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Front and Forehead Hair Growth Results

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Rina Robinson recommends Facebook Wild Growth Hair Care Review.
March 16 at 7:42 AM · 2020
A beautician recommended wild growth and I purchased my first bottle from her. We were discussing the thinning of my hair, breakage, and texture changes. When I say wild grow was a snap back product!! I can’t emphasize enough how much my hair grew back  and how fast. Everything she said this product was it was. I have recommended this product to others  and they have had success with it. Below is the best picture I could find at the moment of my natural hair. I wasn’t documenting my journey. But my front was really breaking off and thinning  because of quick weaves and not properly taking care of it. The texture in the front was becoming more coarse while the texture in the back of my hair felt silky. Wild growth help heal  and repair my hair and I am grateful for the product.



5.0 out of 5 stars Great product!!
September 17, 2019
Size: 4 Fl OzVerified Purchase WG Hair Oil single
Right in the top front of my hair it wasn’t growing. Started using every other day and slowly but surely it’s growing! I use it with Jamaican Black Castor Oil, and
Pure Avocado Oil.
I’m a woman of color and have 4-C hair. Can’t go on without this in my hair!!!


Monica H. -Influenster
24 reviews
April 9, 2019, 8:58 p.m.
Purchased at: Sally Beauty Supply
This works so while (well). I had an inch of hair in the front and within 6 months it grew  to my nose. I have curly hair 3B/A in the front and 4a in the back. The smell
isn't very pleasant but that's because its about 10+ oils mixed it one. This is definitely for high porosity hair.


Shelia George-Chappell reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
September 18 · 2018
It really helping me hair . I was almost total bald in the front part of my head now my hair is growing back and filling in. Love this.


'persistent use'no results workaround

Leeyah Lardee recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
September 16 · 2018
it took 3 months for me to see the results..i never gave up ,till I saw tiny baby hairs coming up  on my forehead.. I'm Very satisfied,& still using it nearly a
year now
..everyday..try it it might work on you..its 100% effective...goodluck


Nita Hammettbell recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
August 27 · 2018
I had a bald spot  in front."gone" I'm $old wild growth.ppl try it. $ave me some



Debi Inge reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
February 28 at 7:15am · 2018
It's helping my hair a lot. Been using off and on for several years. But now all the time. A big help for my thin area  in front center..

ByAmazon Customeron February 3, 2018
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
This product has made my hair grow  thicker and fuller. I had a patch  in the front of my hair from clipping on  wigs and within a month the hair grew  back in!  Love it!

Tanika Grimsley
· December 31, 2017
I started using this last month and it definitely works. The front of my hair was very thin and my edges  were coming out and it was breaking off pretty bad. Since i have been using this my hair is getting thick
and i can't see my scalp like before and it has grown some. I am definitely purchasing more of this


December 30, 2015

Source -submitted on instagram

Before and after showing results for temples and edges, hair line, front/forehead hair growth and




December 12, 2015

Dewilla Cooper.-Facebook

 Again I'm a cancer survival was totally bald in top n front 6 months ago I started

 using this alone with cholesterol treatment I have hair now my baby just put braids in my hair it's

 think but continuing to grow I haven't had a perm in 5 years have a few medical issues but wild

 growth works for me.


October 08, 2015

"I can tell a difference." -Matthews Lynnette Delois- FaceBook

Before and After

(improvement in  front, hair line/edge, and length



March 22, 2015

It worked for my fine hairs on my forehead which always made it look ... March 22, 2015

It worked for my fine hairs on my forehead which always made it look like i was balding (I blame cornrows since I was for) not very oily but wil definitely make your hair look dirty if you use it to smooth away flyaways. It didn't make my hair any softer or stronger but with that little growth I have confidence in this product



February 15, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great product! Try it :)
Byawesomeness on February 15, 2015 Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Review

I like using this oil, but I'm not sure if it has made my hair thicker. I mix this with more castor oil so the combination of both could be doing the job! My hair is thicker. I have two thin spots in the front of my hair line. The hair has grown back! When I was using castor oil and grape seed it grew a little, but now that I think about it since using this product it has grown out a bit faster. I try not to flat iron my hair too much (once every 3 months) so I can't wait to do another length check in April! Since my last flatiron my hair has evened out also!



June 15, 2014


5.0 out of 5 stars Wild Growth MIRACLE oil, 
MaMaOf3 "Life is a journey, take your steps w... -

Verified Purchase

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

After reading many other reviews I found that not many are in the horrid position I am in with my hair. When I was younger, I terribly damaged my hair by constantly dying, straightening and shampooing. All of that took its toll on not only the quality of my hair and texture- but on my scalp to the point where my hair almost never grew. Worst of all, I started getting major hair loss and you can see my scalp through the front of my hairline. No matter what I do I never feel good so I thought, "hey, I spent so much money on extremely expensive products already" and every oil and home remedy in the book with no luck. It has only been 3 days, that's right, 3 days since I have been using this (haven't washed it out) applying it as I would any oil by massing it through my entire scalp and moisturising the remainder of my hair as well and I already see it working. For the FIRST time in years, I did not have a million hairs in my brush.

Obviously no hair growth yet but you can expect a tingly feeling when its stimulating your follicles.

Note: Many people have mentioned the bad smell the oil gives you and I don't know what they are talking about. If you become used to commercial hair products which have artificial fragrances then you might dislike the smell, to me, just smells like really strong herbal tea. The smell DOES fade after a few minutes. Some have also said it is runny, well, its an oil! You can't expect it not to run at all, and if it is running you're probably using too much.

Will be updating on hair growth in about a month or so overall I recommend it to anyone willing to give it a shot. For the price, you can't lose.



June 8, 2014

Wonderfullness in a bottle., 

Porsha Rooks -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

My mom has this oil as well as the yellow one. And she had a bald spot in the front of her hair from all the years of wearing the little ponytail thing with the comb in it? So anyway, she started using this oil and she's actually been using it for about a month now, and her bald spot has hair on it now. Like its weak and thin but there's hair there. And there was absolutely none at first . So I'm sure it wilk thicken with time. She literally uses it everyday. I'm in the middle of transitioning and loving my new growth if I might add, I'm really anxious for it to grow more. Its been doing pretty great with growing anyway. So I started using this oil (I'm using braids as a protective style this whole summer) I oiled my scalp every other day and my edges everyday. Its only been two weeks so there hasn't been growth quite yet but y'all, you know how permed hair is tthinner then your natural hair? Mine is especially thin but my new growth is thick and strong. I usually do twist outs all the time and to just have a small wavy fro because most of my hair is still permed so its not as thick. I promise this oil has thickened my hair and I now have little to no breakage. Like at all. Maybe a few strands but that's it. I noticed this when I took my hair down. Also notcied the fact that the softness is SO REAL . like I almost feel like I'm touching a kitten. Its that soft. I love it. Sorry about rambling I just realized how much I typed...anyway I'm gonna use it three months at least before I make another review on it and update about my growth. But I'm loving it so far !!

June 17, 2014


I have ordered before and just love the oil moisturizer.  I wear wigs often and the oil helps my hair grow back around the forehead hairline where the wigs rub off the hair.  I am using VISA Debit which I have used before and the order went through fine.  If you have any problems, email or phone me.  Thanks for such a great product!

Shelah R, Saskatchewan, Canada



May 19, 2014

From Customer Questions & Answers

Would this be recommended for fine straight hair? Or does it work best on coarse hair?

I myself have long very fine straight hair and yes I would definitely recommend this. I am on my second bottle and my husband was so impressed I ordered him his own bottle. he was in a car wreck about twenty years ago and hasn't had eyebrows just scar tissue now he has eyebrows and I'm watching his receding hairline disappear. It has done wonders for me I was losing so much hair and had massive thinning in front and along part and that's no longer a problem. hope this helps.

readinglarge answered on May 19, 2014


MAY 28, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Truly works!!, May 23, 2013

Ania M (USA) -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I have ruined my hair in so many ways. I have probably tried everything there is to help my hair grow thicker and longer faster.   My hair normally takes A VERY LONG TIME to grow. I've bleached it and have put my hair up so many times that the front part of my head has begun to lose hair and I started to get empty spots in the front ( the hairline that usually goes first for guys, except I'm a girl).  I put this all over my hair and also on those spots and the hair is growing back!!! Not only is the hair growing back but also is helping the rest of my hair grow thicker and longer faster! this is truly an amazing product with great results ( and a good price). I usually will put a fair amount all over my hair and massage it in well the night before. In the morning I wash my hair. If you put too much even when you wash your hair there will still be some left in your head so dont go overboard with the amount applied, or your hair will look oily the next day. Will definitely be re-ordering for my whole family.





August 28,
By Gaby` - This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
It smells like lavender,it is a strong smell in the bottle but it is a lavender smell.I think it
works the ingredients are all natural oils. I had thinning in the front at the temples and the crown
really bad
this helped to fill in the missing areas and made my ends healthy and stopped breaking and
split ends.

 August 16, 2010
From: A. S. [ ]
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2010 7:10 PM
Subject: I love your product!
soon i will e mail you my pics this i love this oil! I have been using it since  august of last year and it has helped grow hair on the back of my neck and on the corners of my forehead. It has also helped my hair grow evenly and strong. I have not put a perm on my hair since I have been using this product. I didn't want to buy it at first b/c of the price but after using 6 bottles it has paid off. thank you.
A. S.

December 8,
By L. Dani (Bellingham, WA, USA) -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I am ethnic but not black. and I want to say that as far as I know it works for most minorities with curly or very wavy hair, not sure about white people though. I used this oil twice a week I put it on my scalp. I used well over 3 drops! I would keep parting my hair and applying it to the roots and then massage it in. I would wear a scarf to bed (a cheap one, designated for this mission! lol) and in the morning I would wash my hair out REALLY well until my hair feels squeaky clean. Then Moisturize like always. I did notice growth where I had thinning hair in the front and my hair got very soft and it got bouncier and I have very little split end left :D I even use it as a styling aid sometimes! just 2 drops helps with fly-aways. One bottle lasted 3 months!!


December 1, 2008

(from written survey)

34 year old female with coarse and dry hair. Had used a lye texturizer for one month before using Wild Growth Hair Oil. Has seen improvement in thickness in two months. Also has seen improvement in texture,

User Comments: I have been using the il for over a year and a half. My hair had been braided while wearing a wig. In August, I changed it to a texturizer. There was thinning and breakage on the top due to the long usage of wigs. I continued to use the oil after washing and conditioning of my hair. I would use it near the thin areas. I noticed now in Dec 2008, my hair has grown back two inches in length in the front.

click here to see original paper survey response

Rachel B., Richmond VA

February 20 , 2008

(from survey)

35 year old female with coarse and dry hair. No history of relaxers,  Has been using Herbal shampoos and conditioners before and after using Wild Growth® Hair Oil. Had discontinued using other hair growth and scalp treatment products in between hair washings after using Wild Growth® Hair Oil. Saw improvement in hair length and hair texture in four weeks. Has noted that on Jan 19, length was 6 inches in the front and 7 inches in the back. Then , on February 16, hair was 7 and 1/2 inches in the front and 8 inches in the back.  User comments: After only a month of using Wild Growth Hair Oil, I've gained an inch and a half of length to my hair. I also see the texture improving steadily. My hair seems blacker too, and others are noticing. Click here to read original survey with user-written comments

Vicky. A.., Fredericksted, St. Croix, U.S.V.I

I used to envy women who already had long hair.  It just seemed they knew how to take care of their hair or like it was a big secret they didn't want to share. I never knew that my situation was a moisture/lack of a little oil problem.  Now my hair is past my shoulders on the sides and front with thickness (uncommon for me).  Its just growing down my back now thick. Long hair is not something I ever had in my life but now it seems I'm going to experience for the first time . I used to doubt this could happen but it occurred to me that the moisture balance in your oil truly protects aside from the shine and strength it gives. When I use your oil with my flat iron, I get a shine with straightness . When I use it after shampooing or conditioning, it's soft and easy to handle. I save money on getting my hair done because it works so good. I can just do it myself.   I haven't colored my hair in a year because your oil gives a deep rich shine. Makes my hair look much darker than it is.  And no it didn't achieve length in a couple of weeks, but a pretty good noticeable growth in about four months. Like I had a new head of hair. The length was very noticeable.  Now that I can attest too. 
Always a customer,


I am e-mailing you to give you my six month update. I e-mailed you on September 17, 2005. When I wrote you in September, I told you that I began using your product on July 17, 2005. Today is January 21, 2006. I am still using your product.My hair have grown 6 1/2 to 7 inches since I started using your product, on July 17th. NO LIE!!! When I started using your product, my hair was very short and uneven. The very front part of my hair was less than 3 inches long. I did not even have enough hair in the front to make a bang. My hair on the sides were above my ears, and the hair in the back was so short that I could barely get a ponytail in the back. Now, the hair in the front part of my hair is pass my eye. The hair on the sides are so pass my jaw line, that in a  couple of months, it's going to be at my shoulders.The hair in the back of my head is what grew the most. The hair back there is starting to grow down my back. NO LIE!!! My hairline is even growing in longer and thicker. That was the hardest part of my hair to grow. If your product grew my hair 6 1/2 -7 inches in only six months, how much will it grow my hair in a year? I intend to find out, that is why I will continue to use your product. I beg you to always sell this product, because you product works. I am a African-American woman and every product I used to grow my hair, never worked. This product worked. To anybody that is having problems growing their hair, I recommend that they use this product. Take if from someone who knows. You will be hearing from me again in July 2006. That will be in 6 more months. It will be a year of me using your product. Next time, I'm going to send a picture to show you all that this product is not a joke. It really works!!!

 S. M


(from survey)
26 year old female. Hair type: coarse and dry. Prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, used lye permanents for 13 years, used John Freda, Pantene, and Biolage for shampoos & conditioners and liquid moisturizer and doogro oil for follow-up leave in;  blow dried, and wore extensions. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, has discontinued lye permanent,  uses T gel Neutrogena shampoo, continues Biolage for conditioner and continues to blow dry and wear extensions. Only uses Wild Growth Hair Oil® for follow-up leave in. Reports a 1-2 inch increase in length after 2 weeks of using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, improved thickness in 1 month, improvement in bald spots in 1 week, and improvement in texture in 1 day. User comments: Before I started using wild growth, anybody who saw me started to laugh. Now, thanks to wild growth hair oil nobody can laugh at me anymore because my hair started to grow back. I have to say that wild growth hair oil really works because three months ago,  I was ashamed of my hair. Now, thanks to wild growth, I have to show off in public.. For the past two years I have been fighting bald spots, front to back,  dry out, break down, itch...all of that. I was using all kinds of products. None of them worked. Instead, it became worse. I didn't know what to do. I started asking everybody for advise. I even went to see a surgeon for help. That was the last thing I did. Because he told me to stop putting perm in my hair, I was really mad because a perm was the only thing I could do to fix my hair to go out. My hair is really coarse and dry. No way did I want to quit perms. I told him I would try. And one day I went to school to talk to my teacher about what the surgeon had said, and then she told me she had got some magazine and said there was a product in there that can help me. I took it and that is where I found that miracle wild growth hair oil. I never seen anything like wild growth hair oil. It worked since the first day I tried it. Breakage stopped immediately and it became softer, no dry out. Ever since I started using this product, I had to say good bye to perms. I just wash my hair and let the wild growth do the rest. All of my friends started to ask me what is the secret and I start to tell them because all of us have the same hair problem. Thank you for making this product. There is no word in the world to express my feelings about wild growth hair oil. And Im sorry about my picture. I don't have any to send you because I was hiding my hair from the public. Thank you for making this wild growth hair oil. It  is a blessing. I feel really blessed. That's all I can say. Thanks.
A.M., Naples, FL




Hi, I 'm a fairly new user of wildgrowth. I've been using it now for about 2 months. Balding runs in my family on my father's side with the women. It tends to strike when the women reach the age of 30. I'm now 32, and I had begun experiencing losing my hair around my front hair line.
As long as I remember I've always had a problem with growing and keeping my hair. It would grow a certain length, then break off. I wou`ld find myself having to start all over again. Especially in the fall. It would seem the trees would lose their leaves and I woud lose my hair.
Right now my hair is short as can be. I can barely pinch it in the back and on the side. But since using your product I must say my hair has filled-back-in around the
front edge... In the past, my hair has been something I stressed over. I no longer do that, because for the first time I feel that with the use of the Wildgrowth hair formula and the change I've made in my diet, my hair now has a chance.



Oh my goodness (tears in my eyes) my hair is growing fast with your product. What's in this stuff??? It is amazing. For the first time in 14 years I can wear my natural, non-chemical hair. It is sooooo soft and manageable. For years I wore weaves and ponytails. I decided to give this Wild Growth a try and I am sooo glad i did. I am a very skeptical person and wasn't really looking for results. When my front bangs went from above my eyebrow to the upper part of my lip the first 4 1/2 weeks!!!! This stuff works like magic. At this rate it will be past my shoulders hopefully within 3-4 months! God Bless you for inventing a miracle grow for hair!! I love your company!! Thanks!
C. R.



It has been two months now since I found you website by accident, I read those testimonials and was skeptical about what the people had to say. I purchased a bottle of wild growth anyway. Started using it on the 10th of July, I was absolutely amazed and shocked at the results I received from using for as few days. My hair loves it. I have a straight perm and since I have been using it, it has stopped breaking and the roots of my hair are soft, and I think it is growing also after using it  for only 4 days. Can't wait to see the result and what my hair dresser will say in a couple weeks time. I have not told anyone about this product yet cause I wanted to test it first. I could not wait till the middle of August to retouch my hair, because the hair had really grown. My hair always used to break  whenever there are natural roots. My hair dresser was really surprised, but said we should see what the hair is like in about four months.

I usually have problems at the front side of my hair (growing and breaking), but since using Wild Growth the sides are growing nicely without breaking. My friend noticed the difference in my hair, she thought I had just re-touched it (even though it had been over 3 weeks).

Now I am very glad that I did try. And I am also surprised how I didn't need nothing else on my hair after using Wild Growth. Your product will be saving me lots of money now-thanks. I believe I can get my lovely thick hair back and even grow it longer than I ever had it before. My aim is to have it at least shoulder length, so I will not need a weave to get that kind of length.



Just wanted to say thank you for a product that works. I just noticed your website address today as I bought my second bottle. I wish I had noticed it months ago when I started using it on my daughter's hair. She's nine years old & I gave her her first perm. The front edges of her hair broke off almost completely. Since using Wildgrowth her hair is continuing to grow back almost a quarter of the length it used to be (3-inches). My daughters hair is very long, so I know that by the spring or summer her hair will be back to it's normal length or longer. Remember, that's just the front edges of her hair, imagine what the rest looks like. Thanks!!!