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Save Money by using either concentrated product, save even more by using both!



Wild Growth Hair Oil (green) and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer (yellow) are concentrated, natural powerful, products. A little goes a long way. This is confirmed by users : Concentrate


Better results: save money by sticking with something that works- using both products works best.

The Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer has powerful but different growth protection goodness but,
mainly, it travels where the Wild Growth Hair Oil cannot: the world of
shampooing and leave-in conditioning. While some people can get away with
adding Wild Growth Hair Oil to shampoo and wet hair (as a leave-in
conditioner), if most people try that they will get a sticky tangled mat
of hair that will cause all kinds of panic. 10 -20 drops of Wild Growth
Light Oil Moisturized mixed in each dab of shampoo will protect from
shampoo harshness, and will deep seed for growth protection while the follicle are
being stripped of gunk. You can often feel the tingling  effect to confirm it has reached its deep follicle destination when shampooing.
Also, applied to wet rinsed hair will protect the hair from breakage when
drying. This is important because a shampoo will, otherwise, set the
growth momentum back a few days if not weeks. That is why using both forms
a complete 24/7 hair growth system. The Wild Growth Hair Oil repairs,
texturizes and grows. The Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer protects and
grows. But also, Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer shines as a maintenance
product and proper maintenance leads to better growth. Called a
moisturizer, the moisture that the Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer provides
simply lasts longer than the Wild Growth Hair Oil's. That means less
chance of having periods of time that the hair and scalp dries out. Being
light in build up and odor, there is less need for the stress from
shampooing so frequently which means better growth. For instance, with
protective styles, Wild Growth Light Oil moisturizer can be used more frequently
as needed because of no build up and will, as a result keep the flake an
gunk levels down while maintaining moisture and growth. Here, the Wild
Growth Hair Oil is not out of the picture because it will prevent and
correct frizz or 'halo effect' that can occur, protective styles or not,
and will keep the natural curl defined with a little more heaviness, flow
and sway. And for the actual process of styling, protective or not, the
Wild Growth Hair Oil is the product of choice (ex, detangling, heat
processing, doing and undoing of braids because of Wild Growth Hair Oil's high
'grab' factor). Its just that this texturizing/elasticizing effect is not required all
the time. It may be a few days before requiring a Wild Growth Hair Oil
touch up. In the mean time, the Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer will
provide the moisture and slickness to keep breakage levels extremely down.
Alone Wild Growth Hair Oil will repair, protect growth, and significantly control
breakage. But Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer is even more in control
over breakage as a maintenance/protection product.

If you have been using Wild Growth Hair Oil or you are a first time
Wild Growth user and are concerned over spending more money by
using two products instead of only one, you may be pleased to know
that you will actually save money by using both products.

Save Even More Money By Using Both Products instead of just one!

Of course you would be out of double the money when buying both products.
But soon afterwards, you would recover the extra money and even come out ahead!
Its about using different tools that are meant to do certain things and thus save money
by working more efficiently.

Each product is about growth protection but is uniquely focused to do certain things.
You can manage hair with the green alone. You will get growth protection and
recondition to repair and prevent frizz or halo effect. The Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer's
moisture will last longer, the slipperiness of the yellow will prevent
some breakage from wearing hair naturally or when in protective styles
(ex. braided hair strands rubbing against each other). Then,
the yellow will de-funk de-gunk (prevent any build-up) and de-flake during
any protective styles including braiding. As regards braids or other
protective styles, the green's unique focus is to help with braiding
because of it's good 'grab' factor and to repair and revive while in
braids. The Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer's focus is to protect (dryness, breakage) and maintain
a braided style with less intervention. Also consider that when you do
wash your hair, only the yellow can be effectively used in the shampoo
itself to protect from the shampoo harshness while deep seeding for growth protection
during the cleansing process. In addition, as a leave in conditioner on wet hair
after rinsing, the yellow will prevent wet-dry cycle breakage that is
regularly experienced to some degree or other after washing and drying
hair. The green cannot offer help in the washing and conditioning phases
of your hair care (can cause a serious sticky tangled mess BUT can be used
and has greater conditioning effect on DAMP towel dry hair or dry hair).

So as far as affordability, you can actually save money by getting both.
Otherwise you will have to use the green more often to maintain moisture.
The Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer will hold moisture longer, so it offers less intense
maintenance: both effort and money-wise.

You will use more product by including the Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer in the wash and
conditioning cycle, but the results will be greater than using only the
green only between washings; but you would have saved more product during maintenance
between washings. So, in the end you will have spent the exact same money or even less,
especially if your always in protective styles such as braids, but gotten better results than
using the green alone. The
punch line is that better/great results for the approximately the same amount of money or even less as one would spend for only one Wild Growth product, will happily discourage a person from going on an endless and expensive carousel of trying, using, discontinuing and replacing with others products that will often fall short of expectations.