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Make any shampoo a powerful hair growth shampoo with

Wild Growth® Shampoo Bio-activating Drops



    Shampoos with any decent sudsing and grime cutting action have one major       drawback. They are toxic or poisonous to all organisms including humans. Toxins or poisons do much worse than nothing for hair conditioning or growth. The proven Wild Growth® solution is to add a few biologically energized drops of Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer directly into the shampoo you are about to use to immediately experience the following results:


1. A first time immediate feeling of liveliness in your scalp and  a unique vibrance to your hair texture after shampooing and rinsing.

2. Reduced hair breakage.

3. Uninterrupted therapeutic nourishment of hair root and follicle.

4. Instant chemical buffer: natural hair cuticle seal guard during shampoo chemical attack.

5. Stabilization of sebum energetics for hair growth and maintenance.

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For directions on how to use Wild Growth® Shampoo Bio-activating drops (a.k.a  Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer) for Maximum Protection against shampoo stress, see Maximum Protection Method