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 Asian, Caucasian, Indian, Latino, Native American, Middle Eastern, Pacific Rim, Spanish and other non-African quality hair type results.


Non-African Hair can also benefit from the non-growth qualities (All hair types benefit from the growth qualities of these products) of both Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer.

Though Wild Growth Hair Oil is a heavy oil, applied on damp, towel-dried hair in very small quantities, it can get rid of frizz, fly away and or under-bodied non-African quality hair found among Caucasian, Asian, Indian, Native American, Spanish or other hair types. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer, though applicable in small quantities at any time on non-African Quality hair,  will always benefits as an addition to a shampoo when mixed in with it. Also, it will prevent breakage when used as a leave-in conditioner. Even in such applications, less amounts are recommended for non-African Quality hair.

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Tracy Devincenzi recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
wild Growth Hair Oil works wonders! My hair has grown like 2 inches and 2 months! I will post before and after pictures in the comment section


Before and After (Longer Hair, Fast Hair Growth, Caucasian type hair)

This picture was taken January, 2020


And this picture was taken April 1st 2020





5.0 out of 5 stars Helps hair grow fast
Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2020
Size: 4 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)Color: OriginalVerified Purchase
I use this product every wash day. I brush my hair out, apply the Oil to my roots and do a scalp massage and
apply to my ends and brush hair out.
Within a MONTH Iíve noticed growth faster than average!! Super happy
with my results so far
, definitely going to continue using this product!
1ST PHOTO: before using the oil, (Hair is straight) SECOND PHOTO: about a month into using it. (Hair is

Before and After (longer and thicker hair)




Gabriela Montano
February 1 2020 at 3:27 PM Facebook Community Discussion Group
This stuff really worked on my hair I cut my hair back in September 26, 2019 because I noticed my hair hair getting shorter not longer. I noticed my Edges of my hair was getting shorter.i got a really good shampoo and conditioner and deep Conditioner I'm Puerto rican so I believe in coconut oil I use that on my hair when it's wet and when it's starting to look dry I also put a leave in conditioner and Let my dry. I put this stuff in my hair where I want it to grow and on my ends I My message my skull. White bottle. Yellow bottle I use it in my shampoo look at my big Difference  in 5 months


Coreena Merae recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
November 23 at 1:31 AM ∑ Facebook
makes your hair feel soft a d lustrous ..Happy healthy hair Hair grows fast and very long..I recommend this product for all hair types..fresh and si clean hair..

Bobbie Jeanne O'Brien recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
4 hrs ∑ 11/17/19 Facebook
Iíve tried everything under the sun this stuff really works!! itís not just for ethnic hair,hair is hair. Iíve only been using it for about three weeks and I see little baby hairs everywhere!!!


Amber M.- Influenster
Johnstown, PA
92 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
June 22, 2019, 4:52 a.m.

Purchased at: Amazon
Wild growth Hair oil is the only way  all that I used in my hair and scalp on its paired with the wild growth hair light oil moisturizers, they come together in a kit are you have to use both of them together I'd say 4 drops every time a moisturizers my scalp great. I definitely have a more ethnic hair being that I am half a italian, quarter black and then each other variations of European descent which makes my hair very kinky and curly and thick but I'm sometimes can experience breakage or damage and this really helps with the growth. Also makes a really nice beard oil for my Eastern European partner
5.0 out of 5 stars Ni
May 10, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
No huele muy bien pero si hace crecer el pelo.
Translation: It does not smell very good but it does grow hair.


Wild Growth Consumer Survey 11/20/18 Respondent # 1664
Straight-fine (ex.: Asian, European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American, South American, Spanish)
I love wild growth

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Excellent for hair growth and manageability for long hair
ByAmazon Customeron August 29, 2018
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
I use this product at least three times a week... Usually massage scalp for 5 to 10 mins & leave on overnight and gently wash the next day. I love this product!!


Stephanie H.-Influenster
6 reviews
Aug. 12, 2018, 8:47 p.m.
Been using this product for years now amd and i highly recommend this to anyone looking to grow out the length of their hair  as well as get it as healthy as can
What i do ( there is no one right way) is i part my hair into sections starting at the front of the head and making a part down the middle. Then i just keep
going applying the oil onto the parts getting it as good as i can onto my scalp and rubbing in. I also will rub my scalp very well and rigorously rubbing the oil in
This oil is NOT thick at all. A little medicinal smell, but i enjoy the smell and am used to it by now. Do this a few times a week, as best as suits your self.
I sleep with mine on.
You will be surprised to notice a big difference in as little as a month i have bought this as a staple in my household for years now
and its great for children as well. Plz do not be fooled and look at this product and think that since it an oil that only certain backgrounds can use it. No sweetie,
i am a white woman
who just happens to have 5 black children shes raised and this oil is great for my hair and my kids hair. Also even if you dont stay in the
houselike me after using this oil, its VERY light weight and easy. Not thick and messy at all and a little will go a long ways. I also use this after my shower and
hair washing. After i towel dry my hair i take some of this in my hand and also some pure 100% unprocessed Castro oil ( $13 a bottle every month i purchase
on you surely dont need to use both either. Wild growth is a Great product and can certainly stand up alone and do the job. After towel drying the
hair gently i just rub this oil good into my ends and up and down the hair shaft with wherever is left on my hands.



ByKrystalon May 22, 2018
Size: 4 Oz|Verified Purchase
Absoultely love the product! Highly reccomend this product!   If you want hair growth at an affordable price, please buy this!


   Hairline  Difference in one month.

Before and After


Aveysha A.
fort walton beach
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 3
April 30, 2018, 9:54 p.m.
Great on all hair types I canít wait to order more Iím going to use it on my daughters hair also


Janiah C.
Influenster April 29, 2018, 8:26 a.m.
Iíve used this oil for about a yea now and will never switch my hai oil. I bought it from my local beauty supply for only 9 dollars and it lasts for a long time. The packaging is nice, comes in an applicator bottle so itís a plus for me. I would recommend this to anyone of any hair type.

April 22 2018 Wild Growth Hair Care Facebook
Kendra Coalter I have really coarse curly hair & im as white as they come. It worked wonders for me

blonde hair was better than it has been in yeeeeeaaarrsss
ByAbigail on April 4, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Hair Oil
After one use my thin, straight, bleach damaged, blonde hair was better than it has been in yeeeeeaaarrsss!  I love this stuff it came 2 days after I ordered it which was faster than expected. Will purchase again!
My hair is thicker stronger and more growth has been seen. I've always had a little bit of hair but I've had amazing results. I used it as an overnight oil treatment. The scent is a little woodsy but is totally worth it

Drew J. Birdman reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care ó Facebook
March 26 ∑ 2018
I already feel like my hair is growing faster! This product is great. Can't wait to see the long term result

Ash Lee Jorhdan reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care óFacebook
Yesterday at 6:35am ∑ 01/24/18
I love it here is showing what a year did for me..never got it past  my shoulders  before it uesd to always break happy thank you pics in comments

Before and Afters

At shoulder length

After one year



Oh yes...
ByMonica on December 5, 2017
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
Wild Growth is right. I definitely stand by this product. As an Indian woman who wanted long hair, this product definitely  got me there quick. My only complaint, if you can even call it that, is that the product is so thick. I ended up using less and mixing it with coconut oil in my hair and noticed intense growth. What results I would have had using the product straight may have been even better than what I experienced. Even when I had my birth control start making me lose hair, I just applied this product and it not only countered the hair loss, but promoted growth and overpowered whatever was going on inside my hormones. It is a great product and I'd recommend to anyone who has hair loss or wants to grow it fast!


Do it!
ByBrion November 28, 2017-
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
I have thin and fine  caucasian hair and this adds texture and volume. I put about 10 drops on wet hands and add to scalp and work thru before sleep on a night where I know I will shower the next morning.




August 11, 2016



"I also love wild growth. Glad to see results in only 2 years."-Facebook





November 30, 2015

"I suggested my friend wild growth as I saw ur fb page reviews Development is just 1 months it is just loss  reduce....she is very thankful. We are Indian."-Deo Pinky from FaceBook.

 Before and After





5.0 out of 5 stars

Really works!

ByNickion September 11, 2015

I started using this maybe a month and a half ago, and I have definetely seen results. If you're thinking about buying it but you're

 skeptical I say go for it, it's cheap and lasts a long time, has positive reviews and has worked for many including myself. The smell

 is not bad at all. The first time I did think it was a little strong but an hour later was not noticeable at all and I personally like the

smell. I'm Caucasian with wavy, dry, damaged and frizzy hair, and it has worked for me, I was nervous to buy it because I heard

 people say it wouldn't work for Caucasian hair but it has for me if any one else was wondering before buying. It helps add shine

 and I've noticed very fast growthmy hair normally grows extremely slow. It has helped with my split ends so much. I have a spot

 on my head I would say it's basically a bald spot on the front where my hair starts, I've been putting it on that spot every other day

 after I shower and I have had so much hair growth in that spot  I'm definetely a lot less self conscious :) definetely worth buying :)



Samantha Smith
Jul 27th, 1:40pm

Love your oil!!!!!!   It is ah-ma-zing.
Just one question. I am caucasian
with fine hair and I am not sure how often I should use the oil. I have
read many reviews and I am still not sure. The scent is fab btw.- july


April 27, 2015

Robin Counts DeDear-Face Book
Yesterday at 3:25pm

      Before and After

My 3 yr old  has   hair  thanks to your wild hair growth oil.
Thank you!!!



March 23, 2015

Amazing product. Used on 8yr old Caucasian
Byrobin dedearon March 23, 2015

I bought this for my
8 yr old  whose hair doesnt grow she has very fine hair. Within 2wks ive noticed new  growth and its thicker!! Only downside is its very oily and has a strong smell. But i will buy again.


March 15, 2015

great stuff!
By Ashley March 15, 2015

This stuff is great
, I am super white and I have super thick, bone straight hair and it still works very very well. Yes the smell is pretty bad, and it does make your hair very greasy, but I only use it before bed on nights I know I'm not doing anything the next day. Despite what people say it washes out very well and it does not make your hair fall out. It has made my hair grow crazy  fast and has helped repair alot of damage. I highly recommend this stuff.


March 8, 2015

Patricia Isabel Rivas Mar 8th, 4:42pm -FaceBook

"This Hair Care is a true blessing! My hair in just one month and a half has gotten thicker and longer. Truly blessed."- (before and after photos below)


March 5, 2015

{This product is not for people with (for lack of better terms sorry) WHITE PEOPLE HAIR}←Wild Growth's Take: There are specific instructions for Caucasian and other non-African hair types. Generally, use less to avoid greasiness and get same results. See GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for Causasian hair or PRODUCTS .
By on March 5, 2015

{WARNING: This product is not for people with (for lack of better terms sorry) WHITE PEOPLE HAIR. I did not pay attention that this is for African hair types. I used it on my hair not knowing this and my hair looked disgusting like i hadn't showered in months..}←Wild Growth's Take: There are specific instructions for Caucasian and other non-African hair types. Generally, use less to avoid greasiness and get same results. See GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for Causasian hair or PRODUCTS .

 However; I give it 5 stars because I do use it on my eyebrows and eyelashes and it works wonders. I swear by it! There was a noticeable difference in the thickness of my eyebrows and lashes, and even got hair to grow where it previously hadn't grown before! Good stuff, {but if you have "white people hair" it's only good for eyebrows and lashes (and hair growth, 'even got hair to grow where it previously hadn't grown before!')}←Wild Growth's Take: There are specific instructions for Caucasian and other non-African hair types. Generally, use less to avoid greasiness and get same results. See GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for Caucasian hair or PRODUCTS .



February 25, 2015
Marilyn SoulstwoLove Hershey-FaceBook

 It is very healthy for your hair. I have been using it for 2 months now and I have  dread locs. I love this product and I will be using it from now on.  It does exactly what it says it does, no matter what  hair type or how bad off your hair is... This product grows your hair back beautifully! !!



February 15, 2015

4.0 out of 5 stars I'm a white female, and this makes my hair ..., February 15, 2015
Allison -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I'm a white female, and this makes my hair feel
thicker and softer! The odor is light and smells all-natural.




May 19, 2014

From Customer Questions & Answers

Would this be recommended for fine straight hair? Or does it work best on coarse hair?

I myself have long very fine straight hair and yes I would definitely recommend this. I am on my second bottle and my husband was so impressed I ordered him his own bottle. he was in a car wreck about twenty years ago and hasn't had eyebrows just scar tissue now he has eyebrows and I'm watching his receding hairline disappear. It has done wonders for me I was losing so much hair and had massive thinning in front and along part and that's no longer a problem. hope this helps.

readinglarge answered on May 19, 2014


May 19, 2014

From Customer Questions & Answers

Would this be recommended for fine straight hair? Or does it work best on coarse hair?

I'm no professional, but I research what's best for hair all the time! I would recommend for your hair this: put 5 drops on your scalp and 5 drops on the ends of your hair before going to sleep (using a towel on your pillow). And in the morning, shampoo twice and condition only the bottom half of your hair. This has made my hair grow somewhat faster I think, but oh my goodness it has made my hair sooo soft! Good luck :)


April 9, 2014

good oil, great results, 
Morgan -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I have long
blonde, thick, wavy hair. I put this on my hair at night by using ten drops massaged onto my scalp and throughout the length of my hair. When I wash in the morning, I just put a tsp. of baking soda with my regular shampoo and that get's it all out. When I'm all done, my hair is shiny (not oily), soft, and oh so awesome. I've also noticed a significant increase in the rate of hair growth, as well. Definite repurchase.



January 16, 2014

Hair growth

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I am a 25 year old Caucasian female. My hair is very damaged from bleaching it blonde and has been the same length for a long time. It grows but the ends just break off. I have been using this oil for about a month and I do believe it's working. But let me advise you, a little goes a long way! I put two drops on my fingers, rub them together then massage it onto my scalp. It gives my head a tiny warming sensation. If you use just a small amount, your hair will not be greasy and the unique smell will not be overwhelming.





November 11, 2013

Surveyee 1203  Monday, 6:51:49 PM
Straight-coarse (ex.: Asian, European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American, South American, Spanish)
  25 - 34
    Both Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth LO Moisturizer

Thickness (slight results at least 6 months but less than 1 year)  Length (slight results at least 2 months but less than 6) Texture (light results at least 2 months but less than 6)     Reduced Breakage and Shedding  (mild at least 2 months but less than 6)


Comments:  This is the best product I ever used.




September 27, 2013

By    Melonie

5 out of 5 stars- This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)-
I was skeptical about this at first, as everyone is I'm sure. I had read bad things about the scent and all sorts of things. First off, the scent is NOT that bad. It isn't something that I've had anyone complain about. I also couldn't smell it on my own head unless I moved my hair in front of my face. Second, it DOES help my hair grow. I am Caucasian with fine hair. It is difficult to grow past my shoulder blades normally as it gets stringy and breaks off. I've been using this once a week for over a month now and I have noticed significant  growth in my hair. I thought it was just myself who noticed it and maybe that it was all in my head, but then after a few weeks my mom commented on it, then my friends began to. I have had so many people ask me where all my hair suddenly came from. My hair is more manageable now and healthier for sure. Also, I don't just apply it to my roots. As I said before, my hair gets stringy when I try to grow it out. I have been applying it to the ends of my hair too and it has helped with breakage. My hair is well past my shoulder blades now and I'm hoping that continuing this regimen will help it grow to my desired link by the time summer rolls around.


UPDATE: I have included pictures from when I had been using it for a month, to a year later. Within that year I had maintenance trims to keep split ends at bay and I had lost my product in a move after about 6 months of usage. My hair still continued to grow rapidly and healthy. I stated before that it was hard to get it past my shoulder
blades, with Wild Growth Hair Oil, I did not have that issue, as you can see.
I have since cut my hair and donated it. I am hoping to be able to donate by year's end, so I'm reenlisting this product for help. I'm pretty excited.




August 27, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars works for white girls,
By Lou Horton (Pittsboro, NC) - Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I am growing my hair out and it grows so slow I got Wild Growth Hair Oil to help
. It is super greasy, so I'll put some on at night and then shower in the morning. If my hair is clean and the air is dry, I'll put a little dot on each finger on my left hand, then touch to the fingers on my right hand and rub my scalp. I'll put a little dab in my palms, split my hair into two sections and put it on the ends also. This has been keeping the split ends away! I use it as recommended, no more than twice a week, usually much less and it still works fine. The smell doesn't bother me as I am a dirty hippie at heart. But I have Herbal Essence hair spray, and it smells divine





July 17, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome Hair oil!, 
By Katie -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I am a hair guru, I am always either making a homemade hair mask or putting oils in my hair to keep it nice and healthy. I use this oil not only on my hai
r but my eyelashes as well. Although this product does have a gross oily kind of smell these results are amazing. I dab 10-12 dots in my hand and rub together to make the oil warm when I get out of the shower. I then massage the oil throughout my hair and let it air dry. I have naturally curly hair and I am Caucasian I didn't see an excess of oil in my hair and the smell does go away so don't worry! I wouldn't say this helped my hair grow longer (It made it less frizzy and more manageable) But for my eyelashes it did help gain length. Awesome product!



July 15, 2013

i actually like the smell of this

By MKx (Las Vegas, Nevada USA)
5.0 out of 5 stars-This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I have asian hair but I chopped it into a really short jaw length bob because it was damaged from bleach with lots of breakage. I started using this after recommended by a friend. I would use this (as) a deep conditioner and massage it into my scalp twice a week. My hair grew from my chin to the top of my shoulder in 4 months. So I would say it gave me one inch a month vs half an inch hair that they say hair grows at. I would recommend using this to moisturize your hair follicles and let healthy hair grow out faster.

MAY 28, 2013

Silky shiny hair growth, May 30, 2013
Danushka -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I bought this product so I could add some length to my hair. Hasn't been too noticable but I use it every night and sleep with it in my hair. Makes my hair shiny and silky the next morning. I wash it out in the morning. I read that this product is usually used for curly coarse hair, but my hair is fine and I love the way it keeps the ends from splitting.

July 09, 2013

from paper survey

 67 year old female, fine and dry hair African quality mixed with Indian and Caucasian  No history of lye products. Had used dye for 20 years.  Had and continues to style hair with blow drying and pressing in addition to simple air drying. Saw 2 inches of longer growth in 2 months. Saw thicker hair, improvement of bald spots and improvement in texture in two months.

Comments: 'I would recommend it because it works...I am glad I started to use it. this is a wonderful product.'   Read original written comment.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013 12:10:11 PM

Surveyee 1145  thickness-length-texture      (strong-strong-strong)

1. Which category or categories best describe your hair type (Please review all choices before selecting since more than one choice can apply)?

Straight-fine (ex.: Asian, European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American, South American, Spanish)

2. What is your gender?

3. Which category describes your age?
   45 - 54

17. Which Wild Growth products have you used?
    Both Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth LO Moisturizer


Comments: good



Monday, April 8, 2013 9:14:44 PM

Surveyee 1127  thickness (strong results)-length (strong results)-texture (strong results) 

1. Which category or categories best describe your hair type (Please review all choices before selecting since more than one choice can apply)?

Straight-fine (ex.: Asian, European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American, South American, Spanish)

Surveyee comments:




March 31, 2013

rated 5 of 5 ladysonoma on 3/31/2013 7:29:00 PM

Age: 30-35 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Red, Other, Other Eyes: Brown

I'm not sure if this works or not, but I like the smell. I know a lot of people didn't, but I thought it was great, especially the peppermint in it. It was warming and made my scalp so nice. This oil made my hair so soft and nice, and moisturized. No wire like hairs sticking up. This is great, and just in time for spring/summer frizz time! I would recommend this but don't use a lot. It is very oily.

March 29, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Product, Smells Awesome!, March 29, 2013

Ellie -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

Wild Growth made my hair so soft and shiny! Also, whoever says that this product smells bad is full of poop! To me, it smells great. Really natural, like herbs. I purchased it only 2 days ago, but I have already noticed a change in my hair's quality and manageability! Since I've only had it for a short amount of time, I'm not sure if it actually changes hair growth. Also, its important that you go to the website listed on the bottle,, in order to make sure that you're applying it correctly. They have great detailed instructions, they also say that you will notice results with hair growth between 2 weeks to 6 months. I've also noticed how this product panders to ethnic hair, but it also works for other hair types as well. I am caucasian/asian, and its been working great for me. I would also recommend that you get both wild growth hair oil and wild hair growth moisturizer, apparently they work better together. Good luck growing! :)


March 17, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars great, March 17, 2013

Samantha vann -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

really works but greasy on my hair cause im white. So if youre white use just a litte tiny bit.



Saturday, March 16, 2013 6:40:07 PM

Surveyee 1115  thickness (mild results)-length (mild results)-texture (strong results

Surveyee comments:

This is the first and only product I have used on my straight, fine hair that didn't make it greasy.

It really looks shiny  and healthy. I get compliments all the time!


March 14, 2013


5.0 out of 5 stars The best thing Ive ever tried!, March 14, 2013

Katya -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

Ladies, I am fair haired, use this every 3 days , massage it in the roots for the night. My hair grew so long over 6 months of usage..


February 11, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars Crazy Hair  Controlled and Stopped falling out!, February 11, 2013
SurferDude -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

My crazy, really dry, really curly, really long, Caucasian, male hair now looks better than ever. My hair looks perfectly hydrated and nourished. It feels soft and shimmers in any light. I really can tell a huge difference as my hair was dry and nappy no matter what product I use. I originally got this stuff to stop hair loss. Not only did it do that (I Went from tons of hair loss to almost none), but my hair looks so clean and controlled now. I use a couple of dribbles on my scalp here or there (not everywhere because your hair will look really stiff and gel'ed for the next few days [it is hard to wash out]) and leave it on my scalp all night. The smell isn't terrible at all. Smells like eggnog (cinnamon and nutmeg) which isn't too bad as long as it is in moderation. I use this stuff every other night just because I feel like it stays in my hair for almost 2 days before completely absorbing or evaporating (which ever it does). A good shampoo in the morning after, and some leave in conditioner leaves my hair looking just amazing. I cannot believe my extremely dry hair is no more, let alone no more hair loss!


October 31, 2012

From: Prasanna P. [mailto:<>
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 7:53 AM
Subject: Want to promote this product in India

Hi. I have made my sister in India to use on my niece and results were amazing . Greatly impressed .

Prasanna P.


October 16,
By JasminNicole -This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I know everyone always says this but I have honestly never written a single review for any product
even when I love it.. That being said I HAD to write a review for this product. I have been trying
desperately to grow my hair out for years. It always seems to get to a certain length and just stop.
I was then talked into a "trim" for my hair which landed me with bangs up to my eyebrows and 3 inches
of hair loss. I immediately started using this product in desperation to get my hair regrown. I used
it twice a week for a month and my hair definitely showed some progress! Then I got lazy and stopped
using it and just restarted again last week. I saw that my hair is longer than it has ever been
before! And it NEVER grows this quickly! I tell everyone I know about this miracle product!
(I am Middle Eastern/American with lightly curled hair)



July 08, 2012

From: Laura K [mailto:<>]
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2012 1:13 PM
Subject: How I like Wild Growth

I don't have before or after pictures.  However, I really want to tell you what I think of the Wild Growth Hair Oil and Light Oil Conditioner.  My hair is a combination Hispanic-Western European/Northern European.  It is very fine with loose curls and I dye it so it tends to frizz at the ends and break easilyI am also on various medications that make my hair thinner and fall out.  The Wild Growth hair oil and LO conditioner help strengthen my hair and reduce frizz.  My hair is also growing longer so fast you can almost see it!  My scalp is well conditioned and doesn't itch anymore.  I also use the WGHO on my fingernails and eyelashes.  My fingernails are stronger and don't break as fast as they used to.  Also, my eyelashes were extremely thin.  Now my eyelashes are growing back, long and thick!  Thank you for your products. I don't have to use a lot and they last me a long time.  What a great product! 

Anyway, thanks for listening! 

Laura K.


December 24,
By Parminder Kaur This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
omg i love this hair oil....i have never ever written a review before..but after using this oil....i
couldn't wait to write...its made my hair's condition better then before..


December 22, 2011

Wild Hair Growth Oil

Submitted  Thursday, December 22, 2011 6:47 PM by Rachel


What is it?
I am doing a review on Wild Hair Growth Oil. I found it at Sally Beauty Supply. I got it about a month ago but I have only used it a few times I wanted to wait so I could make a post about it to see my progress better. I just bought the oil but there is a light oil moisturizer also. I have read a lot of reviews on it and decided to try it out.
It is supposed to help your hair grow faster, stronger, thicker, and healthier.

What am I doing with it?
so starting out i measured a piece of my hair from the bottom, it was 13 inches long. (This was a 15 inch ruler.) I am starting this a month from tomorrow so on January 23 we will see how much my hair has grown :) i hoping it will be quite a bit!


So its been a little over a month and my hair is now 14 inches long! My hair really ends around 14 1/2-15 inches but most of my hair ends at 14 or a little before, so I decided to go with that.

How I use the oil.

I just drizzle a little bit on my hand and massage it in my scalp, then I drizzle a little less on my hand and apply it half way and run it to the bottom. I brush it out and put my hair up. Usually I try to do this right when i get home from school so it can soak in longer. I sleep on it and wash it out in the morning :) You can wear this all day or apply after you shampoo, but for me it makes my hair look a little greasy, but it will defiantly help more! (Sorry not the best picture because my camera was dying and the oil was running everywhere!)

More Information on Wild Hair Growth Oil.

It has a really weird smell because of what it is made up of. You can really smell it when its in your hair so I suggest that you put another good smelling product in. Its not a super bad smell it just doesn't smell like roses. (I really don't even like the smell of roses that much I don't know why people always say that!)

I hoped this helped!






October, 1 2011

Age: 25-29 Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure Hair: Red, Other, Other Eyes: Green

I have been using this 2-3 times a week for the past few 4 months.
I originally brought it to aid hair growth, as I have been growing out my pixie crop since April 2010 and it seemed to be taking forever.
I was a bit skeptical, as first as I have thin naturally red hair and the product seemed to be aimed at afro hair types.
But I have seen great results in the condition and thickness of my previously over processed hair. I have baby hairs springing up all over my head.
My hair grows about 1/2 inch a month now, in a healthy condition and I have only had to cut it, due to vanity. I also great compliments on how soft and shiny it looks.
A little goes a long way, it doesnt actually smell that bad, just herbal.
I like to smoother my hair in it and leave it on over night. I then wash it a few times to remove the oil. -Laura M



Age: 19-24  Skin: Dry, Medium, Not Sure Hair: Blond, Other, OtherEyes: Hazel

It was last year when i got an TERRIBLE haircut! My hair was "choppy" or layered awfully</3 I then tried this product and it grew my hair about an half an inch or so in a few days maybe a week. THIS STUFF MADE MY HAIR SUPER THICK ! It made my hair grow naturally thicker! i used it over the summer and it grew my hair a couple inches during that time. (i used it late in the summer and ran out before summer ended. If I had used this more often and started earlier, i would have gotten better results) I'm going too buy this product again because i want super long hair (: After using this, My awful haircut was grown out in a week and my hair was back too normal<3 It also grew ALOT thicker! that im so happy with :D Cant wait too go buy more of this!! :)-Kasey

June 18,
By Olivia Calhoon - This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
Phenomenal, I bought this product in January and used it for several months. After a week, It was really
noticeable how beautiful and soft my hair was..It felt stronger too! I had two toned hair, so the top
was damaged from the bleach. I could tell this product improved the condition drastically. In April,
i decied to go all blonde and lost a lot of length i had gained and my hair felt extremely dry. I
started using this oil again a few days ago and already love the results. As far at the smell goes,
it doesnt smell good. But people who are complaining about it need to realize that this product does
amazing things for your hair. So i think it's worth to live with it. The smell disappears after an
hour for me. If it really bugs you.. Then put it on before you go to bed! You won't even smell it in
the morning. It smells like mixed oils if you ask me. Read the back of the bottle, its all natural!
So no worries about putting junk on your hair. What else is awesome about this product is you can put
it on dry or wet hair. I only use about 15 drops or so, but i have
white caucasian hair. This stuff
lasts forever! I've used soo many different products trying to get my hair to grow, but this is one i
keep coming back to. I actually do see extra growth, but ithink thats because since it improves your
hair condition, it grows stronger and healthier, it enables it to grow longer. I love this product!
Thank you wild gro(:


January 16, 2011

This review is from: Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for everyone by Hair Report

I bought this product Friday night, which was three nights ago, and I got the results I wanted the after the first use. [...]I am white, so it makes my hair really greasy, but it's okay because it is soaking into your hair and revives it throughout the night. I warm up the oil before each use, so it stimulates the hair follicles and I put majority of the oil on my roots, massage it in, and I put some more on the roots. I used to dye my hair at least three times a week and now all of the damage is unnoticable.  I can't see any split ends anymore and my hair has already gained some length. I sleep with it in and wash it out in the morning. To get it completely out though, you need to use shampoo twice. Only on the roots though, keep the oil on the ends. I also use aphogee pro-vitamin leave in treatment, aphogee keratin and green tea reconstructerizer, and scalp scrub. The oil has a weird medicine smell, but it goes away when you wash your hair.



November 11,
By J. Gallion This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I luvvv this stuff!(: I jus bought it a couple of days ago. I jus put a lil since im caucasion and my hair gets greasy fast, I did over do it b4 and my hair got super greasy. The smell isnt bad at all jus not what people would like it to be. I think it smells like peppermint and sumthing else! Lol It made my hair sooo soft and shiny.. I noticed it got thicker and seemed stronger! I will keep you posted on the growth!



August 25, 2010
By marie17 - This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I have super thin caucasian hair that breaks and falls out a lot. I did some research on this product and bought it in mid July right after I cut about 3 inches of my hair because it was so damaged. My hair has already grown back to where it was. It's also super soft and feels stronger. I use about 15 drops after i wash my hair. I use 5 for the bottom, 5 for the middle and 5 for the top and them comb my hair to make sure the product is distributed evenly. I use it about 3-4 times a week and on the days that I use it, I let my hair air dry and add a little mousse so that I don't overkill my hair again. So far it has worked great. Just make sure you don't get too exited and use too much at one time because it is an oil and it will make caucasian hair look greasy.



May 3,
By Mary  (Texas) - This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I'm Hispanic and I've been using this product for almost a month.  My story is that I had really messed up my hair with all the chemicals I had been using. My hair was becoming so thin. I grew out my hair, took hair vitamins, and used special shampoos did see some improvement but ever since I've been using this hair product I've been seeing BETTER results. My hair feels thicker, softer and healthier. Even last time my sister pulled my hair really hard, my hair was so strong it didn't feel that bad, lol. I was like WOW. The thing that I do hate is that it makes my hair really oily. Its why I only put it at night (3 times a week) and wash it out in the morning. At first I made the mistake of putting on a lot and had to wash my hair couple times to get it off. I've learned that a little does go along way.



March 29, 2009 -
(REAL NAME) This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I'm on my Dad's account,dont worry I'm a girl. but I have to say...this stuff really works. It smells like cough syrup but the smell is not that strong so I dont know why people are complaining so much. I bought it because I'm trying to have long hippy hair by the summer, and oh my god...this works so fast. It's weird...but I'm happy I got it. I dont have coarse hair so i dont use that much, just a few drops after I wash my hair. The week afterpeople were loving my hair, touching and saying how long and earthy it was looking. I say just buy it, because it really does work. -D. Canales


Just a short note to say Thank You for making an absolutely wonderful product. I have been using "Wild Growth" for almost three years now, and am delighted with the results. My hair is very fine (and red) and therefore prone to breaking easily. When I first began using your product, my hair was just barely at shoulder-length. It is now almost long enough to sit on, and has never been stronger or silkier. My daughters and all three of my sisters now use "Wild Growth" on their hair, and I have recommended it to several of my friends. Everyone who has tried it is impressed with the way it works; my family is Scottish with very fine )and very red) hair, and (between the six of us) have tried just about everything on the market. Your product is by far the best thing we have ever put on our hair. THanks again from all of us!
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Rivesville, WV


(from survey)
39 Year old female. Hair type: fine & dry. Had used Dyes for 25 years, shampoos and conditioners till present and has dyed her hair 4 times over a period of 3 months since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ. Has also used conditioners, mousses, hair spray, blow drying and straitening iron before and after using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oilģ, user has seen improvement in hair length in 2 weeks, improvement in hair thickness in 1 week, and improvement in hair breakage and texture in 5 days. User comments: I am a 40 year old caucasian woman. I have always had trouble growing hair. A few years ago, I had achieved a head of hair. I was proud of reaching the length to my waist. This growing period took years. Yet I was a victim of domestic abuse and my abuser cut my hair to about 1/4 inch all over my head. I was devasted. For the last two years I've been hiding my head with hats, scarfs or just not going into the public. It was October when I ordered "Wild Growth". I was willing to try anything. I was hoping for results, but honestly not expecting any. To my relief, and great appreciation, my hair has grown 3 inches in 4 months. This length would normally take me 4 years. I am so grateful to "Wild Growth Hair Oil". I recommend this to everyone!
Sincerely, L.T.
Dothan, AL



I have been using your product for 3 weeks now and I have noticed my hair growth is around 2 inches which is wonderful. I still have a little breakage. I just took out my braids after wearing them for over 2 years off and on and it could be caused by that (dead hair). I have noticed my hair hair is much softer and manageable. I noticed when I press my hair it comes out straighter! I have recommended my product to my friend and she is caucasian and she has also noticed around 1 1/2 inch hair growth within the first 2 weeks!! This is an awesome product. It not only is helping my hair but it smells GREAT! I will keep you up to date with my progress!!


I'm a white Causasian. With this Wild Growth I went from no hair on a bald spot on top of my head to two inch long hair getting thicker  by the day. Started with baby hairs filling in. I previously tried a popular hair growth product without results.
Clarence S., WV


Thank You very much. I used it at once and what a difference to my hair. I am white and have blonde hair but very fine. Now it looks fuller and a perm which I was trying to grow out cannot be seen at all. It is perfectly straight. Will be sending for more soon.


I have attached a before and after photo of my niece.  The first picture is her now and the other picture is before.

                      After  <<<<<<<<<<<<  Before                           


I am very impressed with Wildgrowth and it is a product I can stand by. Wildgrowth has had amazing results for not only my niece but my other family members as well. I started using Wildgrowth when I keep trying other product that had little result. Her hair was breaking off and tangling constantly. I thought if I keep it in braids it would grow and be manageable but even with braids it was still the same. Anyone who wears braid can understand, if your hair is in braids it gathers lint and debris and when you take the braids out it still tangles and breaks off. Also you have to keep the scalp well oiled. I tried the braid sprays. Heavier Jarred Hair Conditioners and it was just not working. Then I was in the park with my Niece and I meet a woman whose daughter has beautiful hair. At first I just looked with admiring eyes. We began talking and I asked her about her daughter's hair. She told me about Wildgrowth. I combed the Beauty stores and I could not find it on the shelf. In frustration I asked the desk about Wildgrowth. The young lady told me Wildgrowth is never keep on the open shelves because the Wildgrowth would be stolen. She asked if I was a beautician. I said "no", but I was puzzled. I was thinking could this little bottle of oil be that great. I was taken back by the price of such a small bottle and I was thinking what a rip off for such a small bottle so I paid for it and left the store. I got home and decided I would use it on myself first just to make sure it would not irritate her scalp or skin. I washed my hair. Making sure my hair was free of all oils. This is my hair's most vulnerable time for breakage. I read the instructions. It said apply about 10 drops. I said to myself, they really did not think when they wrote these instructions but ok. I did as the Wildgrowth instruction advised. I poured the Wildgrowth out in my hands and rubbed it through. When I blow dried my hair, I was shocked that it blew straight. No hair breakage. The shine was great. It was the first time I did not need to use a hot comb. I was siked so I did my niece's hair. I took the braids out and she was set to cry. I just took out the braid and washed it. I didn't even comb it. I was thinking, "ok Wildgrowth, lets see what you are going to do now and this mess." Bad enough she gave me a hard time but now I knew I was looking for trouble. I used the same 10 drops. I rubbed it through her hair. I could feel her hair become less tense but I said maybe it was just the oil in my hand. I parted the hair for braiding and my niece was ready to act up. I was thinking the fight is on. I started to comb as usual end to root. NO TANGLES!!! I was thinking ok lets go further with this experiment. I parted out my first braid and began to cornroll. My niece was not up for this at all but we pressed on. The first braid was like the hair was silky smooth. I got to the end and the hair was no longer wet. I was really nervous because this is the time when the hair gets tangles and I am in for a battle. I parted the hair. Combed root to end. The comb went through very easy with no resistance. I stepped back I was floored that the Wildgrowth really worked. I had to read the bottle again. I finished her hair and was thinking this is the beginning of a great relationship. My niece is four and usually getting through the untangling and braiding was taking me 4 hours. It got to a point where I would braid and take a playbreak. anyone who has kids knows you can't ask a kid to set 10 seconds let alone 4 hours. I was shocked an hour top. Then after the braiding was the test of how will it wear. I was thinking to myself, if this product goes a week with at least dull shine then maybe we have something. I did not put any other oil in her hair. I said again to myself' I am asking for trouble. THE SHINE STAYED!!! I left it in two weeks to make sure. Then came the day I had to take her hair out and this starts our battle. I took out the first braid. Yes she had lint so I knew I had a fight. I brushed it through they lint came out with ease. Her hair was so healthy and shinny. I took all the braids out I was amazed. I WAS SOLD!!! But that was not the amazing part. This was just being. I kept using the product on her and me. I only had one problem, the wildgrowth made my hair so thick that a perm would not hold but less than two weeks and I could live with that. My nieces hair was an amazing different story. Her hair has never been permed it was getting thick and long. It grew leaps and bounds. I was thinking about that fairy tale Repunzel. I was thinking Repunzel's Mom had to use Wildgrowth to get her hair to grow.
I kept the Wildgrowth a secret. I thought if I raved over the product people would not believe me. I have learned through the years you learn by example. Each time people would see my niece they would say what beautiful hair. I said thank you. The proof was when I sent Christmas picture. Everyone wrote me back. She was beautiful. What beautiful hair. They asked me if that was her hair. I wrote back Yes it was her hair and actually they were not seeing the full length because I pinned it underneath so it would not get in her way. Then the calls started coming in. They wanted to know what I was using. I told them about Wildgrowth. My sister now uses it and she is getting the same result. My nieces Mom uses it and her hair had the same result. I used it on my Mom's her. She has gray hair and anyone with gray hair knows that the wrong product could yellow the hair but the Wildgrowth made it thicker, easier to manage and stopped the frizz and No Yellowing. I also found that people think that this is a black product but I gave it to my friend as a gift. She is Italian. she thought I was crazy. She has a curl perm. Her hair was not holding its luster. Now she uses 5 drops a day. she says her hair is like silk. It has a great shine and the oil is not heavy. I think that is the beauty of Wildgrowth. Also it took me 1 year to use up a bottle. AMAZING!!! I really got my monies worth and more.
Thank you Wildgrowth .
A. T.



Hey, Wild Growth, I'm a 17 year old african-american
male. I think your product is working. I've been using your product ever since Feb 19, 04 and today is March 6, 04. I think my hair has grown at least 1/2 an inch. thanks y'all.





Have never done this before, but after using your oil for about four months, I have really seen great results. I am Caucasian, with VERY curly, fine, too soft, fragile, fuzzy hair which I have always hated. Relaxers and perms caused terrible breakage...have tried other Afro hair oils in the past, also loads of expensive conditioners, but nothing worked like yours. My hair dresser can't believe the improvement, so much less breakage, hair looks very shiny, healthy, and is so much easier to manage without chemicals or loading on lots of goo that doesn't work any way. Thank you, I am hooked. Other white women with dry, frizzy, damaged curly hair need to know about this stuff too.