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R Ann Malveaux recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook Review
April 24 at 2:19 PM · 2020
it really works I had perm in my hair  for years so it cur all my hair and started using wild growth it took a couple of years for it grow out the perm now I have hair that's growing my perm is out my curls are coming back my hair is health and if I dis(d) I'm sure my hair would be longer and stronger thanks wild growtd(h) I have strong edges I have been using it for over 4 years and I wear braids to keep it growing but I dont use it everyday



Mitza Davis recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
February 15 at 2:45 PM · 2020
Haven’t had a perm  in 1 yr but use WGHC regularly. It’s the best



Phaethon Freeman recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
January 27 at 8:49 AM · 2020
I recommend it exclusively for natural hair especially my hair texture because I hardly ever relax and by
using Wild Grow in my shampoo
I yield GREAT Results.



Denise LaToya Wilkinson recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
October 18 at 10:45 AM ·  2019
I’ve enjoyed this brand for years- I welcomed the herbal smell and new it would nourish my hair and didn’t worry about the smell. Both in my chemically
and curly hair days. I’d definitely buy again when possible!



Matika Sharae recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook 07/22/19
20 hrs ·
I’ve been growing my hair  for close to two years and I’ll let you see the difference yourself I went from permed hair to natural incredible

Before and After


Monique Nene Johnson recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
July 7 at 8:41 PM · 2019
I started using this product june 2017 after hair breakage from perms & stress. This has helped my hair come a long way from dry & brittle to becoming more healthier.

before and afters (thicker, longer, ends )



Quetta LuvzPurple Taylor recommends Wild Growth Hair Care.
Yesterday at 11:11 AM ·
My hair was so thin due to the perms and color. Omg. 2 mths and the thickness is giving me life.



Tomi S.- Influenster
Maplewood, NJ
70 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 1
March 31, 2019, 4:51 p.m.
This is the truth. If you use it consistently you will see growth  its affordable and has a no distinct smell
This is not for people with oily hair or scalp. I recommend this for the coarse and thick haired girls, with dry scalp . I use this as a pre poo sometimes but. I
used it a lot when I was permed. Now that I am natural I dont really find myself using it as much. Out of all my hair oils, which is only 3 brands I have never
been disappointed in them.

Keyana R.-Influenster
New York
9 reviews
Dec. 29, 2018, 6:53 p.m.
Purchased at: Target
I have been natural for two years and my hair has grown tremendously! A rub this in my scalp 3 times a week. You can also use this on your eye brows in which I did and they have grown back thicker. The smell is not pleasant but it doesn’t last very long.




Linda Chandler recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
August 26 · 2018
I been using it for quite a while now, & it has done miracle to my hair, I always had long hair but it came out really bad, I stop using strong perms for so
now I use Just for Me. I do a treatment to it now, then I use my Wild Growth





'Less is More' Method For Slow, No Or Bad Results-a concentrated product redeems itself

I have had thick hair that always look like a wig
ByBeverly Persleyon May 9, 2018
Size: 4 Oz Wild Growtyh Hair Oil
I have had thick hair that always look like a wig. A thyroid problem took away 90% of my hair for over 12 years. I had shots in my scalp , trips to several dermatologists in a number of States and have tried every expensive pills and hair solutions with no measurable results. December 2017 I began using wild hair growth on permed hair. It shed badly. I went natural, cut down the amount of WHG, use only once a week. April 2018 permed my hair and have had more  growth  than I ever had in 12 + years.


K B reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
December 8 at 5:26am · 2017
It’s helped me and my daughter we was perm but we been natural  for over 8 month





By Sylvia Grooms House of Beauty World Review
April 12, 2017
Great product
It is a little thick but it makes your hair feel so good. It helps me stretch my relaxer. i will purchase more.




May 31, 2016

Sheryl Flint‎ -FaceBook
May 31 at 3:26pm · Chicago, IL

Okkkkkkk,so um yeah,I'm back!!! Been using wild grown over a week now and I swear on my mother's grave ( that's how serious I am) my hair has become silky smooth. My
daughter put four braids in my hair and she kept saying how smooth and silky it is.she said my hair feels like its a weave.its so silky and smooth when she braided it,she had to
put rubber bands on the ends because it kept coming down!!!!
 Plus,it looks like I just had a fresh perm!!!! Did I mention the new growth!! Lol.I'm going to buy me two bottles
at a time!!! If I can find the shampoo and conditioner I'm buying it too!!!!





October 11, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars
Working wonders for my almost none existant edges!
ByTracey Jayon October 11, 2015

I am African with re laxed hair. My edges are weak and were almost nine existant due to years of weaving and braiding continuously. I know longer braid my hair in an effort to regrow my edges. I have tried products like Jamaican black castor oil, ors fertilizing temple balm, t44z, black seed oil.... None of them helped to regrow my edges.
I started using wild growth oil(white bottle) 5 weeks ago and the wild growth oil light moisturizer(yellow bottle) 3 weeks ago). After a week my edges started to fill in. I was so impressed with the products. Now in week 5 I feel like the growth is not as much as in week 1 but it is still growing. I also relaxed my hair one week in and I now have about an inch of growth in the rest of my head. I know my edges will take a while. I use the oil in white bottle every other day on my scalp and massage my scalp for 5 minutes every night even on the nights I do not apply the oil. The oil moisturizer in yellow bottle I use in my hair every other day to seal my moisturizer. I also use a few drops of it with my shampoo on wash day. I mix both oils for my prepoo as well.
On another note my husband has been developing a a bold (bald) spot on the top front part of his head  over the last few years. He used the oil in white bottle and started seeing results after ten days.
I highly recommend these oils. However I think it's important to actually massage the scalp for 2-5 minutes to increase blood flow which encourages hair growth. Also it should not be used more than 3 times a week.



April 16, 2015

From: Nancy K. [mailto:<>]
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2015 2:07 PM
Subject: Re: Recent comments by Wild Growth® users after taking survey:

I want my comment/review to be shown too. I
love this product because it has grown my hair 1 full inch every month. I bought this oil in Sept. 2014 and in Oct 2014, my hair had grown a full inch. I was starting my natural hair grow out, and today I am at 7 inches. I love this stuff because it works and works fast. I am still growing my hair out and I want it to reach 12 inches and then I will maintain that length and keep a certain style for a certain look. I love this oil. It never fails. I will post pictures of my hair being 7 inches and how it grew out to 12 on pinterest. Thank you for making this oil. Start making bigger bottles. I will pay the cost regardless. I am a customer for life...believe that.

Nancy K.


Charlene Bivins-FaceBook

 Yall late WILD GROW ive been introduced and using it since 2007 and it is an excellent moisturizer for permed or colored hair yes it does have a smell but it all natural herbs and vitamins it great and oh oil is light so it doesnt weigh hair down .


August 29, 2014

Wild Growth Surveyee #1,289 Friday, August 29, 2014 12:25:32 PM
I love it! Its a relaxer in a bottle


February 13, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars Staple Product!

By Amber
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

Two reasons I purchased this product:
1) I have recently decided to stop getting relaxers because i noticed it was thinning and weakening my hair.
2) Ever since i was a child my hair  in the temple area  has been thin and would never grow thick.

Some background on my hair:
I'm a black woman currently transitioning and I believe my hair type is 4a/4b.

I started using this product on my hair a few months ago and i swear by it! my hair is softer, thicker, and i have noticed significant hair growth. My trouble area (the temple area on my head) is actually growing out! I noticed a lot of people complaining about the smell as well They are definitely being dramatic the smell isn't bad at all. Oh! I've also noticed my nails growing like crazy because of me applying this oil. I also apply this oil to my eyebrows and they're a lot thicker. This product is just plain amazing I highly recommend it.


March 08, 2013  Great product for afro american women, March 8, 2013
By Ebony Thomas (STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, US) This review is from: Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer (Misc.)


February 11, 2013

(from paper survey)

Female of undisclosed age with fine and dry hair had used lye-based perms for 15 years and dye products for 2 years prior to (and has discontinued since) using both Wild Growth® Hair Oil and Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer. Has reported 4 inches of length, improved thickness , improvement in bald or thinning areas, and reduced breakage in two months since using both Wild Growth® Hair Oil and Wild Growth® Light Oil MoisturizerComment: 'My hair is growing fine.' Click here for original written survey document.

Evelyn B., Linden NJ


December 4, 2012

I am growing my hair out naturally &I only choose to use Natural oils. I used the product while I was relaxed & I loved the results.

Topaz, Pearland TX


November 23,
By Hard2please - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty) I purchased this product for a cousin of mines who have week and damage hair. She did not like how it smell so she did not use it. I gladly took it back. I usually keep my head braided but for the past nine months I had it open. It started to break and shed every time I comb my hair. I decide i was going to braid my hair but my hair needed a relaxer because it was so thick I hardly could get the comb through. I usually add olive oil to my relaxer so my scalp do not bunrn and a get a good perm. But this time I did not have any, so I decided to use some of this wild growth hair oil in my relaxer. It was the best thing I could ever do becase after washing out my relaxer my hair felt stronger than it did prior to relaxing it. The best part as there was no hair shedding when I comb it. This stuff should be calling a miracle oil. I know it was not my mind because when my girlfriend went to braid my hair a week later she said my hair felt stronger than the last time she braided it. She asked me what i have been using and and I gave her the bottle and she likes it so much because it maded her locks strong. She is begging me to order more. I do not mind the smell, after all I grow up using sulfur 8 and that really had an oder. TOO ALL MY BLACK SISTER OUT THERE DO NOT BUY ONE BOTTLE GET TWO BECAUS YOU WILL BE MISSING OUT ON HEALTHY HAIR. No lies, and I am very hard to please.


October 17,
By MsKila - See all my reviewsThis review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
Great Buy Ladies!!!! Im african american with thin hair. This oil is the BOMB. Not only have I not needed to relax my hair during use but ive also had about 3 inches of growth during my 3 month use. This is the ONLY hair oil that i have used that does not weigh your hair down the slightest bit. I wash, blowdry and flatiron my hair with this oil and my hair is straight, silky, soft very manageable. The smell is a lil weird but it doesnt linger and isnt unbearable. I will highly recommend this oil for any African American woman who wants to grow her hair yet still be able to wear her usual hairstyles.




March 08, 2012

subject: i want this product for life!!!!!!!!!

dear wildgrowth, i'm from goldsboro,nc. i should have a normal mother ever told me about your product back in the bronx. i did have very strong long hair, thereafter, i have perms and these crazy tail greases strips away my scalp. i'd been to joan's beauty store in my old neighborhood and years down the line they become thinner and thinner as if they're ready to break into twos or thousands!!!! even i tried doo-gro,  lusterx bees wax hair thickner,nothing worked until a decade later i have been cutting my hair because of weak, breakage and departing ends that i look like a sianmese snow monkey. when i have problems with my math subjects, a tutor told me about wild growth. yesssss, a miracle has made to happen. i use the first bottle, 20 drops on my hair and brush throughly and add more on my scalp and it made my natural head sooo soft. now, i believe what the bible said about women with long hair IS a crown of (her) glory. there is plenty to be brogouht on,and i'm despearately to say thanks to you, wildgrowth to put on growth. i won't use any hot combs, perms, no doo-groo-ever in my life. i still brought another bottle at a muslieum beauty shop on my block on slocomb street.

Nicole, Goldsboro, NC


February 11,
By bekahbbydoll -This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)FABULOUS! I received this item only a few days ago and right when I got it I couldn't wait to try it. I got back to my room and immediately put it on my hair. I have SUPER thick hair so I have to use the recommended amount that it shows on the bottle. I'm an avid hair dyer and dye my hair every 6 weeks. Sometimes the same color but not always so as you can imagine by hair is pretty damaged. I have this one spot in the middle of my hair that falls out all the time because my hair has been processed so much. But just after 2 uses (I used it Tuesday, left it in Tuesday night and all day Wednesday, washed my hair Thursday and applied it to my wet hair after I got out of the shower) I can already tell a difference in the texture of my hair! The split ends are getting MUCH better and the spot in the middle of my hair is getting stronger! I can't wait to see what this product does for my length but even if it doesn't help my hair to grow I will DEFINITELY still use this product to keep my hair soft, shiny, and luscious.


October 1,
By Zah Zah Zoom -This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I bought this product like most others because of the reviews and I am happy that I did. Like most everyone else stated it really makes your hair soft and manageable without sacrificing volume and texture like you would with a relaxer. More importantly I use it on my 15 mos daughter who has extremely curly hair that tangles really bad. I started using it when she was about 1 and have loved it for her hair ever since. It has produced some dramatic growth for the sides of her head which was thinning because of her sleep patterns and has made it much easier to comb all of her lovely curls. If you have children especially little girls you'll understand the challenges that come with trying to style it. This has helped me tons with making it easier to comb her hair, and like i said before the growth has been really good on her, not amazing but very noticeable as I am quite pleased.


August 10,
By dlam -This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
natural hair grew really fast after BCI started using this after a bad experience with a relaxer (I had been relaxed for about 15 years). Once the relaxer took out a lot of my hair, I decided to go natural since I had been thinking about it anyway. Before chopping it off, I was able to still wear the hair that I had left in a roller set
or crinkle style to add volume. I started using the wild growth oil also. The parts of my hair that
were broke off, started growing so fast I had to go ahead and cut my hair 3 months after the bad
relaxer. I never really had a TWA, that's how much new growthf I had. I wasn't feeling the short hair
so I wore sew-ins and micro braids. My hair grew so much when I had these because I always used the
wild hair growth about 2-3 times a week depending on how much I felt my hair needed. Now a year after
the BC, my hair is past my shoulders, yes past my shoulders when straighten
. When curly it is about
at chin level. I never saw my hair grow so fast so I don't know if it was just a combination of going
natural, using the oil and having my hair in the protective styles but the combination of those were
amazing for me.


July 12, 2011

From: M. Lee [mailto:<>]
Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 12:09 PM
Wild Growth Hair Oil

Hi, I would like to say that Wild Growth Hair Oil is the best hair oil on the market. I live in Tampa, FL and the weather here is very humid at times…especially in the summer. I have been using WG for 23 years. I was first introduced to it by a neighbor who has 2 interracial daughters. It was very abundant, at first, then I had to start looking for it at almost every beauty supply store in the Tampa Bay area until I could find it. Now, it is the mainstay of my hair care regime. I am transitioning to natural and have not relaxed my hair since February 23, 2011, and with WG I have been able to manage the 2 hair textures just fine. Wild Growth is so versatile, it can be used on wet hair, dry hair, and everything in between. When I regularly relaxed my hair, I would use it as a heat protectant while flat ironing or hot curling my hair. Now I use it when I braid my hair and I will be using it when I fully transition to natural for twist outs and braid outs.



February 22,
By Negresse (Rochester MI)
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
The only complaint I have is that it was a bit more expensive than I'm used to but since I live in an area where they don't have any African American products I had no choice. The product does what it says.

I am transitioning from relaxed to natural and my hair was a tangled mess after each wash. I have Mid back length hair so you can imagine how frustrating it could get trying to untangle all of it. After a friend suggested this to me, I tried it without expecting much from it since it was a bunch of oils. I was pleasantly surprised! My hair soft, moisturized and did not tangle after my wash. My hair is growing like crazy without doing anything except using this and making sure that I trim my ends. I have been using it for a few months now and I intend to continue using it.

Works great for people with braids, the tip makes it easy for application. It has a slight smell which might be unpleasant to some but goes away after a while. My dog loves it so I don't leave it around because she constantly tries to drink it. Oh I have type 4 b,C hair.



July 13,
By Chenise
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty) Wonderful product that actually works!!! Being African American with beastly thick hair, I was skeptical about this product at first, but when I saw a lot of good reviews on it, I figured I'd give it a shot, considering it was only $8, you don't have much to lose. I ordered and used this about a month ago, and I must admit that it works!! I am soooo happy with this product!! My hair is so soft and manageable now, and I didn't even need to get a relaxer! As for the growth, I am very satisfied on how much it grew in one month!!! This product is worth the money, trust me. I have already ordered another one today, even though my first bottle is only about a half full, because I want to see if I can get my hair at the length I want; that way I get a good few months supply. As for the smell, grow up guys... The smell is not that bad. Just put it on at night and you won't even smell it in the morning after.



From: D. D.[mailto:<>]
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 3:10 PM
Cc: D.D.
Subject: Question?


Hello!! I was just wondering if this hair growth oil is safe and effective to use in relaxed hair because everyone mostly everyone who I see who used this oil has natural hair. Will I get the same growth results as people with natural hair? I'm really curious because I want the results the I see in the testimonials. Thank you for your time.



January 25, 2011
Attn: Wild Growth (love it. love it, love it.) It's a miracle, that's all I can say. I've been using Wild Growth since 8/28/2010. I had cut my hair. When I started using Wild Growth, my hair was 4 inches long-now its 11 inches long (7 inches in 5 months) and I love this miracle oil. I work at (#######) hospital in N.Y.. Every time someone comes in with damaged, healthy or short hair- I tell them about Wild Growth. I must have told at least 50 people. My kids laugh at me and tell me I should be a spokesperson for Wild Growth...
P.S. I have not permed my hair in three months, people can't believe it. Now I just have to stop dying my hair and use just the rinse.
Carolyn B.
Rockaway Beach, NY
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October 16,
By M. Moon "Rhia" (Texas) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I love the WGO i'm stretching the time in between my relaxers and it makes it so much easier because
it makes my New Growth to soft and I'm sure I have grown some too.


March 25, 2009

(from paper survey)

Female, age 60 with fine and dry hair. Has used dyes in the past and continues to use lye products. Does not apply heat but air dries her hair. After using Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer, has seen improvement in length, thickness, thin or balding areas, breakage and texture of hair, all after a one and one half month period. No comments offered. Click here to see original survey response and comments



February 12, 2009

(from survey)

Female, age 41 with fine and dry hair. Has used perms and dyes before and since using Wild Growth products. Has not used any other after shampoo products such as oils pomades and creams since using Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer. Had used drier and air dried prior to using Wild Growth products. Has flat ironed since using Wild Growth products. Has reported nine inches of growth from using Wild Growth products and has seen improvement in thickness and thin or balding areas in two weeks. Hair breakage had stopped in two days. Has noticed instant improvement of hair texture. User comments: My hair is no longer dull and dry texture, is much smoother and shinier. New growth is softer and easier to comb. People comment more on the healthy look & feel of my hair, since I use perms and blond dye on my naturally black hair. They are surprised that my hair is growing, smooth and shiny. I tell them I owe it all to Wild Growth Oil. 5 inches in 3 mos!!! Click here to see original survey response and comments

G.S., Eufala, Alabama


February 29 , 2008


(from paper survey)


23 year old female with coarse and dry hair. Used relaxer every month before using Wild Growth Hair Oil and once every two months since using Wild Growth Hair Oil.


Uses neutralizing shampoos and hair mayonnaise as conditioner and uses Wild Growth and Jam after shampooing. Other styling methods used: wet setting and wavy pony tail weaves.  Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil, has seen 5 inches of length over the course of months and has seen filling in of a bald spot and general thickening in weeks (one month or less). Has also experienced softer texture of hair in a matter of days and reduced hair breakage after months of use. User comments: Ever since I started Wild Growth, my bald spot is full of hair. I can't tell where is was! I have more control over styling my hair, and I can go as long as two months without a relaxer.





December 01, 2007


Now first off I have to say that I stumbled acorss your website by accident. About a little over a year ago I stopped getting perms in my hair and my hair was shedding like crazy. Parts of it were halfway down my back and other parts were at my ears. So one day I went to a different hairdresser and she chopped it off! I loved my new cut but was sad to see my hair go. I've been complimented my whole life for how pretty and long my hair is. Anyway my hair got to weird stages where I wasn't happy with the length. I could put it in a ponytail but I still felt like I had no hair! After reading every single testimonial twice- I came to the website about 3-4 times before I finally bought this stuff. Anyway I went to the beauty supply and looked and looked but didn't see it. The guy told me they keep it in the back! So Im thinking this stuff must go like crazy. Anyway I washed my hair with this new shampoo and conditioner and put the wild growth in it-I think I put too much though. Anyway I can tell you its been 4 days- a tiny bit of new growth has appeared! And my hair is soooooo soft. Its almost like I don't even have to comb it anymore because it's so manageable-and believe me I have some NAPPY hair. I'm hoping to grow my hair down to my waist by the end of this year-we'll see! And if it gets there-I'll be sure to submit a picture. My first goal though is to get it back to its normal length. Thanks for making this stuff!

Danielle H.


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Thea B.


September 20, 2007



June 21, 2007


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From: p.b.




Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2007 10:40 AM


Subject: it's ,My HEART


OK so...I'm been on here before a few time it's 07 and i had braids and i had to finally get my hair  relaxer for the first time and wow i died i  love this oil I'm currently taking hair growth vitamins and with the wgo its never end-ding new growth i love your oil i got my first perm on may 6 and June 21 i need a touch up already I'm so happy my  hair is growing !!! i love wild growth hair oil!!! it's the best


get off this!!!





Jun 13, 2007

(from survey)

26 year old female had used lye products for 1 year, had blow dried and used 'organics' shampoos and conditioners as well as hair grease and softening and straightening gels before using Wild Growth Hair Oil. No products or blow drying mentioned since using Wild Growth Hair Oil. Has reported improvement of length (3 inches) thickness, reduced hair breakage and improved hair smoothness within 7 days of product use. User comment #1: I only (have) been using Wild Growth for 7 days and I can already see the difference in my hair. I had short hair all my life and now my hair has grown a little past my ears. Years of trying to find something that would move my hair. I can now stop hoping and looking. Thanks Wild Growth. Click here for original written comment Comment #2: I had to do my testimonial this way because my pen ran out of ink, and I really wanted you to be able to read what I have to say about the hair oil. I been using wild growth since June 7, 2007, and I can see and feel the difference in my hair growth: thickness, length, and the breakage has almost stopped. I don't have a comb-full of hair when I comb my hair now. I always had short hair and been having trouble with trying to get it to grow for years. Every time it would grow, it would fall back out again and it's been doing that for over 20 years. Now I tried everything from super grow, perms and hair grease and oils and nothing worked. When I saw this oil in a magazine I thought they must be joking: that oil can't help me. But then something told me to give it a try and I did. I got two bottles and guess what? In just that short time, my hair came to life and is now growing and not falling out all over the place. This is truly a God send for people who dream of having longer hair. For now on I will be using nothing but wild growth on my hair. Good bye perms.

Click here to read original type-written comment

D.E., Crystal Springs, MS



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Sent: Friday, February 23, 2007 11:42 PM


Subject: I Love Wild Growth


Hello, I must say your product is a blessing. I’ve used so many products to grow my hair and nothing would work. I’ve been using your oil for about 5 years and my hair is so beautiful. People stop me to ask if they can touch it, I get so much attention, the smallest  move I make my hair swings from side to side with so much life and bounce. I ALSO USE THE ROOT ORGANIC UPLIFTING SHAMPOO AND Mayonnaise CONDITIONER, This product along with wild growth is awesome. It would be great if your company would present more products shampoo etc…. I would buy them all. But I notice that you must keep up with this product to keep your hair beautiful you can’t

use it and stop, also it seems as if almost all the users hair grow a few inches from there bra strap and stop. It’s not a bad length but I'm trying to get my hair length past my bra people say that it wont happen but I'm going to prove them wrong. I'm going to prove that wild growth is the greatest product for hair growth ever. I am the winner of this contest no matter what because my hair was thin and now it’s fuller it was dull and dry, and now it has a beautiful shine, it was brittle and now it’s soft it was short and torn up and now it is a show stopper so beautiful you would think that I HAVE A HOLLY WOOD WEAVE. VIEWERS BELIEVE ME IT WORKS, TRY IT TODAY YOU CAN’T GO WRONG. This is the perfect time for me to show you how it work, I went to the beauty parlor on Friday Feb 16 2007 and the beautician put a optimum relaxer in my hair,she put me under the dryer with the relaxer in my hair which I found out was a no no, believe me if I had not been using wild growth which strengthen my hair I would be bald, it is a little damaged but it still look good and it will be fine as long as wildgrowth is around. keep up the work wildgrowth your the greatest.I attached a picture before I washed and applied wildgrowth, my hair was breaking i have a brunch of hair in my hand sadly I had to get it cut a little.But for only one week every two days I washed my hair and used wild growth and I kid you not my hair stopped breaking and it looks better thank you for this product and this space to share this joy you gave to me through this awesome breakthrough product for 100% of proven hair growth,wild growth satisfaction guaranteed.I know that the backround of my pictures is different but believe me this is one week apart,one inside my home and one outside, wildgrowth is great, there's no reason for me to lie to make there pockets fatter.Don't miss out on the best thing that can happen to your may email me for questions at :                                                                                                                           yours truly pm.



(from paper survey)


22 year old female with coarse and dry hair.Uses relaxer every 2 1/2 months.


User comments: Since I've been using Wild Growth Oil, my shoulder length hair is half way down my back now; and I no longer have to perm every month. L.S., Boston MA




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Ok it was last year around this time January 2006 now as I am writing this we are in January 2007 that I found out about Wild Hair Growth. After seeing the testimonials and there was one that really got me so I e-mailed the lady and she was like well I was skeptical too, but it work so I was like fine I will give it a try and I did. The before picture was taken just a couple of days before I started using Wild Hair Growth. While using wild hair growth from January to May I keep my hair out in a wrap I did not braid it or anything and just a couple of weeks later I started noticing amazing growth then in April colored it you still can see it because I started using Wild Growth I had it dyed Jet Black. From late May to middle just I had Braids in plats and I burned the ends just for like three weeks and that is when my hair really grew I put my little oil in one or twice a day and washed it twice a week that works for me I have to wash my hair at least twice a week, but I still put in my oil regularly. Then when I took out my braids I got a relaxer and I was like WOW! This stuff really works. I know from past experiences with trying to grow my hair back it grow more while it was braided, but with Wild Growth it Grew more I mean you should have seen it in real life everyone was like what are you using. I was like girl I got this oil that I have been using and it is working for me and I went to Boston and my family was like what are you using just this oil and my cousin my was like I want to buy so she took me to a sally beauty Supply store and we brought the oil and we made sure that it was no a fake one. My after picture was taking just a month ago in December of 2006 and you can see for your self the difference. Not only the length, but the strength, the volume, body and all that.




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52 year old female, hair type not indicated. No history of Lye products. Has used dye and hot oil treatments before and since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®. Has used hair drier and perms only before using Wild Growth Hair OilTM. Has braided most of her life. With Wild Growth Hair Oil® Has seen 4 inches of growth in 7-8 months, slight thickening after 20 weeks, and has also noticed softer hair texture.

User comments:

My hair would not grow no more than my shoulders till I used Wild Growth. Now my hair is strong and long. I have had 3 inches cut off to get my hair even. Now its to my mid back area and I would still like it to get it to grow to my knees. This Wild Growth is the only product I have found that makes my hair grow (read orginal comment -part one). I have tried several products that were guaranteed to make my hair grow 4 to 6 inches in one week and none of these products worked. I paid out lots of money to try to get my hair long and beautiful but none of these products worked for me. But Wild Growth, its super, it does what the product says it will and I'm very pleased at the results Wild Growth has done(read original comment-part two).



I have been using your oil for about 4 1/2 years now and my hair is so thick. People use to be able to see through my hair but not anymore.   I wear my hair in braids during the summer using your oil on it.  I haven't relaxed my hair in 5 months.  I took out my braids shampooed and conditioned it.  I never relax my hair fresh out of braids. I used my flat iron using your oil, my hair looks like it was fleshly relaxed.  My friends wanted to know what relaxer I used and I told them your oil and my flat iron.  They told me I really didn't need a relaxer using your oil while flat ironing it.  Wild growth oil has made it possible for me to wait 6-months before relaxing again because it's not healthy to relax the hair to soon in between which makes it a lot healthier.  My daughter hasn't had her hair relaxed in 4-years and all I use is your oil and my flat iron and her hair is silky straight I have never gone without using your oil  and can't imagine not having it here. 
A very happy customer, keep up  the good work





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Hi im an 18 year old female that has always wanted long hair, my hair would grow to my shoulders and just start breaking i have (had) really dry hair and i can see that it did grow because i dyed my hair a year ago and i can see the color difference but i don't have the growth. like many of your customers i saw your ad in the back of magazines for years and thought it was a scam well after reading the testimonials and ingredients i decided to buy WGO last week and decided i will use it after I remove my braids and relax my hair. i  also take vitamins such as vitamin E, Biotin, vitamin C, B-complex, and Cod- Liver Oil,today is Sunday and Friday I relaxed my hair i used Revlon (lye) relaxer mild, motions neutralizing shampoo, UBH conditioner and motions tinted conditioner, I used motions leave in conditioner for the roller set. After my hair dried I applied IC heat protecting serum sparingly to my hair and WGO to my hair and scalp, I then flat ironed it when i finished i was wondering why i ever went to the hairdresser my hair looked beautiful, darker, shiny, and healthy, and it felt silky. That night i wrapped my hair and Saturday i unwrapped it and i felt like an Indian that's how silky my hair feels, that night my scalp had this itchy tingly sensation and i am hoping that means hair growth. I just wanted to tell you that i really do love your product and i wish i bought it earlier, the only downside is that it has a smell that reminds me of curry i try to cover it with this shea butter oil i have but it doesn't work. Nothing has ever made my hair feel this good, I cant believe its mine. Thank you...So Much im  

enclosing a picture(#1)  (picture#2) and i will keep you posted when i notice any change. Thank you again.








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18 year old female with coarse and dry hair. Has used lye products, shampoos (Vo5), conditioners(Black and Sassy),blow drying, straightening before and since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®

User comments:

My hair is longer than it's ever been. It's better than any other product I have used in the past. I don't need perms or relaxers as much.

Daily Journal (read original letter)



I first used your product two days ago and I love the instant shine,
thickness and manageability it provides.  Even if my hair does not grow I am
already satisfied with these results. 
Never before could I comb through my
5 weeks after a relaxer (immediately after washing) it and still have
no knots or hair in the comb.

K.W.  in Florida

I began using Wild Growth Hair Oil about 10 years ago after I suffered an allergic reaction to weaving hair glue. In a matter of a week or so after removing the weave, I was left with an approximately 2” diameter bald spot in the middle of my head. I tried everything to grow my hair back, but nothing worked. Then I saw an ad for Wild Growth in a magazine and I ordered it. After my very first use, I noticed my hair was incredibly  soft and after only a short few months   my hair began to grow back in the balding spot, but more surprisingly, I reached shoulder length hair   for the first time in my life. Over the years, for no particular reason, I discontinued using the oil and tried several other products, but NOTHING made my hair feel as silky.  I continued to experience slight thinning in the spot affected by the glue, which was more prominent after relaxing my hair. Finally in December of 2004, I decided to stop relaxing and go natural to see if this would help the thinning. Before cutting my relaxer out, I did a TON of research and asked several dozen women what they used on natural hair, as I hadn’t been natural since I was about 10 years old. Wild Growth Oil came up many times, which I had forgotten about since I hadn’t used it in about 3 years.  After I cut all my relaxer out, I was freaked out because my hair was way beyond nappy. I expected it to be kinky, but not nearly as kinky as it was. I was going to put a relaxer in it, but I decided to try Wild Growth before doing this. I put the oil on my slightly damp hair and my naps just melted away. My hair felt so soft and was unbelievable manageable, needless to say, 8 months later I am still relaxer free and my hair has grown like crazy and better than anything, my thin spot is no longer thin and the hair in this spot is just as long as the rest of my hair. The first picture was taken in October 2004 and the next only 4 months later…The growth is amazing and since the Feb picture, I have gained about an inch.   I am sending the release via postal services.

Before              After

E.S. Grand Rapids, MI






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47 year old female,  fine and dry type hair, used relaxer for 25 years applied every 5-6 weeks before using Wild Growth Hair Oil® and  continues to use it every three months after Wild Growth, has used semi permanent dye for 10 years prior to using Wild Growth every 2 weeks and continues to use it  every 6-8 weeks, has blow dried and used drier, used leave in conditioners, setting lotion, glasser, and creme or oil for dryness before Wild Growth, and now uses just Wild Growth alone in addition to regular shampoo and conditioner and , when not air drying, uses Wild Growth as an under the drier conditioner after washing. Noticed improvement of hair length after 2 months, improvement in thickness after 3 months,  reduced thinning or balding in 3 months,  reduced hair breakage in 3 weeks, and improved hair texture in days. User comments: Before using Wild Growth I was a real skeptic. My hair was very thin, my hair line was thin and receding and I had a bald spot in the top of my head that just would not go away. My hair was always dry and lacked shine and just running my fingers through it would break my hair. I was very frustrated because I had tried every product on the market for the condition of my hair and nothing seemed to work. I don't take any medications and I'm a very healthy eater. So I just could not figure out why nothing  was working. I had made up my mind that I was not going to spend any more money on useless products. I settled on the fact that I am getting older and maybe that was the cause. Then I seen the ad for Wild Growth in a magazine. Like I said, I was skeptical at first but I kept going back to that ad. So I ordered a bottle. The results were amazing!! I never liked taking pictures so it never dawned on me to take a before or after picture. I wish I had because now I love my hair. My family can't believe the difference. Thank you Wild Growth for making me feel and look beautiful. I am a customer for life. E.R. Savannah, GA



I bought a bottle of your wildgrowth oil and I have to say that I love it!  I didn't know how to properly flat iron my hair but with your oil it was very easy.  I get a silky straight press everytime right down to my ends (this is very important to me since I used to have bad looking ends). Also, it keeps my hair very straight (even when I touch it up with heat) until my next relaxer touch up which is about every four to five months so my hair actually gets to grow.  I also have very, very dry hair that was on the verge of being brittle.  Your oil actually keeps it soft.  I use just a little everyday (especially on the ends since that is my main problem area). I would recommend your oil to anyone. T.


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45  year old female. Hair type: fine and some oiliness. Has used and continues to use relaxers every four months. Has used and continues to use semi-permanent dye once per month. Has and continues to use shampoos,  conditioners, blow driers and hair driers every two weeks. Also uses hair cream, hair treatment, and hair spray for sheen in addition to Wild Growth Hair Oil® after shampooing and conditioning. User experienced improvement  in hair length after 1 month, improvement in thickness after 1 month, improvement of thinning or bald spot in less than a month, improvement in hair texture and less breakage in less than a week. User comments: I could attest to the fact that Wild Growth is to its word. I started using Wild Growth and my receding hair line is diminishing, and also, my hair is looking healthy and thick. J.W. Bronxville, NY



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58 year old female. Hair type: fine and dry. Prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, had used lye-based perms for years and had used dyes and glued-on weaves frequently. Had used gels, spray and instant hair color after shampooing and sometimes used conditioners. Since using , has discontinued using lye products and has dyed and blow dried once. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, noticed improvement in hair length and thinning or bald spots in 1 week, and improvement in fullness and texture in a matter of days.Wild Growth Co. comments: Co. sales records show that her results were obtained in the course of using 1 bottle, which was purchased directly from us, over a period of 5 weeks. User comments: This is the truth about what your Wild Growth Oil has done for my hair. My hair was so short, I could barely pick it up. It was thin and my scalp was dry. But since I've been using Wild Growth Hair Oil, it has grown 3 inches in a week's time. It is very soft and thick. Now since I have used it the whole month, it has grown about 6 inches long. I can make a ponytail, not a long one, but I love it. My gran daughter noticed it and said, "Grandma, where did you get all that hair on your head?" Ha-Ha, how sweet it is!. I gave my daughter your address. She was impressed. I'm ordering 2 more bottles now.
Union, SC




I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful oil!!! It has done wonders for my 8 year old daughter's hair. Her hair is shoulder length and she has a children's relaxer in her hair and no matter how much I condition it and grease it with other hair greases, it seemed to be dry all the time. It was also starting to break off. So far I have used Wild Growth on her hair only twice and the difference is very noticeable. Her hair is softer and shinier and very healthy looking. I really love the fact that Wild Growth is not sticky and greasy. The smell is not so great but it goes away quickly. I have used it on my hair also and it is much softer and shinier. I think I am going to toss all those other so called products in the trash and stick to Wild Growth. I must admit that I was very skeptical when I saw the ad in Ebony Magazine but I decided to try it anyway and I am glad I did!!! You have a customer for life!! Thank You!!! K.O.


Hello, my name is D. and I'm from Tuscaloosa, AL. I've been using your product for about two months now. I called to say how much I love your Wild Growth product. Its the best thing I've used for my hair. I have a relaxer. With this product, I don't even need to use a conditioner. It makes it so healthy and thicker. I have always had thick hair, but I know relaxers do damage hair alot. It brought  my hair back to life. I just wanted to say THANK YOU.  Please never go out of business. D.



I have  been using wild growth for three weeks now and I am astonished with the results. I am a college student and for the past two semesters, I have been really stressed out and it was taking a major toll on my hair. As a result my stylist had to cut four inches offf my hair. I was devastated. The following day, my friend told me that her Aunt was using wild growth on her hair and how soft and fast it was growing. So I logged on the website, checked the ingredients and decided to give it a try. After washing my hair, I applied Wild Growth just as the bottle said and my hair was so soft I couldn't believe it. The change in texture happened immediately. Now, three weeks later, my hair grew quite a bit. In fact it is growing so fast that I have to wash my hair twice a week to keep up with the growth. My perm is actually lasting longer because the oil is making my hair lay down without any kinks or problems. At first I didn't think any thing was happening, until I washed it and realized that the oil was making my new growth blend in with the relaxed hair. The oil works so well that I air-dried my hair, only applying the oil, wrapped it overnight, and it laid down without any heat! Any other time, I could not get it layed like that with my best flat iron. t flat iron. Lets just say  that I am very impressed and am so happy I gave Wild Growth a try.





I was introduced to your product through a friend. I have been using Wild Growth for a few months now and I am very pleasingly satisfied. I can now use less relaxers because, after blow drying, the product makes my hair straight. This will be the exclusive hair product for me. O.D.




Have never done this before, but after using your oil for about four months, I have really seen great results. I am Caucasion, with VERY curly, fine, too soft, fragile, fuzzy hair which I have always hated. Relaxers and perms caused terrible breakage...have tried other Afro hair oils in the past, also loads of expensive conditioners, but nothing worked like yours. My hair dresser can't believe the improvement, so much less breakage, hair looks very shiny, healthy, and is so much easier to manage without chemicals or loading on lots of goo that doesn't work any way. Thank you, I am hooked. Other white women with dry, frizzy, damaged curly hair need to know about this stuff too.


February 25, 2000
I've been using the wild growth product for about 2 months. And it's great. I have very thick hair and this works wonders. I get my hair straightened every week, and it is great when you have to straighten. I love this stuff, thanks for making it.


April 28, 1999

My problem began when I started perming my hair. Over the years, using different beauticians and putting perms on myself, my hair had become very fragile. I constantly combed hand-full amounts of hair in my hand. My ends were always so dry and would break off very easily...
  After washing it out, I thought: "I'm going to put some of this oil on my hair as it dries." After my hair dried, to my amazement, my hair was conditioned to the ends!!!! It was so soft and silky!! My ends were beautiful. Three days later, my ends were still very conditioned. No dryness!!! (I wash my hair once a week)
When it came time to wash my hair again, I noticed my ends were still conditioned. NO MORE DRY ENDS.
I have noticed that my hair is much longer. I have been getting so many compliments on my hair. People everywhere are asking me, "Debbie, what are you using on your hair? It is just growing." I tell them about your product. I just had to learn how to use it on MY hair. Just putting it on did not do the trick for me. After cleaning my hair, sitting under the drier really conditions my ends, which ends my breakage, which helps my hair to keep its length.
I love your product. I just ordered 3 bottles. I hope more African Americans find out about your product. It is perfect for children with hair growth problems.