Some Testimonials  1985-1998




February 5, 1985

I have just started to use your product for one week and have seen a lot of improvement in my hair which was very short but has grown about two inches long.
    Mrs. A.D., Brooklyn, NY

March 12, 1985

I started using Wild Growth Hair Oil... When I went back to my beautician to press my hair out, she said "your hair has grown six inches since I last saw you eight weeks ago".  She was shocked... after using Wild Growth for one year, my hair has grown below my shoulders which is the longest it ever was: even longer than it had gotten during my teen years!

     L.R., Phoenix, AZ


March 18, 1985

My hair was thin and short. When I pressed, curled and combed it out you could see my scalp straight through my hair... After using Wild Growth Hair oil for three weeks, my hair became very thick: thicker than it had ever been. No way can you see my scalp now with a press and curl. My hair also got longer. I use Wild Growth after every time I wash my hair because it makes my hair soft, shiny, and easy to manage.      My daughter got the same problem and got the same results. She goes crazy if we run out of Wild Growth. Her friends at school admire her sudden new and thick growth of hair. But she acts like she always had thick and long hair and won't tell about her secret.

     L.S., Phoenix, AZ

July 8, 1985

My hair had gotten so sparse that I had to cover my head with a hat every time I would go out. But after using Wild Growth for two weeks, I was able to proudly display my new hair. My friends were very surprised with the growth results.

     G.A., Phoenix, AZ

Septembers 6, 1985

After using Wild Growth for three days, my hair extensions suddenly began to dangle for the first time. This is Proof that my hair had gotten longer very fast.

 November 5, 1986   

 S.B. Phoenix, AZ

     In the past, I've had curls that were too strong for my sensitive skin, tried about over half the hair oils that are on the market. They didn't work well for my hair on a long term basis. I used to press my hair and used curling implements so often that it would break with each stroke of the comb!

December 22, 1987

After using Wild Growth Hair Oil, my hair has become softer, straighter, thicker and longer than with every hair oil I've used in my lifetime and it's been about 4 months and about 2 and a half inches later.     I finally threw out my electric curlers, I just try to keep it rolled up each night, and may God Bless you on your future breakthroughs.

     Mrs. A.J., Chicago, IL

December 23, 1988

 When I ordered this product, I had no idea that it would really work. I just like the fun of ordering things. I used it on my granddaughter's hair. Her hair become longer in two months than it did in 3 years. She is very happy and so am I. My only regret is that I didn't take a picture of how short her hair was before I used your wonderful product Wild Growth.

     Ms. G.S., Philadelphia, PA

October 4, 1989

I have used your product and my hair has gotten longer a good three inches since I started using it four months ago. I would like to be a distributor because it is good. At least it worked on my hair.

     Ms. V.B., Los Angeles, CA

January 14, 1990

For six months my hair wouldn't grow beyond its one-fourth of an inch length. I thought I tried everything. With Wild Growth, it all grew out three inches in six weeks!

     D.S., Phoenix, AZ

June 17, 1990

My daughter is a beautician. I told her I was going to use Wildgro and she replied "I don't believe in that. Its only a gimmick, something to take your money. I started to use it any way. Within 2 weeks she could not believe her eyes and the length of my hair. It grew 2 and 1/2 inches. So now she is using the Wild Grow. So I am ordering (2) more bottles. One for her and another one for myself. Thanks to Wild Grow. E.D.
January 1, 1995
     I am excited about your product. Two weeks ago, I was feeling low and I decided to color my hair at home. It's something that I've done so many times before. Well this time, it went wrong. Instead of the rich dark brown with golden highlights I usually get, this time I got straw colored, patchy blonde hair. Unsatisfied with the results, I went back to the store and got darkest brown hair color. Then I proceded to color my hair again, all within one hour of the first application. Needless to say that my hair broke off to within a quarter of an inch, but it is also a blotchy dark brown-red.
    Looking through an Essence magazine, I glanced at an article in it for Wild Growth Hair Oil. I called around to find a store that carries it. I was lucky to find on that did. I purchased some. Washed my hair that night, and used it on my scalp and hair. Every day I rub some into my hair, before combing. I also apply some to my scalp every three to four days. Well it's been only a week, and I can see some new growth already-a quarter of an inch so far!!
     I am thrilled with the results. Before I got this product my hair was dry and brittle, and breaking off even when the wind hit it. Now its soft and manageable. It holds curls, and it's not breaking off any more than naturally... All in ONE WEEK!!!
     If these results continue, then by the time Easter rolls around, I'll have more than a new dress to show of at church; I'll also have a new head of hair. Thanks Wild Growth."
February 8, 1995
     A product that every Afro-American person should have is "Wild Growth Hair Oil Concentrated." I tried this great!!! Hair product about a month ago and I have found it to work for me. It has thickened and made my hair grow. I would be willing to help market this product.
     Please send me information on how to order this wonderful product. Perhaps you have coupons or specials for consumers to order this product in small or large quantities. When I purchased the product at a beauty supply store it was $7.99 for an eight ounce bottle. It is worth the money!! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely,
May 23, 1995
     Dear Wild Growth Hail Oil. I have just started to use your product for more than two months and I've seen a lot of improvement in my hair which was very short, but has grown about two inches long. Thank you very much for the oil.
     And now I am getting this for my granddaughter.
June 5, 1995
     The reason for this letter is that I noticed that my friend has beautiful long and manageable hair that she didn't have before. I asked her what she used. She said that she used Wild Growth and made her hair grow in less than 7 days. I said "that's great" What do I have to do, She said just send a Money Order.
     I would like to know more information about Wild Growth. I would like to know how does it work? How many times are you supposed to use it? How much does it cost? And if it damages the hair?
     After I get the information I need I would like to order. Please send your phone and address.
Thank you, Sincerely,
September 13, 1995
     I have used your product for three months now. I ordered two bottles in mid June and now I am in need of a new supply. I have noticed a truly big difference in my new growth. I use the hair oil three times a week on my scalp. I have four inches of new growth. Truly surprised of how fast I have noticed a difference. I wish I could order whole case of the Wild Growth Hair Oil, but for now I need three bottles. Please rush my order. I am completely out. Love your product,
     L.Y. Thank You!!
November 6, 1995
     I recently bought a bottle of your Wild Growth. I have already noticed a difference. It's already started to grow and has a healthy shine. Also, its very, very soft. I love it. Thanks.
November 14, 1995
     I felt like writing this letter that's long overdue. Last year I got one of those (Brand X) hair relaxers. My shoulder length hair broke off and came out so I couldn't wear my hair in my buns, balls and french rolls. I couldn't even gather my hair up enought to hardly pin it with hair pins. I saw your ad in the back of Ebony magazine and said, why not? I'm always trying anything that says it will make the hair grow. Untill I tried Wild Growth Hair Oil, nothing lived up to its claim. Wild Growth is the only product I've ever tried that works for real. I ordered 3 bottles and by the time I had used about 1 and 1/2, my hair was back down to my shoulders, only a bit longer. Everybody was amazed because it took only a few weeks, about 8. Hair is only supposed to grow 1/2 inch a month. Not with your product. It's a miracle. This is a great, great product and should be advertised and distributed more. I'm living proof it works and works fast. Thanks for a real hair grower.
June 9, 1995
     I've already used up the first bottle you sent me, now I need 2 more bottles of Wild Growth Oil. I can see results now, my hair is starting to grow.
June 21, 1995
     Could you please send another order form? I tried this Wild Growth on my hair and got results. I thought I had to go to the beautician or professional to get it. This oil is wonderful. It is everything you said it was and more. This oil is all that. I also tried this on my 18 month old little girl's hair. And her hair is not the same without it. It made both of our hair grow and more manageable. Thank you for this Wild Growth.
November 22, 1995
     I like to say thanks for the Wild Growth because it has grown my hair over 4 and 1/2 inches; and my baby girl was bald headed, and within a month her hair is long. I thank you very much.
June 25, 1996
     I am on my first bottle of Wild Growth Oil and I see a change in my short hair already. Thank you.
June 27, 1996
     I have tried your product before and I am happy and pleased to say that this is the best product I have ever used in my hair. It made my hair easy to manage, thicker, healthier, and best of all it made my hair grow. Sincerely yours,
June 29, 1996
     This stuff is incredible. In just three weeks there is an amazing difference in my hair. It is softier, shinier, more manageable and is growing too. I do not know what you put in this stuff (Wild Growth Hair Oil) but please do not change one thing. Thank You.
August 30, 1996
     In 1990, my job transferred me to California. At the time, my hair was in terrible shape. It was so damaged, it continuosly broke every time I would even try to comb it. I purchased your product at a hair store Compton, CA... I used your product and within weeks, my hair texture changed, it grew almost 6-8 inches!! I couldn't believe what my hair was doing. Thanks.
August 31, 1996
     I am more than pleased with the results of your product. Within a couple of hours, I saw instant results. However, after 2 weeks of using your product, even my hair dresser noticed a difference in both growth and thickness. Thanks, and I thank God, most of all for guiding me to your ad. I've finally found a product that works on my hair. Thanks and keep up the great work, just do it better. Gracias. Smiles to ya!!
September 9, 1996
     I am so excited about your product. I recieved my first bottle 8/23/96 and as soon as the mail man gave me the box, I couldn't open it fast enough. I started using it that same day. Today is September 9 and I see a whole lot of new growth in my hair and my two daughter's hair also. After I wash our hair, I rub some on, then blow dry. Our hair looks and feels so silky, healthy and easier to comb. Thanks alot.
September 25, 1996
      I can see the difference in my hair. When I blow dry it and when I wash it, it does not break as much. My hair has grown some after the first bottle. Thank you.
October 22, 1996
     Wow! Unreal! Your product is fantastic. I have had three bald patches on my head for over 20 years. No matter what I do, I could not get new growth on those patches. I just thought the skin and hair cells had died, so I gave up all hope of ever having hair there.
     Within 72 hours of using your product, I had "baby hair" on all three patches and now there is a remarkable change. I now have new growth there, and it's healthy and shiny, and I'm so happy! The rest of my hair is growing like crazy! I had to actually stop applying it to the back of my head so that the rest of my hair can catch up! For the first time in over 20 years, "I love my hair". Thank you so much for such a great product. Thank you, thank you, thank you. you've got a customer for life!
November 22, 1996
     Your product is great!! I started using Wild Growth 2 months ago, and my hair has grown at least 3 inches. It was short due to a strong perm that made it fall our, and now it's past my shoulders. I thank God and you for making a product to produce a healthy head of hair. Thanks again.
November 23, 1996
     My hair was 1 and 1/2 inches long in May. Now it'a almost on my shoulders. I do not have a perm. I keep my hair braided. Your product is the best. I'm just sorry I didn't have it years ago when my hair was falling out. I love your product and I love you for making this product. You are wonderful people.
November 25, 1996
     I am writing to you all about your wonderful product Wild Growth Hair Oil. I want to tell you how much I like this oil. My aunt, who lives in Chicago gave me a bottle of this oil. She said it will grow your hair really fast. She was right, She told me she has told everyone she knows about this Wild Growth Oil and everyone loves it. I love the oil alot. If makes your hair so soft. Thanks so much.
December 5, 1996
     I just want to let you know how much I like this product. I have been using this product for one month and I have seen amazing improvement in my hair. My hair is now much softer, manageable, fuller, healthier and has even grown an inch longer. I just want to say whatever you have in this product, please don't change a thing.
January 25, 1997
     I have heard of your product about a year ago from one of my dearest friends. She started using Wild Growth and I saw a dramatic change in her appearance. "She was actually growing hair". Thank you.
February 10, 1997
     Please send me 2 more bottles of your product. It has caused mine and my daughter's hair to grow. Our hair even feels softer.
February 24, 1997
     I am writing to commend you on your product because my hair is growing and is growing fast. My hair is coarse and thich and grows in layers. My hair came out because of a curl. That is, I had a curl 18 months ago and have been wearing one for years up until that time. 1995 was the last time because my hair had broke off badly and left only the 4 inches of new growth at the top, and a little longer in back like a shag. I ordered your product and started using it. I didn't notice any growth until 5 months late, because I didn't think my hair would grow back (this was in 1996). Now I am positive that my hair is growing and growing fast. I use a mild perm and your product keeps it soft and well conditioned. My hair is down my neck line and the bald area on the side of my right ear is growin back like side burns, and across my forehead also. I am looking for it to be shoulder length in the next few months. My hair has always been long and at age 41 I would like to see it back on my shoulders again. I would recommend your product to anyone. I would also tell them to be careful using curly perms and chemicals also that cause damage to your hair. If you want a chemical in your hair, make sure it is very mild and follow directions. Yours truly,
March 6, 1997
     Thank-you! Thank-you! I ordered your product some time back and gave one bottle to a friend, I left the other on my closet shelf. After my hair started breaking, I decided to try it. It worked great. So I ordered two bottles for myself. I have hair on the sides...which my hairdresser said I wouldn't have. It hangs long in the back and I love how easy it manages. God Bless.
March 10, 1997
     I've ordered before and may I say it is great. My hair really grew.
March 12, 1997
     Remember with my first order I promised that if it works as good as you say, then I would order more? Well, you were right. It did wonders to my hair. My hair was just sitting on my head and could not grow; and since I started with Wild Growth Hair Oil, I was stunned to see the improvement in my hair. Not only did it grow, but people walk up to me and say, "Dam, your hair is beautiful." I felt so good and thanks to you people I need my second bottle, but I will be ordering a lot more pretty soon. Sincerely,
May 24, 1997
     Thank you for the immediate arrival of my product which I also began to use immediately. I have the dryest hair this side of the desert. It also breaks and sheds easily. The first week I had to use your product daily. My hair and scalp literally inhaled the oil. I have been using "Wild Growth" since May 17th, the excessive shedding and breaking hair subsided tremendously. I am positive by the time I finish this bottle, these occurences will be actions of the past.
     My hair is definitly showing positive signs of growth. Also, a sheen is beginning to become a normal part of my appearance. Thank God for giving you the wisdom to construct the proper formula. Thank God for showing me your ad in Ebony Magazine. Sincerely,
June 27,1996
     I have tried your product before and I am happy, and pleased, to say that this is the best product I have ever used in my hair. It made my hair easy to manage, thicker, healthier, and best of all it made my hair grow. Sincerely,
March 17, 1997
     Thank you for the product. I'm getting results already.
March 18, 1997
     I was made aware from a friend that your product is primarily responsible for continous growth and healthy hair.
April 2, 1997
     The product has worked very well for me. My hair was barely past my ears and now, six months later, it is down to my shoulders. It has also gotten thicker. My mother and friends were very surprised. They wanted to know my secret. Even my hair dresser could not figure it out. I really do like the product. Thank you so much.
April 13, 1997
     Everybody has been telling me how mine and my daughter's hair has grown.
April 14, 1997
     God Bless your work. This product is like magic. I began using it after wearing my hair banded. I noticed some hair breakage after I took the banded hair out. My once one inch below the shoulder length was now at my neck line and I had a big bald spot in the back of my hair. I read about your product in Ebony so I decided to order a bottle. Amazingly, after just on day of this God sent oil, I noticed a change in my hair. My edges began to relax and I noticed how shiny and manageable my hair looked. A lot of my family began to notice my beautiful hair so they began using my bottle. It's been two months now and my bald spot has gone.
April 28, 1997
     Because of my daughter's diabetes, her hair would break off. Now, with the Wild Growth, her hair is growing like crazy.
February 14, 1997
     Yes, your product truly does work! I received my first bottle about a month ago and it's really growing my hair. Sincerely,
May 12, 1997
      I bought a bottle of Wild Growth 2 weeks ago and recieved it within a week. I used Wild Growth on myself and my 2 girls, and I can tell the difference within a week. My 7 year old daughter has very thick and nappy hair and she is very tender headed. When I used Wild Growth in her hair, the texture of her hair is much better. I can brush and comb through her hair without her yelling at me. Her hair is very soft and easier to manage. My hair has grown 1/4 of and inch from my first week. I am so excited about this product, I want another bottle even before this first bottle is not even 1/2 finished. My friend at work has short thin hair and I told her about it. She says, "I'm going to order some Wild Growth". Thanks. Sincerely yours,
May 24, 1997
     Thank you for the immediate arrival of my product which I also began to use immediately. I have the dryest hair this side of the desert. It also breaks and sheds easily. The first week I had to use your product daily. My hair and scalp literally inhaled the oil. I have been using "Wild Growth" since May 17, the excessive shedding and breaking hair subsided tremendously. I am positive by the time I finish this bottle, these occurences will be actions of the past.
     My hair is definitly showing positive signs of growth. Also, a sheen is beginning to become a normal part of my appearance. Thank God for giving you the wisdom to construct the proper formula. Thank God for showing me your ad in Ebony Magazine. Sincerely,
May 26, 1997
     When I started to use this Wild Growth Hair Oil, I found it so fit, my hair started to grow, and soft too. What a wonderful hair oil I just found. I never seen such a product in our country before. So please send my order as soon as possible, cause I don't want to use any other hair oil in our country.
June 20, 1997
     I have used your Wild Growth before. At the time, I was pregnant, and was wearing braids in my hair, and did not realize while I was using it that it was growing my hair. I believe that's what it was.
June 27, 1997
    Love this stuff. I have only been using this stuff for about 3 weeks and I can see the difference.
July 1, 1997
Your product is wonderful. Thicker hair. Thank you.
July 5, 1997
I am indeed very impressed and I can see a fullness in my hair, this past week. I am looking forward to great results. I plan to tell my sister and friends about it. As I continue to use this product I see the results of using it...But I'll spread the word around.
July 14, 1997
My hair is doing fine, Just don't stop making this product or change anything about it. The thickness I have. I just want it to grow longer.
July 19, 1997
My hair is very thin and broke around the edges. I have been using Wild Growth about (3) months and its helping my hair grow back.
July 22, 1997
I would love to have a bottle of your Wild Growht Hair Oil. Its very good for my hair. Its soft, shiny and it has been growing.
August 1, 1997
I have been using your product for four weeks now and my hair has grown half an inch, I can tell because I feel the tight and curly new growth. I truly believe that your product really works.
August 2, 1997
Here is another $10.09 money order for another bottle of Wild Growth Hair Oil. My hair has grown alot because of this oil and it also made it more manageable. I love it.
August 7, 1997
I've used one bottle and it is fantastic. I really can see a difference in my hair. The bald spots are coming back. It has grown longer and thicker. I couldn't plate it neither braid, it was so short. Now I can do both. Thank you for advertising such a wonderful product. May God Bless You.
August 9, 1997
   First of all, congratulations for your wonderful hair product. I found it two years ago in a store of New York City. Since the first month, my hair has started to grow and to "become full".
August 10, 1997
This Wild Growth Hair Oil is very good. I love it. My hair was thin and it thickened my hair up alot.
August 10, 1997
I would like to purchase another bottle of Wild Growth because it works on any kind of hair. It really made my hair so soft, and it made it grow. I like the results.
August 13, 1997
It makes my hair soft and shiny. It helps it grow too.
August 15, 1997
I have been a long time user of Wild Growth Hair Oil, and I must say, as an African American woman, your product is the only one that has done any good for my hair. I think it is absolutely amazing that I can see new growth at least once a week. I plan to make a lifelong commitment to using this wonderful product.
August 15, 1997
I love your hair oil. My hair has gotten longer. It makes my hair more soft and easy to comb.
September 15, 1997
I swear your product is a miracle sent from heaven. I love this product. As soon as I put the first application on, my hair became so soft and manageable. My hair had begun to look like I just got a perm. And, in addition to that, its real thick but not too oily. Thank you so much. I love ya.
September 16, 1997
I Started using your wild growth about 3 months ago and my hair just went wild. My hair is thicker, strong and healthy. People are always commenting on my hair. Thanks, Wild Growth. This will be bottle # 6.
September 26, 1997
The first time I heard about Wild Growth was in Baltimore. My sister had been using it for six months and her hair had grown so much, I couldn't believe it. I bought two bottles before I left and it has done miracles on my hair. I started using Wild Growth in July of 1997. I can really see the difference. I have tried everything on the market and this is the only product that really works. I just love it. I will keep ordering it.
September 30, 1997
I want to tell you and thank you too for this wonderful oil. It's magnificent! My hair has grown 5 to 6 inches longer since I started using it. Thank you again.
October 2, 1997
I am a bald person and I've tried it only once, and bless me!!! Now I am starting to have new hairs growing. I want to help other friends like me to experience the joy I have now. Best regards.
Bernard F.
October 12, 1997
I have been using Wild Growth Oil since early 1997. Since I've been using Wild Growth my hair has grown and thickened up. My girl friend just sent me a second bottle of Wild Growth Oil. Please continue your work. It works.
October 15, 1997
I have used your Wild Growth hair product about 4 years ago when I lived in Chicago, Illinois. My hair was beautiful and very long because of using it. I have searched high and wide for your Hair Oil, but could not find any here in New Orleans. I was just browsing through Essence magazine, and I saw your advertisement. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see it!
October 19, 1997
I have tried the hair oil which you advertise in the Ebony magazine periodically. Guess what? I think I want some more. I ordered two more bottles of the oil after trying for the first time and my hair finally grew back. Boy, did I have a rough time getting my hair to look right after the hair dresser cut it short. Now that it's long again (it's about time) and in much better condition...and I'd like it to stay that way, things are so much easier and I feel much better. I like to wear my hair curly all the time and I've discovered that Wild Growth Hair Oil helped my curls to stay soft and firm. I've also noticed that less hair came out on the comb or in the brush when I would set it at night. Please send me three more bottles because your product is very good. What is your secret (I promise I won't tell). You really must be busy getting all this mail and printing it in the newspaper afterward. Keep up the good work. Sincerely,
October 20, 1997
My hair has improved so much. It has gotten thick. I only used one bottle of your product. I have told all my friends. They just love the improvement of my hair. Wild Growth has helped me so much. Thank you.
October 31, 1997
I don't know what's in this stuff but I love it. My hair has grown to my shoulders since I started using this stuff. I'm sending for my third bottle. Also, a friend of mine asked me to get some for her. My daughter's hair has also grown. I will keep ordering. You have a customer for life. Feel free to use my testimonial.
November 2, 1997
My hair was badly damaged from the use of another product with chemicals. I have used Wild Growth for 6 months. My hair has trippled in length. 9 months ago my hair was 1 and1/2 inches long. Now it about 8 inches. Thank You for this gift from God product.
November 5, 1997
Please send me the oil immediately as I am almost out of the other one. By the way, I used it on my 3 year old daughter and her hair is so soft and has grown quite alot. Now she always wants me to comb her hair, since it doesn't involve any pain as it did in the past. Thank you again for making my life and my daughter's life a lot easier.
November 7, 1997
I just had to enclose this brief letter with my order and its purpose is to say Thank You!! I've had a problem with some thin spots in my hair caused by relaxers, the chemical damage wasn't corrected by anything I've tried in the past. Well luckily I decided to try your product and its been wonderful. Not only is it solving the problem with new hair growth. My hair is really growing great overall. I'm so pleased. My hair is almost as long as it used to be (below my shoulders). Its much more manageable now. I'm going to use your product from now on, so you'll definitely be getting future orders from me. Plus, my hair now has convinced some friends to try it also. So again I want to say--Thank You..
November 12, 1997
This is my 5th order and I have longer hair than I can ever remember. My mother who is in her late seventies has enjoyed her balding spots thickening in again after several years. Thank you for this great product!
Novenber 27, 1997
Dear Wild Growth Hair Oil. Please send me 2 bottles of your Wild Growth Hair Oil. I've ordered before. And may I say it is great, my hair really grew. I'm sending a money order of $18.68. I got this out of my Essence book that I recieve each month. Thank You.
December 1, 1997
I am writing to you due to the demand of a wonderful product that you produce...WILD GROWTH!!! The results of people wanting to make their hair grow are great; but your product seems to do what others only claim to do. Your product work!
December 19, 1997
Thank you so much for making this product. I have been using Wild Growth for about a month and have noticed tremendous improvements in my hair's growth, thickness and overall appearance. I am ordering my second bottle now because I don't ever want to be without it.
December 15, 1997
I have been using your product for a couple of months, and it is wonderful. It helps to manage my hair, and it doesn't have an overpowering scent, and I believe that it has helped to grow my hair. Thank You, and keep up the good work!! Sincerely,
January 21, 1998
Wild Growth is the best product I've used ever since I could remember. In just days my dull thin looking hair was fuller, longer and shiny. Thanks to my trip to the U.S. and my purchase of the product. I'm back home and I was wondering if I could purchase it and get it delivered this far. I'M DESPERATE because without it my hair is doomed. Please send me delivery information. Thank you once again for your miraculous product.
February 3, 1998
I have been a loyal wild growth customer for several years now and thanks to you have been able to do away with relaxing my hair. BUT now that my hair is getting longer and longer by the week, I find that I like to hot comb my hair.
February 8, 1998
Late last year I purchased a few bottles of your product "Wild Growth Hair Oil" which I shared with my friends. I must tell you that we accomplished good results, and would like to continue using it and spreading the good words. Thanks to you I am getting my hair back. May God bless you all.
February 10, 1998
I love this stuff. I started using it last fall. My hair is to my shoulder. My daughters' is growing too. Her beautician said, " I don't know what your doing but keep doing it."
March 12, 1998
I really like to use your Wild Growth Hair Oil product. I like it because my hair has gotten thick and is growing.
March 23, 1998
I have purchased the product Wild Growth and was very pleased with the results. I can not find this product in my local area. I used wild growth on my three year old son for a period of one year. The results, as I stated before, were very pleasing. His hair is easier to manage and has grown very long. That is correct, you are reading this sentence right. My son's hair has grown because of your product. If you ever need a confirmation on what and how wild growth really works, give me a call. He is living proof this product does work if used correctly.
March 27, 1998
I am so glad I found you. Years ago, my hair was very long and over the years, I did not care for it properly-wrong chemicals, cuts, cuts, and then it was somewhat short (just shoulder length).
I found you. And it is TRUE. Once the hair and scalp is saturated with your product, it is manageable, thicker, and longer.
Recently, I recieved my 2 bottles. I showered, shampooed my hair, and Baptized my hair and scalp. I am shocked... LONGER.
I will be ordering More Bottles on Friday, April 3rd.
Love You Guys For This Product.
Love, L.Y.H.
April 3, 1998
Here I go again. Enclosed, please find a money order for 2 bottles.This product is the Only thing I am using on my hair. I feel great again and my hair is stronger and longer. (I promise to continue ordering). Sincerely,
April 3, 1998
Thank you for your hair product. I am happy and satisfied with your product. I have been a user of Wild Growth Hiar Oil for 5 months. I cut my hair in August 1997-- now my hair is 3 inches long, and thicker. I am telling all my friends about the hair product. This hair product is really working for me. Also, I had new growth in spots where it was thinning. I want to say thank you so much for this Wild Growth Hair Oil.
April 3, 1998
I found your product Wild Growth Hair Oil to be true. It has started my hairs to growing. Some were shorter than others. It has grown half an inch. Thank you for your wonderful oil.
April 11, 1998
Hi! My name is Melanie and I just love your hair oil. I am seeing improvement in my hair already, and I just got the oil. Its getting thicker every day.
April 13, 1998
I am ordering 1 bottle until the first of the month, and then I will order more. I have used two bottles and people said, "What are you doing to your hair for it to grow?". I have two bald spots in the temple area that did not have any hair and now I have fuzzy baby hair.
April 20, 1998
I have been using your product for about 2 years. It's a miracle hair oil. I ordered 12 bottles in 1996, and my hair has grown very, very, very much. When I first started using it, I had just got my hair cut, which was at my neck-line. Now it's at my waist. This stuff is great. I love it.
June 27, 1998
I say this product really works because my hair has been dry without it. My hair has grown about an inch in one month when I first used it; ever since I stopped using it, my hair has been breaking off. Now I want to order another bottle of your product and I'll never switch to another product again. My friend even saw the results and says she needs one too.
November 13, 1998
I've only used the Wild Growth Oil for about a week, and I do see results. It is a God sent oil.
December 1, 1998
Here is a money order for $19.68 for two bottles of that good growing hair oil. Your oil is the best oil that I have ever used on my hair, and my hair has grown sooo much. It is way past my shoulders and it is steadily growing. I have been using your oil for over a year and I tell you, my hair is long, thick and beautiful. I get comments all the time. People say your hair is getting so long and they ask me what I am using on it and tell them, "that good hair oil that I ordered". So, whatever you all are putting in that oil sure does work, don't change a thing.
December 16, 1998
I bought 2 bottles of your product last year. They were good. They made my hair thick and shiny.
December 23, 1998
I have been using your product and I am astounded. I love it. If I were to stop using the product, will my hair continue to grow or fall out due to discontinued use?(Answer: hair, reportedly, continues to grow {but probably not indefinetly} after discontinued use. No instances of hair falling out after discontinuing use have been reported.)