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Mon, May 2, 2016 4:27 pm

I just happen by accident, reading about your product concerning how to treat your ends. I stopped and remembered I had a bottle that I NEVER used and immediately jumped into action. I have to confess my hair loves it! My ends look so much better and not raggedy. I've had this unused bottle for a while and almost fainted when I read the favorable reviews. I started using this and I'm glad I went directly to your website to learn more! I am going to split this order with my mom and we'll both see what happens! I'll follow up in a month or two!




August 17, 2013


"I love this Product so much !! here is my Testimony! lol",     Danielle B.


Facebook dialogue about progress:

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Rachel Shanell How long have you been using it.?

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Danielle L. Blackburn about a 1 year and a half! Rachel Shanell

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Rachel Shanell What else do you do.? Like you just apply it to your scalp & it grew like that.?

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Rachel Shanell Sorry for all the questions

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Danielle L. Blackburn no problem I don't mind lol and yes 3 times a week my mom would just part it and apply it to my scalp and this is the result Rachel Shanell I just did that and kept it in braids or pony tails  sometimes I straightened it but not too much heat

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Rachel Shanell Okaye, i had some but i stopped using it. Ima start back lol your hair looks so nice & healthy !

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Danielle L. Blackburn Thats what happen to my mom she had the same bottle in the cabinet for like 7 years then she decided to put it in my hair and we started buying it all the time ever since! and yes start using it again you will love it if you stay dedicated! and Thank you :) Rachel Shanell


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