/20 Notice

Not one confirmed fake was ever sold on Amazon or any online store.  Back in 2017, we made repeated changes in the ingredients list to actually be more accurate and, thus, less misleading about what actually goes into our products.  Basically, what we listed before were the extract 'catch names' which were misleading because when those names were plugged into the official list of International Cosmetics Ingredients (INCI), dangerous chemicals would pull up under those  names such as magnesium, iron, phosphorous which , in their pure chemical state are hazardous and only have industrial applications. In truth, these elements as we listed them were  hypothetical biologically available elements that are naturally bound in complex molecules that  are completely safe to use. So, in stages we decided to list the sources of the extracts instead,  first replace the phrase Wild Growth Nutrient complex which is not an identifiable ingredient with 'and other ingredients' as per FDA protocol. Then when International markets had problems with 'and other ingredients', we removed that.  All these changes and other incidental ones (the phone number was changed by error during a revision) back in 2017 caused an uproar  and these misinformed suspicions (Including the 'ring leader' Amazon 2017 Top Review, "Hopes shot down, which to this day is the first review one sees) have been discredited by Wild Growth as well as other reviews who have gotten great results then and since from their Amazon purchase).  After January 2018 the ingredients list has  not changed to this date. Only one confirmed fake has been discovered sold by  a few brick and mortar stores (we have identified 4) which does have the correct/updated ingredients list but has a molded-in triangle on the bottom of the plastic bottle to flush it out from the real ones. This fake  is not a real threat because it never took significant hold in the market  but should still be looked out for.

Amazon is our top seller and should  remove any top review which , while getting people excited, is not based on truth.  It is strange that when a rumor is put out, no one goes to the source,  (on the back of the bottle), to clear the air but would rather entertain themselves by  feeding a conspiracy theory rooted in  fiction whose fire Amazon chooses to fan to generate  negative popular interest to encourage new visitors to  their site so that they may either buy the villain, Wild Growth Oils, or a list of convenient alternatives  on the same page- a game of 'dirty pool'.  For more details as to how the 'fake'  fable came about, visit





 A recently found fake  (01/21/21):





Certified fake found back in April 2020 (04/2020)



A certified Wild Growth Hair Oil  fake has been found at brick and mortar outlets. If the bottom of the bottle looks like below, it is fake:


also note  rounded shoulder of bottle

Wild Growth Co. Certified Fake bottle bottle bottom manufactured by Tri-Delta with triangle logo HDPE designation



ALERT :This is the first of probably several more stores that we have confirmed are selling fake Wild Growth Bottles :



Kings Beauty Supply
6432 Two Notch Road Ste L
Columbia, SC 29223

Kings Beauty Supply
2730 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210

Hair Boss
7367 Two Notch Road
Columbia, SC 29223



Metro Beauty Supply
23 Hardy Court Shopping Center
Gulfport, MS 39507


Ways of suspecting fakes:

 If the bottle has a big sticker blocking the address and contact info for wild growth that is most likely a fake. Also if the price is below $4.40 a bottle that is also a big red flag that it is a fake bottle. Bottom line of fake determination is the bottom of the bottle which serves as a telling fingerprint:



REAL vs. FAKE  photo summary below:















Notice below has been updated on 08/30/2021


The entity below has been receiving money for orders and never sending product.


Beauty Connection (U) LTD.:


P.O. Box 25574

 Kampala, Uganda (East Africa)

 Tel #1: +256 772 462 706, Tel #2 +256 702 462 706 Fax: +256 414 343 538  

(Jacqueline Kem. Murari/Wamanya Edison Katooro)


 If an order is placed, there is a high likelihood that the product will be counterfeit (Beauty Connection of Uganda has not ordered since 2018), and a 100 % likelihood that you will neither receive pruduct or money back, regardless of lengthy drawn out excuses over  months and years.