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House of Beauty World Reviews



House of Beauty World Reviews

By Lady Love House of Beauty World Review
Atlanta GA
November 25, 2018
Before and during process
Love it.
Been using it for a month now see before and after pictures and still using the product.. love love love it
You sorry if you don't want to use it for the growth

By Sonia House of Beauty World Review
Springfield Illinois
September 18, 2018
Wild growth hair oil
I've been using this product since December 2017 after cutting my hair. I now have a head full of hair. This
product work wonderful.
I love it don't change nothing about it. Yes it has a smell but that's ok it doesn't stay.
I love this product. Love it love it live it. Thanks. Sonia Springfield Illinois
It works
No cons for me. I love this product

By Sharon Starks House of Beauty World Review
Storm Lake, IA
March 16, 2018
Best product I have ever used

Hi I saw the ad for Wild Growth hair oil on line, this lady had shown before and after pictures of her edges,
and said how she used it and it really made her hair grow back. Will I said yeah right, there no way this
product could do this, but hey I'm going to buy it and see. Will I'll be darn
, this is the Best, I wish I had saved
the before pictures I took, so I too could have been in the ad. This product do WORK. In fact I going to to
order more, I have run out because not only have I used it on my hair I have given it out to my sister and
, so now I'm out. This is a GREAT product and I can say it DOES WORK. Thank you for coming up
with Wild Growth. And If you need me to do a commercial I will because I believe in this.
Thanks again I'm
in Love with Wild Growth
. Sharon Starks - Storm Lake IA
If you don't use it it's your lost.

By Sylvia Grooms House of Beauty World Review
April 12, 2017
Great product
It is a little thick but it makes your hair feel so good. It helps me stretch my relaxer. i will purchase more.


By Sylvia Grooms House of Beauty World Review
April 12, 2017
Great product
I love this product. I can tell a difference in the texture of my hair. It is softer and more manageable. I see
growth. LOVE IT.



By Glynda House of Beauty World Review
April 6, 2017
wild gowth
I have only used this product three weeks and I am already getting good results . very happy with this product

By P. W. House of Beauty World Review
March 19, 2017
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
Also a wonderful hair growth treatment. The texture of your hair improves greatly while growing your hair.ll

By Antonia House of Beauty World Review
February 28, 2017
Wild Growth Oil
Love the way this product adds moisture to my thinning and dry edges. I'd recommend it to my friends.

By Gloria S. Kinard House of Beauty World Review
May 5, 2016
Wild Growth Hair Oil
I'm using the product and I see a different in my hair. It do smell weird, but it is working. Thanks a lot!

By Tecesia Breeden House of Beauty World Review
August 25, 2015
make my hair grow



By Kalyn House of Beauty World Review
August 18, 2015
This stuff is amazing, kinda smelly, but absolutely amazing. It makes my hair grow so much better, and
people constantly tell me that my hair actually looks
like its grown more practically everytime I see them. I
have recommended this to several of my friends, and most of them are ordering it.
Be ware, it does smell
kinda weird, but it works, so I think it is so worth it. Plus, it also last a long time. I have been using this for
months and there is still like 9/10s of it left.
Amazing product.