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olivia C.
Aspen, CO
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February 8 , 2009

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From: Elena
To: Wild Growth Company
Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2009 3:34 PM
Subject: Uncommon questions


First of all, I'd have to tell you that I wanted to test the Hair Oil for an unconventional use. I have a show dog from a bearded breed and me and the co-owner of the dog were looking for ways to (naturally) grow more hair on the head of the dog in question. Not that she's not "well gifted" in that area:-), but she has average length, nothing spectacular. For example, another dog of the same co-owner has twice the length of the beard my dog has.
We had heard many... ideas how to grow a beard, the most reasonably sounding of them was to use pure lanoline, but I did reject this one as the dogs lives in my home and a greasy muzzle will make a mess. I had some moderate success in growing beard and leg hair using natural tonics and dog cosmetic oils&moisturizers, but... not enough. And the hair still went too greasy to my taste.
I came across a link to your site during a completely unrelated search - it was quoted in some forum thread - and was interested enough to give a try to your Hair Oil. I was amazed you'll ship it to Bulgaria and, well, even more amazed as it came by the mail promptly and without additional costs (I'm used to 100 and more percents shipping costs when I'm ordering something from USA).
And so we gave it a try. I always try any new product on my hair too, because of the special coarse texture the dog's fur should maintain - the softening is absolutely undesirable. My hair is coarse and curly (not as much as African-American hair) and is... I'm not sure how to tell it in English, sorry, but it stands - sticks up (I'm browsing the dictionary here...) much like African-American natural will, and any softening makes it fall, so the texture is more or less good for testing dog products: if my hair softens, then the product is not good for the dog.
Well, I applied the oil and expected (you're advertising softness and manageability) my hair to soften, which didn't happen, thanks God. On the opposite - it gets slightly drier than usual and somehow more coarse (I'm using the Caucasian hair way treatment, 15 drops on towel-dried damp hair), and I still need the usual product I use to make the dry hair brushable (which, in the last year and a half is a special dog conditioner, don't laugh at me...). So far I've done only 3 treatments and I'm not specially looking for results for me, but I'd say my hair got more texture and stands up better - it has more spring in the curls if I may say so. We'll see if it will really grow faster or heal the split ends. By the way it usually stops growing below my shoulder-line (last time I didn't cut it for 10 years straight and it got more body but didn't grow longer), so it may be interesting to test if my hair will grow longer than usual, but then I don't want to bother with long hair in the moment, so...  No, I do think I have some new growth - maybe next time I use the oil it will be a good idea to take a pic to prove it (I've taken a pic before the first treatment).
Anyway, my hair didn't soften, so I used the oil on the dog's muzzle. Her hair is (or should be) very coarse but not curly, just wavy, and slightly oily, so I do it this way: 5 drops on my fingertips massaged under the chin, 5 drops on each side of the mustaches, 5 drops on the roots of the bang; good brushing follows; this done on dry or slightly damp hair - I can't really wash the dog's head every 2 days :-)
So here come the pictures attached to this letter - the first (beard-begining.jpg) is taken right after the first treatment this Monday. The second (beard-2treatmnts.jpg) is taken Sunday, right after the third treatment. I'd say we have "wild" growth :-), this there is my hand touching the same place at the end of the dog's bottom jaw. The difference is visible, it's about 2/3 inch. More or less the same growth she has on the upper jaw hair and on the bang. Splendid! So far the fur didn't soften, the dog likes the smell of the oil... and I'm impressed by the result (I didn't expect anything to happen so fast) and itching to test the product on other hairy areas.
So... the questions I have:
- first, do you thing I'm applying the oil right (on the dog, I mean)? Maybe more drops (or less) will be better for that coarse oily type of hair?
- second, is it possible to dilute the oil in water and spray it on the fur? I'm especially interested in that because for to apply it on the legs I'll need maybe 20 or 25 drops for each leg (the dog is huge...), and usually the spray-on way gets a more even distribution to a product.
- how often I should apply the oil to the dog's legs, having in mind that - unlike the head - they don't get washed or even damp very often (for shows we bath the dog every 3 weeks, between shows - every 5 or 6 weeks). The head I can wash every week or every other week, but the whole dog... and in 4-5-6 weeks the residue may be too much if the oil is applied every other day.
- I need to use also other products for brushing (which does occur every 3-4 days) - the leave-in conditioner I use on my hair too, for example - can that make the oil penetration through hair harder?
- Later I'll have to use also coat handler, coat shine and hold sprays to get prepared for shows. If your oil may be diluted, is it a good idea to add some of it to those products or it will be too much?
I know, those are very unusual questions, but you know your product and probably can supply me with some additional information and insights.
I hope the good results will continue to show:)
Yours: Elena

The first (beard-begining.jpg) is taken right after the first treatment  Monday

The second (beard-2treatmnts.jpg) is taken Sunday, right after the third treatment.



Follow-up email from Elena February, 13 2009

The beard still grows nicely, next week I'll take some more pics. There is another interesting side effect that's worth mentioning - the hairs around the lips don't get as much residue as usual though they aren't "oily". It's usually a problem when the dog eats dry food and immediately goes to drink water; toweling the wet beard and brushing don't help with that but in the last week the residue from the damp food is visibly less.
And, by the way, I'm pleased to tell my own hair HAS grown considerably, though it's hard to tell so far if it's "healthier" or not. It's close to the point where it won't keep the "dandelion" style anymore so at that stage I'm usually forced to either cut it or tie it. Interesting will the oil help keep it "standing" while longer... I'm curious to see the long-term effects.
Thanks again.
Yours: Elena

February 25, 2009