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Shoulder Length Hair

(and Below Shoulder Length Hair with Wild Growth® Oils)




Deborah Clark recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook Review
April 19 at 6:27 PM · 2020
i have never had hsir i had itching and hair breakage all my life i have been using this product for one year omg i love my hair its almost to my shoulder


QueenCass Sims recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook Review
March 24 at 9:40 AM · 2020
I been using it since I did my big chop back in 2015 and I can say my hair is past my bra strap before I cut it lol. I use it in my son and daughter hair. my daughter hair is almost down to her back and my son's is in the middle of his back. love this product always recommend it to everyone who asks how did I get mine and my kids hair so long and healthy

La Tonya Willis shared her first post. Facebook Comunity Forum Discussion
New Member · February 22 at 12:38 PM 2020
So I joined this group because I wanted to share my experience with WGHO. I like real raw reviews
instead of the okie doke I see all over the internet.
I’ve always had long hair, but it’s stagnant at a certain length which you’ll see in my “start” photo.
Since using WH, it grows about 6” per year since 2017. Now it just hit my “split” at my butt.
Looking forward to another 12” or so.....
Oh yeah, I literally do nothing to my hair. I straighten it once a year to measure n trim ends. Then I braid
it back up (my hair - no extensions) because of my  (profession. It works for me.

Any questions please feel free.

Before and afters (longer hair, inches of growth, below shoulder to waist length hair)


Key Lynn recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
February 10 at 9:25 AM · 2020
Been using this product for years and love it. Not a fan of the smell but it's worth the growth progress. I
tend to use mine (when hair is dirty) just before I go to hair salon to get hair washed and styled.

Before and after (longer hair, below shoulder to below bra strap length)



Lakenya Torrence recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
January 17 at 10:04 AM · 2020
Did my Big Chop October 4, 2018:
Only used heat to blow out my hair for braids (4 times since the big chop) . I started using the Oil
more once I dyed my hair and noticed it didn’t retain oil as much as it did before I dyed it. While wearing
braids, I would oil my hair twice a week.

Here I am today with positive results !!!.

Before and After (longer hair, shoulder and below length hair)




Sharon Jordan recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
January 12 at 5:55 PM · 2020
I have been using wild growth for a year and my hair is at my shoulder’s. I went and got my mom some
then my grand daughter and daughter got some it sink but good.
To anybody out there want there hair to
grow use wild growth.


Shardae Smith recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
January 6 at 4:19 PM · 2020
Been using wild growth oil ever since I did my first big chop in 2016. I absolutely looove wild growth oil I use it every other day, morning & night.  I also use it on all if my clients hair. Since using wild growth my hair has gotten hella thick & ya girl got some inches lol


Before and After (longer hair below should length hair)




Eries Renee recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
January 4 at 2:04 PM ·
yes this product works. pictures below of growth timeline. in between I keep crochet and box braids and
would let my hair breathe for at least 1 week a month maybe month 1/2.
its been about 1.5 years of me
growing my hair out. I used it only when I had braids or crochet . 2-3 times a week. depending on how
much oil my hair wanted to soak up!
I bought both off Amazon for 20$ give or take.

Before and Afters (longer hair, shoulder length hair)



Charlene Johnson Truss recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
November 30 2019 at 5:40 PM · Facebook
I have MS. The side effects of my treatments/ chemotherapeutic treatments is  hair loss. Ever since I have been using Wild Growth Hair Care in the Yellow bottle, I have gone from hair of cm. long to well over 8 in. and dong my back! The before and after pictures in a year are amazing! I keep my hair in braids  as a protective style.
Thank you!


Kielee B. Influenster
Jacksonville, Fl
48 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Aug. 28, 2019, 9:46 a.m.
This oil works absolute miracles. I purchased it at my local beauty supply for $8 and keep repurchasing. I did a big chop in 2016 and thanks to this oil my hair is almost halfway down my back! If you want thicker, longer, and healthier hair I highly recommend you use this oil

R McQueen LongliveDavid recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook 07/10/19
21 hrs ·
I’ve been using this for a while now and I’m completely happy with thee results ! First time I posted apparently my hair had grown at all lOl . But it works wonders

Before and After (longer hair, Shoulder and below lengths)


Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Lives up to its title
June 6, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
I bought this for the first time about a year ago. My hair was shoulder length and is now bra strap length. Did the oil work a miracle? Not quite. I changed a few things about how I cared for my hair (stopped using heat frequently, deep condition once a week, etc...), but adding this to my regular regimen DID make a difference. My hair has become stronger since using this and applying it regularly during the week has made it work like a pre-poo by the end of the week. I have few shed hairs now during the week and almost no breakage.



Arthenia R.-Influenster
9 reviews
March 27, 2019, 7:14 p.m.
I have been using this product for years now and it has never let me down.This has helped my hair grow to the length that it is at now(bra strap). This product
has a really strong smell to it and it is extremely thick so if you don’t like those types of things I would keep that in mind when buying this product.


5.0 out of 5 stars Love
February 23, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
Grew my baby hair in 6 months from balled headed to shoulder length



Arkira K.-Influenster
31 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
Dec. 20, 2018, 7:03 a.m.
Use this is my hair, my husband, my kids and all my clients! It’s has a very strong smell but I actually like it. I went natural last year in May and shave all my hair
Let’s just say it’s shoulder length now and my curls are POPPING!



Dorothy Bradford
5.0 out of 5 stars Strong smell
December 9, 2018
Size: 4ozVerified Purchase Verified Purchase  Wild Growth Hair Oil at
Before and afters (longer hair, below shoulder length hair)


Okevia Matthews recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
October 28 at 1:12 PM · Facebook
Well my grandma used to use this on my hair before it went mainstream and it grew my hair  to my back its been years and it broke off then grew  back  then I cut it now I'm trying to grow it back using this so YES I recommend this product

Aliya Marie recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.Facebook
October 19 at 10:34 AM ·
After a year of using Wild Growth I definitely see the difference. My hair has evened out and gotten thicker. It’s grown at least a few inches which I’m happy about, considering my hair never seemed to grow before using.

Before and After

above shoulder                                             below shoulder


Natasha OhCanada Freemantle recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
October 19 at 1:11 AM ·
My baby’s results with rice water and wild growth oil. Major growth and improved hair health.

before and after

shoulder length                4/09/18-10/16/18         below shoulder length



Bernetha Williams recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
September 22 at 12:49 PM · 2018
HAIR touching my shoulder

Adryan Oshea Curry recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
September 21 · 2018
i Serious Recommend This Product For AnyOne  With Lazy Hair. . i Have Lazy Hair That is Hair That Just Dont Want To Grow. Black Shirt Is From June 4 2018 The Other Picture Was From Sept 20 2018 . Im Just So Speechless On How Much It Grew.

Before and After (Shoulder and below lengths)


Wanda Chase recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
September 16 · 2018
It worked wonders! I've been telling everyone abt how my hair is down my back. The only issue is the itching and scaling scalp.


Bre Bre Howard recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
September 15 ·
It Really Works! Results Don’t Lie

Before and After (longer hair, below shoulder length hair, fast hair growth)


Nevaeh Cereane recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
August 23 · 2018
Can you guys tell the difference
(started 6-22-18)

Before and after  (longer hair, below shoulder length hair)



Beverly Richardson recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
August 21 · 2018
that it really works grow the hair I been using it for 2 years and my hair is pass my shoulder going down my back going to get a trim about 2 inches off and
still have
a nice length to my hair wash your hair once a week then repeat using the regrowth oil



Porsche Chanel
July 4 at 9:47 PM · 2018 Facebook
4 months ago (left side) and today (right side)Wild Growth Hair Care gone have my hair back down my back Loverne Turner I need them braids ASAP

Before and After


Myanna A.
July 1, 2018, 8:24 a.m. 2018
My hair has grew so much ! It is not(w) down my p(b)ack I love this oil ! My natural hair girl  should really try this !


Consistent use according to instructions workaround for achieving progressive results

Tonya B.
June 30, 2018, 1:58 p.m. 2018
Actually this product needs another star. LOL Wild Growth Hair Oil is a life saver! I have used this product off and on for 10 years but never had a consistent regimen. Last year, I connected with a young lady who designed a great hair
regimen for me that included this product
. As a result, my bald spot and hair length started to grow. My hair is at my shoulders. Really!!! I am so happy and would encourage everyone to following the product instructions. Start today!

Tyez Davis‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care
May 27 2018 Facebook
One month difference! I use the product maybe 2x a week (yellow bottle with shampooing my hair  and  the white bottle for moisturizing). I could automatically tell by my new growth  it was working but I finally straightened my hair again after a month to compare and this was my result. Love this product!
Before and After

Lori Goodwin‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care
May 24 2018 Facebook
This is an amazing product. I cut all my hair off a couple of years ago. I started using this product and the results are amazing! The first picture was taken January 2017 and the 2nd photo is what it looks like today!
Before and After



Lisa R.
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
May 17, 2018, 12:45 p.m.
I used this and I love it. I cut my hair to above my shoulder and used this consistently on my  scalp and edges my hair is almost to the bottom of my bra strap. It helped with edges when I had breaks my hairline started to recede  but I used this every other day and they grew back!  I use this before I get sew ins and under my wigs



Bree Williams‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care
May 15 2018 Facebook
I used this product when I got braid extensions and this was the result after having my braids in for a while. I highly recommend using it with  protective hairstyles. It’s all about being consistent!

Before and After (three months)


Shonae West reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
May 13 · 2018
Although I dont have the proof I really stand by this product. My hair was just barely touching my neck and now its touching my back. I haven't taken any vitamins or anything just using the oil. I love this stuff and I will continue to use it.


Tina Fennell Bibles reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
March 13 at 12:29pm ·
Wild Growth Has Grown My Edges Back & And my granddaughters hair has grown so so much. Their hair transcends down their shoulders after 4 months after purchasing our first bottle.

Charles Richardson reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
March 4 at 2:01pm ·
My great grand son's hair is on his back used wild growth has grown  his hair beyond control



Mel Murphy reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
February 24 at 3:55pm ·
I've been using the white bottle for a little over a year and my hair is growing  at such a rate.  I've even cut my hair a few times, I mean a lot of hair off and my hair is almost bra strap length. It used to be above
my shoulders!


Ash Lee Jorhdan reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care —Facebook
Yesterday at 6:35am · 01/24/18
I love it here is showing what a year did for me..never got it past  my shoulders  before it uesd to always break happy thank you pics in comments

Before and Afters

At shoulder length

After one year



Nigiah Thompson reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
Yesterday at 5:28am · 1/21/18
I started both bottles about 2 weeks ago and my hair feels soft and my curls are finally back. I’ve cut my hair really really short the beginning of last year and the products that I was using never grew It back the
way I wanted. My hair is now past my shoulders and my edges  are growing  back quickly. Best product ever!!


Paris Sanders reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care —Facebook
January 20 at 6:30am · 2018
I absolutely love to use both the yellow and white bottles in my hair. I've been natural for a little over 2 years and I've went from the bug choo to hair past my shoulders. I also use this in my 6 year old daughter
, and she has the prettiest   thicknaturallong hair. I love it


Tykeria Edwards reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
January 9 at 8:22am ·
I've Been Using This Oil Since November And My Hair Has Grew Back  Where Glue Has Pulled It Out From My Edges And My Hair Is Almost To My Shoulders, Gonna Get A Blow Out At The Salon To
Show The Actual Growth


Antoinette King
· January 2, 2018
I use wild growth on my hair it works great  my hair use to be short  now it's shoulder length but I hate the smell of wild growth


If you don’t stop debating and buy this already !
ByAmazon Customer on December 30, 2017
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
Look! If you don’t have this oil, you’re missing out. I don’t normally comment on things I’ve purchased. No lie , I saw a growth in my hair the second day of using it . And in a week , my hair was touching my shoulders , WITHOUT STRETCHING IT.. ( ps I have curly hair lol ) . Everybody hair is different.. but you will see results! Trust !


Really works!!!
By Jazlyn Alvarezon November 20,
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
My hair has been at a shoulder length for the past few months. I decided to try this and loved it. I noticed hair growth within a week. It's been about a month and my hair has finally grown  past my shoulders.


This is an inexpensive but great grooming product for black hair
ByR. Rushon November 17, 2017
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
This is an inexpensive but great grooming product for black hair. I have very coarse thick hair. I do not have a relaxer but I do use hair color. I usually use this at the roots of my hair after shampooing. My hair is almost waist length. It is
soft, manageable and doesn't dry out as much as it used to between shampoos. It prevents split ends also.


June 5, 2017

Wild Growth Hair Oil This hair oil is AMAZINGGGGG.. my hair is ...
ByShanae Henryon June 5, 2017
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Amazon
this hair oil is AMAZINGGGGG.. my hair is now down my back because of this product. I do protective styles with weave and oil my braids with this oil. Definitely worth every penny!



ByAmazon Customeron February 25, 2017

Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Amazon

It works as expected but has a slight scent. It isn't that noticeable unless you have someone sniffing your hair. I

 bought this after my neighbor used it on her hair. She had NO EDGES (hairline) and was desperate to find

 something that would reverse the damage she had done due to wearing wigs, weaves and tight braids for years.

 At first I was a non believer but when she started to show results I was sold. I personally have NO hair loss and

 when I started using this my hair was at my collar bone. I figured if this could grow her hair back then imagine

 what it can do for me!! Once you get past the scent it's smooth sailing. I used it 3 times a week for one month

 and now my hair is past my shoulders. I love this product!! I wish I had known about this months ago!




China Leay Lynn‎Wild Growth Hair Care

After using this I saw a major difference ! My hair felt thicker and softer .. I big chopped in February because my hair was uneven an I kept using heat an chemicals .. I decided to go natural no heat until I wanted to see how long hair grew an this is a 6 month difference ! It reaches past my collarbone !





RayNi'cole‎ to Wild Growth Hair Care
May 22 at 8:04pm ·

Right: Jan. 2016 Left: May. 2016 Even through relaxing, bleaching, and applying hair has managed to grow about four inches. Thanks to WGHC, I'll achieve my goal
(bra strap length) before the end of the year.

before and after (long enough to rest on the back of the shoulders)





December 21, 2015


Wild Growth Hair Care-Facebook

December 21, 2015 at 8:56am ·
"I've beeing using it off & on for abt 8 yrs   my daughter loves it."- Nina Johnson


waist length, shiny, silky hair



December 9 at 2:09pm ·




October 2 , 2015
"Used this product back in 2013...when I was a fool to chop my hair off... That is a months progress. I

 recommend it...highly!!!"-Valian De'Shun-Facebook


Before  and After

(clockwise from bottom photo.Notice it was cut to the nape of the neck in photo 1, past shoulders in

 photo 2, at bottom of shoulder blade in photo 3 )






The Best Hair Oil Out Today

Date:September 11, 2015


Pros: grows hair fast.

Cons: the smell is not pleasant but can be fixed.

" I have used this oil before in the past like in 2014, which was the very first time I've used this oil. I was going natural and wanting to grow my hair

 out fast. After looking at YouTube ladies reviewing this oil, I definitely was trying this oil. After trying it, it was the best decision I had ever made.

 My hair's length was to the scalp in Sept. of 2014, by the end of Dec 2014, my hair had already grown out to 2-3 inches, no lie. I am still using this

 stuff because I am never going without it. My hair is shoulder length now and still growing. I am a smoker and trying to quit, this oil is still growing

 my hair out  fast. I know when I completely stop smoking, my hair will be growing even faster. People, this oil is no joke. It works on growing your

 hair. My recommendation about this oil is to use it lightly. A little bit can go a long way. There's (no) need to oil your hair every day, only if you 

have dry  hair. I use this stuff on my hair probably like twice a week, one time a day. Everybody is different, so using this oil is really up the

person  who is  using the oil and their hair routine.You can also mix this oil with other oils too. I have this oil in my water and in my conditioner and

in my shampoo.

To me and my personal opinion, this oil is super great and has helped my hair grow fast. I even gave a friend of mine a free bottle of this oil. She

 doesn't have to tell me jack because I know it is working on her head and her kid's heads. I love this oil and would recommend this oil to anyone

 whose balding even men can use it too, and to anyone who just wants long hair, period. It works. Also people, this oil is cheaper at Sally Beauty, I

 swear. I use to buy this oil from Amazon, but everyone is charging an arm and a leg. I stick with Sally Beauty because I have a saving account or

 their value card to use on the discount items online. Sally Beauty sells this stuff cheaper than any other place. I have brought 4 bottle from them

 and planning on buying some more from SB. This oil will last more than a month, if you use it right, meaning don't use so much of it at one time.

Use after washes and mix with your conditioners. This oil well I know for a fact it works very well on my hair. This oil works for real. SB sells it

 cheaper online from their site. Real natural hair oil and at a great price at Sally Beauty. "







Sasha Simmonds-FaceBook. I've been using wild growth since I was 19 or 20 and I'm now 38 y/o. It's

 the only  moisturizer that I use.   I swear by this product  it's extremely concentrated so the 4oz bottle

 lasts me approx 3 months and the cost has only gone up $1 since I've 1st started using it. My hair

 has grown  to my bra strap. Loyal customer for life.


June 25, 2015

Lucia Toth-Facebook
Yes thus stuff does work it took awhile cause my hair was short but in a yr its pass my shoulder I lv it but I only use the white bottle gonna have to try the yellow also ....
June 25 at 3:19pm


April 23, 2015

Shalia Ratliff commented on a link Wild Growth Hair Care shared.
Shalia Ratliff
April 25 at 12:10pm

My hair in the middle of my back. I Love it. Have to be consistent



March 7, 2015

After using this product my hair grew from   no hair  to bra strap  length and the smell is not that bad. I highly recommend this pr
ByAmazon Customer "myh"on March 7, 2015

I cut my hair off. I Bought this products 4 months ago. I could not put my hair in a ponytail. After using this product my hair grew from no hair to bra strap  length and the smell is not that bad. I highly recommend this product



January 07, 2015

Ladyboss Murray
January 7 at 8:15pm
I've always dreamed of having long thick beautiful hair my whole life. When I was young I had very pretty hair but very short hair. I did not understand until I got older why It took hair so long to grow. I would always compare my hair to my sister hair because she had a bigger puff than mines. Long story short MY AUNT perked my hair in the third grade . It grew long
but never pass shoulder length. I never new how to take care my hair properly until when I started to put a lot of bond ins in my hair and seen that it started to fall out mostly my edges had small patches and wouldn't grow back. I put a end to that and started researching products and finally came across wild growth on YouTube . From then I never looked back. I deep condition once a week with this oil and got tremendous growth and length. At this time I was just starting transition to natural. Didn't want to deal with two textures so I cut It off and started from scratch and I will never stop using this product is my go to product for life.



December 29, 2014

Carla Ambitious Wilson-FaceBook

 Works better when you hair is in a protective style like braids. Started above the ear now hitting my shoulder  all in two months!



September 19, 2014

My New Hair Oil Forever,

Nancy Keel "NAncy Keel" -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I got this stuff  last week 09/11/2014, and this week my hair is longer than it was last week..I swear. This oil works people and it does grow your hair fast too. I mean at least a couple of inches. I am going natural and I don't really comb my hair much . I only wear my hair in twists and I wear my wigs until my hair is the length I want it. My daughter is biracial and it grew her hair like crazy. I swear last week her was to her neckline now it is passing her neckline. Her hair has never been past her neckline and because of this stuff it is getting there. I mean it is thick and full. She has course hair and it is curly. This stuff makes her and mine hair soft to the touch. This is the real deal...people. Now I am going to warm it like a hot oil and apply it to our hair and see what that does...this stuff really grows your hair and fast. It works.

August 14, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars Great!,
Shannon Duncan -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I've been using this for 2 weeks and I can say this helps my hair. I put it on every other day and it makes my hair extremely soft and smooth. I also use natural, unrefined jojoba oil on the ends of my hair and I have been seeing less breakage than before! Also, I see a bit of growth. Of course, it's not like 10 inches but I'm a BSL 3c/4a hair and my hair used to be exactly at my widest part of my shoulder blades. Now, it's sitting right under my shoulder blades.

I recommend if you're using this and wanting to see results to also have a great hair routine. Use all natural products. Stop using stuff with petroleum and such! I recommend Neem Oil Virgin Organic Carrier Unrefined Cold Pressed 16 oz (a bit pricey but definitely works really well and lasts long!) and also keep a good hair routine. Try investing time in sites like naturallycurly, kinkycurlycoilyme and blackgirllonghair to find a great routine and see what others do with your hair type!

My hair has been better. I have 3c/4a hair but this thing kind of elongated my shrinkage and it looks more like a 3b/3c! Also, the smell people are complaining about is nothing, really. I opened the bottle after seeing the other reviews hesitantly and took a big whiff (I went all in!) of the scent. It was STRONG but it wasn't BAD. Smells kind minty? Anyway, if you hate the smell, it doesn't last long. In fact, it probably lasts at most an hour (AT MOST. I stop noticing the smell within like 20-30minutes!) but if you're still paranoid, put it on before you go to bed while you also put on a satin cap. Of course, the satin cap will start to smell minty but I noticed my hair hasn't... or at least it's REALLY faint (you'll only smell it if you literally went to my hair and smelled it).

I haven't seen significant growth (just a little... but I've only been using for 2 weeks) but I have hope with all the reviews on Youtube!
Also, here's a tip: This thing causes ITCHING after a few days so please be sure to wash your hair AT LEAST once a week!


August 11, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars good product, August 11, 2014
Browser "Browser" (NW) -
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

Daughter has hair to her butt and loves this product




December 3, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars magic!!!, 
ashley -

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
This is one of the best oils out here for the price. Wild growths fragrance isn't necessarily the best but it's not bad either. This oil grew my hair from chin length to shoulder length in three months using braids as a protective style. The temples of my hair were thin and this oil grew them back   in a few weeks. What I'm saying is, if your hair is damaged, thin, breaking or you want to just retain some length, use this with out stopping for three months and you will see results! I started back using this oil because I got a bad color job and my hair in about two inches long. I'm rotating using Wild Growth, Groganics Gro n Wild treatment, while taking Biotin. It's been One week and my scalp is itching like it's on fire and my braids are already dangling from New Growth. You can't expect this oil to work if you don't practice health hair care and/or have a bad diet. Eat healthy and drink as much water as you can stand and you will see result fast!


September 27, 2013

By    Melonie

5 out of 5 stars- This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)-
I was skeptical about this at first, as everyone is I'm sure. I had read bad things about the scent and all sorts of things. First off, the scent is NOT that bad. It isn't something that I've had anyone complain about. I also couldn't smell it on my own head unless I moved my hair in front of my face. Second, it DOES help my hair grow. I am Caucasian with fine hair. It is difficult to grow past my shoulder blades normally as it gets stringy and breaks off. I've been using this once a week for over a month now and I have noticed significant  growth in my hair. I thought it was just myself who noticed it and maybe that it was all in my head, but then after a few weeks my mom commented on it, then my friends began to. I have had so many people ask me where all my hair suddenly came from. My hair is more manageable now and healthier for sure. Also, I don't just apply it to my roots. As I said before, my hair gets stringy when I try to grow it out. I have been applying it to the ends of my hair too and it has helped with breakage. My hair is well past my shoulder blades now and I'm hoping that continuing this regimen will help it grow to my desired link by the time summer rolls around.


UPDATE: I have included pictures from when I had been using it for a month, to a year later. Within that year I had maintenance trims to keep split ends at bay and I had lost my product in a move after about 6 months of usage. My hair still continued to grow rapidly and healthy. I stated before that it was hard to get it past my shoulder
blades, with Wild Growth Hair Oil, I did not have that issue, as you can see.
I have since cut my hair and donated it. I am hoping to be able to donate by year's end, so I'm reenlisting this product for help. I'm pretty excited.



September 09, 2013

(user of both Wild Growth® Hair Oil and Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer)

My name is Kathleen ---------------. Thank you for this wonderful product. It really works. It works very well. I like it so much that very soon I will order $164.00 worth of Wild Growth. I am going to spread the word about this wonderful product. It makes your hair so soft and strong and also stops my hair from breaking off. It really has grown past my shoulders which was at a little to my neck. It is wonderfully soft and full of body. I have mixed grade of hair. It is mixed with Cherokee and African American types of hair. I used to used---------- but it broke my hair off. And I tried other products but all they did was make my hair brittle, break and shorten my hair growth.  Like I said, I am staying with this wonderful product ('It really works").

P.S. I wish I had taken a picture when it was really short. Don't ever stop making this wonderful product.

Read original written comment.

Kathleen, Fayetteville NC

July 15, 2013

i actually like the smell of this

By MKx (Las Vegas, Nevada USA)
5.0 out of 5 stars-This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I have asian hair but I chopped it into a really short jaw length bob because it was damaged from bleach with lots of breakage. I started using this after recommended by a friend. I would use this (as) a deep conditioner and massage it into my scalp twice a week. My hair grew from my chin to the top of my shoulder in 4 months. So I would say it gave me one inch a month vs half an inch hair that they say hair grows at. I would recommend using this to moisturize your hair follicles and let healthy hair grow out faster.



July 7, 2013
By Jennifer Douglas
5.0 out of 5 stars-This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I swear this is the only product I found that works. In tech school I put it in every morning. The most growth I have seen in years! From shoulder length to mid back. :)) ( I have extremely fine/ damaged hair))


February 10, 2013 at 1:54 PM
-Wild Growth Hair Oil-
I used this product, and it does work. I've tried plenty of hair oils, as I'm quite fussy as to what I use on my hair. I usually texturize my hair every 3 months. It definitely promotes new hair growth, that tingly feeling you get is because your hair folicals are stimulating because of the oil, so any time my scalp starts to tickle or tingle, I smile to myself cos I no its working, plus I love the feeling. You don't need to over use it, I use it once every 3 to 5 days. Also the odour may be quite strong but that's because its pure plant extracts which is perfect. In all, I would give this oil 10/10. It delivers what it promises, no chemicals, 100% pure, and healthy long hair. I am black british from the united kingdom. My hair normally grow about 1cm a month. Using this oil makes it grow 1'inch a month! My hair is down my back past by bra strap. It would be soooo much more longer if I didn't cut if every month, but I love this oil & will continue to use it continously! If you haven't tried it then please give it a go, you will not be dissapointed, just give it time. I need to state just one more thing, bare in mind this oil also softens your new growth, so because of that u might think its hardily grown as your normally use to seing thick growth, but it has grown!!! Give it time, love your hair, love the oil & the oil will love you. If you feel like you would like to talk to someone on their experience with this oil then feel free to email me, I would love people to experience what I'm experiencing with this oil yeay! :D


October 30, 2012

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Bless Author Natisha R.  posted on Wild Growth Hair Care's timeline

"Since I've been useing wild growth my real hair is pass my shoulder I've been using this product for a whole year now. . In I thank god for it . Before I started useing wildgrowth my hair use to fall out for no reason but now I am forever shining. :- )"



December 12,
By S. Calloway "Vanilla Virtue" (USA) - This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I've used this product on and off for over 13 years. I used it when I was in high school which was
about 10 years ago. It grew my hair back then real thick and long. People thought I had weave in my
hair, because it was so pretty.
I started using it again recently, and I have had people to ask what
products I've been using
because my hair is thick. I had a hair cut last year that was short and
shaved off in the back, and I started using wild gro to grow my lenghth out and now my hair is close
to my shoulders
over a course of 5-6 months. The only thing that causes people not to use this oil
consistently is the smell. Also, it causes the scalp to itch. Usually, I only let the oil stay on my
scalp for 2-3 days and have to wash it out due to the itching and smell. If you can tolerate the
itching of the scalp and smell, the oil is for you. The product does work like the advertisements
It does cause rapid hair growth along with thickness.


 August 10,
By dlam -This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
natural hair grew really fast after BCI started using this after a bad experience with a relaxer (I had been relaxed for about 15 years). Once the relaxer took out a lot of my hair, I decided to go natural since I had been thinking about
it anyway. Before chopping it off, I was able to still wear the hair that I had left in a roller set
or crinkle style to add volume. I started using the wild growth oil also. The parts of my hair that
were broke off, started growing so fast I had to go ahead and cut my hair 3 months after the bad
relaxer. I never really had a TWA, that's how much new growthf I had. I wasn't feeling the short hair
so I wore sew-ins and micro braids. My hair grew so much when I had these because I always used the
wild hair growth about 2-3 times a week depending on how much I felt my hair needed. Now a year after
the BC, my hair is past my shoulders, yes past my shoulders when straighten
. When curly it is about
at chin level. I never saw my hair grow so fast so I don't know if it was just a combination of going
natural, using the oil and having my hair in the protective styles but the combination of those were
amazing for me.


June 11, 2007

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From: D.H.
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2007 2:52 PM

Hi wild growth its me D.H from Florida. Like I said wild growth has done wonders to my hair. Many people email me wanting more advise on the product. Its is great I tell them and that's the truth my friend. My mom's hair is long its now sitting on her shoulders. Long silky and beautiful dark hair. Mines would of been long to but due to uneven and many other things. I cut it so I can start from scratch. My hair now is just below my ears, I don't like my cut and i hoping my hair grow very fast. I planning on taken a before and after pictures for everyone to see. My goal is to reach shoulder length hair again before christmas, if you dont think that's possible keep on dreaming sister. I'm gonna use it three time a week on my scalp. Well i really cant wait my hair was cut Saturday June 9th 2007. and today's Monday June 11th 2007 the first time I'm gonna use wild growth ever scenes the cut. And i cant wait to get my long hair back, i kind feel naked without it. well I'm depending on Wild growth hair oil to do its magic. Dont forget this oil is the best. Wild Growth Hair Oil!!!!


February 3, 2010

Female. Age 86. Has used lye products for 8 1/2 years before using Wild Growth but not since. Reported 5 inches in length in _ months. Saw improved thickness in 4 weeks and reduction in breakage in 2 weeks. Survey comments: 'Wildgrowth is very good. In my opinion, it brought my hair out and it looks good. I think I will always use Wild growth as long as you sell it. In my opinion, it did me alot of good. I thank you so much...Additional written letter:'... My hair has grown out just nice...since I am using wildgrowth, it has come back like it used to...When I started using it, my hair was breaking and dry. It has grown 7 inches on my shoulder. I thank your co. for having this fine growth to help people like me. P.S.. I have been telling all my friends about it.'

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Eleanore H., New York, NY


December 7, 2009
By Amanda (IN USA) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
After reading all the reviews i said what the heck am goin to try it and all i can say IT'S WORKING. When i started using this oil my hair was chin lenght, now 3 months later it's at my collar bone. I took a few pictures to monitor my progress and i can definitely say i saw a big change. The smell is a bit off, it smells like medicine but it wears off in no time. I had to wash my hair every week because it looked a bit too oily for me at times maybe i was using too much. I also tied my head with that Triple Gro-Satin hair scarf at nights. i bought it at walmart for 2 bucks i think, i don't know if that helped (lol i really wanted my hair to grow) But i can't keep my hands out of my hair i keep combing them out and letting them fall on my very happy.AM almost out am goin to buy again my goal is to reach my arm pits :)....I bought mines at sally's beauty store i didn't think i would find the store but it seems like there're all over check there first and get urs today !


October 21, 2009

(from survey)

73 year old female describing her hair type as fly, possibly fine and dry. No history of lye product use. Had used a dye product once. Does apply heat. Has reported improvement in hair length in 31 days. Has also reported improvement in thickness, breakage control, and texture. User comments: Believe me, I will always use Wild Growth... 1 month at the most and it is down to my shoulders now...I will keep on using Wild Growth as long as I can get it.

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B.F., Rochester, NY


Cycle Method For  No Or Slow Results


For individuals who see no results after 2 months of using the products as recommended, it is suggested that one take a break for two whole months.  Then use only once every other week for the third month. once a week for the fourth month. Than 2-3 times a week for the fifth month.   Some peoples' systems require short rests and others long rests which enables a  positive re-orientation to the product.  After the two month rest, also observe closely for a delayed spurt of growth kicking in without yet starting the product again .

User working around little or no results using the cycle method:


July 21, 
By R. Greene "RG" (New York City) - This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty) 
I've used this product over the last 10 years or so. My initial reaction was that it did not work, although I did find that despite its fairly heavy greasy/oily feel and pungent smell, my hair looked pretty great. I didn't notice much growth, however, and stopped using it after about 2 or 3 weeks. About 3 months later, I noticed my hair had undergone a huge  growth spurt --I'm talking far more than I'd seen ever before. I thought maybe I didn't see the gradual progress, or maybe I just had a delayed reaction. So I decided to make that my M.O. use it for a little while, and sit back and let it grow. I've grown out and cut off my hair 3 times since then, and whenever I want to grow it back out, I do a few cycles of wildgrowth. I'm currently getting to the end of a bottle and my hair is almost to my bra strap (from chin-length  two years ago).



June 13, 2009

...I wish I had ordered this before now. But tried so much hair oils and nothing worked like this. I am so happy with my hair. It is down to my shoulders and I love U too. So please don't stop making it. I don't know what I'll do because this is the only hair dress that I found that really works. My hair is down to my shoulders and I am so happy till no one can tell me anything. I am so happy so please don't stop making it.

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Mrs. B.F., Rochester, NY


May 1, 2009

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From: <Cherie>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, May 01, 2009 1:01 AM
Subject: Question about products

 Hi my name is Cherie and my mom started using your products about a year ago. Her hair was just above her shoulders now it's almost a foot below her shoulders. Amazing!!! I hadn't really seen her hair for a while because she stuck to wigs and pieces but a few days ago I couldn't believe my eyes. But, I would love to know what great products I should use from your lines to get my hair growth started. Also, I'll make sure to enter her into the before and after contest lol. Thanks!


April 1, 2009

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From: V.B.
Sent: Wednesday, April 01, 2009 5:31 PM
Subject: Twist and a bun?

...Thank you again for my amazing results, I cant believe
it going past over my shoulders no lie!



November 24, 2008

A few months ago I ordered a bottle of your Wild Hair Growth. My hair was a mess. Broken off, dry and fuzzy. Wouldn't grow. After I used Wild Growth about two and a half months, my hair grew down to my shoulders, also looked like a brand new new head.

I am seventy years old. I have a friend who was completely grey headed, also getting thin, his beard also. He had cancer. After twenty six treatments of radiation and chemo, he lost hair and beard. Again the cancer came back. Before the treatments this time he shaved both hair and beard. After the treatments, I had half a bottle of my hair oil left. I gave it to him. He used it on his head and face. Now within two months his hair is back long enough to comb, also his beard is back, but most amazing of all, both hair and beard is jet black. Believe it or not.

Thankful customer,

Betty G., Smithville TX

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March 6 , 2008

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From: "Rachel W." <Rachel W.>
To: "Wild Growth Co." <>;
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2008 4:12 AM
Subject: New Order was placed for Wild Growth Co.

> Comments/Special Delivery Instructions:
> I love your product.  It is so popular that this is the reason I am
> to order it online instead of in a department store.  My hair has
 grown so
> much in the past year that I have used this product.  If I had not
 cut my
> hair it would be on my shoulders from right below ear length last
> In October
it was touching my shoulders and I cut it off do to
> training.  It has already begun to grow back.  Im going natural and
> softens my hair right up.  I love it.

Rachel W., Marshall TX


December 11, 2007
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From: Lisa R.
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2007 1:54 PM
Subject: wild growth testimonial




(Then)--March 2007
In this photo it's a short bob. It comes to right about the top of my shoulders. You can see that my shoulders are at the bottom of the photo and my hair is no longer than that.





(Now)--Nov. 2007
3/4th of a year later: I flat-ironed a little of the curl away (only a few swipes of the flat-iron thanks to Wild Growth) and
my hair now slides down past my shoulders about 4-5 inches. The conditioning is 'greatness itself'.


I've used this product as a skin conditioner, used it to heal cuts and scrapes faster, and I use it in place of all other hair products. (saves a lot of space in my cabinets...)


Here is a close-up of the ends and the perfectly conditioned strands:


 After-ENDS                           After-CLOSEUP




Thank-you for your wonderful product!



March 29, 2007 at 12:51 pm


Aliyah says:        

i have been using wildgrowth for the last six months, but to be honest that the only thing works for me. My hair before couldn’t pass my ear but now my hair have pass shoulder…. it works really good for me….. But the most thing that work for me is i do eat healthy and drink water regularly. Then taking care of my hair is like going to a job interview….. i got these tricks from Wildgrowth works




Sorry it has been so long since I last shared my results. I had gotten a new job and began working long hours. But I must say that the oil is still working wonders.


Remember how I started? It was around the end of March/start of April. My hair was 1.5" all around. Dry and hard as Sahara sand. It crunched when I combed it. It was fragild, never obeyed, soaked up moisture on contact. All it wanted to do was knot up and shrink into super-tight kinks. It grew ever so slowly-and that was just during the growth phase!

It's now Oct 30. I have 5 inches all around of dark, thick hair. The kinks are now little coils, it breaks a whole lot less, I dont suffer from so much dandruff like I used to, and it has so much sheen. When it is dry, its not that hard crunchy dry. The oil has inspired me to take better care of my hair also. Even during my hair's shedding and resting phases, there was still little breakage, and IT STILL GREW!! I LOVE this oil, it's helped me reach my goal of shoulder length hair earlier than my goal deadline!

I really really wish i had before and after pictures, not for the 12 bottles, but just as a testimony to show that this stuff really works!

(sorry for such a long email)



I began using Wild Growth Hair Oil about 10 years ago after I suffered an allergic reaction to weaving hair glue. In a matter of a week or so after removing the weave, I was left with an approximately 2” diameter bald spot in the middle of my head. I tried everything to grow my hair back, but nothing worked. Then I saw an ad for Wild Growth in a magazine and I ordered it. After my very first use, I noticed my hair was incredibly  soft and after only a short few months   my hair began to grow back in the balding spot, but more surprisingly, I reached shoulder length hair   for the first time in my life. Over the years, for no particular reason, I discontinued using the oil and tried several other products, but NOTHING made my hair feel as silky.  I continued to experience slight thinning in the spot affected by the glue, which was more prominent after relaxing my hair. Finally in December of 2004, I decided to stop relaxing and go natural to see if this would help the thinning. Before cutting my relaxer out, I did a TON of research and asked several dozen women what they used on natural hair, as I hadn’t been natural since I was about 10 years old. Wild Growth Oil came up many times, which I had forgotten about since I hadn’t used it in about 3 years.  After I cut all my relaxer out, I was freaked out because my hair was way beyond nappy. I expected it to be kinky, but not nearly as kinky as it was. I was going to put a relaxer in it, but I decided to try Wild Growth before doing this. I put the oil on my slightly damp hair and my naps just melted away. My hair felt so soft and was unbelievable manageable, needless to say, 8 months later I am still relaxer free and my hair has grown like crazy and better than anything, my thin spot is no longer thin and the hair in this spot is just as long as the rest of my hair. The first picture was taken in October 2004 and the next only 4 months later…The growth is amazing and since the Feb picture, I have gained about an inch.   I am sending the release via postal services.

Before              After

E.S. Grand Rapids, MI


Before I bought your product, I had to buy a combination of hair products just to do half of what your product does. Constantly throwing away money. The crown area of my head was less than an inch and you could see through my hair. It was medium on the sides and medium length in the back. I yearned for long, healthy hair. I could'nt sleep at night, nor was I happy with my looks. I did'nt want to wear hair that was'nt mine. I bought your product on faith hoping it could do what it said. Well, it's three weeks later and after thinking I could never see my hair grow it's at least (2) or (3) inches  longer in the back and touching my shoulders on the sides and guess what? The almost bald spot on the crown area is growing---growing! (smile). I'm so happy. Thank you for such a good affordable, wonderful product. My hair is no longer brittle, dry or weak. Its silky, thick and beautiful. I prayed to God for help and he sent me to Wild Growth. Forever a customer--you're the best.





November 16, 1999
I, D.B. am writing to congratulate you all on a job well done. Who ever came up with the formula for your product is a blessing to all, because it really works. My hair is growing so good. It's growing down my back. It can almost touch my bra in the back. Before it was just on my shoulder. Its so manageable. It looks so good. It shines. When I wash my hair and get under the dryer its the best. It's bouncy, soft, shiny and I don't have hair coming out into my comb like I used to. I am so happy with your product. I am always telling people about your product. I told my mother and her friend that I will use it first to see if it works. Because my hair became longer, my mother began using it and her hair is growing. My mother's friend is going to be using it too. Thank you Wild Growth. Now I can have longer hair down my back and pretty. May the blessing of the Lord be upon your company.
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