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Other hair products. Can Wild Growth Product be used with other hair products?   There are no reports of adverse incompatibility issues.   It is advised to try Wild Growth alone, first, without any other leave-in products so you can tell all that the Wild Growth products are doing  for you.  Generally, not knowing the proprietary manufacturing practices used in making other products, Wild Growth Co. is not in a position to make any recommendations regarding them. 


Chemicals/Lyes/bleach/dyes. Can I put these products on permed and bleached hair? Yes.Results from Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer are the same with bleach, dyes and perms/relaxers. Wild Growth  Oils will also condition the perm for less breakage and will make the natural new growth soft and of more relaxed texture to blend with the perm (especiallyWild Growth Hair Oil  . Result: perms with Wild Growth Hair Oil last longer (at least 1.5 times longer) so you will be exposing your head to less chemicals. Wild Growth products can also be used on dyed hair. It is recommended that you apply chemicals two days after applying Wild Growth Products. Then wait another two days to resume using Wild Growth products. Why? Oils can cause chemicals to absorb into the skin.


Medications/Will Wild Growth product harmfully interact with medication? No, because Wild Growth products are natural and do not get into the blood stream.


Chemotherapy/radiation/Will Wild Growth products grow back hair lost from chemotherapy/radiation? Yes. And it Is also used to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy and radiation as well.


Shampoos/will Wild growth products still work if I use shampoos? Yes.! Any shampoo, no matter how natural, has a hair and follicle compromising surfactant (ex.sulfate, polyglucose etc.) component (cetyl/ceteryl alcohols, another subject, are chemicals of questionable harmlessness (regarding for hair growth) and have mainly to do with how the product feels, dispenses and preserves).

Restoration From Shampoo Harmful Effects:

Wild Growth Oils (Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer) restore the natural acid mantle that is destroyed by soaps, restore the critical pliability and moisture of sebaceous ducts while gently cleansing the scalps obstructions. The presence of these oils, naturally restores the proper energy environment for growth and breakage resistance. They are not soaps (any shampoo) that dry out the scalp, but break up scalp deposits which put the hair roots to sleep, while maintaining critical pliability and moisture. They counteract damaging effects of not only shampoos, but of lyes, dyes, chemotherapy and radiation.  They are a must immediately after shampooing.

Prevention of Shampoo and wetting damage and therapeutic Shampoo Additive. While Wild Growth Hair Oil should only be used on damp (towel dried hair) for shampoo restorative properties, Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer can be used more aggressively as both a shampoo damage preventative and restorative by using it as an effective  shampoo additive which not only buffers from shampoo harmful effects but also enhances the therapeutic deep cleansing and deep nourishing process that aids hair growth itself. In addition, Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer can be use a leave-in conditioner directly on wet hair for prevention of hair wetting damage (which actually occurs from  transitioning from wet to dry).




Sisterlocs/can I use Wild Growth product with Sisterlocs? Try using Wild Growth Hair Oil or Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer ( you may try them separately and together) carefully, and sparingly just on your scalp only after your locs have settled or gripped.


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