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Carolyn Bunch recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook Review
April 15 at 1:58 PM ∑ 2020
This is the best thing i every try, and now it's so hard to get, i truely love it , it has made my hair wonderful

Nita Beachbum Facts sis Facts my hair 2010 Vs. Now

Before and After (longer hair)

OmegaPsi Kings I got braids after one month of using it

Dominique Turner Review
5.0 out of 5 stars Great for hair growth !
Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2020
Size: 4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)Color: OriginalVerified Purchase
Favorite oil for hair growth !



Imani Quarles recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook Review
March 6 at 3:56 PM ∑ 2020
The smell really isnít that bad to me. Itís just a bit strong and can linger if someone is all in your scalp. I use it when i have braids or a weave to grow while itís in a protective style. It grew my hair back within a year  after cutting it into a low (not fade) natural hair cut. I recommend for all my friends and anyone who needs the length. A bonus is my guy uses it in his facial hair and I even use it on my brows and natural lashes. The best!



Tianna Jones
5.0 out of 5 stars Best hair oil everrr!
Reviewed in the United States on March 3, 2020
Size: 4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)Color: OriginalVerified Purchase Review



Gracita Smith recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook Review
February 29 at 8:36 PM ∑ 2020
Love it!  Hair healthier than its ever been since I started using it!

Comfort Walker- It's the best stuff in the world my hair grew  so long



5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing results
Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2020
Size: 4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)Color: OriginalVerified Purchase Review
My favorite item purchased yet



Mitza Davis recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
February 15 at 2:45 PM ∑ 2020
Havenít had a perm  in 1 yr but use WGHC regularly. Itís the best


ReneŤ Bishop recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
January 21 at 7:16 PM ∑ 2020
My hair is thick and full. Only oil I use




Ariel Williams
5.0 out of 5 stars Worth every penny
Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2020 Amazon Review
Size: 4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)Color: OriginalVerified Purchase
This product smells horrible BUT it's one of the best hair growth oils I've ever used. In store it's $10 or more
so finding it for this price online with only 99 cents for shipping it still cost me less. I'm happy I got It and it
was delivered just in time for me to get my braids done. If you want your edges back or got a bald spot you
want to grow in this is the oil to use. The yellow bottle has a less strong scent but I prefer The strength of the
white bottle.



La'tray Taylor recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
January 10 at 8:14 PM ∑ 2020
This is the best oil you can buy from Your local beauty supply that will grow your hair If you use it once a week or like me, I do Every other day.


azmynn Jones recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
January 8 at 3:18 PM ∑ 2020
best oil period use alone or mix with grease,shea butter, other oils cant go wrong


Shontae Sutton recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
November 28 at 2:35 AM ∑ Facebook
I've been using this for 2 years both Bottles and it has been the Best hair growth treatment  ever  I will never stop using theses oils i use them on my children as well I'm sooooo thankful I saw this page when I did I know my hair would not be as long as it is now. so thank you



Breanda Mcknight recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
1 hr ∑ 11/10/19
it better than the other stuff that I been using


Denise Simpson recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
October 25 at 2:35 PM ∑ 2019
Best hair growth for, been using it for at least 2 and a half months and my hair has grown   at least 2-3 inches



Thomas Jolly recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
October 13 at 7:30 AM ∑ 2019
best product on the market


destiny C.
25 reviews Influenster WG Hair Oil
September 24th 2019, 1:25 pm
This has always    been my favorite product  when I was a little girl    my mom would put this in my hair and it
will grow
all the time  I really recommend this to be  the best hair Lil  I used for years I will satisfied




5.0 out of 5 stars Get this product
September 21, 2019
Size: 4 Fl OzVerified Purchase WG Hair Oil single
The best product  if needing hair to grow and stay moisturized


Love B.
4 reviews Influenster WG Hair Oil
September 18th 2019, 3:17 pm
ďI been using Wild Growth since I did my big chop 2 Years ago. I wouldnít compare this great product to
nothing else.
 Great. No effective at all (other products). Itís a great product especially for big chops. Yes, I will
recommended this product.



Sydney Young
5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best hair oils I have purchased
August 28, 2019
Size: 4 Fl OzVerified Purchase WG Hair Oil single
This product smells great. It works amazing. I truly believe that it has assisted in the growth of my hair. I typically use it once a week, massage my hair with it
for 10 minutes then wash it.


Jasmine Alanaya recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook reviews
19 hrs ∑ 08/07/19
best thing I could have put on my son's hair, he was bald in the back of this head due to severe  eczema now he has a head full of hair and its thick!! I love this


Yadira Burbano
5.0 out of 5 stars El mejor aceite para el crecimiento del cabello. (The best oil for hair growth.)
August 6, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
Si funciona este producto lo recomiendo si quieres potenciar el crecimiento de tu cabello, eso si; el olor no es muy agradable pero cumple su funciůn (this product works I recommend it if you want to boost the growth of your hair, yes; The smell is not very pleasant but it fulfills its function.)

5.0 out of 5 starsThe best hair product
August 6, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
Loved it



Akyrah T.-Influenster
158 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
July 30, 2019, 8:36 a.m.
This is the most amazing product ever it helps hair growth and everything and I highly highly recommend this product




Rasheedaha Johnson recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook review
July 24 at 10:31 AM ∑ 2019
grows and strengthens hair while moisturizeing all at the same time.I couldnt and wouldnt ask for anything else......



Kayla E.
Columbus, GA
56 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
July 9, 2019, 4:23 p.m.
This oil grows my hair like a weed. It keeps my hair super moisturized and it helps my hair grow so fast if I use it on a regular basis. Itís not overly expensive and it has no carcinogens and made of very natural ingredients.



NIKA W. -Influenster
1 review
July 2, 2019, 6:11 a.m.
I use this product for my thin edges and to give my hair strength and length and when I tell you within a month month-and-a-half my hair had grown so much and had thicken up so much I was very surprised and I've been using this product every since. This is the best hair growth product I have ever had. Once you put it on your hair within the next day or two; or maybe the same day you will feel your scalp itching that means your hair is growing it's working.. overall great


4.0 out of 5 starsWorks very well!
June 26, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
This stuff has been perfect in helping strengthen my hair and make it grow! My hair is back to the way it was prior to post partum hair loss!

5.0 out of 5 stars100 stars!!!
June 26, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. Oz
You guys just don't know how happy I am! Just like others, I was skeptical. On a few hair forums, I read where the women felt that the oil was just an oil to seal or moisturize their hair with, but it is much more than that. It's magical!

1st week: Thickening and no breakage!
2nd week: Noticeable fullness and some growth!
1 month: New growth coming in looser (4c hair)!
9 1/2 weeks later so much hair!  In April I struggled to pull my bangs to my upper lip, now June 26, my bangs go past my chin! I wondered what the texturizing effects were all about with the oil and now I see because my new growth
typically comes in coarse and tangly but now I have smooth waves!
Additionally, I felt that it would be unfair to the makers of this oil to benefit so much from their product and not give credit to them. I also use on my eyebrows and see
. My natural hair gets bigger each week.  I am so in love with my hair. My product for life. Yall better get this oil. Thanks!!!!!



Vanessa Ngoma shared a post. Wild Growth Hair Care Community Forum-Facebook 06/25/19
6 hrs ∑ tagAdd Topics
My Natural Crown - Wild Growth Hair Oil is my magic oil. The basic component of my Natural Hair products and regime! Loving the results and my journey #Wildgrowthhairoil


Before and Afters (longer hair)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Creme de la creme
June 22, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
I like how this makes my hair grow. I have curly hair and it helps a lot. I love it!

5.0 out of 5 stars This is top quailty
June 18, 2019
Size: 8 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
I love this stuff. Definitely makes hair grow and healthier. Im a huge fan will continue to buy ive even been using on my brows and eyelashes. Will report back if any changes


Ilina John Pierrot recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook 06/14/19
9 hrs ∑
hair growth and of the best..nothing else comes close to it


Kimberly Pride recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook 06/09/19
Yesterday at 7:41 AM ∑
I have been using Wild Growth for the last 10 years and it is better than regular hair grease, it is a oil and my hair is very manageable



Fafouna Alcena recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook  06/05/19
Yesterday at 8:21 AM ∑
It is the best. It has a combination of different natural oils in it. That's the oil that grew my dreads faster!


Sheveka L-j recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook 06/04/19
Yesterday at 1:35 PM ∑
3yr old  cut her hair twice with in 2 months. And u even tell she ever cut her in the same spot twice. Best hair growth oil ever.

Roxie J.-Influenster
115 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
May 14, 2019, 5:23 a.m.
This is my favorite hair oil! I like to use it on the sides and edges of my hair because they are my thinnest areas post surgery. I have seen a lot of improvement
and growth in these areas. It also makes my hair really soft, and I love using it when I have braids. I would highly recommend.


naturally_a_afro_queen E.- Influenster
Beaver Falls
6 reviews
April 22, 2019, 2:05 a.m.

Love love love this is the best oil I have ever used I will never use anything else again my hair has grown 3 times. In length since I start I swing this. The
thickness in my hair has also greatly improved



Shamy L. -Influenster
6404 Hudson ave apt41
3 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
April 5, 2019, 6 p.m.
This product had make my hair grow so much. It has been the best. But I can only find it on Amazon or in 4 towns away from mines.


Tomi S.- Influenster
Maplewood, NJ
70 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
March 31, 2019, 4:51 p.m.
This is the truth. If you use it consistently you will see growth  its affordable and has a no distinct smell
This is not for people with oily hair or scalp. I recommend this for the coarse and thick haired girls, with dry scalp . I use this as a pre poo sometimes but. I
used it a lot when I was permed. Now that I am natural I dont really find myself using it as much. Out of all my hair oils, which is only 3 brands I have never
been disappointed in them.


Taneia F.-Influenster
Taylor, MI
3 reviews
March 26, 2019, 5:26 p.m.
Wild growth is better than any other hair product I have used to grow my hair itís a little expensive but itís tota worth it. Itís very effective works just like it
says it does.
Coming from someone who use to use hairfinity and hairskin and nail pills . Wild growth came out on top


5.0 out of 5 stars Best hair product ever purchased!!!
March 21, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
Love this product!!!


Courtney P.-Influenster
Brooklyn, NY
5 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
March 17, 2019, 7:29 a.m.
My hair felt healthy and grew pretty fast . Alternatives have been know to take longer
5.0 out of 5 stars Best hair growing product so far....
February 24, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. Oz
This product is the truth. It works 100 percent for me. I have been using this product for 4 months now and followed the directions.  It has shown me great
For others that did not see results, sorry. But I definitely saw great results. It works for me that is...


BrŪgh W.
Chicago, IL
43 reviews Influebster WG Light Oil Moisturizer
February 5th 2019, 9:14 am
The best thing ever made!!!   I love it. I use this product everyday. It has a applicator tip which is great
because it gets on my scalp evenly and efficiently.
It has a bunch of oils In one which I great for your hair
growth. Wild growth is a very light oil so itís not so heavy on the hair and it can be used on eyelashes and
eyebrows without looking heavy saturated.



5.0 out of 5 starsLots of love for this product
January 30, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
I love love love this oil one of the best oils I use on my hair still to this day ,and I buy it went ever I run out.


Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Best stuff ever
January 24, 2019
Size: 8 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
I actually noticed my hair getting longer the more I use this. I definitely need to order some more!


on A.
5.0 out of 5 stars Better than any product out there including Rogaine
January 20, 2019
Size: 8 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
It works



14 reviews
Jan. 3, 2019, 11:55 a.m.
BEST HAIR OIL HANDS DOWN. I LOVE THIS STUFF AND IT HELPS THICKEN YOUR HAIR. Would definitely recommend. And the bottle lasts a long time

stars Really works...
January 3, 2019
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase Verified Purchase  Wild Growth Hair Oil at
This stuff is the absolute best


KaayDub W. Influenster
Rancho Cordova, CA
74 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 28, 2018, 2:46 p.m.
Purchased at: Amazon
If I could I'd rate this 10/5 stars I would. This product has worked wonders in my life. 3 times a week and you'll see results in a month. My hair was short brittle, curls falling out, extremely damaged and now I have an afro and it's flourishing constantly. I recommend this to anyone, and everyone who compliments my hair


yajayra S. Influenster
60 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 26, 2018, 7:31 p.m.
Purchased at: Walmart
This product is so bomb I love it ! It makes me hair grow like crazy ! I buy these bottle after bottle

Melissa Garcia
5.0 out of 5 stars Love this....
December 27, 2018
Size: 4 Oz (2 Pack)Verified Purchase Verified Purchase  Wild Growth Hair Oil at
I have issues with my edges. I used to do my hair very tight (twisties) and due to that I was puking (pulling) my own hair out. My dermatologist gave me a prescription that cost over $200. I found this as an alternative. I rub a drip or two on my temples and massage....I do it every night before I go to sleep. It does not smell good but it surely works!! Proof my hair growing back!!


Lora J.- Influenster
West Columbia, SC
22 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 24, 2018, 8:53 p.m.
Purchased at: Walmart
This oil is amazing. It helped my hair grow faster then other oils. He helped keep my hair moisturized and smells amazing.!


Bre'yana S.-Influenster
Houston, TX
189 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
Dec. 20, 2018, 6:47 p.m.
I love this lil! This oil may smell like trees, but it really grew my out. I put peppermint oil in it to mask the scent and to help with itching. It like this better than
Miracle Drops, which is $16
and I didnít even see results. My hair is longer and healthier with this oil than any other oil  that claims to grow your hair.  I am a
repeat costumer of Wild Growth Hair Oil!


Kecia LHendrix
5.0 out of 5 stars Best at shedding because of meg(d)ication
December 20, 2018
Size: 4 Oz (2 Pack)Verified Purchase Verified Purchase  Wild Growth Hair Oil at
My deepest apology for my last review two days ago. I changed my review because my hair ALWAYS (sheds)a lot, BUT today I went to the salon and I HAD NO
at all.




valarie G.-Influenster
20 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 18, 2018, 9:57 p.m.
What can I say !!! This oil works wonders for my hair!!! Simply amazing!! I teach for it daily and it also grows my hair like crazy!!! Love love love it!!! One of my favorite hair oils that I use everyday.. very affordable and it doesnít take much


Rebeka M. -Influenster
Silao ,Guanajuato.
222 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
Dec. 17, 2018, 10:14 p.m.
Es de mis favoritos, y me fascina ya que realmente cumple con su funciůn : hace crecer tu cabello y lo fortalece , mejora el grosor del cabello y queda suave
gracias a sus aceites y vitaminas.

'It is one of my favorites, and it fascinates me since it really fulfills its function: it grows your hair and strengthens it, improves the thickness of the hair and is soft Thanks to its oils and vitamins.'


Katara J.-Influenster
blue island
30 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 17, 2018, 4:35 a.m.
Purchased at: Walgreens
This is the best stuff ever itís has my hair growing beautifully and leaves my hair and scalp moisturized


Jaqueline G.-Influenster
14 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 16, 2018, 7:04 p.m.
GIRLS, if you guys want to grow your hair this is the one, itís affordable, easy to use, effective itís a gold in a bottle, itís a good alternative for castor oil
I would buy again and again



Corinthia C.-Influenster
Fayetteville, NC
92 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 10, 2018, 12:02 p.m.
Again the absolute go to for oil!!! I tried everything to get my hair to grow and this actually worked!!!! Love love loove this oil!!!!


Jerita W.-Influenster
55 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 5, 2018, 10:33 p.m.
Purchased at: Walmart
Iíve been using this hair oil for years, itís the best. Itís easy to apply to the scalp without getting your hands oily. It doesnít have a pleasant smell but it helps your
hair grow
& keep your scalp oiled. Depending on the condition of your scalp, I would recommend applying this product twice a week. Iím very satisfied with
this product.


Alejandra R.-Influenster
Bermuda Dunes, CA
158 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
Dec. 4, 2018, 6:36 a.m.
Purchased at: ULTA
I love this so much and I think everyone should use this in their hair care routine. Itís amazing to what it does to your hair. It restores shine, protects and it also
helps with growth.
So much in one bottle!


UnforgettableBreeze B.-Influenster
59 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 2, 2018, 5:28 p.m.
This is a very good hair product . Very healthy for dry hair. Keeps it soft and shinny I use this everyday after a shower itís cheap and easy to buy canít get
coupons on it would always buy it itís the best


Kima Jackson Skinner recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
October 27 at 9:06 AM ∑ Facebook
this is way better than dog main and all that


Victoria Phillips reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
October 24 at 4:44 AM ∑ 2018
Love it we sell it in the beauty supply store it's a top seller. Plus I have use it on my kid hair I love the results.


Jazel Marie recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
October 24 at 7:25 AM ∑ Facebook 2018
it works! my whole family and I use it  it's the best!!


Patricia Ann Kennedy-mosely recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook 10/18/18
wild growth is the best hair product ever I recommend it to every sister and their daughters to wild growth hair product take the wild growth oil mix it with the wild growth shampoo with your shampoo and rub it all through your hair but not massaging your scalp okay do that two or three times but don't use so much of the wild Growth Oil and then use the wild growth conditioner and then rinse your hair and commit to your desire style enjoy hugs and kisses one love peace



5.0 out of 5 starsThe Best Ever Hair Oil!!!!
October 22, 2018
Size: 4oz Verified Purchase  Wild Growth Hair Oil at
I used to use Wild Growth back in the early 2000s and man did my hair grow; it grew  so long that I had to get used to all of the hair that grew; the only thing that stopped me from using it was the odor. My husband could not stand the odor and complained so much that I stopped using it. Before stopping I really tried to mix it some other products (scented oils) to cover up the odor but it didn't work. I even called and wrote to the manufacturer about the odor. For me this is the best oil that I've ever used and saw results because it coats the hair and really, really reduces breakage. I was using it on my hair and scalp. To this day, there is nothing like it that I've come across.



ByAmazon Customeron September 15, 2018
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
This product is the best ive ever tried. I have used so many things to grow my edges and this is the only product that really WORKS! I rub it on my edges every night before bed! its been 7 weeks today and this is what this oil has done for me!!!!!

Before   After

Diane Bayard recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
September 9 ∑ 2018
it's the truth  it is the best thing you can do is to get the results you are looking for  and more


It Works!
ByNina Simonon July 24, 2018
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
Have used it with great results and came back to get more. Wanted to spread the word- this oil works  better than most things including vitamins...Iím happy it is still available and affordable.



Love this product.
ByFrancine M.on July 22, 2018
Size: 4 Oz (2 Pack)Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
Excellent product. Works really good. Will definitely buy again


Perfect match
ByEuniceon June 29, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid OuncesVerified Purchase Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
I use the product for my hair. For my type of hair, the light oil is what I need and it moisturizes great. It keeps my hair moist longer than other products I have used.


Denazia P.
June 21, 2018, 10:59 p.m. 2018
BEST OIL EVER!  It has really helped to grow my hair. The smell isnít that great but for the benefits Iíll deal with it. It is inexpensive and sold at the local beauty supply


Taquirah T.
New York
July 10, 2018, 4:55 a.m. 2018
This is the best oil Iíve ever used my mom still uses this hair oil on me and my little sisters.




Alexia Holmes- Facebook
July 5 at 9:36 AM ∑ 2018
So happy with my  hair growth I cut it in February now itís July  itís growing great and I love it also thanks to Wild Growth Hair Care itís the best!!



??Ž D.
July 2, 2018, 8:24 p.m. 2018
I like this because it has made my hair grow strong, thicker and healthy!!! I thought that nothing could bring me those results until I found this!



Sydney G.
Cntry Clb Hls, IL
July 1, 2018, 11:40 a.m. 2018
The best!! I love this stuff! I followed the directions on the bottle and saw results within a couple of weeks. It doesnít have the best smell, but it doesnít smell bad. Iím on my second bottle and my hair has grown about 6 inches B.Wilson
June 30, 2018, 6:35 a.m. 2018
Love it ???? my favorite hair oil if you havenít got this go try it .....Wild Growthģ Hair Oil with my hair it helps


Francella H.
San Antonio , TX
June 16, 2018, 7:32 p.m.
Ok let me tell u sometime I work and a beauty supply and this right here is our best seller hair oil Iím personally trying because everybody was telling about this product I tried for a mom and my hair grow almost 2 inch so hopefully u can trying but remember everybody diferent


Krys-Ann M.
Stone Mtn, GA
June 16, 2018, 4:53 a.m.
I first found out about Wild Growth through a Facebook post. Iíve been using it for a little over a year now and Iím still very pleased with my results. This product is the best hair growth product Iíve used and actually keeps my hair healthy.


Cynthia Muhorakeye reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care óFacebook
June 14 at 11:09am ∑ 2018
This is by far the best oil I've ever used!!  Great  growth  in a short period of time and no itchiness.

Brandi E.
Rosston, AR
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
May 29, 2018, 10:16 p.m.
Love this I use it in my shampoo and conditioner it's the best my hair growth has improved I was my hair every 3 days  .  I recommend this product to everyone one


Allison B.
Winter Park, FL
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
May 22, 2018, 5:36 p.m.
Iím thinking value from Wesco and is it made   my hair girl (grow)  in the month that Iíve started using it


Jasmine P.
Birmingham , AL
May 21, 2018, 5:10 p.m. influenster
This is one of my favorite hair products. It has really  made my hair grow. I really like this product and I hate to run out of it. It is one of my holy grail products.


Crystal S.
Richmond, VA--- Influenster
May 18, 2018, 5:53 p.m.
Wild Growth Hair Oil is an excellent product choice that yields results. Whether used for daily hair care or as a hot oil treatment, this product promotes the growth of healthy hair.

Dominique S.
Clearwater, FL
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
May 5, 2018, 8:36 a.m.
Excellent product!!  I used this after the crown area of my hair became thin  from  weave. I used this 3 times a week on my scalp and my hair has thickened back up. I have even tried this on my  4 year old who has thin edges, within a month her edges are no longer thin. The smell can be a little strong for some but it doesnít bother me. I just bought another bottle and will continue to buy.

Amiya L.
Woodstock, GA
Influenster Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
May 2, 2018, 10:04 p.m.

Best oil ever! Use it for the whole family, down to our 8month old. It has helped my guys and their different hair needs. A staple in our home

#1 Hair Growth oil
ByKenya Ellisonon April 29, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
I've always known this oil to be #1  for hair growth. Better than biotin and other vitamins.



Catherine M.
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
April 27, 2018, 11:03 a.m.
Best oil if you want to   grow your hair  out . I only use this every few weeks The smell is almost like Dr.Miracle oil .


shatona s.
Ruston, LA
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
April 25, 2018, 4:05 p.m.
This is my favorite hair oil! I love everything about it. It makes my hair soft and actually works  on my scalp. I don't have to reapply a second time nor does it make my scalp feel dry. It is a little thicker in
consistency, but that's a huge plus. I personally enjoy the smell of this as well. This was one of the oils I first started using  when I went natural and I definitely need to go back to this product. It's a little pricey, but worth every penny.


Adisa Monfia Senghor El reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 23 at 1:30am ∑ 2018
These Products are the best  I've used it for maybe 5 mos  my hair had succeeded with extremely growth

Lovee Ashley reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 15 at 4:10am ∑ 2018
I loved it I used it on me an my son it is the best  hair growth oil I recommend this to anyone  growing they hair


Apply liberaly
By Alex Tayloron April 14, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
Makes my hair so soft and manageable. The perfect oil for me will buy again



Nicole Lattimore reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 12 at 12:42pm ∑ 2018
I use the white bottle it has helped my hair grow so thick  for the past year I've used it. Ive always had problems finding something to keep my hair oil but when I found this I was so happy and fell in love with it. Thank you for making this product. I'm all natural.


Best oil ever!!!!
ByMommieeon April 9, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase  Wild Growth Hair Oil
Love this stuff! Seriously !

Ronique T. Lewis reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 7 at 10:39am ∑ 2018
This is literally the best oil I've ever used on my hair. Had I known about it years ago, I would've been purchased. Thank so much & keep it up!

Ju Ju Beans reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 3 ∑ 2018


The best hair growth oil
ByLafyneon March 18, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
Smells awful but works amazingly:)



By Sharon Starks House of Beauty World Review
Storm Lake, IA
March 16, 2018
Best product I have ever used

Hi I saw the ad for Wild Growth hair oil on line, this lady had shown before and after pictures of her edges,
and said how she used it and it really made her hair grow back. Will I said yeah right, there no way this
product could do this, but hey I'm going to buy it and see. Will I'll be darn
, this is the Best, I wish I had saved
the before pictures I took, so I too could have been in the ad. This product do WORK. In fact I going to to
order more, I have run out because not only have I used it on my hair I have given it out to my sister and
, so now I'm out. This is a GREAT product and I can say it DOES WORK. Thank you for coming up
with Wild Growth. And If you need me to do a commercial I will because I believe in this.
Thanks again I'm
in Love with Wild Growth
. Sharon Starks - Storm Lake IA
If you don't use it it's your lost.



Try This Out for Thick and Healthy Hair
ByAmazon Customeron March 9, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces Wild Growth Hair Oil
If you are in the market for a hair growth formula that worksyou should look no further than Wild Growth Hair Oil. There's simply no other product on the market that does the job the way this one does it. This hair growth formula is made from at least two types of natural oils, oils from coconuts, and olives. It also has jojoba, cocoa butter, rosehip, and plenty of other key ingredients that make this product perform better than other hair growth formulas on the market today. I especially recommend this product since it contains lavender, which is proven in help with hair growth. If you desire thicker and healthier hairWild Growth Hair Oil is worth a try!

ByKENT RHODESon February 26, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
Best Hair growth oil EVER!


We did not have good products locally for her hair type
ByLucason February 26, 2018
Size: 4 Oz (2 Pack)|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
Been helping my Namibian girls hair. We did not have good products locally for her hair type. She loves this.


Lily Browne reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
February 9 at 4:14am ∑ 2018
It really works guys finally found  the product for me


Satierhia Washington reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
February 5 at 7:22am ∑
I swear I love wild growth the best oil Iíve used


Satierhia Washington reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care óFacebook
2 hrs ∑ 2/5/18
I swear I love wild growth the best oil Iíve used


ByMichelle Lewison February 3, 2018
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Oz (2 Pack)
Best product ever


ByShebah Bahaiddinon February 2, 2018
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces
This stuff along with Jamaican Black Castor Oil is all I use. My hair grows  wild and long


Already see   a difference in my hair ...
ByPdaniel28on February 2, 2018
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces
Excellent product.  Already see  a difference in my hair as well as my childrens' hairs. Fast results if used every 3 days.


Excellent hair growth aid!
ByFelicia Mooreon February 2, 2018
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid
Good deal! Excellent hair growth aid. Has a piney smell, but well worth it. Produces great results  in only a few short months.

Elsie May Dickerson reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
Yesterday at 4:32am ∑ 01/24/18
Yes, this do work.. But you got to keep using it, just like anything else on your hair, if you wants to see progress. Now, I started using the two products, about 6 months ago.. But then I stopped.. Then went back
to another hair products, that then from there, I realized that the Wild Growth hair care products, were more effective..
So yesterday, on 01/23/18,I decided that I am going to give it another try!!!



Mary Ann reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care óFacebook
January 23 at 10:34pm ∑ 2018
I love love this oil so much I been using it for a year now and yes yes yes it does what it say it do.thid product is true to its words best product for growing your hair back or just having healthy hair


weetnessTee N Tubby Sumler reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care óFacebook
Yesterday at 4:06am ∑ 1/21/18
Best Oil Ever ! For Natural and Relaxed Hair!


Nigiah Thompson reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
Yesterday at 5:28am ∑ 1/21/18
I started both bottles about 2 weeks ago and my hair feels soft and my curls are finally back. Iíve cut my hair really really short the beginning of last year and the products that I was using never grew It back the
way I wanted. My hair is now past my shoulders and my edges  are growing  back quickly. Best product ever!!


Rena Purifory reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
January 16 at 8:38am ∑ 2018
The best thing I have ever tried I purchased two bottles and my hair has grown  very fast less than a week mind you I
did a big chop
in September 2016! Definitely will be purchasing two more bottles!


Shariff Braxton reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care óFacebook
January 15 at 3:42am ∑ 2018
Been using it for a week and already see instant results in 2 days of use, I use to use Dr miracles which works and is black owned but wild growth oil  works faster and makes your hair soft as bubbles


Kandee Sweets reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó 5 star
January 14 at 4:33am ∑ 2018
Its a product I recommend to all of my hair clients for greatness I used this daily as instructed I must say this one of my favís   wildgrow oil is like hair crack lol p.s itís even safe to use on babies

Keisha Randall reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
January 13 at 6:25am ∑ 2018
This product is the best on the shelf!!!!!! I liv it


Ana-Alicia Bennett reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care óFacebook
January 13 at 4:37am ∑2018
I started using this product in June 2017 after committing to going natural. It is the best oil to help seal moisture in my hair.  I love the results


ByAmazon Customeron January 10, 2018
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase



Shakema Laurine reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
January 4 at 9:34am ∑ 2018
This is simply the best!  I remember as a child my mother always used this on Me and my sister hair. Our hair was long  thick, then as I began a teenager you start doing your own hair it begins to break off, if not
properly treated. I then cut my hair now I'm min my thirties. I'm reviewing out let's just say I'm now getting them inches

LizzThe Grate reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
January 3 at 9:25pm ∑ 2018
ve been using this product for about a week An a half an I already see dramatic changes in my spotting hair area Iíve been trying to get to  grow  back  for years  due to bith control  this is a A + product an I will
be using this for now on


∑ December 28, 2017 Facebook
Iíve been using Wild Growth for 8 months. I took a before video and Iíve found this product to be exceptional in its ability to grow my hair  back from damaged. I use it about once a week on my Natural Hair style. No more heat on my hair since the Summer and the Big Chop in September. Iím posting the results in May


By Amazon Customer on December 2, 2017
Wild Growth Hair Oil  Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
I like this product
I have tried other hair growth products this one is the best



Best stuff  ever to make your hair grow or get ...
ByAmazon Customer on July 19, 2017
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
Best stuff ever to make your hair grow or get thicker... in just two months my hair is longer and looks and feels  so much healthier! Just add a few drops to your bottle of shampoo!


Wild Growth Consumer Survey 06/29/17 Respondent # 1564
Yes thank you my hair is very long and growing off the green and white bottle alone

Wild Growth Consumer Survey 06/29/17 Respondent # 1562
I love it and would buy more but I have to order offline because there is none in my area no stores sell it

Wild Growth Consumer Survey 06/29/17 Respondent # 1553
I love wild growth hair oils!!!

Wild Growth Consumer Survey 06/29/17 Respondent # 1546
Great product that will make your hair grow

Wild Growth Consumer Survey 06/29/17 Respondent # 1532
its the best .. i tell all my friends. Because it works ..


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ByAmazon Customeron May 8, 2017
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
The wild growth hair oil came highly recommended by several professional hairstylist. I was completely amazed and really satisfied with this product because of the easy instructions and results.  I strongly believe if you're experiencing any type of hair loss this product would be on the top of the list to try. I will continue to endorse Wild Growth Hair Oil because of my great experience.


Amazing results
ByEddieon April 30, 2017
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
Best purchase I could have ever made.... the smell isn't bad like people say it is.... definitely bought 3 more bottles. I
grew Over 2 inches of new  growth  in 30 days


You should buy this
Byterry pateon April 8, 2017
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces (2 Pack)|Verified Purchase
Best product for growing your hair and stopping breakage


Not bad!
ByKemeton April 14, 2017
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
Not bad. I ordered this for my African-American  husband who was looking for something to help thicken his beard. I have to say this truly seem to get the job done. He has tried many other  products  but this
one seem to work best.
He apply the oil twice a day every day. He really likes the product. This is our second order, plan to order again when necessary. He(we) recommend this product :-)



ByKellieon April 4, 2017

Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Amazon

Best hair regrowth serum out there.



ByStacy Aon March 8, 2017

Wid Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Amazon

Holy grail for hair! Grow, grow, grow.




ByQueenieon March 21, 2017

Wild Growth Hair Oil  Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Amazon

This product is very good.. I'm loving the results, it makes my hair thicker and fuller. I see results in less than a

month😊 love it. I only use the white bottle, but I'm thinking of using both at the same time now. Awesome and

thank u..



Not like any other product i ever used

ByTajaa Fairon February 10, 2017

Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Amazon

This stuff definitely works. Has a strong smell, but totally worth it if you want your hair to grow. Not like any

other product i ever used. Even though it makes the scalp really itchy, it truly grows hair very fast and noticeably


Best Product Ever!!

ByTanHamon February 5, 2017

Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Amazon

Best product ever!!!   After 2 weeks and the results are amazing!!!




Jasmine Johnson‎ -FaceBook

May 28 at 3:05pm ∑ 2016


Best product I have used since I've been nature . I use it with another product and it leaves my hair soft and

 smelling good. Only thing is I think I use to much cause it always slides down my neck and face . But so far I

 love this and recommend this to anyone ! And my hair has  grown/fuller


May 24 2016 at 7:11pm ∑

Roe Blanco-Facebook
Wild Growth Hair Care is the best thing to use

(healthy hair)



Rida Fredrick‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care

May 22 at 6:35pm ∑ 2016

I had dreads for 8 years and decided to cut them... So now debating if i want to start them over again and I used

 this product when I had my dreads and they grew very fast. I love this product and I recommend this to all of

 my hair clients!



Best oil ever !!!
By Mahlani on January 30, 2016
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Size: 4 Fluid Ounces
First off, allow me to say if you are using a product and rinsing it out the day after or morning after then nothing will ever "work"!If you aren't oiling your scalp thoroughly then no it's not going to work.Oil goes directly on scalp and ends while conditioner goes on the hair.If you want results in a week then do the inversion method or something but to rely solely on a product without taking an approach to actually managing your hair along with using it makes little to no sense!This product grew my hair best in protective styles.I'd gained length retention and healthier hair using this.I
would wear my hair in mini twists,massage my scalp with this is oil and slide my finger down the twists,slept every night with a plastic cap and a bonnet(both) hair grew  extremely  fast! Then with a spray bottle of fill halfway water halfway a watery conditioner to spray my hair everyday.After two weeks,I'd take it out...deep condition,style for maybe two days then back in twisties I go!The product does not smell ,it just has a distinctive smell and if you're not used to using oils or organic products then it's going to smell odd ,Not STINK. African American hair is meant to be oily and you'll fail oil retention by locking in natural oils longer in your hair.If you don't know how to use a product
how could you rate it?





December 21, 2015

Andrea Johnson-Facebook

Andrea Johnson This how my daughter hair is. From using baby don't be bald . and now im using wild

 growth on her and her hair is to thick to manage. I have to keep it in a lot of pony tails to manage it.

 ∑ December 21, 2015 at 9:49pm





November 9, 2015


5.0 out of 5 stars

The BEST stuff for hair growth!!!

ByTenika Cardon November 9, 2015

I read so many reviews of people raving about this product so I oroginally purchased this from Sally's

 Beauty and have been using it maybe a month and the results are PHENOMENAL!!!  It has grown my

 hair so thick and SO fast I love this stuff so much! I use both the white and yellow bottle together

 which really helps...a lot of people complain about the smell, it doesn't smell like peaches and roses

 BUT I've become used to it, it's not as bad as they make it. Please give it a try, you WONT regret it!




October 30, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars
like what I see so
ByCynthia F Gonzalezon October 30, 2015  WG Hair Oil and WG Light Oil Moisturizer

This product seems to be working...only after a few weeks already see growth on my edges and I have used many products to regrow my edges and never saw results hopefully this one will grow them completely back...time will what I see so far


October 11, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars
Working wonders for my almost none existant edges!
ByTracey Jayon October 11, 2015

I am African with re laxed hair. My edges are weak and were almost nine existant due to years of weaving and braiding continuously. I know longer braid my hair in an effort to regrow my edges. I have tried products like Jamaican black castor oil, ors fertilizing temple balm, t44z, black seed oil.... None of them helped to regrow my edges.
I started using wild growth oil(white bottle) 5 weeks ago and the wild growth oil light moisturizer(yellow bottle) 3 weeks ago). After a week my edges started to fill in. I was so impressed with the products. Now in week 5 I feel like the growth is not as much as in week 1 but it is still growing. I also relaxed my hair one week in and I now have about an inch of growth in the rest of my head. I know my edges will take a while. I use the oil in white bottle every other day on my scalp and massage my scalp for 5 minutes every night even on the nights I do not apply the oil. The oil moisturizer in yellow bottle I use in my hair every other day to seal my moisturizer. I also use a few drops of it with my shampoo on wash day. I mix both oils for my prepoo as well.
On another note my husband has been developing a a bold (bald) spot on the top front part of his head  over the last few years. He used the oil in white bottle and started seeing results after ten days.
I highly recommend these oils. However I think it's important to actually massage the scalp for 2-5 minutes to increase blood flow which encourages hair growth. Also it should not be used more than 3 times a week.





The Best Hair Oil Out Today

Date:September 11, 2015


Pros: grows hair fast.

Cons: the smell is not pleasant but can be fixed.

" I have used this oil before in the past like in 2014, which was the very first time I've used this oil. I was going natural and wanting to grow my hair

 out fast. After looking at YouTube ladies reviewing this oil, I definitely was trying this oil. After trying it, it was the best decision I had ever made.

 My hair's length was to the scalp in Sept. of 2014, by the end of Dec 2014, my hair had already grown out to 2-3 inches, no lie. I am still using this

 stuff because I am never going without it. My hair is shoulder length now and still growing. I am a smoker and trying to quit, this oil is still growing

 my hair out  fast. I know when I completely stop smoking, my hair will be growing even faster. People, this oil is no joke. It works on growing your

 hair. My recommendation about this oil is to use it lightly. A little bit can go a long way. There's (no) need to oil your hair every day, only if you 

have dry  hair. I use this stuff on my hair probably like twice a week, one time a day. Everybody is different, so using this oil is really up the

person  who is  using the oil and their hair routine.You can also mix this oil with other oils too. I have this oil in my water and in my conditioner and

in my shampoo.

To me and my personal opinion, this oil is super great and has helped my hair grow fast. I even gave a friend of mine a free bottle of this oil. She

 doesn't have to tell me jack because I know it is working on her head and her kid's heads. I love this oil and would recommend this oil to anyone

 whose balding even men can use it too, and to anyone who just wants long hair, period. It works. Also people, this oil is cheaper at Sally Beauty, I

 swear. I use to buy this oil from Amazon, but everyone is charging an arm and a leg. I stick with Sally Beauty because I have a saving account or

 their value card to use on the discount items online. Sally Beauty sells this stuff cheaper than any other place. I have brought 4 bottle from them

 and planning on buying some more from SB. This oil will last more than a month, if you use it right, meaning don't use so much of it at one time.

Use after washes and mix with your conditioners. This oil well I know for a fact it works very well on my hair. This oil works for real. SB sells it

 cheaper online from their site. Real natural hair oil and at a great price at Sally Beauty. "






5.0 out of 5 stars

Edges beware

ByRABBITon August 30, 2015

The best hair product for your edges





Hello. My name is NeVonn. I've been using your products since mid April 2015 as I had discovered I had some

 bad alopecia. I had a huge bald spot on the top of my head. After cutting all of my hair off and using your

products I am able to now wear my natural hair without any real trace of the bald spots. I've included a picture

 from may to June of 2015 just to show some of how amazing your product has been. I won't use  anything else!

 The smell is worth the results! Thank you thank you!


Before and After




Sasha Simmonds-FaceBook. I've been using wild growth since I was 19 or 20 and I'm now 38 y/o. It's

 the only  moisturizer that I use.   I swear by this product  it's extremely concentrated so the 4oz bottle

 lasts me approx 3 months and the cost has only gone up $1 since I've 1st started using it. My hair

 has grown  to my bra strap. Loyal customer for life.




5.0 out of 5 stars

It is a must have

ByXyria Chanon August 16, 2015 Wild Growth Complete Hair Care/Growth System

I wash my hair once a week now. It was always hard finding a product to give my hair enough sheen

 and oil. I would have to mix and match several  things  still with not satisfaction. Such as grease I

 feel  is too heavy. Using this product brings a nice shine and just the right amout of oil to my hair to

 keep  it looking hydrated. It does prolong a relaxer as well. I get excited to use this Wild Growth Care.




Akilah Adams-FaceBook

Best oil ever!! Smells like Tea Tree Oil. Didn't break me out or flake up my scalp  or my daughter (now 5)  I've

been using it on her hair for 2 yrs. I actually grew my hair back from my hair loss due to alopecia in a 4 x 3 inch

area of my hair.





Marie Loving Keith Butler-FaceBook

 This oil is amazing it works for me better then the jbco. Any hair store hair plus. Sallys. Carolyn Sugarbear Jones
July 24 at 12:45am

May 25, 2015


Softens 4C Hair & No Breakage
Bybeautyriseon May 25, 2015

I used Blue Magic Castor Oil Grease and my hair started coming out in the comb a few days later. It was hard and crunchy. I bought Wild Growth Oil from Sally's and it's greasy, but my hair is soft and stopped breaking. It's very soft. I have 4C probably 4Z hair. Castor oil and coconut oil by themselves make my hair very hard.

Update Aug. 15, 2015 - I have been buying all sorts of things for my hair because I get impatient. I have found a lot of progress pics of Wild Growth Oil users and here is one from Facebook. I hate to see folks give this product a low rating because they used it 2 weeks, didn't like the smell and were slathering a bunch of other things on their hair. Stick with it for 90 days without using anything else and see what happens.



May 11, 2015


"When I say that this hair oil I the BEST.!! On the nape of my hair I had bald spots on both sides. It would drive me crazy and I was kinda embarrassed about it but then I found yall.!  Its only been two weeks and they are already almost covered. If it ain't Wild Growth Hair Oil then I dnt want it. LOVE IT.!"- LeRai Purdy (post to wild growth facebook page)


April 10, 2015

Five Stars


hair growth

 product ever!



March 24, 2015

Wild Growth Surveyee #1,343
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 9:01:36 AM
User profile:
Densely coiled-fine (ex.: African, African mix)
Used Wild Growth Hair Oil Only
Strong improvements in thickness and length. Mild improvement in texture.

I absolutely loveeee it ive never had anything help my hair grow  so fast my only complaints is i want a bigger bottle i love itttt



March 20, 2015
Byisabella March 20, 2015

by far the best purchase I have ever made! :)


March 15, 2015

Linda Northern- Mayer-Facebook

 I love Wild Hair growth! There is no  other

like it... I just started using it in Feb my edges have already begun to grow back.


March 4, 2015

A form has been submitted on March 4, 2015 to, via: /inquiries-feedback
First Name: LaToya
Last Name: G.

Comment(s): The wild growth oil is a staple product  I'm currently using as a naturalist. It is a great product and I will continue to be a customer and refer others

Charlene Bivins-FaceBook

 Yall late WILD GROW ive been introduced and using it since 2007 and it is an excellent moisturizer for permed or colored hair yes it does have a smell but it all natural herbs and vitamins it great and oh oil is light so it doesnt weigh hair down .



February 20, 2015

Elaine Eleonse Smoot-white- FaceBook

 My hair was thinning . So I decided to give it a try. The hair started to grow back thicker and it worked faster than some of the hair pills I been using it for almost a month and the results r amazing. Going to buy two more bottles today one for me and the other for my daughter.
 February 20 at 10:05am ∑

February 15, 2015

LaShonda Norman-FaceBook

 My favorite for about 6 years.
 February 15 at 3:48pm


January 10, 2015


Have used product for years. I will keep using it.


January 08, 2015



Santana Young via Wild Growth Hair Care-FaceBook

Yes i love this product i have all my co workers use it.. its the best for

fast growing hair that i know of... been use it in my 8 year-old hair and my own wow i mush say i love it


December 26, 2014


Bri Nikael-Facebook

 Thee  ONLY  product that actually worked! I used it years ago on two inch hair and edges within months I was retaining length and thickness! I kid you not, it doesn't smell great, but its worth it. You need a regimen, patience and a healthy diet



December 24, 2014

Alicia Smithson-Edwards-  FaceBook



This was all my mom ever used in my head..... Did it work. When my daughter chopped off a ponytail I used it in her hair and it grew back.


December 21, 2014

Norma Groves McElroy-Facebook

I know of no other product like wild Growth.


December 06, 2014


(Transcribed from voice box message left at 888 945-3476 on Saturday Dec. 6th 2:21PM)


This product is...Excellent! I just started using it two weeks ago and I have hair in the top---already! I just wanted to complement you and let you know how pleased I am with the product. I'm excited about it!. It is very good and feels good on my head. Because my hair came out with weaves. I don't want to use weaves anymore. I'm trying to grow out the bald spot in the top, around and at the center circle  on my head. And I tell you, I can put rubber bands around my hair now at the top. It is an excellent product. I just wanted to let you know and my name is Johnnae.

Johnnae, Merrillville, IN



July 27, 2014

Still the best product that has been around for years
ByYvette T Youngon July 27, 2014

Wild Growth Hair Care System

I am now on my second bottle (yellow one) I mainly use it at night before bedtime because of the scent, But it is working where my hair was thinning . I plan to order more

June 7, 2014

It works!
BySavy_Buyeron June 7, 2014

Wild Growth Hair Care System

It works. This stuff grows hair
and continues to thicken the COMPLETE BALD SPOT I had before...most products   only claim to do what this one ACTUALLY   DOES!!!


November 4, 2013

Date: November 4, 2013
Cons: smells a little like menthol but add lavender oil
"I have been using Wild Growth Oil for over 6 months. My sister-in-law told me about it over a year ago. I have alopecia and had seen the dermatologist who had given me all types of topical medications to help that one "spot" in the top of my hair. Well, none of that worked & I decided to buy Wild Growth & try it. All, I can say is to try it and give it time. You only need a small amount because its concentrated. I use it two days a week on my scalp & not just in that spot. I have seen a four inch growth spurt in my hair in six months. I also take a multi-vitamin that helps with it too. I would tell anyone who is having breakage or has hair that won't grow, try Wild Growth for at least 90 days.






MAY 22, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars THIS S***T WORKS!!!!, May 21, 2013
Havoc happy -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)


MAY 14, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Great!, May 14, 2013


Shannon Joe Richards -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I'm using this with NiSim F.A.S.T shampoo and conditioner, because The shampoo and conditioner dry out the hair, using this has helped out a lot, I've been using this, taking Biotin and the shampoo and conditioner as directed for the past five days and I swear I can already see my hair growth, just a little but still amazing how fast it is working! The smell isn't very strong in my opinion, so it doesn't bother me at all. When I put this on it makes a tingling feeling on my head which feels really nice, like its stimulating my roots, I will be doing updates on my hair growth with the products I'm using every two weeks on Youtube, so if you'd like to watch the growth process of my hair my Youtube is starsacrossthemoon, my update will be in a week to tell about my hair condition and length.

March 14, 2013


5.0 out of 5 stars The best thing Ive ever tried!, March 14, 2013

Katya -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

Ladies, I am fair haired, use this every 3 days , massage it in the roots for the night. My hair grew so long over 6 months of usage..


5.0 out of 5 stars best product ever!!, March 2, 2013
Elaine -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I've had the worst time getting my hair to grow - mainly it being damaged from years of coloring/dying my hair and using the hair dryer and straightener on it. I've had this product almost 2 weeks and I've already started to see a HUGE difference in my hair. it's growing, it's gotten so much thicker, more manageable, it even looks healthier.
I've noticed a lot of people who are writing reviews about this product keep complaining about the smell - it isn't THAT bad. in fact - i barely even noticed it. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants their hair to grow. I received this in the mail much sooner than I had expected and I will definitely be purchasing this product in the future.

February 24, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite hair oil prodcut, February 24, 2013
Amazon Customer -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

The product came timely. My scalp stays moisturized and it truly does facilitate hair growth. I can't quantify with measurements, but I have been using it for hair that broke off, and within a month I am seeing the type of hair growth that I wanted.


June 18, 2012

Evangelist Pam G. posted on Wild Growth Hair Care's Wall (Facebook)
"My daughter and I bought some of this last Sat. Here's came from a Sally Beaty Supply Store in NC, while I found mine in a beauty supply store in AL. She needed something to help her go without getting a relaxer. She likes the product a lot because it softened and straightened her hair. No problems! My hair is relaxer-free.
I used it after shampooing and conditioning my hair with good results; soft and manageable. I add some to my scalp the next day and began itching although I diluted with another oil. Adding it to my leave-in condition works for me. ...... "

Evangelist Pam wrote: "I noticed how the oil detangled my hair making it extremely easy to two-strand twist my hair. "

March 08, 2012

subject: i want this product for life!!!!!!!!!

dear wildgrowth, i'm from goldsboro,nc. i should have a normal mother ever told me about your product back in the bronx. i did have very strong long hair, thereafter, i have perms and these crazy tail greases strips away my scalp. i'd been to joan's beauty store in my old neighborhood and years down the line they become thinner and thinner as if they're ready to break into twos or thousands!!!! even i tried doo-gro,  lusterx bees wax hair thickner,nothing worked until a decade later i have been cutting my hair because of weak, breakage and departing ends that i look like a sianmese snow monkey. when i have problems with my math subjects, a tutor told me about wild growth. yesssss, a miracle has made to happen. i use the first bottle, 20 drops on my hair and brush throughly and add more on my scalp and it made my natural head sooo soft. now, i believe what the bible said about women with long hair IS a crown of (her) glory. there is plenty to be brogouht on,and i'm despearately to say thanks to you, wildgrowth to put on growth. i won't use any hot combs, perms, no doo-groo-ever in my life. i still brought another bottle at a muslieum beauty shop on my block on slocomb street.

Nicole, Goldsboro, NC


July 22, 2011

(from paper survey)

71 year old female. Uses various shampoos. Flat irons and curls her hair. Length of hair grew 61/2 inches, saw thicker hair, improvement in thinning or bald spots, and   noticed that her hair became silky in texture, all in 3 months. Comments: 'My hair was bald around the edges, but after using Wild Growth Hair Oil, it filled in the bald spots and thickened my hair.' Click here for original paper survey response.

Mamie R., Chicago, IL


July 12, 2011

From: M. Lee [mailto:<>]
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 12:09 PM
Subject: Wild Growth Hair Oil

Hi, I would like to say that Wild Growth Hair Oil is the best hair oil on the market.  I live in Tampa, FL and the weather here is very humid at timesÖespecially in the summer.  I have been using WG for 23 years.  I was first introduced to it by a neighbor who has 2 interracial daughters. It was very abundant, at first, then I had to start looking for it at almost every beauty supply store in the Tampa Bay area until I could find it.  Now, it is the mainstay of my hair care regime.  I am transitioning to natural and have not relaxed my hair since February 23, 2011, and with WG I have been able to manage the 2 hair textures just fine.  Wild Growth is so versatile, it can be used on wet hair, dry hair, and everything in between.  When I regularly relaxed my hair, I would use it as a heat protectant while flat ironing or hot curling my hair.  Now I use it when I braid my hair and I will be using it when I fully transition to natural for twist outs and braid outs. 


Thanks Wild Growth for being the best hair oil on the market today!!!!

Please donít ever change the formula, Iím afraid that it would not be the same as the original.



September 2, 2010

(from paper survey)

Thirty one (31) year old female with coarse and dry hair  using Wild Growth Hair Oil. Had used lye products, dye, and weaves before and since using Wild Growth Hair Oil. Uses conditioners as well as shampoos. Has noticed improvement in thickness as well as in thin or bald spots, reduction of hair breakage   improvement in hair texture all in the first week of use. Her comment:

'I love everything about Wild Growth. I have made friends and relatives aware or Wild Growth. They see the results: the thickness and no breakage. I love this product. Read this comment written on original filled out paper survey by clicking       

D.B/Y.B Saint Louis, MO


February 12, 2009

(from paper survey)

Female, age 41 with fine and dry hair.   Has used perms and dyes before and since using Wild Growth products.  Has not used any other after shampoo products such as oils pomades and creams since using Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer. Had used drier and air dried prior to using Wild Growth products.  Has flat ironed since using Wild Growth products.  Has reported nine inches of growth from using Wild Growth products and has seen improvement in thickness and thin or balding areas in two weeks. Hair breakage had stopped in two days.  Has noticed instant improvement of hair texture.   User comments: My hair is no longer dull and dry texture, is much smoother and shinier.  New growth is softer and easier to comb. People comment more on the healthy look & feel of my hair, since I use perms and blond dye on my naturally black hair. They are surprised that my hair is growingsmooth and shiny. I tell them I owe it all to Wild Growth Oil. 5 inches in 3 mos!!! Click here to see original survey response and comments

G.S., Eufala, Alabama


November 12 , 2008

(from paper survey)

Female, age 75, with coarse and dry hair.  Had been using hair dye for 2 months prior to using Wild Growth. Shampoos and conditions twice a week and has used Mousse hair spray. User comments: I used Wild Growth about 2 years ago. It has been growing ever since. It is 1/2 way down my back. I have to cut it. But I have a spot on top of my head where my hair comes out some times. But Wild Growth makes it come back. Click here for original survey response and comments

O. G., Albertville, AL


November 08, 2008

(from paper survey)

Female, age 44, with fine hair and some oiliness. History of only shampooing and blow drying. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil, has seen one half inch of growth and improvement in thickness in one month, with lasting and progressive results. User comments:

Since I used hair growth (Wild Growth), from the first time I started using it, it gave my hair a very good length of growth; and long lasting hair growth. So that is why I love using hair growth (Wild Growth). Click here for original survey response and comments

A.W., Kankakee, IL


October 13, 2008

(from paper survey)

Female, age 33, with coarse and dry hair  reporting on Wild Growth Hair Oil. Had used perms for many years, dye for 10 years and had used various kinds of shampoos. Besides shampoos and conditioners, had used leave in treatments and hot oil treatments. Had used hair dryers, hot irons, various types of braids and weaves for years, and wigs for 2 years. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil, had discontinued use of dyes and perms, and heat styling devices. Had continued to use various shampoos, and had braid extensions for 6 months. Had experienced 5 inches of increased length, improvement in thickness and thinning/bald spots   as well as improved texture between 2-11 months.  User Comments: 'I will continue to use this product and recommend it to everyone. I won't stop until my hair is in it's natural state and way down my back like the model in your advertisement.


Thank you for giving me back my self confidence. See original written comments in survey by clicking

April 2 , 2008

(from survey)

73 year old female with fine and dry hair. Had used lye products for 5 years prior to using Wild Growth products. No particular brands of shampoos/ conditioners mentioned. No heat, braids or weave styling methods ever used. Reports improvement in hair thickness within one month of use and at least 2 inches  of length with improvement in thinning/bald spots and hair breakage elimination after 2 months or longer. Texture improvement was noticed in a matter of days. User comments: 'This Wild Growth, it really works. My hair has grown. It is the first time ever I found something to work so fast. All I can say is keep making it. My hair has already grown two inches...I never found nothing that works so fast. It really works'

Click here to see original survey

Irene H., Clarksdale, MS


February 29 , 2008

(from paper survey)

23 year old female with coarse and dry hair.  Used relaxer every month before using Wild Growth Hair Oil and once every two months since using Wild Growth Hair Oil. Uses neutralizing shampoos and hair mayonnaise as conditioner and uses Wild Growth and Jam after shampooing. Other styling methods used: wet setting and wavy pony tail weaves.   Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil, has seen 5 inches of length over the course of months and has seen filling in of a bald spot and general thickening in weeks (one month or less).   Has also experienced softer texture of hair in a matter of days and reduced hair breakage after months of use.  User comments: Ever since I started Wild Growth, my bald spot is full of hair. I can't tell where is was!   I have more control over styling my hair,   and I can go as long as two months without a relaxer. Click here to see original survey

Lynnere, Boston MA


Jun 13, 2007

(from paper survey)

26 year old female had used lye products for 1 year, had blow dried and used 'organics' shampoos and conditioners as well as hair grease and softening and straightening gels before using Wild Growth Hair Oil. No products or blow drying mentioned since using Wild Growth Hair Oil.   Has reported improvement of length (3 inches) thickness, reduced hair breakage and improved hair smoothness within 7 days of product use. User comment #1: I only (have) been using Wild Growth for 7 days and I can already see the difference in my hair. I had short hair all my life and now my hair has grown a little past my ears. Years of trying to find something that would move my hair. I can now stop hoping and looking. Thanks Wild Growth. Click here for original written comment above. Comment #2: I had to do my testimonial this way because my pen ran out of ink, and I really wanted you to be able to read what I have to say about the hair oil. I been using wild growth since June 7, 2007, and I can see and feel the difference in my hair growth: thickness, length, and the breakage has almost stopped. I don't have a comb-full of hair when I comb my hair now. I always had short hair and been having trouble with trying to get it to grow for years. Every time it would grow, it would fall back out again and it's been doing that for over 20 years. Now I tried everything from super grow, perms and hair grease and oils and nothing worked. When I saw this oil in a magazine I thought they must be joking: that oil can't help me. But then something told me to give it a try and I did. I got two bottles and guess what? In just that short time, my hair came to life and is now growing and not falling out all over the place. This is truly a God send for people who dream of having longer hair. For now on I will be using nothing but wild growth on my hair.   Good bye perms.
Click here to read original type-written comment # 2   D.E., Crystal Springs, MS



(from paper survey)

47 year old male with fine and dry hair.    Had used gels before but not since using Wild Growth Hair Oil.   Has seen improvement in hair length, thickness and texture, and reduced hair breakage.

User comments:

6 Months, 8 days so far. I love this stuff, My hairs are longer and are more stable with more thickness and less breakage.

J.E, Philadelphia, PA



To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 07, 2007 9:28 AM


Just thought I needed to email you regarding your wonderful product,
and tell you about my experience in using it. I'm from the UK and have
been using your product religiously for 3 years. I have always had shoulder
length hair. However, 3 years ago I decided to go to a hair dresser and
have it relaxed. This hairdresser was well know by friends in the family
so I thought at the time she would know what she was doing. However, to
cut a long story short the hairdresser relaxed my hair and when I went home
my hair kept going curly whenever I washed it. I knew something was wrong
because it was so dry and brittle and nothing I did conditioners etc made
any difference to the state of my hair. I went back to the hairdresser and
she said that maybe the relaxer that she had previously used was not strong
enough for my hair so she would redo it again put another relaxer it.
A week or so later I noticed that my hair had stated to shed whenever I
combed it, when I washed my hair large clumps of my hair would come out
in my hand, every shred of hair on my head cut off right down
to the new growth and was washed down the sink hole. This hairdresser
had over processed my beautiful long hair, I cried so much. I'm not one
to give up so I searched the internet for hair growth tablets, creams potions
and tried them all to no avail. I happened to find your site by accident
and have to say I have never looked back. My hair has grown back longer
than it was before it is now past my shoulders. No-one can believe
how long my hair has grown back after it all cut off, it is longer than all
my friends and families hair. I've not told them my secret even though they
have all asked me what I have done to make my hair grow back so quickly as
well as healthy looking and thick. I am so happy with your product and will
not stop using it. I use it every other day. I have also vowed never to
relax my hair again.
I use the ceramics on it if I want it straight and
it looks so thick and healthy now, I also regularly condition and deep treat
my hair myself. Thank you so much for this product I am loving, loving,
loving it, as long as you continue to sell this product I will continue to
buy it from you. Keep up the good work. Kind regards.
Helen UK



(from paper survey)

22 year old female with coarse and dry hair. Has used the following before and since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ:

Relaxers (once a month), neutralizing shampoo, hair mayonnaise, tea tree cream, wet wrap, track weaves (winter time only). No heat usage or braids before or since using.  Saw improvement in length in 5 weeks, thicker hair in on month, improvement in a thinning/bald spot in 2 weeks, reduced hair breakage in 2 weeks, and improvement of hair texture in 30 days.

User comments:

Wild Growth Oil has helped all my hair care needs From the first time I first started using Wild Growth, I noticed a big change in how my hair felt, looked, and how much it was growing. I love this oil. It has worked wonders on my hair.

L.S., Boston MA


I began using Wild Growth Hair Oil about 10 years ago after I suffered an allergic reaction to weaving hair glue. In a matter of a week or so after removing the weave, I was left with an approximately 2Ē diameter bald spot in the middle of my head. I tried everything to grow my hair back, but nothing worked. Then I saw an ad for Wild Growth in a magazine and I ordered it. After my very first use, I noticed my hair was incredibly  soft and after only a short few months   my hair began to grow back in the balding spot, but more surprisingly, I reached shoulder length hair   for the first time in my life. Over the years, for no particular reason, I discontinued using the oil and tried several other products, but NOTHING made my hair feel as silky.  I continued to experience slight thinning in the spot affected by the glue, which was more prominent after relaxing my hair. Finally in December of 2004, I decided to stop relaxing and go natural to see if this would help the thinning. Before cutting my relaxer out, I did a TON of research and asked several dozen women what they used on natural hair, as I hadnít been natural since I was about 10 years old. Wild Growth Oil came up many times, which I had forgotten about since I hadnít used it in about 3 years.  After I cut all my relaxer out, I was freaked out because my hair was way beyond nappy. I expected it to be kinky, but not nearly as kinky as it was. I was going to put a relaxer in it, but I decided to try Wild Growth before doing this. I put the oil on my slightly damp hair and my naps just melted away. My hair felt so soft and was unbelievable manageable, needless to say, 8 months later I am still relaxer free and my hair has grown like crazy and better than anything, my thin spot is no longer thin and the hair in this spot is just as long as the rest of my hair. The first picture was taken in October 2004 and the next only 4 months laterÖThe growth is amazing and since the Feb picture, I have gained about an inch.   I am sending the release via postal services.

Before              After

E.S. Grand Rapids, MI




(from paper survey)
47 year old female, fine and dry type hair, used relaxer for 25 years applied every 5-6 weeks before using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ and continues to use it every three months after Wild Growth, has used semi permanent dye for 10 years prior to using Wild Growth every 2 weeks and continues to use it every 6-8 weeks, has blow dried and used drier, used leave in conditioners, setting lotion, glasser, and creme or oil for dryness before Wild Growth, and now uses just Wild Growth alone in addition to regular shampoo and conditioner and , when not air drying, uses Wild Growth as an under the drier conditioner after washing.  Noticed improvement of hair length after 2 months, improvement in thickness after 3 months, reduced thinning or balding in 3 months, reduced hair breakage in 3 weeks, and improved hair texture in days. User comments: Before using Wild Growth I was a real skeptic. My hair was very thin, my hair line was thin and receding and I had a bald spot in the top of my head that just would not go away. My hair was always dry and lacked shine and just running my fingers through it would break my hair. I was very frustrated because I had tried every product on the market for the condition of my hair and nothing seemed to work. I don't take any medications and I'm a very healthy eater. So I just could not figure out why nothing was working. I had made up my mind that I was not going to spend any more money on useless products. I settled on the fact that I am getting older and maybe that was the cause. Then I seen the ad for Wild Growth in a magazine. Like I said, I was skeptical at first but I kept going back to that ad. So I ordered a bottle. The results were amazing!! I never liked taking pictures so it never dawned on me to take a before or after picture. I wish I had because now I love my hair. My family can't believe the difference. Thank you Wild Growth for making me feel and look beautiful. I am a customer for life.
E.R. Savannah, GA


Hi, my name is Thaina and I would like to share my testimonial with everyone. Like most of you I was on the Internet looking for something to make my hair grow a NY minute! I came upon Wild Growth Hair Oil and read all of the testimonials over and over. My guts told me to purchase it and I took a chance. I don't regret it a bit. Today makes it one month exactly since I've been using this magic oil potion. A little bit before I used the oil,  I had to cut my hair so short that I felt so embarrassed. I felt like a little boy who just got a hair cut... mine was cut like just a few inches away from my scalp. I had severe scalp problems due to perm, weave, etc. I took care of them then used the oil. I had a huge bald spot on top of my head like an old man getting bald and a bald spot in the back of my head.
    So I couldn't wait until it was okay to grow my hair back. I used the oil exactly how it's directed and watched my hair grow strong and healthy. My bald spot on top of my head is now at least 80% filled in, as far as the back of my head same results.
My hair overall all over my head is growing rapidly like grass on a lawn. Everyday since closing in on the third week  my hair growth really has in
creased. I now have an afro not a medium sized afro but a small afro but not so small but yet not medium. I notice that everyday my hair grows just little bit more than the day before. I also notice that immediately after I apply the oil now, I itch more than ever due to hair growth. But I never had to wonder if my hair was growing thanks to the itching-which I don't mind.  I don't have any split ends believe it or not! and I'm very grateful for this product. I will give another testimonial after a few months have passed. Everyone tells me your hair really  grew  very fast and what am I using. I tell them it's WGHO. Now, I'm not embarrassed by hair anymore. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of before and after I was too ashamed.

3/25/06-Hi, it's me again... Thaina I just wanted to say also how silky, soft, and how my hair is getting thicker constantly. The texture of my hair did change instantly after the first use. As I continued to use it , it seems to me that my hair is getting softer, fuller, longer, silkier (if there is such a word). You can just look at my hair and know that it is very healthy. At first I didn't like the smell of the oil, but now I don't mind it at all. I find that now I need to put a little bit more oil than before. My scalp and hair just drinks the oil and loves it. I've never come across a product like this before! My hair is just growing, growing, growing  like really crazy... I love it!!! A big thank you  to the person who invented this product and to the company. I am forever a customer.
Brooklyn, NY



(from paper survey)
45 year old female. Hair type: fine and some oiliness.  Has used and continues to use relaxers every four months. Has used and continues to use semi-permanent dye once per month. Has and continues to use shampoos, conditioners, blow driers and hair driers every two weeks. Also uses hair cream, hair treatment, and hair spray for sheen in addition to Wild Growth Hair Oilģ after shampooing and conditioning.  User experienced improvement in hair length after 1 month, improvement in thickness after 1 month, improvement of thinning or bald spot in less than a month, improvement in hair texture and less breakage in less than a week. User comments: I could attest to the fact that Wild Growth is to its word. I started using Wild Growth and my receding hair line is diminishing, and also, my hair is looking healthy and thick.
Bronxville, NY


(from paper survey)
21 year old female. Hair: coarse and dry
.   Prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, had used Organtic lye product for 2 months and used a hair dye once. Continues to use Organtic lye product once a month. Has used Organtic neutralizing shampoo and Organtic Tea tree conditioner before and since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ. Has never used heat or braided, but has and continues to use wet wrap.After shampooing, has and continues to use Jam and a little gel along with Wild Growth Hair Oilģ. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, noticed improvement in hair length in 4 weeks, improvement in thickness in one month, reduction of hair breakage in 7 days, improvement in hair texture in 7 days. User Comments: Since I have been using your product, my bald and thinning spots are filling in. My hair was uneven on each side. Now its starting to even up on both sides. My hair breakage is really slowing down. Dye have made my hair weak and damaged. It's finally trying to come back to life. I love the Wild Growth Hair Oil and it really works. Wild Growth Co. comments: user had used only one bottle of Wild Growth Hair Oilģ purchased on 6/21/05.
Boston, MA


(from paper survey)
58 year old female. Hair type: fine and dry.   Prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, had used lye-based perms for years and had used dyes and glued-on weaves frequently. Had used gels, spray and instant hair color after shampooing and sometimes used conditioners. Since using , has discontinued using lye products and has dyed and blow dried once.   Since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, noticed improvement in hair length and thinning or bald spots in 1 week, and improvement in fullness and texture in a matter of days.   Wild Growth Co. comments: Co. sales records show that her results were obtained in the course of using 1 bottle, which was purchased directly from us, over a period of 5 weeks. User comments: This is the truth about what your Wild Growth Oil has done for my hair. My hair was so short, I could barely pick it up. It was thin and my scalp was dry. But since I've been using Wild Growth Hair Oil, it has grown 3 inches in a week's time.   It is very soft  and thick. Now since I have used it the whole month, it has grown about 6 inches long. I can make a ponytail, not a long one, but I love it. My grandaughter noticed it and said, "Grandma, where did you get all that hair on your head?" Ha-Ha, how sweet it is!. I gave my daughter your address. She was impressed. I'm ordering 2 more bottles now.


(from paper survey)
26 year old female. Hair type: coarse and dry.  Prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, used lye permanents for 13 years, used John Freda, Pantene, and Biolage for shampoos & conditioners and liquid moisturizer and doogro oil for follow-up leave in; blow dried, and wore extensions. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, has discontinued lye permanent, uses T gel Neutrogena shampoo, continues Biolage for conditioner and continues to blow dry and wear extensions. Only uses Wild Growth Hair Oilģ for follow-up leave in.  Reports a 1-2 inch increase in length after 2 weeks of using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, improved thickness in 1 month, improvement in bald spots in 1 week,  and improvement in texture in 1 day. User comments: Before I started using wild growth, anybody who saw me started to laugh. Now, thanks to wild growth hair oil nobody can laugh at me anymore because my hair started to grow back. I have to say that wild growth hair oil really works because three months ago, I was ashamed of my hair. Now, thanks to wild growth, I have to show off in public.. For the past two years I have been fighting bald spots, front to back, dry out, break down, itch...all of that. I was using all kinds of products. None of them worked. Instead, it became worse. I didn't know what to do. I started asking everybody for advise. I even went to see a surgeon for help. That was the last thing I did. Because he told me to stop putting perm in my hair, I was really mad because a perm was the only thing I could do to fix my hair to go out. My hair is really coarse and dry. No way did I want to quit perms. I told him I would try. And one day I went to school to talk to my teacher about what the surgeon had said, and then she told me she had got some magazine and said there was a product in there that can help me. I took it and that is where I found that miracle wild growth hair oil. I never seen anything like wild growth hair oil. It worked since the first day I tried it. Breakage stopped immediately   and it became softer, no dry out. Ever since I started using this product, I had to say good bye to perms. I just wash my hair and let the wild growth do the rest. All of my friends started to ask me what is the secret and I start to tell them because all of us have the same hair problem. Thank you for making this product. There is no word in the world to express my feelings about wild growth hair oil. And Im sorry about my picture. I don't have any to send you because I was hiding my hair from the public. Thank you for making this wild growth hair oil. It is a blessing. I feel really blessed. That's all I can say. Thanks.
Naples, FL


(from paper survey)
50 Year old female. Hair type: coarse and dry.    Lye products used for years and dye used for 1 year before using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ. Continues to use pantene shampoo and conditioner and sometimes gel since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ.   Since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, she saw more length within weeks; more thickness within weeks; less thinning or bald spots within weeks; less hair breakage within months; improvement in texture within months. Wild Growth Co. comments: Co records show that she started using her first bottle in November 2004 and a second bottle in February 2005. User comments: Well, I'm 50 years old. All of a sudden, my hair started coming out each time I combed it. Forget about brushing it. My hair was my strength. It was down to my shoulder. Sadly, in about 3 months time, my hair looked like I was going through cancer stages. So I started using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ and, in a matter of a month, with faithful usage, my
hair was thicker, longer, bald spots gone. I ran out of it and couldn't buy any for two months but I still see the difference. With this order hopefully I can get back on track and keep using it every month. I'm going to get two bottles for me and my grandaughter. Thanks so much.



(from paper survey)
User Profile: 56 year old female, coarse and dry hair, had used lye relaxer before using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, has used Dark & Lovely dye for 10 years before and continues to do so, shampoo and conditions once a week., only air dried her hair and continues to do so, had used hair gel before and continues to do so,   wore extensions for 13 weeks before Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, has been braiding in corn rows for 2 months since. Saw improvement in hair length after weeks and thickness after 2 months. Noticed less hair breakage after 2 weeks, and improved texture after 2 weeks. User comments: The Wild Growth has softened my hair and its starting to have improvements in other areas also.
C.T., Landsdowne, PA


Hello, I must say that I was very skeptical when I first decided to use your product and I thought this stuff seems too good to be true, but I have seen the ad in the Ebony magazine since I was about 9 years old and now I am 27 years. So I had a problem with my hair breaking and shedding and being dry; and my daughter had the most problems with her hair and she is 7 years old. Last year, for the first time I took her to get her hair braided.  Now, mind you, my daughter HAD very long, thick hair. Anyway, I took her to the salon and she got it braided and it stayed up for about 3 weeks. When it was time to take them down, I was shocked at what I was looking at. I just started crying when I saw my daughter's hair fall out along with the braided hair. I had done everything right: I oiled her scalp and kept it clean, but her hair broke so bad that it was so thin that I could see through it. I t was so short that she hardly had a ponytail. I mean I cried every time I looked at it and she was so sad. I felt so bad. I had tried everything to get her hair back in order and nothing worked. So I was using the wildgrowth oil and and it seemed to be working pretty good on my hair, and then I said I will give this a try on her as a last resort and, let me tell you, she now has hair down her back and longer than it was at first and it is so thick and I owe it all to wildgrowth oil. We have no more breakage or shedding and it isn't dry any- more. It took about 6 months but we had the patience and with the first application we saw a difference. But on top of it, we don't use any heat anymore on our hair. All we do is shampoo, deep condition, rinse, apply wildgrowth oil and setting lotion and roller set our hair, and it comes out so smooth and healthy, but I owe it all to wildgrowth oil. And since it is summer time, we will try to do away with relaxers for a while since she doesn't have school anymore. We will shampoo and wildgrowth oil and leave it like that for a couple of months until school starts so she can get a break from relaxers.   I will be ordering more bottles because I can't let us run out and she won't let me run out. I hope you all stay here forever. Also, with the use of wildgrowth oil, there is no need for other useless expensive products that I have used before.  So I am grateful for this product for the simple fact that it put a smile on my daughter's face again and she has now set a hair goal for herself; and that is to keep it healthy and grow it to her waist. So we will be looking forward to it. I don't think I can thank you enough! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


...I have experienced the slow but sure results. The amount is very little, and in my excitement to have faster results, discovered smaller amounts work best. After trying everything, and I mean every expensive, cheap product out there, yours is the only one to help...I must have 100 various bottles of hair stuff, and should just toss it all. I suppose  I could donate it...HA! I prayed for your product, and I am thankful to have found you. My prayers are for it to get to my waist, and that will be a reality with my bottle of GOLD. God Bless You! P.S. In my quest to find a hair growing product, I have been to 2 dermatologists, family doctor, flew to a hair salon in LA, besides buying any and every hair product sold. Phew, am I glad to stop, and so is my hubby! Many thanks!



Before I bought your product, I had to buy a combination of hair products just to do half of what your product does. Constantly throwing away money. The crown area of my head was less than an inch and you could see through my hair. It was medium on the sides and medium length in the back. I yearned for long, healthy hair. I could'nt sleep at night, nor was I happy with my looks. I did'nt want to wear hair that was'nt mine. I bought your product on faith hoping it could do what it said. Well, it's three weeks later and after thinking I could never see my hair grow it's at least (2) or (3) inches  longer in the back and touching my shoulders on the sides and guess what? The almost bald spot on the crown area is growing---growing! (smile). I'm so happy. Thank you for such a good affordable, wonderful product. My hair is no longer brittle, dry or weak. Its silky, thick and beautiful. I prayed to God for help and he sent me to Wild Growth. Forever a customer--you're the best.




May 13, 1999
I tried your product for the very first time and I just loved it!!!!!!! I permed, washed, dried and styled my hair in half the time it normally takes. I applied Wild Growth to my hair after perming and shampooing. I didn't use any conditioner or wrap lotion (which is what I usually do).  I combed it through (no tangles) and wrapped it. I then sat under the dryer for about 40 minutes (thats 20 minutes shorter than my normal drying time). When I started to comb through the wrap, I was very surprised to see how shiny my hair was, not to mention soft and full of body! I wasn't expecting immediate results! My hair is already about shoulder length, and of course I wasn't expecting it to grow just after one treatment, but when I saw how soft, shiny, manageable and healthy it looked and felt, I knew this was the product for me. Maybe in a month or so I'll notice some growth, but at present I am very satisfied with your product!