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by longderricka20 Review
Nov 12, 2019
Best Hair Growth Serum
Love, love, love this product! Iíve been purchasing it for years now and really does what the bottle says. Iíve
cut my hair twice and Iíve grown back a head full of hair very quickly thanks to this product.

by kingdangalang Review
Aug 17, 2019
Hair growth about a inch in 30 days, very satisfied with product



by rece1969 Review
May 19, 2019
Mix them both and watch your hair grow.
I mixed these two together and My problem area is actually growing RAPIDLY! I tried another product that
"promises" to grow hair out, barely worked. If you oil your scalp with this combo will get results
unless your scalp has a medical issue that only a doctor can help with. I am pleased.


by hightowerdh Review
Feb 27, 2019
I saw a big difference in my hair growth.



by a772queen-0 Review
Nov 21, 2018
Great Product!!!
It helps with the growth of the hair, plus I love the smell of it. I bought 2 bottles so I don't run out this time.


by robbie11061 Review
Oct 30, 2018
Since I started using this product my hair has doubled in length


by willowbee* Review
Jul 06, 2018
Super oil!
I have been using it for a few months now,and defenitly notice a very big difference! It works!!
It leaves your hair supersoft, shiny and gives it strenght and lots of volume.
It makes your hair grow fast,it grows realy faster than before using the oil, and even NEW hair is coming out!
I can only say, try it and see for yourself. You will love it too!! Even the eyebrows and lashes are stronger and
have more volume!!!
(thanks to MORE hair!) I am using the white bottle. I am very thankfull for having found this product.


by beebew-cxf4p4 Review
Jun 12, 2018
Silky soft hair
It not to oily it makes my hair soft


by womanof_god7 Review
May 29, 2018
I love this oil! It's a light growth oil for my low porosity hair. I use it when I shampoo my hair. I mix about 3
drops into my shampoo and then I proceed with my shampoo. A great oil! Purchase it and you won't be


by allsmiles31 Review
Apr 18, 2018
Excellent product. Works wonders!


by paulajeans27 Review
Jan 10, 2018
Amazing product!!!
I mixed this product with jamacian black castor oil, and I definitely see major hair growth and thickness! Great
investment to my hair care regiments.



by beanieman0410 Review
Dec 20, 2017
Best product excellent
This is my first time using it and I LOVE the results can't wait to share with family and friends.


by mer.laha.726oep Review
Dec 12, 2017
Great product
I love this product. I would recommend it to anyone



by jthomas230409 Review
Sep 15, 2017
Growth was craszy

by Review
Oct 27, 2017
The smell is not the best but it works


by bboopdowner1965 Review
Aug 03, 2017
Hair feels and look wonderful
I really like the way my hair feels and looks and feels, and I've only been using the oil for a week. I don't have
a problem with the way that it smells, I think that it has an earthy smell.



by vbro1297 Review
Aug 02, 2017



by jacks.dorth Review
Aug 01, 2017
Love it!!
I love the oil!! It work really good in your hair!!!


by jmoore228 Review
Jul 24, 2017
Love this stuff
I've been using it for years. It makes your hair smell piney but feels super soft.



by barbus-hdaq3hlk Review
Apr 05, 2017
Great Hair growth Product!!
I love this oil. I mix this with the white bottle and apply 3 or more times per week. Most don't like the smell of
the white bottle. Well, I don't mind it. But with mixing the two, it makes it smell good. At least to me. Besdes
all that, my hair is thicker than ever before and this is within a couple of weeks of use. I would recommed it to
anyone!! :)


by lakila92 Review
Apr 04, 2017
Great product
Works just as described. Will definitively buy again!


by wilmajr52 Review
Oct 20, 2016
Works Great
This is a fantastic product and it works great. I would recommend this product to all of my friends with
thinning hair.

by gregggyy Review
Oct 20, 2016
I ordered this product and it didn't take long before I received it in a timely manner and not only am I using it
on my hair but also my eyebrows and they're growing fast.


by beautifullove220 Review
Oct 04, 2016
Great product fast results
Noticed hair growth 3 days after first application

by roshowar-0 Review
Aug 10, 2016
Growth Review
I've been using the product for over two weeks and I'm experiencing hair growth. I'm giving it another month
to see how my hair growth will continue.

by 9110steel2 Review
Aug 08, 2016
Wild growth
Great product for thin hair


by diana.willi Review
Jul 20, 2016
Love it!!!
Love it!!!!

by nasia615 Review
Jun 27, 2016
Really grows the hair fast. And i like the smell because its a natural smell to me but the smell goes away in a
few minutes.


by wilmalm123 Review
Jun 01, 2016
Top favorable review
It really is working
Because I had tried so many other things, I was very skeptical about this product working. But because I was
desperate to grow back my edges and thinning hair in spots I decided to give it a try. Well it has been a month
since I started and believe it or not the edges or fizzy. It is fairly light weight with a faint odor that fades away
quickly. the hardest part is the itch, ironically it only starts back just in time for the application of the next
product(every other day) The thinning hair has thickened up and for some strange reason my dull ashy looking
grayish/black hair is now black(have never used dyes or tints. I'm so sold I took my braids out, gonna wear a
wig for about a month and see where I am then. I essence what I want to say is be skeptical, but by the
product, use it the way it should be done. Do it for yourself, give it time and reap the new grow. Best of Luck.

by ranchnanny Review
Jan 05, 2016
Amazing product
Only been using a few weeks and I love the product!