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Denise Davis recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
October 28 at 5:43 AM ∑ Facebook
I wore braids from Jan.2017 till Oct. 2018 and I used Wild Hair Growth mixed with Black Jamaican Castor Oil. To keep my scalp/ hair healthy.

Before and After

5.0 out of 5 starsThe Best Ever Hair Oil!!!!
October 22, 2018
Size: 4oz Verified Purchase  Wild Growth Hair Oil at
I used to use Wild Growth back in the early 2000s and man did my hair grow; it grew  so long that I had to get used to all of the hair that grew; the only thing that stopped me from using it was the odor. My husband could not stand the odor and complained so much that I stopped using it. Before stopping I really tried to mix it some other products (scented oils) to cover up the odor but it didn't work. I even called and wrote to the manufacturer about the odor. For me this is the best oil that I've ever used and saw results because it coats the hair and really, really reduces breakage. I was using it on my hair and scalp. To this day, there is nothing like it that I've come across.



Nisaa Unique reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
October 20 at 4:50 AM ∑
I love it ...I have really bad dry scalp

Highly recommend.
ByLaTorrey Milleron September 25, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid OuncesVerified Purchase Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
Me and my boys have locs. So I use this for our scalp. It smells good and it's light.



Better than expected
ByGemon September 18, 2018
Size: 4 Oz (2 Pack)Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
I watched BDatchAlpha's video about the growth oil 30 day challenge he took and I needed to do the same (raise my beard line). I've been applying twice a day like he did in his video and some in my scalp which has been balding for
. The beard growth has been as expected, gradual but moving, BUT, the hair on my scalp actually seems to be growing for the first time in maybe 6 or 7 years. And I've only been applying that once a day  so that's incredible.



Shihi ThePoet recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
September 10 ∑ 2018
The Company stands by it's products! Also, It Really Truly Works!  I massage it into my scalp!.




Apply to SCALP.. not just in your hair
ByStephanie H.on September 6, 2018
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
I have used this hair growth oil for many years and i gotta say, it works  AWESOME!!!  Thats why i keep buying it nn i apply it in my hair every day or every other day and also add a few drops into my conditioner as well. You want to apply it to the scalp,,not just the hair. Part your hair in sections and apply that way...i see results every month using this..



Go to for my scalp!
ByDazsana on September 1, 2018
Size: 4oz Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
Love this!



I love this stinky oil
By Customeron August 24, 2018
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
The smell is not great but this oil immediately makes your hair feel nourished and amazing. I apply small amounts to my  scalp and work it through my hair with a paddle brush. It not only helps with growth, but helps me maintain the overall health of my hair.


Bigmama Santos recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
August 11 at 12:09 PM ∑ 2018
My hair fell out really bad due to stress. I put braids in my hair  for 10 months, used wild growth whenever I greased my scalp. When I took the braids out, not only did it grow longer than before it fell out- it was much thicker and healthier.
Thank you so much Wild growth makers.


DuJuana Smith reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
August 8 at 5:51 PM ∑ 2018
I love the stuff I been using it for about 3weeks, I use both of them. My hair already is growing. And I have psoriasis bad, but this helps my scalp tremendously...


Love this stuff
By crystal kimble on August 4, 2018
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
This is a great product for hair that is balding, thin, it is very rich so hair feels great. Clears up alot of dry scalp issues too.


Smells strong, use lightly! Miracle cure!
ByJorion July 18, 2018
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
Smelly but does wonders for a dry  scalp during the summer!!! Dont need much, i actually just mix a couple drops in my wonders!!


ByCrystal Collinson July 5, 2018
Size: 4oz|Verified Purchase
After I washed my hair (which was in braids) I put this oil all over my scalp only one time. When I took my braids out  my hair the next week, I saw that my hair grew!! It didn't grow a massive amount but at least an inch or two. I really
recommend this for those looking for
fast hair growth.


Charisma S.
New York
14 reviews
July 4, 2018, 2:22 p.m. 2018
This product really does not smell so good. This product helps grow hair really fast  and helps thicken hair. Helped my hair grow 2 inches  in 2 weeks. The packaging makes it easy to get the oil directly to your scalp. I would recommend
this to anyone
   experiencing hair loss


Desiree W.
Moreno valley, CA
July 3, 2018, 12:47 a.m. 2018
I am currently using this oil to see what all the hype was about. I started using it about a month ago and I've noticed growth omwere my hair is usually uneven. When using it I rub it on my ends and my scalp.
When i went through reviews before buying it i noticed all of people saying they didnt like the smell. I would have to disagree, I actually like it. It smells earthy and minty, you can smell every oil used in this product.



Horacia Deaudra D.
July 3, 2018, 11:30 p.m. 2018
This products really works. It doea not take much to massage the scalp with and get the juices flowing. Moisturize the scalp and the ends and make sure you are using water to loosen up the hair.   Another BFF to add to your circle.



Josann F.
July 2, 2018, 8:50 p.m. 2018
My hair and scalp loves this product. This is great for my curly 4a hair texture. I bought this at my local beauty supply store. Itís great and it gets the job done. My hair drinks this up. Will repurchase for my hair case routine




Pretty good for the price
ByW. Waltonon July 1, 2018
Size: 4oz|Verified Purchase
Smells pretty good. Iíve been using it for a week or so now and my scalp feels different (in a good way). Iím also seeing a few sprouts of hair  where itís very hard for me to grow it. Weíll see what happens.


Jemiesha J.
miami, fl
July 1, 2018, 12:47 p.m. 2018
This oil works amazingly however I canít stand the smell. It goes for about $6 on Amazon and eBay comparably and Iíve used it for over a year. My hair did grow tremendously and the overall health of my hair improved. I used it twice to
three times a week and massaged it into my
scalp with my fingers. If you can get over the scent you will love it.


John M.
Yuma, AZ
June 22, 2018, 2:21 p.m.
I donít know if itís a placebo effect or not but Iíve noticed more hair growth  in 3 weeks  when i used to moisturize my scalp with this oil before bed


?Branesha Bettis? to Wild Growth Hair Care
June 17 ∑ 2018
*** Updated Post so that people know these are my photos and real results ***

S/O to Wild Growth Hair Oil!
I have PCOS and due to the alopecia  associated with the condition I have always struggled to find anything that helps me grow my hair.
I have FINALLY found a product that works for my 4C Natural hair and I'm so grateful 8 Months later ! Thank you !
I am using the White Bottle every other day for those asking , easiest while applying to braids or twist and massaging into your scalp!

Before and After




CedesBeenDaTruth?? W.
June 13, 2018, 5:34 p.m.
I have been using this product seven months and it has really grown my hair. I use it when I have braids, weaves, and after I wash my hair. It gives your scalp a tingly feeling. I definitely would buy again and again



Helps with itchy  scalp
ByKrista252on June 12, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid OuncesVerified Purchase Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
Seems to be very moisturizing and the product is a little runny. But still a good product for hair growth. I always keep some.


Good product
ByAmazonshopper on April 29, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid OuncesVerified Purchase Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
Product smells good and feels good on my scalp.


shatona s.
Ruston, LA
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
April 25, 2018, 4:05 p.m.
This is my favorite hair oil! I love everything about it. It makes my hair soft and actually works  on my scalp. I don't have to reapply a second time nor does it make my scalp feel dry. It is a little thicker in
consistency, but that's a huge plus. I personally enjoy the smell of this as well. This was one of the oils I first started using  when I went natural and I definitely need to go back to this product. It's a little pricey, but worth every penny.


Tiana S. Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1-Influenster
May 22, 2018, 7:59 a.m. 2018
Iíve heard nothing but great reviews from this product. I use the growth every time I wash my hair so once a week. My hair is kinky coily and thick, so I HAVE to oil my scalp. I would totally by this again. I see growth  immediately, no overnight of course but with time I see massive  growth and hair improvement.

Myia K.
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1- Influenster
May 21, 2018, 9:29 p.m.
I did not use this oil very long, but the results I got from the little time I did use it, was pretty good. My scalp was really moisturized and personally felt stronger. Of course it's an affordable product and it's worth the buy. Really enjoyed it!

LaTerra T.
Detroit, MI
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1 Influenster
May 18, 2018, 6:58 p.m.
Oldie but goodie ! Iíve been using this since I was in high-school for over 10 years! Promotes fast growth and leaves my scalp feeling cool and moisturizes   under my protective styles.

Lisa R.
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
May 17, 2018, 12:45 p.m.
I used this and I love it. I cut my hair to above my shoulder and used this consistently on my  scalp and edges my hair is almost to the bottom of my bra strap. It helped with edges when I had breaks my hairline started to recede  but I used this every other day and they grew back!  I use this before I get sew ins and under my wigs

Shanique W.
Jacksonville, FL
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
May 17, 2018, 2:53 p.m.
I didnít think this would work, but  I used it and massage it in my scalp  used it underneath my wigs, used it when I braided my hairÖ Are used it whenever and I can  definitely save my hair  has grown a lot!  Itís amazing how this one too can make my hair grow so much. But I would definitely buy it again I got it from my local hair store, but I know I can find it in othe

Courtney J.
Baton Rouge, LA
May 14, 2018, 11:11 p.m.
I started using this product consistently when I did my first big chop. My hair grew  so fastI apply it to my scalp  when wearing protective styles. It has a very distinctive smell though, but it isnít too bad. I definitely recommend this product.

Sasha H.
Elizabeth Cty, NC
14 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
May 12, 2018, 9:40 p.m.
I absolutely love this product! It's amazing!  It relieves dry scalp, and it's a wonderful groth oil as well. I would definitely recommend this to everyone!


LaToya E.
Rochester, NY
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
April 29, 2018, 11:09 a.m.
I love this product  it is affordable and it does the job. I like the minty smell that it has it kinda tingles when you apply to the scalp I recommend this product for hair growth


Sara P.
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
April 28, 2018, 7:51 a.m.
I used this oil for years on my scalp for moisture, and length retention!! Great staple product! Very easy to find

Diamond Redd reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 8 at 12:29pm ∑ 2018
This product is AMAZING  Iíve been using it for almost a year now. My hair texture is so beautiful I have a curl pattern now  that I havenít had before, my hair looks shiny and refreshed after using the yellow bottle  when I wash my hair and white bottle after oiling my scalp. I will keep buying this product!


Tamara E.
South Bend, IN
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
May 7, 2018, 9 p.m.
This stuff grew my hair out  so fast!  I was conditioning my hair and applying this and doing the hair inversion method. It really did help add inches. The oil is super thick and after a few days you will want to wash it out, but it felt moisturizing on my scalp

Dominique S.
Clearwater, FL
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
May 5, 2018, 8:36 a.m.
Excellent product!! I used this after the crown area of my hair became thin  from  weave. I used this 3 times a week on my scalp and my hair has thickened back up. I have even tried this on my  4 year old who has thin edges, within a month her edges are no longer thin. The smell can be a little strong for some but it doesnít bother me. I just bought another bottle and will continue to buy.

Amari M.
May 1, 2018, 6:03 p.m.
Relieved my itchy scalp and cleared away my dry spots in my scalp. I use this product 2-3 days a week. My hair type is 4c and is dark brown. I think the product is very effective and overall I am satisfied.

Jasmine B.
Bloomington, IN
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 2
April 30, 2018, 3:38 p.m.
Makes my scalp feel absolutely  amazing and has my hair growing  like crazy. Been using it for about 3 months and my hair has grown  about 3 in. It does not smell the best but it does its job.



Seletha Smith Martin reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
April 6 at 6:40am ∑ 2018
Good stuff I use it on my scalp I see growth and mix it my daughters hair grease or hair oil. I use the white bottle

ByAmazon Customeron February 28, 2018
Size: 4 Oz (2 Pack)|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
great for dry  scalp


D Qreviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
December 8 at 3:08am ∑ 2017
I LOVE THIS OIL ?Did the big chop and oiled my scalp regularly 6 months later  I was amazed  at the length and I lost  my edges at one point from wigs and bout two weeks later I noticed a big difference


WW Jason reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook (Male)
December 2 at 8:45am ∑ 2017


Will help your hair grow
By reviewer78 on October 29, 2017
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
I have 4c type hair and this stuff has helped my hair grow. I used it to oil my scalp about twice a week.


Keonna K.
Forrest City, AR
97 reviews  -Influenster
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
July 12, 2017, 4:25 p.m.
This is Jesus in a bottle. When I do protective style such as sew in or wigs  I oil my scalp with this and the growth is noticeable after the fact.  I also use on my husband's beard because he is trying to grow it out and it even grew his beard.


September 20, 2016
I started using wild growth hair care on Sa'riya when she was 3months her hair was trying to come out and just like everybody else I thought it was b.s but its not a month later my baby hair is back like it never left and her cradle cap is gone as well #Aug19/#Sep20 #2016 it works fr I use it myself -Facebook



Jasma Brown'SugaSlim Johnson‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care-Facebook
July 16 ∑ Baton Rouge, LA Wow! Wild Hair Growth really does work! My baby boy suffered from hair loss back in Feb when he caught a ringworm. I've tried just about everything, nd nothing seemed to help its been 5 months now of dealing with this! I bought that bottle of hair oil EXACTLY ONE week ago, nd look @ da difference of only 3 uses in ONE week. Thank God




Akilah Adams-FaceBook

Best oil ever!! Smells like Tea Tree Oil. Didn't break me out or flake up my scalp  or my daughter (now 5)  I've

been using it on her hair for 2 yrs. I actually grew my hair back from my hair loss due to alopecia in a 4 x 3 inch

area of my hair.




Subject: testimonial -dandruff, box braid use with light oil moisturizer
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 11:02:17 -0700

"I love the yellow bottle! I had box braids in and you know when you keep them in for so long without washing them you get build up and stench. The yellow bottle keep my scalp clear and stench free. I was also going to the gym a lot, with sweat and all, the oil kept my hair in best condition and my hair didn't feel dirty. I had the braid in for two and I know I had to wash it after I took them out but while wearing the braid my hair never felt dirty or itchy. Also, I was dandruff free!"- JD-FaceBook


June 10, 2015


4.0 out of 5 stars
make scalp and hair feel good, a good oil for damaged hair
Bynellie smithon June 10, 2015 Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Review

Loud smell, very slick, use trace amounts, make scalp and hair feel good , a good oil for damaged hair. Has everything damaged hair need in one bottle. Use this like hair medicine, 'taste bad' but does the job in about three months



April 25, 2015

Cayla J Littles-FaceBook

 This product is been around for years, I used this 6-8 years ago & it works! U have to practice an healthy hair regimen to see full results. I used to wash, deep condition and roller set my hair every Sunday! I used the white bottle to grease my scalp where the parts where from the roller set   & it worked!!



March 3, 2015

JaZy Still Standin-Face Book

 I use this on my daughters hair and when I get a protective style like a sew in I put this on my scalp.. So far our hair has grown out a lot
March 3 at 9:52am


February 28, 2015

By Naz February 27, 2015

It works great I use it on my Lil ones scalp
and it even makes my nails grow



January 25, 2015

Wild Growth Surveyee #1,332

Started: Sunday, January 25, 2015 6:09:20 AM

I Love & use W.G.O. for so many years!!!  It's a staple in my healthy hair journey!!! I use it when my hair is cornrowed, especially during the winter months. The oil keeps my scalp & hair very moisturized and eliminates any dryness!!! Helps with my edges to not thin out while wearing wigs too! I've posted a pic on my Instagram Classysweetfm of the Wild Growth Oil as a staple of mine!!! Using this product also soften and smooths my nails/cuticles as well!!!



January 01, 2015

Cheryl Katina Wimbush-Facebook

 I feel her pain, I have eczema too & know how it feels, I have been using black castor oil on my scalp which really soothes & helps, and more recently I started using Wild Growth Hair Care on my scalp & my scalp is not itchy & my hair is growing like crazy. Good luck.


December 23, 2014

Destiny Wallace-FaceBook

 This is a oil that I've been using for Year's, and will consider as long as they make it. Great for pressing, hot oil treatments, and oiling the scalp for amazing growth! # MoHair.

December 19, 2014

Kendra Canyon-FaceBook

This product really does work!  I use it on my scalp twice a week


Nov 21, 2014


Shannon Holmes
November 21 at 4:41am

One of my favs! I always have this in my stash. I use on my scalp and to seal my works nd I don't mind the smell - at all :-)



August 12, 2014

Surveyee #1,283 Tuesday, August 12, 2014 3:06:09 PM
I begin using the oil after some breakage from unattended treatments. After 2 (weeks)
I noticed a great difference in the length and after 2 month I had little to no dry scalp ( my dry/ dandruff was embarrassing). Now after just 4 to 5 months my hair never has to was because of dry/ dandruff scalp. The texture is thicker and length is good could be better, but I don't use it as recommended. Now that I plan to I am sure texture and length will increase.


April 1, 2014

Better than Rx Scalp Oil
- works great for scalp issues
Wild Growth Hair Oil Review at

"I am a 60 year old African American woman.
I've had Pustular Psoriasis for 10 years and have lost at least 1/2 of my hair volume.
Have used both Wild Growth Hair Oils for 15 months.
The issue is my scalp health.
I needed someway to control the pustular psoriasis without all the steroids.
I have not experienced "wild growth", my hair is growing the same 1/2 per month.
I have not experienced "regrowth" of the volume I've lost, BUT I am experiencing much better scalp health without all the drugs. Yes!
I have not used the perscribed scalp oil for the same15 months and have no intentions of doing so as long as this works for me.
My reccomedation:
If you have any issue with your scalp, give these oils a good long try.
Go to the web site and study all the ways you can use it.
I experience the best results when I apply it the same way as directed with the Rx oil ."






MAY 3, 2013

from paper survey

39 year old female with course and dry hair. Had used perms for 10 years prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oil. Saw one inch improvement in length of hair in three months and filling in of bald spots in three months as well.  Comments:

This is a great product.  I have bald spots in my head and I now have some hair growing in the bald spots.   Product also cleans the scalp.

Felicia H., Crockett, TX

Sunday, April 21, 2013 9:07:05 PM

Surveyee 1136 

improvement in hair thickness (light results)-improvement in hair length(undetectable results)-texture (strong results)-reversal of hair and scalp dryness (strong results)-overall hair and scalp health(strong results) 

Surveyee comments:

I've had Pustular Psoriasis on my scalp for 9 years which has caused at least half of my hair volume to be lost. I am hoping the Wild Growth Oils will regulate this awful condition and cause my hair to regrow...after 3 months use of both oils my scalp is cleaner and not as sore. I have not used the "medicated scalp oil" for the same 3 months and I hope with continued use my scalp with become healthy again. Thank you for these wonderful scalp/hair oils. Mrs. H., Grand Rapids, MI


February 24, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite hair oil prodcut, February 24, 2013
Amazon Customer -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

The product came timely. My scalp stays moisturized and it truly does facilitate hair growth. I can't quantify with measurements, but I have been using it for hair that broke off, and within a month I am seeing the type of hair growth that I wanted.


February 13, 2013

MeMe H posted on Wild Growth Hair Care's timeline (Facebook)
"I have been using this product for years. i have recommended it to all of my clients with issues of the
scalp and hair growth. If you can bare the slight smell, u will be oh so happy with the results:)"

November 19, 2012


'Hello there, I have a question. I have just started using Wild Growth Oil last Monday and already the oil has calmed down my scalp and stopped the itching (I have a very sensitive scalp as I used to have Scalp Folliculitis). But I workout everyday and I get quite sweaty, so I shower regularly including my washing my hair and scalp. But since using the oil I only rinse the scalp and hair with warm water. I try to use the oil every other day as read that you are not should use it everyday. Then wash the scalp/hair every other day (I have very short twa natural afro hair at the moment). Is that OK? Its very important that I keep my scalp clean to stop Scalp Folliculitis coming back (at the moment I use a medicated shampoo). Thank you." Jennicer J. (facebook 11/19/12)


July 08, 2012

From: Laura K [mailto:<>]
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2012 1:13 PM
Subject: How I like Wild Growth

I don't have before or after pictures. However, I really want to tell you what I think of the Wild Growth Hair Oil and Light Oil Conditioner. My hair is a combination Hispanic-Western European/Northern European. It is very fine with loose curls and I dye it so it tends to frizz at the ends and break easily. I am also on various medications that make my hair thinner and fall out. The Wild Growth hair oil and LO conditioner help strengthen my hair and reduce frizz. My hair is also growing longer so fast you can almost see it! My scalp is well conditioned and doesn't itch anymore. I also use the WGHO on my fingernails and eyelashes. My fingernails are stronger and don't break as fast as they used to. Also, my eyelashes were extremely thin. Now my eyelashes are growing back, long and thick! Thank you for your products. I don't have to use a lot and they last me a long time. What a great product!

Anyway, thanks for listening!

Laura K.



March 08, 2012

subject: i want this product for life!!!!!!!!!

dear wildgrowth, i'm from goldsboro,nc. i should have a normal mother ever told me about your product back in the bronx. i did have very strong long hair, thereafter, i have perms and these crazy tail greases strips away my scalp. i'd been to joan's beauty store in my old neighborhood and years down the line they become thinner and thinner as if they're ready to break into twos or thousands!!!! even i tried doo-gro,  lusterx bees wax hair thickner,nothing worked until a decade later i have been cutting my hair because of weak, breakage and departing ends that i look like a sianmese snow monkey. when i have problems with my math subjects, a tutor told me about wild growth. yesssss, a miracle has made to happen. i use the first bottle, 20 drops on my hair and brush throughly and add more on my scalp and it made my natural head sooo soft. now, i believe what the bible said about women with long hair IS a crown of (her) glory. there is plenty to be brogouht on,and i'm despearately to say thanks to you, wildgrowth to put on growth. i won't use any hot combs, perms, no doo-groo-ever in my life. i still brought another bottle at a muslieum beauty shop on my block on slocomb street.

Nicole, Goldsboro, NC


October 27,

By Jenna T "J.T." (Riverside, CA) 
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
Purchased about 4 months ago. Review based on results to date:

Quick bio, I am a very healthy, fit, person that takes care of herself. My mother, grandmother, everyone has a full set of hair. I on my part, have been losing my hair since high school and have been on a mission to get healthy hair. I came on here (Amazon), doodling, wasting time in reading reviews to see what worked for hair growth. This growth oil, I saw most reviews on so decided to purchase it without high expectations. Not to mention, that when I got the bottle in the mail I looked at it like "this looks SO CHEAP it better do something".

I must admit, my hair hasn't grown much, but it has grown 3 inches or so. No, it is not a drastic "OMG!" but to me it is a noticeable difference. My hair never went past my cleavage area so that was something!

It honestly depends on the person smelling this oil. It doesn't smell like roses and jasmines, but it doesn't smell horrible either as others claim (in my opinion). Let me attempt to describe it.
I personally like cooking with thyme, parley, sage, etc. and this oil reminds of a herb-like scent just like those spices. So, if you hate herb-like scents then, yes, you will hate this oil. Again it is not pungent. Specially if you only use the daily recommended dosage (1-3 drops) you can barely smell it!
I do the daily dosage 3 drops. I apply it shortly after I shower because I tend to leave a towel on so it absorbs some moisture and I'm not dripping water all over the place. If on a certain day I feel like wearing my hair in a bun, I will add 5 drops, just so it absorbs it as leave-in conditioner while I'm at work. No one will know because my hair is in a bun :

It does not smell as bad as everyone says, like I said, to me it smells like a light scent of thyme and it depends on the person's nose. I did notice some hair growth, very small, but noticeable since my hair never grows. This is the first year it goes beyond my cleavage area. I do the daily dosage (1-3 drops). On top of it all, I like that my hair is MUCH softer (I have very curly DRY hair). It was like "killing two birds with one stone". I was aiming for growth, but I got soft / shine added to it. I'm happy with this. I do recommend it. Don't judge this product by its bottle because the bottle looks cheap as heck! What's inside is what matters?--Right?
Follow the label 1-3 drops, don't drench your hair in more than 5 drops because it WILL weigh down your hair and stink it up. Do MORE drops ONLY if you intend of sleeping over night with it as a oil hair treatment. Make sure you wear a cap (protect your nice pillow).

P.S. makes my hands soft so I like using it on skin too :)



October, 1, 2011

Age: 19-24 Skin: Sensitive, Olive, Not Sure Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown

Okay, so this is just my second week of using this. I'm really not expecting my hair to be down to my booty using this...I don't have false expectations. I just want to control my dandruff and split ends. I have relaxed hair that can be overly thick when done at home (coarse).
This is a very heavy oil. It's thick and a lil sticky. I find that it's best used with a lotion or in combination with another product to seal the ends.
I used it to blowdry my hair after using BB Oil Mosturizer w/ Castor Oil and Aloe and it rescued the results of a wrap lotion that didn't work. When my hair air dries, it poofs up. I partially air dried and then blowdried the rest-- the mix made my hair soft and smooth.
As far as dandruff goes...It's too soon to tell. my scalp has gotten a little itchy, but I
didn't see any big visible flakes like I saw before.
My hair does get a little greasy...but it's to the touch not to the look. I'm single so no man is running his fingers through my hair, I don't care.
And the smell isn't really that bad to me, if you're using another product you won't be able to smell it. Also, I kind of liked it to be honest. Like most natural oils, after a couple of days it turns a little rancid smelling. By the time it got bad I washed it out.
catchastar88  10/1/11



May 11, 2011

From: F., D. [mailto:<>]
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 11:00 AM
Subject: I will never be without this product!!!


Three years ago, after BCíing my hair 3xís over a period of almost 12 years, I decided to let my hair grow out, in its natural state. For two years, I kept my natural hair in protective styles and made sure to moisturize every day. Back in November 2010, while in Sally Beauty Supply, I was looking for something to use while flat ironing my hair and the salesperson suggested Wild Growth Oil. I assured her that I didnít want to use anything too heavy but still wanted the benefit of shiny, frizz free, healthy hair that would not break  while using heat styling appliances. She told me WGO does all of that and more! I bought some, took it home and I will never be without it ever again. It will remain in my hair care arsenal as a mainstay! I use it on my scalp every other day  and on my ends when my hair is straight from flat ironing. Itís been a miracle worker and I have not been shy about telling anyone that this product works. All of my friends and family that I have suggested buying WGO, has tried and loved it too! I tell everyone! Even the people who come up to  me, touch my hair and ask is it weaveÖPlease keep this product the same!

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Ms. D. F.





January 11, 2011
By MissPrissy - This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
Not a Hoax, I've been using this product since childhood. Actually I stopped for a while, and forgot about it or didn't have the money to afford it in my college budget. I'd damaged my naturally curly hair with a pressing comb and was depressed at the thought of getting my tresses chopped. I opted instead to apply the same 10 dollars I'd pay for a trim to visit an old friend. After washing and deep conditioning my hair I felt I needed just a bit more help with repair. I purchased my bottle yesterday and today it has revitalized my hair and has even improved the performance of my flat irons. Don't forget this product is a great hot oil, as well as skin and nail moisturizer. The smell is a bit strong but well worth the results. A quick run through the scalp with the easy application tip and you're good; no need to apply directly to hair simply massage your scalp. Love Love Love it!!!

March 13 , 2010

"Not only does Wild Growth Hair Oil work wonders on my hair, it has also worked wonders on my cuticles! WGHO is better than using regular cuticle oil.  I'm very pleased." R. O. M. Lawton, OK  March 13, 2010

December 5 , 2010

These oils work so fast is amazing! I have seen just little results on my hair but its because i just started using them, but that is not what I'm here for, believe it or not this product does wonders for eyebrows! Ive been putting a little bit of both oils in my eyebrows and they're growing so quick, even on places i wouldn't grow hair in, its awesome i love it and I've been using it in my lashes too, I just dab my finger at the tip and spread it on my lashes and they are so long im loving them! I haven't seen dramatic results for my hair but i know i will because i have hope :) and when i do ill keep you posted, thank you so much you guys for coming out with this incredible product! Never discontinue it please! Xoxo sc1707 December 05, 2010

August 4 , 2008

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
This is a good product, within the first use I noticed my hair was softer and more manageable and I'm not completely 100% sure because I'm not the type of person to measure but after a few weeks I think I've noticed faster hair growth. With use of this everytime I felt that my scalp was becoming dry again, It solved my severe dandruff problem also. Great to put on hair before blow drying to not only protect from the heat but give you a frizz free smooth and shiny blow dry or straightener style with little to no breakage. I gave it 4 stars because SOME people may not like the smell, I found it quite to the contrary and I found it pleasant, has sort of a sweet smell to it, not amazingly good smelling but nothing to complain about at all. I'm not sure for people of nonafrican hair but I recommend it for African Americans of all ages (yes it's mostly, if not all. natural so it would even be good for use on babies and the toddlers) if you want faster growth, stronger ,softer and more manageable hair.-By Jay-Tues. "HS"
August 4, 2008-Amazon-com



February 21 , 2008

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Hi. I'd like to tell you my experiences with both your products. First, without Wild Growth Hair Oil, I can't even comb my hair. My mom started to put Wild Growth Hair Oil on my head when I was less than 1 old years old. By the time I was 7, my hair was down to my butt. Then I grew taller and now at 22, my hair is almost to my waist. For the past two weeks I must have used your Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer only 2 or 3 times. I wanted to use more, but I kept on losing the bottle. But what I noticed is that my dandruff is gone completely! And my hair now feels really silky. After leaving it in  for a few days, all I have to do is brush my hair and the shine and moisture comes back without having to put anymore in! Also, in just such a short period, my hair feels longer. Wild Growth you got another winner!

P.S. I really like the way the WG Light Oil Moisturizer makes my head smell.
M.R., University of Illinois, Springfield IL

January 04 , 2007

Hello, I would like to take a moment to comment on your website and
product. I like the new look of the website. I LOVE the hair video!! I think
that many people will be inspired by it!! To give you a little bit about
myself, I aman African American female with an afro natural. My hair is VERY
tightly curled/coiled, and has often been difficult to manage due not having
the right products/tools. I went out and purchased a bottle of Wild
Growth about 6 months ago, and I ended up throwing it out, because I was SO
frustrated with my hair at the time. Fast forward to today.., I use Wild Growth
oil every other day or so. I have only been using it for about 1 week,
but it has made a tremendous impact on the handling of my hair. It has also
helped my daughter's scalp to clear up, and
she had crusty flakes that would
occur in patches. Her scalp would bleed when the patches were flaked off.
also noticed that when I took her hair down to restyle it, the comb glided
through, and her hair was VERY manageable. I also noticed that when I
too myhair down it was very soft and easy to manage. Now, after all these
years, I have the KEY to making the hair softer and easier to manage, and I
KNOW that I will be able to grow my hair OUT as opposed to getting frustrated
and cutting it off. Wild Growth Oil motivated me to cornrow my own hair,
which I have NEVER done. I would never have attempted it before. Thank you so
much for making this product. I will continue to spread the word. Wild Growth
is an EXCELLENT pressing oil, as well. I pressed out a friend's hair,
and it felt SO soft and moisturized. WONDERFUL!! A happy customer. P.G., January 04, 2007

 I've been using your product for one week, since 4/25/06 and I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me or what but I have some serious new growth on the very top of my head. I go the hair dresser every 2 weeks.  I'd go sooner but I can't afford it.  By the first 8-10 days I'm dying to get in my beauticians chair because my hair is either on fire from the intense itching or Tony the Tiger has set up camp on my scalp and spread his frosted flakes all over my head.   
It seems that every time I go to the salon they cut my hair saying they had to if I wanted it to grow back even and thicker.  Well It appears my hair is getting shorter and short and not growing as fast as they are cutting. 
While surfing the net I stumbled across your website by accident.  I was doing a search on hair growth.  I wanted to know how fast does the human hair grow on average and see what the comparison was from Caucasian to African Americans.  I felt my hair was retarding and not growth as fast as it used to a few years back. 
I've been experiencing un explained hair loss, thinning that no one notices but me, sections that are about 8" long and sections right in the midst of it that are just 1" long.  It really looks like someone just hacked off a chunk while I was sleeping.  This of course was very depressing and only 1 ore two people know about it.  I've been succumb to wearing weaves all the time now and I know this is not good for my hair as much as it is good for my looks. 
Anyway, I was really excited about your hair oil after reading a whole bunch of testimonies.  I just knew I was on to something.  Especially when I saw some of the before and after photos.  I started making some phone calls to find this product.  I found a little store that carried it.  I immediately bought two bottles.  But after hearing the other testimonials I may have to give one to my mother since one bottle lasts so long. 
Oh back to my story, it has only been 11 days since I've first started using it and my hair feels great.  Using after 5-6 days I have to add a little heat to my hair  honestly I can hardly wait until my next application.  I follow the instructions carefully and my hair and scalp feels revivedMy hair is extremely silky now.  I'm not kidding.  I am really amazed at how smooth shiny  and soft to the touch it is.  My hair is now softer than the weave hair. Not one kink or snarl or anything.  It just lays lovely and it is not fly away.  It swings and flows so nice.  I am going to start taking pictures hopefully this week so I can keep a journal and submit it to your company.  When I comb my hair in my face it reaches to my lips. Now I could have sworn that when I first started using it that it only reach my top lip, now it covers both lips.  Of course that is no way to measure and now I think my mind is playing tricks on me so when it gets to my chin then I know I am in business. 
Oh I almost forgot,  I called my beautician 2 days ago to tell her that I my have to move my appointment to next week.  I didn't say why, but it's because
I haven't experienced the abundance of flakes in my hair like I'm used to and barely any itching. My hair is not dirty or stinky and it still looks fresh and nice
so already Wildgrowth Hair Oil is saving me money and time spent at the salon.  I want my hair dresser to use it when I get my hair washed,but I don't want her to know what I am using.  I want it to be a secret until other people notice on their own.  Plus she may not believe it's the product and may say it's because she cut my hair.  So I may end up washing it and blow drying it my self and then go in the shop do finish it.   
Ok my long story is done. I'll write again soon and hopefully have some pictures for you. 
Thanks and Have a Blessed Day. 
A.M. Johnson Upstate NY.


(from paper survey)
26 year old female. Hair type: coarse and dry. Prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, used lye permanents for 13 years, used John Freda, Pantene, and Biolage for shampoos & conditioners and liquid moisturizer and doogro oil for follow-up leave in; blow dried, and wore extensions. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, has discontinued lye permanent, uses T gel Neutrogena shampoo, continues Biolage for conditioner and continues to blow dry and wear extensions. Only uses Wild Growth Hair Oilģ for follow-up leave in. Reports a 1-2 inch increase in length after 2 weeks of using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, improved thickness in 1 month, improvement in bald spots in 1 week, and improvement in texture in 1 day. User comments: Before I started using wild growth, anybody who saw me started to laugh. Now, thanks to wild growth hair oil nobody can laugh at me anymore because my hair started to grow back. I have to say that wild growth hair oil really works because three months ago, I was ashamed of my hair. Now, thanks to wild growth, I have to show off in public.. For the past two years I have been fighting bald spots, front to back, dry out, break down, itch...all of that. I was using all kinds of products. None of them worked. Instead, it became worse. I didn't know what to do. I started asking everybody for advise. I even went to see a surgeon for help. That was the last thing I did. Because he told me to stop putting perm in my hair, I was really mad because a perm was the only thing I could do to fix my hair to go out. My hair is really coarse and dry. No way did I want to quit perms. I told him I would try. And one day I went to school to talk to my teacher about what the surgeon had said, and then she told me she had got some magazine and said there was a product in there that can help me. I took it and that is where I found that miracle wild growth hair oil. I never seen anything like wild growth hair oil. It worked since the first day I tried it. Breakage stopped immediately and it became softer, no dry out. Ever since I started using this product, I had to say good bye to perms. I just wash my hair and let the wild growth do the rest. All of my friends started to ask me what is the secret and I start to tell them because all of us have the same hair problem. Thank you for making this product. There is no word in the world to express my feelings about wild growth hair oil. And Im sorry about my picture. I don't have any to send you because I was hiding my hair from the public. Thank you for making this wild growth hair oil. It is a blessing. I feel really blessed. That's all I can say. Thanks.
Naples, FL


I have a 7 month old daughter. She has been suffering from eczema...extreme cradle cap since she was born. I started using this on her 3 weeks ago and this is the first time since she has been born that all of her cradle cap went away and all of her hair has stopped falling out. Thanks for the good product. I use it on my hair. Her hair is beautiful now. M.J.