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Average rating:5out of5stars, Review
Super satisfied!
Although it has a strong scent, it keeps mine and my dad's hair super moisturized and our scalps are super healthy! I instantly feel a tingling sensation when it's massaged in my scalp! I know this stuff is working, cause my hair is growing lol!
Mir, January 29, 2020



I had read reviews, watched videos and it was a mixed bag of results. So I decided to try it for myself. After years of just throwing on a wig and ignoring my bald spots from weaves and braids, I decided to give this hair oil a try. After ONE week of use, hair is growing where there had been no hair for YEARS. I use a few drops a day and massage into my scalp/hair and I wash my hair every 2 weeks with a great clarifying shampoo. I'm definitely satisfied and I wish I had known about this product sooner. December 02, 2019 will be one month.
ThatGirl, November 13, 2019



Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 oz Walmart Reviews
I like what I have seen so far. I have not used this product long enough to give any real evaluation on. But my eyebrows appear to be coming back. I will keep using it, I like the way it makes my hair feels. if nothing els.
Qfree, October 1, 2019


It works! Reviews
I had bought this oil three months and it worked very well for me. My hair was thinning out and weak. Now, it
has really grown. I had just bought a new bottle. The smell isn't great, but it really gets the job done. I highly
recommend it.
Pamela, September 20, 2019


Wild Growth Hair Oil Work Reviews
I see hair growing around my edges, where I have bold spots and in kitchen areas. Yes, it didn't take long for me to see hair growth in the said areas said above. I have used another brand hair growth oil but Wild Growth Hair Oil work for me and I gave my daughter in law 3 bottles. I can feel Wild Growth Hair Oil working on my head in areas I never felt the other brand working.
COTTONBALLGIRL, August 29, 2019 Review
Was skeptical at first since my baby is only 18months and i read some negative reviews but i must say im extremely impressed in just a month my daughter hair has grown back where she pulled it out at and also grown thicker and longer all around. Will continue to use this product twice a week

Before and after (Thicker Hair, Longer Hair, Baldness, Hair Grows, Temples and Edges)

SimplyNe, August 11, 2019



Great buy- Review
Great product works well moisturizes hair leaves it easy to manage
Creecree, July 26, 2019

Average rating:5out Review
The best oil ever for dry hair This is the only oil that has ever worked for managing my thick natural 4c hair. I
spritz moisture in my hair and lock it in with this oil and my hair becomes soooo manageable. I can get
through my hair with ease with minimum breakage. Wish I would have been consistent with using this oil
Tee, July 21, 2019



The best oil ever for dry Review
This is the only oil that has ever worked for managing my thick natural 4c hair. I spritz moisture in my hair and lock it in with this oil and my hair becomes soooo manageable. I can get through my hair with ease with minimum breakage. Wish I would have been consistent with using this oil sooner.
Tee, July 21, 2019 Review
Best hair growth oil out on the market!!!!! My hair has grown tremendously, and it's very healthy. I use this on my girls hair as well. My daughter had a slow growth when it came to her hair growing. Since I started using this hair lol it has grown so much!!! I'll forever be using this hair oil!
Coleman88, July 19, 2019 Review
Actually made my hair grow I used it as directed and saw growth within 4 weeks
Great, July 15, 2019 Review
I like the ease in using this product. My hair is softer, haven't used it enough to notice any length changes yet.
Grammie, July 9, 2019 Review
The best!! doesn't have the greatest smell but not terrible
Tsss, April 22, 2019 Review
Works every time.
Love this stuff. The shipping was fast and free. Wild Hair Growth works very well. Very oily so make sure you don't over apply.
TBall, April 9, 2019 Review
Dry damaged areas now moisturized and growing in
This oil doesn't smell the best but it keeps my scalp and hair well moistured. I used to have a dry flaky scalp and this oil prevents it from happening! I have been using it for a little over a month and I am impressed. The dry, damaged, and breaking areas of my hair are now mositierzed and growing! This product is a winner
JAKABRLE, April 7, 2019 Review
Wild Growth Review
Not super greasy! Absorbed pretty quickly in my hair. A little goes a long way. Do not over saturate!! We will see how much growth I get at the end of the month! But so far I think it's working!
TBTurnR, March 7, 2019 Review
Great product
This oil is amazing, it starts working after the first use.
Loc555, February 18, 2019 Review
I been using wild growth for 2 years now and I love it, it kinda work slow depending on the hairstyle but it's works good.
Shay, January 5, 2019 Review
Excellent Product!!
This stuff definitely works, it moisturizes your hair and protects against heat appliances. A little goes a long way. A bottle could easily last you close to 3 months, even with 3 times a week use. Pay close attention to the ends and scalp. Great for all types of hair.
kimbo05, January 4, 2019 Review
Makes my hair more manageable very good product and nice smell
CHARCHAR, November 27, 2018 Review
It made my hair grow after years of struggling to grow my hair.
Tasha, November 26, 2018 Review
It works! Love it!
It has really helped my hair! My hair fell out because of hair dye and it was not growing but when I started
using this my hair started growing after being stunted for several months!
vee41, October 17, 2018 Review
This product is awesome.
I noticed a difference in my hair and my daughters hair after using the product in the first couple of weeks. I
highly recommend.
twinsx2momme, October 15, 2018 Review
Love it GROW my hair very well keep my hair moisture and strength nice smooth no problem thank
DmCarolyn, September 5, 2018 Review
Name tells it ALL!!!
I love this product. My hair had recently fell out about Oct 2017 due my birth control. It destroyed me because I had been natural for 2 years and the birth control broke my hair sooo bad it was bald spots in my hair. I use this product daily and I couldn't of been more elated how great my hair is bouncing back. I swear the name tells it all. It really works.
Lorie, August 29, 2018 Review
Great product! It works and smells great!
This oil is great and works! My hair was damaged from coloring and it's softer and healthier than it's been in a long time. It's only my first week using this oil and I love it so far. I would recommend it.
Jen, July 20, 2018 Review
I only had this item a week so Im unsure if it grows hair yet. I do like the tingle. It's very expensive for such a small bottle so I will have to use this sparingly.
Happy, June 14, 2018 Review
Slow growing hairdueto meds. At wits end. Saw this as last hope. OMG..I one WEEK hair growing two inches. In total shock U can feel your scalp tingle all over feels like it's waking up the hair follicles. I doused my hair and scalp. Left on overnight day one. Hair and scalp soaked it in. I can finally feel my scalp...second week now same growth. Hair thiicker no shedding soft and no flyaways or friz. Just use a few drops now massage in every other day. Bald spot filled in fast. I'm so happy. Thank you for saving my hair!!! Try a small amount on scalp first so u won't be allergic. Smell is medicinal but u get used to it.
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Galileo73, May 30, 2018


Wild Growth Hair Oil
This product works VERY WELL. My hair is growing well. It keeps my 4c hair very moisturized. I'm so
amazed!! Buy this TODAY, it's worth the cost.
Cheap, May 6, 2018 Review
Excellent product. My hair looks great
MsMosley, April 11, 2018 Review
Love this oil
Niseypooh101, April 6, 2018 Review
I like how fast product came
Stacy, March 28, 2018 Review
Oldie but Goodie
I had forgotten all about this product until one of my close friends told me that she was using Wild Growth to help with her thin edges. I am so glad she reminded me that this product exists. I remember my mom using this hair oil when I was a kid. She stopped using it because she didn't like the smell. After all these years, yep, it still has that smell. For the first time in my life I am experiencing Alopecia Areata. When I looked up the cause I was guilty of it all: Not sleeping well, stress, & not taking my multi-vitamins on the regular like my doctor recommended. My iron levels was probably low because I am also Anemic. I was working so much that for a brief moment I wasn't taking care of myself. I even made matters worse by getting a tight protective style which caused the Alopecia to spread a little. Currently, I am back on track. I am back taking my multi-vitamin that also have an extra dose of Biotin in it. I am getting plenty of rest, and I am working my regular shift instead of working a tone of extra hours. I feel great! Attached to this review I have shared a photo to show case my progress. My hair isn't fully grown in yet, but you can defiantly tell the difference in the before and after. I don't put heat on my hair anymore, and I just leave my hair alone. I shampoo, deep condition, & style my hair in a twist out style and go. Due to the strong smell I only put the oil on the affected area. I gently massage the oil onto my scalp twice a day. When I get up in the morning & before I go to bed. Thank goodness, I have thick curly hair. When my hair is styled you can't even see the Alopecia. I hope my feedback helps. Happy shopping!


Before and after (baldness, hairline, top of head)

ADub, November 8, 2017