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From Nappy to Happy!
ByAmazon Customeron February 2, 2018
Wild Growth Hair Oil Size: 4 Oz (2 Pack)|Verified Purchase
AMAZING- MY HAIR HAS GROWN SOO FAST!! This is not a gimmick. This is the real deal. My hair has been so badly damaged by hair dye, overprocessing and breakage. My edges are growing in record  time.


Love this product
Bymshumphon January 3, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
I’ve been using this product for almost 2 weeks, 3xs weekly. I have 4c hair (kinky curly) that is natural. My hair is dry and tends to knot at the ends. In the short time that I have been using this product, my hair is softer and more moisturized. My fairy knots on the ends are practically non existent.  I see very little shedding. My hair even shines a little. Yes. This product is greasy. But it is so worth it for the benefits I am seeing.
I am a very happy camper.


March 15, 2015

Mia Ingram-FaceBook

My hair was all matted because I neglected it. My new growth is 12weeks from last relaxer. Took a couple of ibuprofen because I knew I was in for a battle. But I saw the posts about this and I dug thru my stockpile of hair stuff and used both products. And wow! I put the oil on the new growth to detangle and moisturizer on the ends. I also used a liquid detangler to help and I breezed thru it. This morning my new growth never felt so soft and manageable! Scalp itches but it is bearable. Hopefully I can relax it later.


January 2 , 2008


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From: Timeka S.

Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2008 12:35 PM

Subject: It Works, It Works..........


Whats good WG!!! I just had to write my testimonial to all of you. I constantly keep my hair in microbraids, it has been about 2 yrs since I had a perm. Everytime I go and get my hair taken down it would be so kinky that my scalp would get very very very sore from all the combing through the knots and naps that builds up for 2-3months. Sometime in October I ordered 2 bottle of WGO, I started using WG on October 16, 2007 just 2 keep track with how long i've been using it. On December 29, 2007 I walked into the braid shop and again the beautician started taking down my hair. AND TO MY SURPRISE the comb went right through AND GUESS WHAT? I didn't break any of the teeth in the comb. My temple grew because its usually thin in that area. My hair seems to be a lot fuller than it was a few months ago. I must say, I am a very satisfied customer.


P.S. I also like the bottle it comes in because I hate using my fingertip to get the grease out the jar. I like the fact that I can squeeze it on my scalp then rub it in. Its very difficult trying to oil your whole scalp with grease in a jar.  This is another reason why WGO is so much better than the other "STUFF".


Thanks a lot WGO


December 01, 2007

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From: Danielle H.

Sent: Saturday, December 08, 2007 12:57 AM

Subject: My hair!


Now first off I have to say that I stumbled acorss your website by accident.  About a little over a year ago I stopped getting perms in my hair and my hair was shedding like crazy. Parts of it were halfway down my back and other parts were at my ears.  So one day I went to a different hairdresser and she chopped it off!  I loved my new cut but was sad to see my hair go.  I've been complimented my whole life for how pretty and long my hair is.  Anyway my hair got to weird stages where I wasn't happy with the length.  I could put it in a ponytail but I still felt like I had no hair!  After reading every single testimonial twice- I came to the website about 3-4 times before I finally bought this stuff.  Anyway I went to the beauty supply and looked and looked but didn't see it.  The guy told me they keep it in the back!  So Im thinking this stuff must go like crazy. Anyway I washed my hair with this new shampoo and conditioner and put the wild growth in it-I think I put too much though. Anyway I can tell you its been 4 days- a tiny bit of new growth has appeared!  And my hair is soooooo soft.  Its almost like I don't even have to comb it anymore because it's so manageable-and believe me I have some NAPPY hair.  I'm hoping to grow my hair down to my waist by the end of this year-we'll see! And if it gets there-I'll be sure to submit a picture.  My first goal though is to get it back to its normal length. Thanks for making this stuff!

Danielle H.


(from survey)

18 year old female with coarse and dry hair. Has used lye products, shampoos (Vo5), conditioners(Black and Sassy),blow drying, staightening before and since  using Wild Growth Hair Oil®

User comments:

My hair is longer than it's ever been. It's better than any other product I have used in the past. I don't nee perms or relaxers as much.

Daily Journal (read original letter):

May 1, 2006-Mon/5:40 PM

Right now my hair is weightless, greasy and my scalp has a lot of build up. My hair in general is dry, nappy and fried, My ends are all split  and crazy and it feels nappy only in the center inside my head.  I washed my hair 2X with both shampoo & conditioner, then I used my wild growth oil. My hair was easily manageable and had shineness.

May 8, 2006-Mon/11:36PM

It's been a good week now that I've been using wild growth hair oil. I use it three times a week. My hair feels fuller and I am getting more nappy hair, but that's a good thing because I got a perm about two months ago. When your hair gets nappy, that's a sign that new growth is coming in.


May 29, 2006

I got a touch up on the 12th of this month and I started using wild growth hair oil on the first. After the touch up, I saw a big improvement. Even though my hair had gotten longer, my aunt had cut all of my ends off, split ends. It will grow back though, thanks to wild growth.

August 17, 2006/Thur/11:00 AM

I was told that I needed a perm every seven weeks. When my aunt did my hair the past monday, she told me that it didn't look like I needed a perm every seven weeks: that I'm good for 1 every three months. She said my hair has grown from the last time. I'm going to cut my hair again, face length, right now it's past my neck. I have to cut it because my hair has always been uneven. So I am going to let it get cut by the salon and then finish my bottle of wild growth off. Can you believe that I still have some left! It's been four months.


 I've been using your product for one week, since 4/25/06 and I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me or what but I have some serious new growth on the very top of my head. I go the hair dresser every 2 weeks.  I'd go sooner but I can't afford it.  By the first 8-10 days I'm dying to get in my beauticians chair because my hair is either on fire from the intense itching or Tony the Tiger has set up camp on my scalp and spread his frosted flakes all over my head.   
It seems that every time I go to the salon they cut my hair saying they had to if I wanted it to grow back even and thicker.  Well It appears my hair is getting shorter and short and not growing as fast as they are cutting. 
While surfing the net I stumbled across your website by accident.  I was doing a search on hair growth.  I wanted to know how fast does the human hair grow on average and see what the comparison was from Caucasian to African Americans.  I felt my hair was retarding and not growth as fast as it used to a few years back. 
I've been experiencing un explained hair loss, thinning that no one notices but me, sections that are about 8" long and sections right in the midst of it that are just 1" long.  It really looks like someone just hacked off a chunk while I was sleeping.  This of course was very depressing and only 1 ore two people know about it.  I've been succumb to wearing weaves all the time now and I know this is not good for my hair as much as it is good for my looks. 
Anyway, I was really excited about your hair oil after reading a whole bunch of testimonies.  I just knew I was on to something.  Especially when I saw some of the before and after photos.  I started making some phone calls to find this product.  I found a little store that carried it.  I immediately bought two bottles.  But after hearing the other testimonials I may have to give one to my mother since one bottle lasts so long. 
Oh back to my story, it has only been 11 days since I've first started using it and my hair feels great.  Using after 5-6 days I have to add a little heat to my hair  honestly I can hardly wait until my next application.  I follow the instructions carefully and my hair and scalp feels revivedMy hair is extremely silky now.  I'm not kidding.  I am really amazed at how smooth shiny  and soft to the touch it is.
  My hair is now softer than the weave hair. Not one kink or snarl or anything.  It just lays lovely and it is not fly away.  It swings and flows so nice.  I am going to start taking pictures hopefully this week so I can keep a journal and submit it to your company.  When I comb my hair in my face it reaches to my lips. Now I could have sworn that when I first started using it that it only reach my top lip, now it covers both lips.  Of course that is no way to measure and now I think my mind is playing tricks on me so when it gets to my chin then I know I am in business. 
Oh I almost forgot,  I called my beautician 2 days ago to tell her that I my have to move my appointment to next week.  I didn't say why, but it's because
I haven't experienced the abundance of flakes in my hair like I'm used to and barely any itching. My hair is not dirty or stinky and it still looks fresh and nice
so already Wildgrowth Hair Oil is saving me money and time spent at the salon.  I want my hair dresser to use it when I get my hair washed,but I don't want her to know what I am using.  I want it to be a secret until other people notice on their own.  Plus she may not believe it's the product and may say it's because she cut my hair.  So I may end up washing it and blow drying it my self and then go in the shop do finish it.   
Ok my long story is done. I'll write again soon and hopefully have some pictures for you. 
Thanks and Have a Blessed Day. 
A.M. Johnson Upstate NY.

I don't know. Where do I start off? I mean its just wonderful. These are only some of the words on how I feel. Ok, I was reading the results of people, and I know it makes your hair grow, but as I'm reading along and alot of people ar like, "...just in a few days my hair was softer and more  manageable", and I'm thinking like, "whatever". So something said to me, go press a little part of your hair with the WGHO". So I did......SOMEBODY HELP ME!! I could of died!! Guess hair was softer and straight and I just can't talk, but just say WOW. Now, for me to have straight hair, long healthy, soft hair too? For me it's a blessing. My hair type: coarse, I mean nappy, mean can't comb through nappy, and haven't done my whole head yet because its already thick, I mean thick, but I will keep you posted. Long story short: I never had hair and wgho is for me!!. Always and forever a happy customer.
Always, P.B.


I began using Wild Growth Hair Oil about 10 years ago after I suffered an allergic reaction to weaving hair glue. In a matter of a week or so after removing the weave, I was left with an approximately 2” diameter bald spot in the middle of my head. I tried everything to grow my hair back, but nothing worked. Then I saw an ad for Wild Growth in a magazine and I ordered it. After my very first use, I noticed my hair was incredibly  soft and after only a short few months   my hair began to grow back in the balding spot, but more surprisingly, I reached shoulder length hair   for the first time in my life. Over the years, for no particular reason, I discontinued using the oil and tried several other products, but NOTHING made my hair feel as silky.  I continued to experience slight thinning in the spot affected by the glue, which was more prominent after relaxing my hair. Finally in December of 2004, I decided to stop relaxing and go natural to see if this would help the thinning. Before cutting my relaxer out, I did a TON of research and asked several dozen women what they used on natural hair, as I hadn’t been natural since I was about 10 years old. Wild Growth Oil came up many times, which I had forgotten about since I hadn’t used it in about 3 years.  After I cut all my relaxer out, I was freaked out because my hair was way beyond nappy. I expected it to be kinky, but not nearly as kinky as it was. I was going to put a relaxer in it, but I decided to try Wild Growth before doing this. I put the oil on my slightly damp hair and my naps just melted away. My hair felt so soft and was unbelievable manageable, needless to say, 8 months later I am still relaxer free and my hair has grown like crazy and better than anything, my thin spot is no longer thin and the hair in this spot is just as long as the rest of my hair. The first picture was taken in October 2004 and the next only 4 months later…The growth is amazing and since the Feb picture, I have gained about an inch.   I am sending the release via postal services.

Before              After

E.S. Grand Rapids, MI



Hello, I am in love with your product. I use it all the time. Last year my little cousin came from Florida to visit me. I noticed she had very, very, vey damaged hair. It wasn't the fact that her hair was only about an inch long. Her hair was DRY, Brittle and she also had dandruff. I did not have the heart to tell her that her hair looked horrible; so I just bought her a bottle. She said, 'I don't believe in that stuff. It does not work'. I told her that I used wild growth for a year. Her eyes popped open and said, 'You do? Ok. I'll try it.' She told me that the
kids at her school were so mean to her and called names like baldy and nappy girl. She told me that she cries every day because she does not have any hair. She told me when she gets older she would just wear a weave. Well, in the three months that she stayed at my house for vacation, she grew 6 inches of hair. When she left I bought her 6 more bottles. She came back from Florida to visit for Easter and this little girl has hair down to her shoulder. (I AM NOT LYING) She looked beautiful. No longer do the kids in school call her names and no longer does she cry every day after school. Her grades even improved. She even has a little boy friend. Thanks to wild grow not only does my little cousin have a new full head of hair but she has confidence to match. God Bless you.


Well I've used this amazing product for only one month and no one can believe that it is my real hair!!! I mean before I used this product I had really coarse and brittle hair. That's when I found your ad in the Ebony Magazine. I quickly hurried over to Sally's and begged my parents to buy it for me...N-E-Wayz my hair is looking excellent!!! It's to my mid-section neck...You guys are really a blessing. But the part that makes me is that I'm mixed with Balck and Native American (mixed) but I came out with that nappy hair. That really stinks!!! Holla!!!!!!!
I. J.


December 9, 1999
A friend of mine gave me a little of your Wild Growth Hair Oil and it took the nap out. It worked for me.


July 16, 1999

When I was in grade school I always wanted long, soft hair because my class mates teased me about having nappy hair.  Now it's the summer before my Tenth grade year in high school.  I've found Wild Growth and I've found  happiness.  I can't wait to go back to school with my silky, shiny hair!!  Those girls won't be able to do anything but wonder what I've done.  I won't tell them, but I'll tell others that my hair is beautiful. All because of Wild Growth Hair Oil!!!

Hi! I just wanted to say that I have just used Wild Growth Hair Oil and I love it!! I have just washed my hair and it was tangled and I couldn't put a comb through it. So I got the box and opened it and there were some instructions. One of the instructions said to apply to scalp. When I read that I was thinking how in the world am I going to get to my scalp through all these naps! But when I applied Wild Growth to my hair, the comb went right through my hair and didn't pull out a strand! I was able to get to my scalp because my hair was knot free!! Then I blew dry and when I touched my hair it was like silk!! I absolutely love your product and when this bottle runs out I plan to buy a lot more!! Thank you sooo much!