A small percentage of enthusiastic people reportedly use the Wild Growth Hair Oil daily (and some times more frequently) with no results.  In these instances, a "use less" rule of thumb would then be most appropriate to follow. For some, it would be every 2-3 days. For others, it would be every 4-6 days. And for others, it would be once a week (or even less frequently). Also, (A) whether or not the oil is always used on both the hair and scalp , (B) how much the oil is applied at one time, and (C) how long the oil has been used (some longer term users can use it more frequently than when they first started using it) may determine the appropriate frequency. Since first-timers wouldn't know which category they are really in, a 1-3 time per week would be a good rule of thumb for everyone. The following true testimonial demonstrates how "less" is sometimes more:
March 14, 1998
About a year ago I wrote y'all a letter and said that I used your product and it didn't work. Well I received your letter and it said that it would work after a couple of months after use. I didn't believe y'all, I thought this was a fraud. I decided to give it 1 more chance. So I bought 1 bottle and used it every 2 to 3 days and 2 months later it grew. I was completely almost bald, but after those two months my hair grew to my shoulders. I was so shocked. I know what went wrong before. I was using it twice a day and every day. That was way too much. I guess I was just too anxious to use your product. Well now I want to order the 12 bottles. I have enclosed my money order. 6 bottles for me because it makes blow drying easy and I want my shoulder length hair down to my elbow ( I know it works for sure!). 6 bottles for my little 15 year old sister as a gift because she's dying to know my secret (Lord knows she needs it). Thank you for taking time out to read my letter. P.S. You can use my true testimonial if you want. On a scale from 1 to 100 I would give your company/oil 110%.
'Cause your oil is da bomb baby!!
And it made my hair grow and it has
me sayin yes yes yes yes yes.
Without it I woud be bald and sayin
no no no no no.'
Thanks so much!
Schiller Park, Illinois