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african (natural and relaxed) hair results  alopecia  amazing results back of head, kitchen or nape hair growth  baldness/ patches/spotted areas/thinning beard grower beautiful hair before and afterbig chop prevention and recoveryboth products for even better results braids(management and growth to allow for them)/twists/protective styles breakage caucasian/asian/indian/pacific/spanish/middle eastern chemicals  chemotherapy children concentrate/ affordabe/little goes a long way  conditioner for hair & scalp crown /top of head hair growth dandruff detangles Dreadlocks-maintenance, enhancement, replacementends conditioning/preservation/trim prevention eyebrows eye lashes fast hair growth follicles deemed dead grow hairfor all hair types front/forehead hair growth  hair confidence restored hair growth issues completely resolved ➝ hair growth age limit? hair growth cures that last without further use or assistance/hair growth progress does not revert back but hair continues to grow after discontinued use/progress continues even with off and on use  Hair growth progresses with continued use/short to long/long to longer/thin to thick/thick to thicker/bad to good/good to better/ even and consistent growth➝  hair growth system  ➝ hair grows hair line  hair loss reversal of  hair (and skin) moisturizer comparison with hair products/ How well does Wild Growth stack up?  Hair repair and protection- strand/ follicles/ and roots/disaster from heat, chemical, braids, locks, weaves etc.      hair shine  hair stylist/professional recommendedHair texturizer-instant and lasting for naturally manageable curl patterned hair (raggedyness-free, frizz-free/body and bounce/sway/swing, livelyness, amazing feel and shimmer) Hair transformation/retexturixer  harsh weather and good hair growth  healthy natural hair growth/  healthy & refreshed hair, scalp and skin      inches of growth   kink removal -instant and lasting  kitchen, back of head or nape hair growth lasting results  little goes a long way longer hair  long term use (safe and effective for....)-continuous or off and on/been around a long time (time proven staple products) love  for hair product loyalty/pledges/product seriously relied upon/ personal endorsement  males  manageable hair  mane and tale results medications/medical conditions/stress are no obstacles to Wild Growth  miraculous hair growth moisturizer nails   nap removal- instant and lasting nape, back of head or kitchen hair growth   new appearance of hair new growth perms and relaxers pressing oil/ blow dry/heat styling smooth, fast and easy  and lasting hair straightening protective styles assistance and protection against really works/is all that is needed/gets the job done/consistent results/never fails/fulfills promises hopes and needs/not from the eyes of a wisher but one who was first skeptical/on and off users who have repeatedly seen a difference between using and not using Wild Growth oils relaxer and perm stretcher/replacer     results for first time ever or in a long time or results hard to achieve   results are attention grabbing    results are surprising/exceed common expectations/from skeptical to believer  Results continue but do not revert when usage stops  results never before achieved  results shared by other results within days or weeks/results within a few uses  revolutionary permanent transformation of hair scalp sensitive skinshampoo product for growth and reduced shedding shedding   shelf life (no expiration date necessary)  shoulder and below length hair silkiness/smooth hair skin (& scalp) care soft hair, skin and scalp split ends stay short hair/ slow growing hair/uneven growth/ lazy growing hair  stop itch stop hair loss stop shedding stop shrinkage strong hair/protected hair tames  hair  temples, sides and edges  Thank God thicker (fuller) hair/For thinning hair top of head/crown/middle hair growth uneven growth successful user tips/Workarounds   weather (harsh) and good hair growth  wigs weaves, sew-ins, hats  wild growth of hair Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer wild growth oils never change works when others don't/never fails












Will it work for me? Will it not work for me?


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Wild Growth® Oils and thicker growth      

Wild Growth® Oils alone and Hair longer growth     



Why does it not work for me? Before concluding that WG Oils will not work, you must determine if...


...there was sufficient time to properly test (there can be delayed effect)  so see how long others who saw results had to wait:

WG Hair Oil alone and thicker growth time frame

WG Hair Oil alone and Hair longer growth time frame


...product was used correctly

general instructions

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-First did not work, then did...

"July 21,
By R. Greene "RG" (New York City) - This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
I've used this product over the last 10 years or so. My initial reaction was that it did not work, although I did find that despite its fairly heavy greasy/oily feel and pungent smell, my hair looked pretty great. I didn't notice much growth, however, and stopped using it after about 2 or 3 weeks. About 3 months later, I noticed my hair had undergone a huge growth spurt --I'm talking far more than I'd seen ever before. I thought maybe I didn't see the gradual progress, or maybe I just had a delayed reaction. So I decided to make that my M.O. use it for a little while, and sit back and let it grow. I've grown out and cut off my hair 3 times since then, and whenever I want to grow it back out, I do a few cycles of wildgrowth. I'm currently getting to the end of a bottle and my hair is almost to my bra strap (from chin-length two years ago).





Hair is going to grow anyway and WG is simply taking credit for it.


Not true when ...

WG works when others don't/never fails

results were never before achieved

hair growth issues have finally been completely resolved 

results are surprising/exceed previous  or common expectations 




You changed your product! My bottle writing has changed. The ingredients have changed.

No. The words used have changed, but what is inside is always the same.

The listing of ingredients were changed but not the ingredients themselves. This is because the the old ingredients listed were always part of the new ingredients listed. For example a bottle of water that once had it's label saying hydrogen and oxygen, relists its ingredients as water. Both versions of the bottles have the same product inside because Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.  The old and new are the same exact product. The old listed what was extracted but not what it was extracted from-Mushrooms, etc.. listed on the later versions of the same product.



Users themselves say:

wild growth oils never change

Wild Growth Co. give details for why the 'book cover' has changed but the book has not: 

If Wild Growth® Oils did in fact change, they would act differently on users. But the great same results are reported since the the bottle writing changes back

in July 2017. See recent testimonials


Then please explain how an ingredient that has always been the same is now called something different!

Our expansion into all markets requiring the ingredients to be listed more accurately caused our newer versions to appear to have different ingredients. Rest assured that the exact same stuff goes into Wild Growth products but the bottles are now showing the materials used that are the sources of the ingredients previously listed:

Through a multi-step extraction and purification process,

Formely listed ergocalciferol (vitamin D) is sourced from newly listed select mushrooms.

Formely listed choline is sourced from newly listed chick pea, lentil, and sesame seed.

Formely listed inositol is sourced from newly listed chick pea, lentil, and sesame seed.

Formely listed iron is sourced from newly listed chick pea, cocoa mass, lentil, and sesame seed.

Formely listed magnesium is sourced from newly listed cocoa mass and sesame seed.

Formely listed phosphorous is sourced from chick pea, lentil, and sesame seed.

Formely listed calcium is sourced from cocoa mass and sesame seed.


Also, the newly listed essential oils which were not formerly listed, were always used though not listed in the past.  Historically, users have reported  noting the presence of essential oils, despite the bottle not listing them.

Finally please note that 'Wild Growth Oil Nutrient complex' is lo longer on the ingredients list at all because it is not an ingredient or group of ingredients but actually is a 12 step process that the ingredients are subjected to. The logo tells you that this claim to fame process is still used: follow this link:

Wild Growth® Oil nutrient complex

But it smells different.


With natural ingredients, including essential oils  there will always be variations in odor and to a lesser extent, color and consistency from batch to batch. These inconsistencies have been regularly noted by users since 1985. But these variations are not critical for maximum product performance. If synthetic fragrance were used, we would always hit the 'Bulls Eye' of odor consistency, at the expense of users healthy hair, skin, nails, eye brows and eye lashes. Don't forget our promise:   our promise

So How can I be assured of consistency? The question should rather be: How can I be assured of consistently performance results? Any  changes in color, texture, or odor are as a result of balancing that particular batch to bring it in line with the performance parameters of the original formula. Because the raw materials  vary in characteristics from one batch to the next,  we make adjustments to yield the same effective product as always, with the result, sometimes, being a change  in the color, texture, or odor.  We directly transform, extract, enhance, and purify from raw ingredients, and we have mastered the balancing act of making the product consistently look, feel and smell  the same while ensuring its performance or functionality remains at the exact high level  it has been since the first batch rolled out in 1984. While other product manufacturers, relying on ultra refined large batch chemicals from other large manufactures, may produce a slightly more consistently appearing, feeling and smelling product, you may rest assured in both the superior strength, purpose-manufacture, and purity of our final products, formulated with naturally enhanced components processed in house, in accordance with our own devised successful benchmarks. An example of consumer feed back on Wild Growth products consistency: 


"I haven’t written your company since 2005, but I wanted to commend your business, once again, on a wonderful, consistent product. I have been using this product, since 2003. Not only on myself, but my children as well, including my son. My daughters and I had Alopecia, in a large area on our temples, at one point. Our hair just wouldn’t grow there, but would grow like a Lion’s Manes everywhere else. Go figure! Thanks to WGHO we have seen a great turn around in our temple areas, as well as overall hair growth. I find myself coming out of my shyness, and speaking to people more, when I’m shopping at the Beauty Supply, because I am always offering advice on using your product. Don’t change a thing WGHO." Be blessed!!! Akilah D.- August 01, 2012 


But the most important key to assurance of true performance consistency  is the :


The Wild Growth® oil nutrient complex


This phrase, 'Wild Growth® oil nutrient complex was removed from the previous ingredients list because it wasn't a true ingredient. It was a term given to a method used in processing key ingredients. Wild Growth's claim to fame is this method. Though removed, the 12 lance leaf logo that remains on each bottle, each leaf representing a proprietary extraction step, assures that what is in these bottles is true Wild Growth®! and is of the highest quality that Wild Growth® has to offer:




Read more about the Wild Growth® oil nutrient complex.  


A detailed summary of Wild Growth product quality concerns including the assurance that there are no fakes out there is available by following this link:  quality assurance

Brief Summary:

Wild Growth Hair Care Throughout all different versions the product has not changed, Variations in odor color and consistency have always occurred throughout the products' ~33 year history and are attributable to the variation of the available raw natural ingredients. Consistent chemicals are not dumped in a tank to make Wild Growth. But be assured that WG Oil performance is not affected by these natural variations. Any occasional negative responses to using WG oils always had and has to do with the a small minority of user's current state of health. Every version of Wild Growth Bottle decoration and copy that has occurred in the roughly two years prior to 2018, has been confirmed by Wild Growth Co. to roll out of their factory in St. Johns, AZ USA. Attempts at making the ingredients listing more accurate had to occur in stages because of rushed production schedules just prior to 2018 which caused many variations and much confusion. From January 2018 the bottles rolling out of the factory list the ingredient currently listed on our web site ( All bottles with batch code # (top shoulder of each bottle) ending in 18 will list these exact ingrediients Also Read ' are there Fakes out there?' at:


For more anwers to questions/product concerns, follow the link,  concerns