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Have you tried this? It is called Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer? It is called Wild Growth® because it has the same strength growth formula as the Hair Oil, but can also be used in the treacherous washing and rinsing phases.  A few drops mixed in any shampoo followed by a few drops as a leave-in in rinsed wet hair and scalp will not disrupt the growth momentum  that all shampoos (good or bad) are known for while preserving the natural oils with little or no  (grime) build-up  that a co-wash  produces. As a result, the head feels clean and vibrant with little or no ‘expected’ hair breakage from the washing and drying process. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer is called light because its consistency (allowing for better penetration), odor, and color are light. Also, its 'friction factor', 'hold', 'drag' or 'grab' on the hair structures is light for breakage-fee, glide-through detangling. It is called a moisturizer because, 24/7 (during and between washings), it moisturizes with penetrating and lasting nourishment and so protects the hair cuticle and scalp from drying and cracking. Between washings, it can be used  alone for maximum growth and gunk, funk, and itch control with protective hair styles and also to regulate potential thickness, stickiness, and odor from usinf Wild Growth® hair oil. 


Shampooing. So you  have to have the suds?

Then you will not get around using chemically toxic surfactants listed in both regular and ‘natural’ shampoos: Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)/ diethanolime/ DEA/ triethanolamine (TEA)/ monoethanolamine / Sodium Laureth Sulfate /  Disodium Laureth Sulfosucinate/ Lauramide MEA/  Cocamide DEA/ triethanolamine (TEA)/ and N-nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA), and others.

Also, be prepared for shampoo stress. All these sudsy shampoo surfactants  remove the grime but also destroy normal healthy bacteria in the scalp, allowing for toxic hair structure-damaging bacteria to take hold. Sudsy shampoos also disrupt the electro-chemical environment which enables healthy sebum to condition 1. the  hair root (dermal papilla), 2. protein matrix of the  hair shaft at the root, and 3. the hair follicle. As a result, these hair growth structures are in a state of pseudo-paralysis, being less able to benefit from  chemical- circulatory, electrical-nerve, and mechanical-muscle/connective  stimuli.  However,  adding

Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer  to the sudsy shampoo uniquely buffers and neutralizes  chemical attack  and  seeds  deep hair growth structures with  the exclusive growth-specific Wild Growth®  nutrient complex. One can immediately tell the difference after using Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer with their shampoo: less frizz, more thickness, more body, less breakage, less split ends and a scalp that feels more vital. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer also prevents damage from  wet-dry cycle stress whether or not a shampoo is used  by sealing the hair cuticle to prevent breakage during drying.

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For details on how to use  Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer for Maximum Shampoo/washing Stress Protection and how to use Wild Growth® Hair Oil for Maximum Grooming Stress Protection, please follow this link.


Braids and shampooing

Shampoo when really necessary. The less the better. The WG Light Oil Moisturizer will keep gunk, funk and flake levels down so you can stay fresh longer with your protective style.
WG Hair Oil will revive and recondition both artificial and natural braid and, because of 'grab' Factor, will help in the process o doing and undoing braid.
Summary: Shampoo infrequently and only when necessary. WG Light Oil Moisturizer will extend the time between shampoos. WG Hair Oil will revive reduce frizz and 'halo' effect) on both natural and artificial hair and make the braiding/unbraiding process easier. In between those times rely on using more WG Light Oil Moisturizer for lasting moisture and maintenance.
Remember to mix 10-20 drops o WG Light Oil Moisturizer in each dab of shampoo for protection against harshness while deep seeding for growth during cleansing and use as leave in conditioner on rinsed wet hair before drying to combat the wet-dry hair breakage cycle.