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Faith Haynes recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
September 25 at 1:25 PM ·
it def works made my hair thick longer and im all natural as well and have serious problems with my back edges instead of the front like most ppl it really helped grow them back still growing as we speak I am pleased


Jasmine Alanaya recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook reviews
19 hrs · 08/07/19
best thing I could have put on my son's hair, he was bald in the back of this head due to severe  eczema now he has a head full of hair and its thick!! I love this


Clarissa Davis
5.0 out of 5 stars It was cheaper than my local hair stores thank you
June 25, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
I been natural for over a year and my hair has grow alot it came out in the back bad  in two weeks  my hair had grow back a good amount I just need to start using it like it say on the bottle


Facebook 05/25/19

Garaudie Chéy recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
May 25 at 6:20 AM ·
Loved how well it kept my scalp moisturized, I saw great growth in the nape of my hair which struggled to grow now it’s flourishing. Love it


zorys K.
5 reviews
April 8, 2019, 10:30 a.m.
This helped grow my hair out it helped allot for my edges and in the back of my head. It had a weird smell to it but I added lavender and peppermint oil.


Miatta J.-Influenster
Somerset, NJ
68 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Nov. 29, 2018, 4:35 p.m.
DEF RECCOMEND! it literally grew the nape of my head in like a month. it is not very thick, and has a great nozzle to get into hard to reach places. I definitely reccomend



By Mrs. Pon September 12, 2018
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase
I purchased for my 10 year old's hair. Her hair at the nape would not grow much until i started using this wild growth oil. I really can see a difference in the length.



Tatiana Lashe Welch reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care —Facebook
September 7 · 2018
I use on my baby’s head  in back and now there is hair no bald spot although it’s still shorter than the rest and I only use like three times a week Bc she is
less than a year old


07/20/18 Facebook

Children and babies

Hair grows

Thicker hair

Back of Head

Before and After



Zion Harmon reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
26 mins · July 2018
This stuff works so well and SO fast, grew the back of my head and my eyebrows back  in a Week!





Cirea C.
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
May 23, 2018, 8:48 p.m.

I like the oil it’s a light oil and it’s the only oil that will stay in my daughters hair she has really thick hair and this does really well with her hair and it has grown  a little spot she had in the back of her hair it’s just a little pricey but it’s a good oil overal


Linda B.
Riverdale, Ga
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
May 12, 2018, 9:43 a.m.
Awful smell but so worth it. I used on my hair as well as my 9month old baby. I saw she was starting to lose hair in the back of her head  where she lays and low and behold her hair is back and thick. I recommend if you can get over the smell.


Was skeptical.

ByNicole B.on March 25, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
But  it works! Been using this for the hairs on the nape of my neck and have seen growth. You must use as directed to see results though.
There is a smell but it is not loud or bothersome.


After try 12 different oils- this one WORKS!!
ByQwn Blv on January 25, 2018
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces
It works! Yet,you 1st must " Believe "that it will. Next, use it consistently & continuously.Thirdly learn how your hair /scalp reacts to this oil. I had to massage into my scalp 2xs per day also shampoo &/or
co-wash weekly for a period of 4 weeks to begin seeing a significant increase of hair growth. I had an adjustment period , as initially my scalp was flaky and itchy.  However after 7-10 days, I no longer have dandruff  nor itchy scalp. My shampoo of choice is SheaMoisture Raw Shea butter shampoo /conditioner by Sundial Brands LLC . I tried this WHGO years ago but after my edges  thicken to my satisfaction, I discontinued usage. I'm returning to a product that worked (SN: it's thick and in TX heat can tend to run down the face ir neck(not cute!!) especially if applied around your edges in the am apply daily. ) I wanted aggressive hair regrowth so I applied daily before and after work. I will admit on the weekends ,I may only apply once. I'm thrilled with my regrowth  progress. I have a few pictures as documetation for my records, taken weekly. I continue to focus on regrowing the hair around my edges and nape due breakage  due to wearing wigs and very tight hair extensions. I have learned a valuable hair care lesson. I love my new hair growth after using this oil. I was not going to accept thinning edges or baldness .Again you must believe that your hair will regrow and use it regularly. It is a thick oil and the scent is subtle more importantly it works!!!!!  What do you have to gain but more hair???Good luck ****no chemical relaxer/ press and CHI flat iron




Desiree Gary reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook

January 2 at 7:32am · 2018
I've been using this product for a year and it's definitely changed my hair..I had a bald spot  on the base of my head  since I was around 8 and now that spot  has filled in since using this's great for
improving thickness.


U need it
ByJazzon December 31, 2017
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
This product is it!!! The back of my hair doesn't really grow. Hasn't grown much since I was in middle school, I'm 27 now. I've tried everything I got to a point when I would just shave it off. I've been using this for 2 months  and guess who has hair in the back? I only use the yellow bc that hair is really fine. I've used the regular bottle but it didn't work for me


Nicole Hyuga
· December 31, 2017
I looooooooove it. Grew my hair its been almost 2 1/2 weeks and im instantly seeing new growth. The back of my hair is growing and the middle as well. I had one side of my hair shorter than the other, now
both sides are the same
. I love it!!! Gonna order some more!!??? got all my edges  growing as well





Kincia B. Charles added a new photo to Wild Growth Hair Care's timeline(Facebook) — feeling amazed.
September 11 at 5:05pm ·
Yesssssssss i am telling u guyz it works!!!! 2 months ago...look at the result... I couldn't be happier  #WildGrowth i just ordered my second bottles.. Can't wait to see more growth


5.0 out of 5 stars

It's helping my nape grow great

ByLisaon September 4, 2016

Size: 4 Fluid Ounces
I'm ordering more now. It's helping my nape grow great


‎Jordynn Niccole‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care

OK as y'aa see my baby went bald as most babies do. So I been using thhis oil on her hair for lil over a month now & she now has edges & she finally has hair in the back. Not
fully grown in all the way in the back but coming from completely bald to the hair she has now is a big accomplishment for us LOL.

before and after



May 12, 2016 8:10 pm

Hello. After 12 years with locks, last July 2015 I cut them off and discovered
disastrous hair loss. It kept falling out since, I became depressed. Spent so much
money with no results.
Then February 2016 I finally tried Wild Growth, results
noticed in a matter of a few weeks.
I can't brag enough about your product. I hope
it would grow even faster :) but I am ever so grateful for the progress thus
far. KEEP IN MIND after a few weeks your product had positive results.
Thank you thank you thank you. Ms D.
Top (big) picture taken early April 2016 the other 2015.



Elaine La'rue Jackson-FaceBook

Yes it works my granddaughter had a bald spot in the back of her head now she has I can make a

 ponytail for her is little but is there. I had a short haircut and decided to grow my hair back I've been

 using the products I think since May and I have like 3 inches of gross (wth)  I can put a ponytail my

 hair now  and it has changed to texture my hair was coarse and brittle now it's softened little thinner

 I'm so  glad I decided to try this product I tried other things but didn't get no results


Before and After


You can see her bald spot right here and this was a couple of months ago now I can put two small

 ponytails back there with no problem and the rest of her hair is long and little ponytails are getting ,

 thicker and longer sometimes she don't want me to put it in there but I do it anyway is good to brush

 the hair then put it in and then brush the hair again afterwards to stimulate the hair follicles



This was taken a month and a half ago I think it's a little bit longer now can't find any with the back of

 her head but the product really does work I am truly very satisfied with it give it a chance to see the





Beverly Tanner-FaceBook

I cut my hair and shaved the back of it (the Halle Berry Toni Braxton look)... abt a month or so later I got braids

 bc I didn't hv time to do my hair. I used the one in the white bottle on the shaved part for a few months... I

 promise the back of my hair  is so much   longer  than the rest of my hair. So yes...this works.



June 16, 2015

Belinda Brown-FaceBook - June 16th 2015

Before I dyed my hair. Back was thin  from wearing head bands. Used growth oil daily and massaged in.

Before and After


Soquaya Seawood- FaceBook

I used this product years ago because I had a bald spot in the back of my head due to over processing. I can't say how many weeks it took to recover but before I knew it, my hair had grown back. This product is amazing!


May 11, 2015


"When I say that this hair oil I the BEST.!! On the nape of my hair I had bald spots on both sides. It would drive me crazy and I was kinda embarrassed about it but then I found yall.!  Its only been two weeks and they are already almost covered. If it ain't Wild Growth Hair Oil then I dnt want it. LOVE IT.!"- LeRai Purdy (post to wild growth facebook page)

April 12, 2015

I love this product
ByRuth Lyonson April 12, 2015

I love this product. Ever since I was a little girl I have always dealt with   hair breakage at the nape of my neck. I have been using this product for a few months now and not only has my nape grown  more than 2 inches, my hair overall is healthier and growing. Now I have taken additional measure to promote my hairs health. I go to the salon ever 2 weeks and wrap my hair in a silk scarf at night. But I can say this oil has helped my hair tremendously. I recommend it.



March 19, 2015

Oneda Artis-FaceBook. I used the one with the green labeling. Used it twice, sometimes 3 times a day. I had a huge ball spot in center bk part of my head. .I also brushed the spot. When i tell you it works!! Quickly. ..



March 2, 2015

By Shay on March 2, 2015

Trust me when I tell you this works   my edges and back hair fall out really bad  less than a month my hair started to grow back it's very oily so be careful


February 27, 2014

Worth the buy 
Melissa -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I never write reviews, but I had to for this amazing stuff. This summer I decided to bleach my hair (from a box, DO NOT DO THIS!) and it turned out brassy and orange and just plain awful. I went to the salon and the woman accidentally made my hair a brownish green color so she had to bleach it again! My hair was so crispy after all this. A couple days later, I noticed that when I brushed my hair, an abnormal amount of hair fell out. Its been doing that ever since. In the shower I noticed my hair seemed thinner than usual. I looked at the back of my head in the mirror and I could see way more scalp than normal. I had a panic attack and just styled in ways so no one could see the balding spot. I take biotin regularly, but it wasn't working. I was really sad because my hair is naturally very very thick (almost annoyingly thick). I found this stuff on amazon and saw all the good reviews. After two weeks of using this product, I have noticed a huge difference already! There isn't so much scalp showing and the overall health of my hair is so much better! It makes your hair super greasy, but it is still worth it! I put it on before I went to bed every night. I'm super happy with this stuff!



September 03, 2012

Sent from my iPhone

Hello I have been using wild growth oil(white bottle) for about 4 months now and I love it. I use it sparingly on my edges and the back of my hair where it is thin.


March 08, 2012

subject: i love this product, i wont use nothing but w.g. halleluia!!!!!!!!

thanks for your product i used on my scalp and then i get those special "itchies" just to make my hair grow as my friend at my tutor class said,now, i know to get real hard hitting results. i don't care if it's soiling my shirt nape. these itches are keeping me to stimulate my skull and let loose on upon the nape too. i use on my eyebrows to grow thick too. bless you wild growth, i wont buy anything else!!!!!! peace love, oxo! nicole, goldsboro,nc

Nicole, Goldsboro, NC



December 12,
By S. Calloway "Vanilla Virtue" (USA) - This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I've used this product on and off for over 13 years. I used it when I was in high school which was
about 10 years ago. It grew my hair back then real thick and long. People thought I had weave in my
hair, because it was so pretty.
I started using it again recently, and I have had people to ask what
products I've been using
because my hair is thick. I had a hair cut last year that was short and
shaved off in the back, and I started using wild gro to grow my lenghth out and now my hair is close
to my shoulders
over a course of 5-6 months. The only thing that causes people not to use this oil
consistently is the smell. Also, it causes the scalp to itch. Usually, I only let the oil stay on my
scalp for 2-3 days and have to wash it out due to the itching and smell. If you can tolerate the
itching of the scalp and smell, the oil is for you. The product does work like the advertisements
It does cause rapid hair growth along with thickness.

November 22,
By choco1 - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I've had a patch in the back of my hair about the size of a 10p piece for about a year, I don't know
how it developed maybe from hairdresses using hair clippers at the nape of my neck. It may have been
a fungus as it was always itchy, my hair almost never grows at the back so I have to keep my hair
short. Wild hair growth is a gift - my patch of hair has grown back in about a month and my hair
feels thicker and stronger now. I can brush my hair and no hair left in the brush. Amazing! product.
I hoping my hair will start growing at the back now.

May 9 , 2008

(from survey)

Female of undisclosed age and hair type. No history of Lye or dye products, heat usage, braids or weaves. Stopped use of all conditioners since using Wild Growth Hair Oil. Has seen growth results after six months of use. Has seen improvement in thickness. At least one bald spot has filled in. Hair breakage has completely stopped Has seen  no improvement in length. User comments: 'Hair was bald in spots in back of head and temples were also bald. Hair is very thin, is slow growing but is improving'.

Click here to see original survey

Eula W., South Jersey, NJ


April 08 , 2008

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From: S.M.
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2008 6:59 PM
Subject: Please read and post on your site!!

Hello I just wanted to say thank you for your great product!! My hair fell out very badly in the back of my head in March 2007. You would think I had shaved it. After a year later there has been a lot of progress and growth. I also added braids to my hair .Which was the only style I was able to get. I took a before picture which was march 2007. My hair just really started growing back when i got my hair rebraided in December 2007. When I took my braids out in March 2008 I couldn't believe it!! In 3 months my hair had gone inches and I was able to put one whole side in a pony tail and the other side into a big braid. I was so excited!! I hope it continues I would to have a perm by my birthday with nice flowing locks (Jan 1). Please look at the before and after photos I attached.


March 10 , 2008

----- Original Message -----
From: Darlene W.
Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 12:10 PM
Subject: My Hair Story

Dear Wildgrowth,
I just had to share my story with you all. My name is Darlene, I am an African American, and as a small child I never had a problem with my hair, I had kind of a good grade of hair but it was thin. I finally got a relaxer when I was maybe 8 years old. But with thin hair that was not a good idea and my mom at the time was not aware of that. In 2002 I made a mistake of getting my hair colored and streaked. The day after I woke up and my whole entire head was blonde. I had to constantly have my hair treated to keep it from breaking but it did. I also had braids put in my hair about 6 months after that. Another mistake. My temples became very, very thin and on one side of head I had to comb my hair down over the sides so that the thinning would not show. The kitchen of my head as well as above my ears became very thin, one side was almost bald. I had to wear styles that would cover those spots witch became hard to do. I mean I tried every thing to grow my hair ba ck, it was broken off and it looked really unhealthy. I tried (#######), I bought anything and everything that said it will make the hair thicker and grow. I would look in the mirror and cry. One day my sister told me about a lady who had hair damage from braids and told me that her hair was grown back by a product which was an oil called Wildgrowth. At first I was sceptical because I had tried so many things. So I asked where could I find it and I made a trip to "Sally's Beauty Supply" where I purchased it. Not even a week had passed and I saw a difference in my hair!!  I could see the new growth and my hair was shiney and healthy looking. Every 2-3 days I would apply wildgrowth and I am so amazed at my hair!! My hair has totally grown back. It is healthier and more manageable, I can style it any way I like and it is thicker!! I have never had a thicker hair, and it has grown so much. People ask me all the time, what are you ;using on your hair and I gladly say "wildgrowth" and I tell them it is worth it! Thanks so much for this wonderful product! It is so awesome, and I will continue to use it as well as spread the word about it!! Thanks for helping me get my hair back!!!
So many blessings to you!!
Darlene W.



February 20 , 2008

(from paper survey)

35 year old female with coarse and dry hair. No history of relaxers, Has been using Herbal shampoos and conditioners before and after using Wild Growth® Hair Oil. Had discontinued using other hair growth and scalp treatment products in between hair washings after using Wild Growth® Hair Oil. Saw improvement in hair length and hair texture in four weeks. Has noted that on Jan 19, length was 6 inches in the front and 7 inches in the back. Then , on February 16, hair was 7 and 1/2 inches in the front and 8 inches in the back. User comments: After only a month of using Wild Growth Hair Oil, I've gained an inch and a half of length to my hair. I also see the texture improving steadily. My hair seems blacker too, and others are noticing. Click here to read original survey with user-written comments

Vicky. A.., Fredericksted, St. Croix, U.S.V.I


February 16 , 2008

----- Original Message -----

From: Valencia


Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2008 9:51 PM

Subject: Testemonial for Wild Grow

My name is Valencia and I have used WG since the early 90's. I bought my first bottle after I had the ultimate hair disaster. It was summertime and I discovered the joy of peroxide. I misted it on my hair in the morning prior to going to work and later that day, TADA! my hair was lightened. I decided to take it a step further and give myself a touch up. I went to work after giving myself this touch up job and also after spritzing my hair with peroxide. I am sure you know what happened next. That's right, I sat at work and had a "hair fallout." By the time 5pm came, my kitchen had left the job before I did. The back of my head was severely irritated, which is how I know I lost my hair right at work. My kitchen area itched all day long and hair was coming out in my hands.

I was lucky that day in that the kitchen was all that I lost to my deadly combination of peroxide and relaxer. I went to a beauty supply store where I had seen your product but debated as to whether or not to buy it and that day, I did. The bottle use to come with a little comic strip of a girl going into the bathroom at 8:00 with one strand of hair in the top of her head and walking out at 8:15 with a head full of hair. I was prepared to spend my 7 bucks for that dream. I was not disappointed! Although I did not grow hair in 15 minutes, WG brought my kitchen back into existance.

Since then, I've had other hair issues to arise and I always grab my bottle of WG to help my hair get back to it's "roots." Up until about three months ago I wore braids for 7 years and I loved them. Then I got tired of them and since taking them out, I'm loving life. I love sleeping on my own hair and not fake hair. I keep my hair twisted most of the time, but occasionally I press it and that's where the WG really impresses me. It is light, non-greasy and I really always have liked the smell. But more than anything I love the results. I have very course hair and one would never know this fact when I am using WG.

Thanks for making such a "hair-saver." I have always loved your product and will continue to support it.


Bothell, WA



January 19 , 2008

----- Original Message -----
From: "Madison T."
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2008 4:11 PM
Subject: none

Dear Wild Growth, Thank you for the product that you
made. Before I got your product, I had long, medium
lengthed and thick hair. But in August before school
started, I went to my ex-hair dresser to get my hair
done for school. She cut my hair into layers. It was a
cute style but my hair was cut uneven and most
importantly I dont have a perm. After the bad hair
cut, I stopped going to the hair dresser. Ever since
that, my hair has been breaking very badly. Recently
my hair broke off in the "kitchen" of my head. So now,
that hair sticks out in the back when I put my hair in
a pony tail because it is too short. Last Sunday, my
mom and I were in the Beauty Supply store and I saw
your product. I convinced my mom to buy the product
and on Monday I applied the product to my scalp. On
Tuesday, I took down my hair from my braids and
started combing and handling my hair. My hair was so
soft and I didnt hsve as much breakage. THANK YOU WILD

Charlotte, NC


(from paper survey)
50 year old female. Fine and dry hair. Had never and still does not use lye or dye products, other products after shampooing and conditioning except baby oil, and also has never used weaves or  heat such as blow drying, dryer,  pressing  etc.. Did wear braids, small platts. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, has seen 1 inch of growth in 30 days, thicker hair and improvement in a bald spot in the middle lower back of the neck, both  after 2 weeks. Furthermore, hair breakage had stopped in less than a week. User comments: "I followed your instructions exactly by applying to the ends only all over my head for 30 days because my hair is thin and my scalp sensitive and tender. Then I started applying a small amount to my scalp including application to my ends also. The results seem slow although increasing. I find your product to accomplish exactly what you said it would do. Its wonderful. I see an increased rate of growth at the end of 5 weeks. I am pleased. I'm ordering more. Thank you for revealing the proper technique. P.S. I'll also never run out. I'm telling others (about it)."
Camden, NJ


I had gotten my hair colored and since I had not treated and prepared my hair for it, my hair ended up damaged and fell out. So I had choppy hair going on. The back was twenty different lengths and the front part of my hair was the only health part. But I have also been using the oil in some sort of order. I use it every 3 days. Since my hair was choppy, I got my hair braided to see if my hair would grow and while in braids I oiled my hair every 2 to 3 days. I just took my braids out and the choppy parts grew. So I am about to get twist locks Aug. 30. So I will take a picture of those results.


I recently bought wild growth oil in a local hair supply store and i must say that i am very happy about the results. Before i started using wgho, my hair was thin and damaged from wearing micro braids. So about a month ago i cut my hair into a bob right above my shoulders (my hair was so damaged that the hair in the back of my head was different lenghts, still is but its getting treated and it is growing). Without wild growth oil my hair would still be different lenghts and damaged. I would like to thank the inventors and recommend this oil to everyone having hair problems like me!


Hi, my name is Thaina and I would like to share my testimonial with everyone. Like most of you I was on the Internet looking for something to make my hair grow a NY minute! I came upon Wild Growth Hair Oil and read all of the testimonials over and over. My guts told me to purchase it and I took a chance. I don't regret it a bit. Today makes it one month exactly since I've been using this magic oil potion. A little bit before I used the oil,  I had to cut my hair so short that I felt so embarrassed. I felt like a little boy who just got a hair cut... mine was cut like just a few inches away from my scalp. I had severe scalp problems due to perm, weave, etc. I took care of them then used the oil. I had a huge bald spot on top of my head like an old man getting bald and a bald spot in the back of my head.
    So I couldn't wait until it was okay to grow my hair back. I used the oil exactly how it's directed and watched my hair grow strong and healthy. My bald spot on top of my head is now at least 80% filled in, as far as the back of my head same results.
My hair overall all over my head is growing rapidly like grass on a lawn. Everyday since closing in on the third week  my hair growth really has in
creased. I now have an afro not a medium sized afro but a small afro but not so small but yet not medium. I notice that everyday my hair grows just little bit more than the day before. I also notice that immediately after I apply the oil now, I itch more than ever due to hair growth. But I never had to wonder if my hair was growing thanks to the itching-which I don't mind.  I don't have any split ends believe it or not! and I'm very grateful for this product. I will give another testimonial after a few months have passed. Everyone tells me your hair really  grew  very fast and what am I using. I tell them it's WGHO. Now, I'm not embarrassed by hair anymore. I'm sorry I don't have a picture of before and after I was too ashamed.

3/25/06-Hi, it's me again... Thaina I just wanted to say also how silky, soft, and how my hair is getting thicker constantly. The texture of my hair did change instantly after the first use. As I continued to use it , it seems to me that my hair is getting softer, fuller, longer, silkier (if there is such a word). You can just look at my hair and know that it is very healthy. At first I didn't like the smell of the oil, but now I don't mind it at all. I find that now I need to put a little bit more oil than before. My scalp and hair just drinks the oil and loves it. I've never come across a product like this before! My hair is just growing, growing, growing  like really crazy... I love it!!! A big thank you  to the person who invented this product and to the company. I am forever a customer.
Brooklyn, NY



I am e-mailing you to give you my six month update. I e-mailed you on September 17, 2005. When I wrote you in September, I told you that I began using your product on July 17, 2005. Today is January 21, 2006. I am still using your product.My hair have grown 6 1/2 to 7 inches since I started using your product, on July 17th. NO LIE!!! When I started using your product, my hair was very short and uneven. The very front part of my hair was less than 3 inches long. I did not even have enough hair in the front to make a bang. My hair on the sides were above my ears, and the hair in the back was so short that I could barely get a ponytail in the back. Now, the hair in the front part of my hair is pass my eye. The hair on the sides are so pass my jaw line, that in a  couple of months, it's going to be at my shoulders.The hair in the back of my head is what grew the most. The hair back there is starting to grow down my back. NO LIE!!! My hairline is even growing in longer and thicker. That was the hardest part of my hair to grow. If your product grew my hair 6 1/2 -7 inches in only six months, how much will it grow my hair in a year? I intend to find out, that is why I will continue to use your product. I beg you to always sell this product, because you product works. I am a African-American woman and every product I used to grow my hair, never worked. This product worked. To anybody that is having problems growing their hair, I recommend that they use this product. Take if from someone who knows. You will be hearing from me again in July 2006. That will be in 6 more months. It will be a year of me using your product. Next time, I'm going to send a picture to show you all that this product is not a joke. It really works!!!


(from survey)
26 year old female. Hair type: coarse and dry. Prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, used lye permanents for 13 years, used John Freda, Pantene, and Biolage for shampoos & conditioners and liquid moisturizer and doogro oil for follow-up leave in;  blow dried, and wore extensions. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, has discontinued lye permanent,  uses T gel Neutrogena shampoo, continues Biolage for conditioner and continues to blow dry and wear extensions. Only uses Wild Growth Hair Oil® for follow-up leave in. Reports a 1-2 inch increase in length after 2 weeks of using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, improved thickness in 1 month, improvement in bald spots in 1 week, and improvement in texture in 1 day. User comments: Before I started using wild growth, anybody who saw me started to laugh. Now, thanks to wild growth hair oil nobody can laugh at me anymore because my hair started to grow back. I have to say that wild growth hair oil really works because three months ago,  I was ashamed of my hair. Now, thanks to wild growth, I have to show off in public.. For the past two years I have been fighting bald spots, front to back,  dry out, break down, itch...all of that. I was using all kinds of products. None of them worked. Instead, it became worse. I didn't know what to do. I started asking everybody for advise. I even went to see a surgeon for help. That was the last thing I did. Because he told me to stop putting perm in my hair, I was really mad because a perm was the only thing I could do to fix my hair to go out. My hair is really coarse and dry. No way did I want to quit perms. I told him I would try. And one day I went to school to talk to my teacher about what the surgeon had said, and then she told me she had got some magazine and said there was a product in there that can help me. I took it and that is where I found that miracle wild growth hair oil. I never seen anything like wild growth hair oil. It worked since the first day I tried it. Breakage stopped immediately and it became softer, no dry out. Ever since I started using this product, I had to say good bye to perms. I just wash my hair and let the wild growth do the rest. All of my friends started to ask me what is the secret and I start to tell them because all of us have the same hair problem. Thank you for making this product. There is no word in the world to express my feelings about wild growth hair oil. And Im sorry about my picture. I don't have any to send you because I was hiding my hair from the public. Thank you for making this wild growth hair oil. It  is a blessing. I feel really blessed. That's all I can say. Thanks.
Naples, FL

Hi, I 'm a fairly new user of wildgrowth. I've been using it now for about 2 months. Balding runs in my family on my father's side with the women. It tends to strike when the women reach the age of 30. I'm now 32, and I had begun experiencing losing my hair around my front hair line.
As long as I remember I've always had a problem with growing and keeping my hair. It would grow a certain length, then break off. I wou`ld find myself having to start all over again. Especially in the fall. It would seem the trees would lose their leaves and I woud lose my hair.
Right now my hair is short as can be.
I can barely pinch it in the back and on the side. But since using your product I must say my hair has filled-back-in around the front edge... In the past, my hair has been something I stressed over. I no longer do that, because for the first time I feel that with the use of the Wildgrowth hair formula and the change I've made in my diet, my hair now has a chance.



Hi wildgrowth, I started using your product about two weeks ago. At first I was kind of skeptical about using it because I have used other products that have costed a fortune and they have not worked. With just one application of WILD GROWTH I noticed a change in the texture of my hair. Almost 6 months ago I switched hair dressers and she applied a perm to my hair and then crimped it  and burned my hair off at the crown and at the back of my head. My hair was past my shoulders but after I left it was at my chin. Being a fourteen year old teenager, hair means a lot to me so I had to find something to grow my hair back. I have been using wildgrowth for like I said about two weeks and my hair has grown almost 1 1/2 inches. My friends at school have noticed a change in the length of my hair but all I could say is "I owe it all to Wildgrowth" Thank You.



I have used your product for (4) months now and my hair has grown at least a little over 2 1/2 inches (I'm guessing this). When I started my hair was just about reaching my ears and was very short at the crown area (oh yeah, that has grown alot too). I always had to grow the back natural by wearing a weave at the back cause the hair at the back was always breaking. I have re-touched my hair (whole head) and My hair is now reaching my chin. Its nice to have my thick hair back and length I never had before. I no longer need to wear a weave.
My friends, colleagues at work and my hairdresser can't believe the texture and length of my hair. I love this product. I just bought six bottles when I went to America. My mum has started using it now. Thanks. Happy customer.
Well this is an update. I have to say I'm so happy I just don't think there is another product for me. I have been using your product since May and I am very happy. My hair is growing, growing, growing. No more thin spots at the crown of my head. It is becoming thicker and longer and my sides and back were medium before but thin...Not any more. Now its long and thick. Since it has been (4) months now I can really see the difference and I can say that your product is a must from now on. And people are truly surprised by the thickness of my hair.


 I wrote you recently and forgot to tell you that it has been 4 months now not 3 and my hair is so long that women are always asking me what I'm using. They are so shocked at the texture and the speed in which it is growing. They said that I should be a spokes person because it took nothing to get them started-my hair spoke for me. All I know is, this is the only hair product that I ever used that has shown me that I do have growing hair and that there is nothing wrong with my hair growth, that it was all about the product and how my hair was handled. I wish I had known about your product years ago when I was modeling. My hair is growing down my back in the back and growing good on the crown of my head. I'm impressed for ever. Keep up the good work. Forever a customer.



Before I bought your product, I had to buy a combination of hair products just to do half of what your product does. Constantly throwing away money. The crown area of my head was less than an inch and you could see through my hair. It was medium on the sides and medium length in the back. I yearned for long, healthy hair. I could'nt sleep at night, nor was I happy with my looks. I did'nt want to wear hair that was'nt mine. I bought your product on faith hoping it could do what it said. Well, it's three weeks later and after thinking I could never see my hair grow it's at least (2) or (3) inches  longer in the back and touching my shoulders on the sides and guess what? The almost bald spot on the crown area is growing---growing! (smile). I'm so happy. Thank you for such a good affordable, wonderful product. My hair is no longer brittle, dry or weak. Its silky, thick and beautiful. I prayed to God for help and he sent me to Wild Growth. Forever a customer--you're the best.



I bought your product out of extreme necessity. My scalp is always dry and itches like its on fire. The products I've used before seemed to increase the problem rather than bring relief. Since using wild growth, I have noticed a slight decrease in the itching, my hair shines, and Im seeing growth to the back of my head which I have always kept short. I feel the difference in my hair. The quality has always been nice and thick but gotten even better. Your grateful user.