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Chemotherapy and Radiation

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Janice Tinkshell recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.Review
January 26 at 8:17 PM 2020
I am a cancer survivor and Janice Tinkshell recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.Review
January 26 at 8:17 PM 2020
I am a cancer survivor and all my hair came out. It has started growing back now and plus I am using this
solution and it works
wonders. I can see the difference in my hair and I recommend this Wild Growth
I use the white bottle so far. It has started growing back now and plus I am using this
solution and it works
wonders. I can see the difference in my hair and I recommend this Wild Growth
I use the white bottle so far.



Shaniqua Saymyname Guillory recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook 07/15/19
8 hrs
I've have been using it for about six months now I went from a bald head from cancer to a head full of bouncy curls

(Inches of Growth)




From: Moriah R <>
Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2019 10:54 PM
Subject: testimonial

I really don't have any questions just a big thank you I have a sister that has sickle cell anemia disease and is taking a chemotherapy medication  to keep her from having sickle cell crisis, The medication made her age is fallout she's been on it for 20 years last September I Purchased a bottle of your wild growth light and I wish I could post a picture on Facebook or with your website so people would know that we're not paid customers we are truly going through something and in five months time her edges have grown in so beautifully her edges have always really been thin because of all the medication she's been on with the sickle cell but the chemotherapy medication made him 10 worse that wild growth made her edges grow like weeds in a while though it's not a lot it's enough for the family to notice a difference when they see her in pictures so I want to thank you for your product my name is Vicky Jackson and my email is
Thank You soooo much



Martha Seamster reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care Facebook
August 30 2018
I use it to grow my hair after I lost it  to double Breast cancer and now it long I proud of it


Michelle Valmer recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
August 9 at 10:29 PM 2018
i just fought cancer . l lost all my hair and eyelashes eyebrows  from chemo. I bought this. All my hair started coming back fast .. i love it..


Tonia Coleman reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care Facebook
April 29 at 5:44pm 2018
I just wanted to say how much  this product has helped me after chemotherapy.....I love this hair growing treatment, I use it 3 to 4 times a week. I told a lot of women about it whose gone through the same situation. I didn't  lose my hair  by choice so thank you.


Angelique Lenoir reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care Facebook
January 5 at 7:14am 2018
I love it!!! I am a Cancer survivor and when my hair started to grow back I began to use the product and not only did it help my hair to grow it also grew really fast!!!!  Love it Love it Love it!!! I'm almost out of
my last bottle need to find out where to buy it again because my local beauty supply is apparently having issues ordering the there somewhere I can order it from????????????

December 12, 2015

Dewilla Cooper.-Facebook

 Again I'm a cancer survival was totally bald in top n front 6 months ago I started

 using this alone with cholesterol treatment I have hair now my baby just put braids in my hair it's

 think but continuing to grow I haven't had a perm in 5 years have a few medical issues but wild

 growth works for me.





5.0 out of 5 stars

It Really does work!

ByLavoria Joneson September 19, 2015 Wild Growth Complete Hair Growth/Care System review

I recently went through chemo for breast cancer and I had been completely  bald Now that my hair

 has  started growing back, I have a thin naturally curly texture (Chemo Curls) Have only been using

 it for  a couple of weeks and already see a lot of new growth both in length and in thickness.



called in at 888 WILDGRO

My message is I am a cancer survivor. I just want to thank you guys so much  for the Wild Growth

 because all my hair has come back. It had all fell out. Thank You again, my name is Nance Hayden.



November 24, 2008

A few months ago I ordered a bottle of your Wild Hair Growth. My hair was a mess. Broken off, dry and fuzzy. Wouldn't grow. After I used Wild Growth about two and a half months, my hair grew down to my shoulders, also looked like a brand new new head.

I am seventy years old. I have a friend who was completely grey headed, also getting thin, his beard also. He had cancer. After twenty six treatments of radiation and chemo, he lost hair and beard. Again the cancer came back. Before the treatments this time he shaved both hair and beard. After the treatments, I had half a bottle of my hair oil left. I gave it to him. He used it on his head and face. Now within two months his hair is back long enough to comb, also his beard is back, but most amazing of all, both hair and beard is jet black. Believe it or not.

Thankful customer,

Betty G., Smithville TX

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March 14 , 2008

Hi. This stuff helps after having radiation for a brain tumor. My hair falls out in patches. With this oil, it comes right back : with Cyclotron radiation therapy since Sept. 1995...

Thank You

Doris T. Woodland, ME



Dear wild growth. My mother lives in Scottsdale, AZ ... I gave her a bottle of wild growth when I visited her for christmas. My mother lost her hair when she had major surgery some years ago. When she started to use it, she could see hair growth right away. She almost started crying because she was told that her hair would never grow back, that the cells were dead. Please email me and let me me know where she can purchase a large bottle. I can't afford to keep sending her this product. Please email me soon. Thank you, you are a blessing.
(In a follow up email) Thank you so much for your reply. A nurse had told me about wild growth. She had chemo which, of course, took her hair out. She said that in a short time her hair grew back long enough for her to put braid extensions on her hair. You should see my mother's growth in one week, we did find it at Sally's. Thank you so much. Please stay in business. I will pass this product to others.