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Dandruff is a detoxification stage, which, when it moves right along, the itching will disappear. WG oils often stop itching (that was already occurring before using product-see http://www.wildgrowth.com/Stop%20Itch.htm   ) and chronic conditions such as eczema or psoriasis because the detox process is strengthened to resolution. A sluggish scalp, once made more active will go through a detox cycle, ridding itself of metabolic wastes and other toxins that will come up to the surface of the scalp. Skin exfoliation r dandruff is an integral part of the the detox process. This explains why WG oils may also encourage dandruff, but as the process continues, the itching will reduce and go away. You can try managing the itch as stated in paragraph below. Always work within your comfort level.

 Wild Growth oils will usually stop dandruff as they have natural, powerful but gentle anti microbial and anti fungal properties, but also, in addition to neutralizing properties, they have follicle tonifying and natural scalp cleansing action as well.    Still, temporary dandruff,  can be experienced by some users after applying Wild Growth Oils which, for most people, would immediately remove the dandruff that they had before using Wild Growth products.  Dandruff usually soon go away with continued use because they stir up toxins from within the scalp to be eliminated. Once they are naturally eliminated, there is no more dandruff. For some, dandruff may persist longer than for others. Although they are signs that the product is working on making the scalp ready for growth, one can cut dosage or frequentage back if too much flaking at once. Drinking 8 glasses of pure water per day is also very helpful. The product will still work without experiencing dndruff. Also, because the scalp yields up metabolic and other wastes from the scalp cleansing process, these substances, that deposit on the nerve ending rich scalp surface, can irritate and thus cause itching. Therefore, if the itching becomes intolerable, an unscheduled shampoo can bring relief, even without changing the dosage or frequentage.





DANDRUFF  Testimonials


Subject: testimonial -dandruff, box braid use with light oil moisturizer
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 11:02:17 -0700

"I love the yellow bottle! I had box braids in and you know when you keep them in for so long without washing them you get build up and stench. The yellow bottle keep my scalp clear and stench free. I was also going to the gym a lot, with sweat and all, the oil kept my hair in best condition and my hair didn't feel dirty. I had the braid in for two and I know I had to wash it after I took them out but while wearing the braid my hair never felt dirty or itchy. Also, I was dandruff free!"- JD-FaceBook




February 21 , 2008

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From: M.R.
To: wildgro@wildgrowth.com
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 12:46 PM
Subject: The Wild Growth products

Hi. I'd like to tell you my experiences with both your products. First, without Wild Growth Hair Oil, I can't even comb my hair. My mom started to put Wild Growth Hair Oil on my head when I was less than 1 old years old. By the time I was 7, my hair was down to my butt. Then I grew taller and now at 22, my hair is almost to my waist. For the past two weeks I must have used your Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer only 2 or 3 times. I wanted to use more, but I kept on losing the bottle.
But what I noticed is that my dandruff is gone completely! And my hair now feels really silky. After leaving it in for a few days, all I have to do is brush my hair and the shine and moisture comes back without having to put anymore in! Also, in just such a short period, my hair feels longer. Wild Growth you got another winner!

P.S. I really like the way the WG Light Oil Moisturizer makes my head smell.

M.R., University of Illinois, Springfield IL

January 27 , 2008

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From: DF

Sent: Sunday, January 27, 2008 12:04 AM

Subject: this is my testimony

I cant tell you how much i love this oil. its helped my hair a ton. before i used this oil my hair was always brittle and full of dandruff. my scalp was so dry at times that id scratch so much that they would turn into sores in my head. I hear every one say that you dont need oil products because your hair has its on natural oil.. i never say my natural ever. anyways i have tried everything from pink oild to plain old hair grease.. my contion was still the same.. till one day i searched on line for a special hair oil that rids dandruff while keeping my hair full of moisture whenevr time of day . i found you page thanks to google.. i read the testimonies and i just knew if it worked for them maybe it work for me. so i searched for a location where your product is sold and i saw a sallys and go figure thats my favorite store. before id never noticed your product but when i asked for it it was in plain sight. anywyas i took it home.. i actually got two just in case..u guys run out of stock. anywyas i tried it that night after doing my regular routine of washing and that morning my hair felt awesome.. i knew this was for me. i usually perm my hair every four weeks. but this product has prolonged my hair so that i wont need a relaxer till two months later i love this product and i recommend it to my friends but i tell them i wont give up the details unless they promise to buy me a bottle with their first. thanks a bunch for reading. 




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From: (S.C.)
To: <
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 3:24 PM
Subject: First time customer.

Hi! I'd just like to tell you guys that i like your product. I
have been using it for about two weeks now. I don't have any new growth at
all, but my scalp is a lot healthier and 100% less dry than it used to be.
I no longer have a problem with dandruff and scalp irritation. I'm
wondering if I'm dong something wrong why i don't have any new growth at
all,when people seem to have such phenomenal results with your product? I
have a perm and use it every other day. Should i ease up on it? Any
thoughts? Even if it doesn't make my hair grow any faster,it has made my
scalp significantly healthier than it has been so...thanks!



Sorry it has been so long since I last shared my results. I had gotten a new job and began working long hours. But I must say that the oil is still working wonders.
Remember how I started? It was around the end of March/start of April. My hair was 1.5" all around. Dry and hard as Sahara sand. It crunched when I combed it. It was fragile, never obeyed, soaked up moisture on contact. All it wanted to do was knot up and shrink into super-tight kinks. It grew ever so slowly-and that was just during the growth phase!
It's now Oct 30. I have 5 inches all around of dark, thick hair. The kinks are now little coils, it breaks a whole lot less, I don't suffer from so much dandruff like I used to, and it has so much sheen. When it is dry, its not that hard crunchy dry. The oil has inspired me to take better care of my hair also. Even during my hair's shedding and resting phases, there was still little breakage, and IT STILL GREW!! I LOVE this oil, it's helped me reach my goal of shoulder length hair earlier than my goal deadline!
I really really wish i had before and after pictures, not for the 12 bottles, but just as a testimony to show that this stuff really works!
(sorry for such a long email)




 I've been using your product for one week, since 4/25/06 and I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me or what but I have some serious new growth on the very top of my head. I go the hair dresser every 2 weeks.  I'd go sooner but I can't afford it.  By the first 8-10 days I'm dying to get in my beauticians chair because my hair is either on fire from the intense itching or Tony the Tiger has set up camp on my scalp and spread his frosted flakes all over my head.   
It seems that every time I go to the salon they cut my hair saying they had to if I wanted it to grow back even and thicker.  Well It appears my hair is getting shorter and short and not growing as fast as they are cutting. 
While surfing the net I stumbled across your website by accident.  I was doing a search on hair growth.  I wanted to know how fast does the human hair grow on average and see what the comparison was from Caucasian to African Americans.  I felt my hair was retarding and not growth as fast as it used to a few years back. 
I've been experiencing un explained hair loss, thinning that no one notices but me, sections that are about 8" long and sections right in the midst of it that are just 1" long.  It really looks like someone just hacked off a chunk while I was sleeping.  This of course was very depressing and only 1 ore two people know about it.  I've been succumb to wearing weaves all the time now and I know this is not good for my hair as much as it is good for my looks. 
Anyway, I was really excited about your hair oil after reading a whole bunch of testimonies.  I just knew I was on to something.  Especially when I saw some of the before and after photos.  I started making some phone calls to find this product.  I found a little store that carried it.  I immediately bought two bottles.  But after hearing the other testimonials I may have to give one to my mother since one bottle lasts so long. 
Oh back to my story, it has only been 11 days since I've first started using it and my hair feels great.  Using after 5-6 days I have to add a little heat to my hair  honestly I can hardly wait until my next application.  I follow the instructions carefully and my hair and scalp feels revivedMy hair is extremely silky now.  I'm not kidding.  I am really amazed at how smooth shiny  and soft to the touch it is.  My hair is now softer than the weave hair. Not one kink or snarl or anything.  It just lays lovely and it is not fly away.  It swings and flows so nice.  I am going to start taking pictures hopefully this week so I can keep a journal and submit it to your company.  When I comb my hair in my face it reaches to my lips. Now I could have sworn that when I first started using it that it only reach my top lip, now it covers both lips.  Of course that is no way to measure and now I think my mind is playing tricks on me so when it gets to my chin then I know I am in business. 
Oh I almost forgot,  I called my beautician 2 days ago to tell her that I my have to move my appointment to next week.  I didn't say why, but it's because
I haven't experienced the abundance of flakes in my hair like I'm used to and barely any itching. My hair is not dirty or stinky and it still looks fresh and nice
so already Wildgrowth Hair Oil is saving me money and time spent at the salon.  I want my hair dresser to use it when I get my hair washed,but I don't want her to know what I am using.  I want it to be a secret until other people notice on their own.  Plus she may not believe it's the product and may say it's because she cut my hair.  So I may end up washing it and blow drying it my self and then go in the shop do finish it.   
Ok my long story is done. I'll write again soon and hopefully have some pictures for you. 
Thanks and Have a Blessed Day. 
A.M. Johnson Upstate NY.



(from survey)
Age: 22 year old female, Hair type: fine and some oiliness. Has used Neutrogena shampoos and conditioners and has only air/towel dried her hair before and since using Wild Growth Hair OilŪ. Had braids for 6-8 weeks prior to using Wild Growth Hair OilŪ. Saw improvement in length of hair 4 months after use, improvement in thickness four weeks after use, less hair breakage in 2 months and improved texture of hair in 3 weeks. Wild Growth Co. Comments: Co records indicate that J.B. achieved the above results with 2 bottles of Wild Growth Hair OilŪ over a span of 4 months (early april through early August).User comments: Started March 30th 2005 to present. I had just took out my braids before I started using Wild Growth Oil. I was curious about the product because my hair started to break, especially the middle of my head. So I needed something to help regrow it back, and something natural. I hated using chemicals on my hair (except for one time dyes and rinses) and I liked the natural smell W.G.O. had. Good nutrition for my hair. Anyway, my hair has gotten thicker and slightly longer, about a 1/2 to 1 inch. It has actually gotten better when I used less on my hair. Too much can make your hair dry and coarse. I'm still waiting for longer hair, but I think my hair enjoys the nutrition it needs along with diet and exercise. My hair is about the same length it was almost four months ago, nape of the neck length, but it got thicker, especially around the temples.
It controlled my dandruff problem too! I am looking forward to a year from now, for better results, 1 & 1/2 bottles and going.
Franklin Park, NJ


Hello, I am in love with your product. I use it all the time. Last year my little cousin came from Florida to visit me. I noticed she had very, very, vey damaged hair. It wasn't the fact that her hair was only about an inch long. Her hair was DRY, Brittle and she also had dandruff. I did not have the heart to tell her that her hair looked horrible; so I just bought her a bottle. She said, 'I don't believe in that stuff. It does not work'. I told her that I used wild growth for a year. Her eyes popped open and said, 'You do? Ok. I'll try it.' She told me that the kids at her school were so mean to her and called names like baldy and nappy girl. She told me that she cries every day because she does not have any hair. She told me when she gets older she would just wear a weave. Well, in the three months that she stayed at my house for vacation, she grew 6 inches of hair. When she left I bought her 6 more bottles. She came back from Florida to visit for Easter and this little girl has hair down to her shoulder. (I AM NOT LYING) She looked beautiful. No longer do the kids in school call her names and no longer does she cry every day after school. Her grades even improved. She even has a little boy friend. Thanks to wild grow not only does my little cousin have a new full head of hair but she has confidence to match. God Bless you.