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Hair Growth Age Limit?

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5.0 out of 5 stars Skeptical, but it Worked
April 29, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
Used on my 90 year old mother's hair that seemed to fall out  from allergy to a bamboo pillow. The caregivers at nursing home recommended this and they are
so kind to apply it during mom's bedtime.
I am amazed.


brea B.-Influenster
664 reviews
Beauty Junkie Expert Level 4
Dec. 26, 2018, 6:29 a.m.

You have to be good at repeat steps with this because you have to gradually increase the use this product to work for 3 time a week for 1 whole month. To see
result yes it works
I use it for grandma.


Rhayvin Grant
Facebook July 25 at 3:22 PM · 2018

Wild Growth Hair Care Thank you !

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Starting at an old age!! Ha.... 7 months later.... It's paying off and I look fabulous.... Santa may take me back with him!
ByMary W Hamiltonon May 16, 2017
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
I am just starting my first application today (5/16/17)... I am 77 and my hair is thin in the top ... so i will return to update you when I use my first bottle of Wild Growth Oil.... I am going to also order the
moisturizer ... I've never had long hair, so I don't want too much hair on my head.... Good luck... and will check in in about 3 months...

OK ...It is now 12/4 and I've received my second bottle of this product. My hair is so long until now I can connect the twist and make different styles, or untwist my hair and wear it hanging.... It is really  longer
thanks to this product... If you use both the oil and conditioner (leave-in) you only have to put in your hair about 2x a week... about a teaspoon of each. I recommend.... will report back in June of next year.... by
the way, I ordered enough to last that long because I had to buy some at a local hair store... so why not order it and keep it in stock... great price especially when you can see the results...

April 27, 2015

Good Product for Hair Growth that Really Works!
BySheila E.on

Wild Growth Hair Oil: I can say only that it really works. You must follow the directions and be faithful with your application and care of your hair. You will see good results. You need to eat healthy for the best results. My husband is 84 years old and good hair growth results occurred covering his bald spot enough to make a real difference!!!



January 31, 2014

Very Satisfied
Yolanda A. Bullock
5.0 out of 5 stars

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I have had long hair my entire life. Since I have been getting older I notice my hair has been breaking off and becoming more thin. I have stopped perming my hair but still want straight healthy hair.
I have only been using the Wild Growth for about 2 weeks but I have already noticed my hair has stopped breaking off and is getting longer. My scalp no longer itches between washes and looks great. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants longer thicker hair. IT IS WORKING !!!!!!!


December 7, 2013

Surveyee 1211 Saturday,  4:01:40 AM
Densely coiled-coarse (ex.:
African, African mix)
65 or older
 Both Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth LO Moisturizer

Hair growth and texture results: Thickness (mild results at least 6 months but less than 1 year) Length (strong results at least 6 months but less than 1 year) Texture (strong results at least 2 months but less than 6)

Comments: Loving the two products! I have just recommended both to my future daughter-in-law.

July 27, 2013


from paper survey

 70 year old female, fine and dry hair.

Uses Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer  No history of lye products or dyes.  No other styling method other than braids

Comments: 'Even though my hair is growing and have (had) grown (Co. records show that user has been using product since September 2011), my apology for not having a picture. My hair is a thin type of dredye? (braid). It is growing and easy to handle.   Read original written comment.

Mary H. Baltimore, MD


July 09, 2013

from paper survey

 67 year old female, fine and dry hair African quality mixed with Indian and Caucasian  No history of lye products. Had used dye for 20 years.  Had and continues to style hair with blow drying and pressing in addition to simple air drying. Saw 2 inches of longer growth in 2 months. Saw thicker hair, improvement of bald spots and improvement in texture in two months.

Comments: 'I would recommend it because it works...I am glad I started to use it. this is a wonderful product.'   Read original written comment.

January 19, 2013

Click here for more information  on surveyee 1079.  (Saturday, January 19, 2013 11:45:20 PM)

55-64 year old female with Small curls-fine (ex.: African, African mix)


Have used wild growth on and off for about twenty or better years and stopped, until recently. I returned to using it again and realized just how much moisture is in the product and the benefits that it holds. Happy to return back to using it. Just what the hair doctor ordered.

July 22, 2011

(from paper survey)

71 year old female. Uses various shampoos. Flat irons and curls her hair. Length of hair grew 6 1/2 inches, saw thicker hair, improvement in thinning or bald spots, and noticed that her hair became silky in texture, all in 3 months. Comments:  'My hair was bald around the edges, but after using Wild Growth Hair Oil, it filled in the bald spots and thickened my hair.' Click here for original paper  survey response.

Mamie R., Chicago, IL

April 06, 2011

(from paper survey)

Sixty Four (64) year old female user of Wild Growth® Hair Oil with fine and dry hair. No history of lye or dye products. Blow dries and presses hair. Has seen one and one half (1.5) inches of growth and improvement to very nice hair texture in three months. Also noticed improvement in hair thickness in nine (9) months.

Comment: 'Now I have rich texture, softeneing and body. My hair was damaged so bad that I was sick. Today I am happy with my hair.' Click here for original paper  survey response.

October 21, 2009

(from survey)

73 year old female describing her hair type as fly, possibly fine and dry. No history of lye product use. Had used a dye product once. Does apply heat. Has reported improvement in hair length in 31 days. Has also reported improvement in thickness, breakage control, and texture. User comments: Believe me, I will always use Wild Growth... 1 month at the most and it is down to my shoulders now...I will keep on using Wild Growth as long as I can get it.

Click here to see original survey response and comments

B.F., Rochester, NY

October 9, 2009

60 year old female with fine hair and some oiliness. History of heat usage and dyes. Products used: Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer. Improvement in length: has seen one inch of growth  in three weeks. Also has experienced improvement in hair texture.

User comments: My hair has grown. People noticed before I did, when I noticed it was really long. I will keep using the products and have recommended to others.

Click here to see original survey response and comments

November 24, 2008

A few months ago I ordered a bottle of your Wild Hair Growth. My hair was a mess. Broken off, dry and fuzzy. Wouldn't grow. After I used Wild Growth about two and a half months, my hair grew down to my shoulders, also looked like a brand new new head.

I am seventy years old. I have a friend who was completely grey headed, also getting thin, his beard also. He had cancer. After twenty six treatments of radiation and chemo, he lost hair and beard. Again the cancer came back. Before the treatments this time he shaved both hair and beard. After the treatments, I had half a bottle of my hair oil left. I gave it to him. He used it on his head and face. Now within two months his hair is back long enough to comb, also his beard is back, but most amazing of all, both hair and beard is jet black. Believe it or not.

Thankful customer,

Betty G., Smithville TX

April 2 , 2008

(from survey)

73 year old female with fine and dry hair. Had used lye products for 5 years prior to using Wild Growth products. No particular brands of shampoos/ conditioners mentioned. No heat, braids or weave styling methods ever used. Reports improvement in hair thickness within one month of use and at least 2 inches of length with improvement in thinning/bald spots and hair breakage elimination after 2 months or longer. Texture improvement was noticed in a matter of days. User comments: 'This Wild Growth, it really works. My hair has grown. It is the first time ever I found something to work so fast. All I can say is keep making it. My hair has already grown two inches...I never found nothing that works so fast. It really works'

Click here to see original survey

Irene H., Clarksdale, MS

March 4 , 2008

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Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2008 1:56 PM

Subject: Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer


Good Day Wild Growth Management,
I am a 68 year old mixed race male. I have been using Wild Growth Hair Oil for about 5 years. I started using the new Light Oil Moisturizer about a month ago along with the hair oil. The new product is absolutely great. My scalp is itch free and my hair is soft and easy to comb. I have also found this new product to heal very itchy arms and legs. I would scratch them until they were raw. Now I am itch free.  Thank You Wild Growth for this great new product. 

November 1, 2007

(from survey)

74 year old female with fine and dry hair. Had used relaxers,  dye (for 12 years), cholesterol hot oil treatments, blow drier before using Wild Growth® Hair Oil. No time line specified in survey for reported improvements. However, purchase history reveals that user had begun using Wild Growth® Hair Oil some tome in the first week of May 2007. User comments: I am very proud I started using Wild Growth Hair Oil. I see so much improvement in thinning spots, less hair breakage, and thickness of hair. Click here to read original survey with user-written comments

October 3, 2007

(from survey)

61 Year old female with coarse and dry hair. No history of lye products. Used and still uses shampoos, conditioners, hair grease including hair enhancement types. Had pressed hair and worn it in plats (braids) before using Wild Growth Hair Oil but not after.Has seen 6 inches of improvement in length after two months of using Wild Growth Hair Oil. Has seen seen 8 inches of improvement in length since starting to use Wild Growth Hair Oil. User comments: 'Since I started using Wild Growth my hair has become very soft and manageable. Before my hair was approximately 2-3 inches. Now it is 10 1/2 inches and there is no need for any chemical or relaxers. I love this product and even use it on my Grand Child." (Click here to read original survey)

E. Sims, Toledo OH

August 08, 2007

(from survey)

68 Year old Female of undetermined hair texture and hair care practices. No responses given to survey questions. User comments: Hello. I did not keep up with the time I used the Wild Growth Oil. I finished one of the bottles that I ordered. My hair was short but with just 1 bottle, my hair has past my shoulder. And My other bottle I had left: my sister wanted it after looking at my hair. After two weeks after giving it to her: she was bald around the temples. She now sees fuzz growing. Thank you. Mrs. Jackson.

Click here to read original user comment

M.B., Delano, CA


(from survey)

52 year old female, hair type not indicated. No history of Lye products. Has used dye and hot oil treatments before and since using Wild Growth Hair OilTM. Has used hair drier and perms only before using Wild Growth Hair OilTM.  Has braided most of her life. With Wild Growth Hair OilTMHas seen 4 inches of growth in 7-8 months, slight thickening after 20 weeks, and has also noticed softer hair texture.

User comments:

My hair would not grow no more than my shoulders till I used Wild Growth. Now my hair is strong and long. I have had 3 inches cut off to get my hair even. Now its to my mid back area and I would still like it to get it to grow to my knees. This Wild Growth is the only product I have found that makes my hair grow (read orginal comment -part one). I have tried several products that were guaranteed to make my hair grow 4 to 6 inches in one week and none of these products worked. I paid out lots of money to try to get my hair long and beautiful but none of these products worked for me. But Wild Growth, its super, it does what the product says it will and I'm very pleased at the results Wild Growth has done(read original comment-part two).



(from survey)

68 year old female with fine and oily hair. Relied solely on beautician for hair products application and as a result had experienced generalized baldness. Had subsequently discontinued visits to the beautician and has since shampooed and conditioned her own hair. Then, after using Wild Growth Hair OilTM, she noticed improvement of hair length and thickness in 4 months.

User comments :

My Hair was taken out with too much chemicals. I started using Wild Growth in March 2006. After 4 months, I could tell that my hair started growing. Now I can roll up my hair. I am well pleased with the Wild Growth.

A.B., Lenoir, NC

(from survey)
50 year old female. Fine and dry hair. Had never and still does not use lye or dye products, other products after shampooing and conditioning except baby oil, and also has never used weaves or  heat such as blow drying, dryer,  pressing  etc.. Did wear braids, small platts. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, has seen 1 inch of growth in 30 days, thicker hair and improvement in a bald spot in the middle lower back of the neck, both  after 2 weeks. Furthermore, hair breakage had stopped in less than a week. User comments: "I followed your instructions exactly by applying to the ends only all over my head for 30 days because my hair is thin and my scalp sensitive and tender. Then I started applying a small amount to my scalp including application to my ends also. The results seem slow although increasing. I find your product to accomplish exactly what you said it would do. Its wonderful. I see an increased rate of growth at the end of 5 weeks. I am pleased. I'm ordering more. Thank you for revealing the proper technique. P.S. I'll also never run out. I'm telling others (about it)."
Camden, NJ


(from survey)
64 year old female. Fine hair with some oiliness. Other products used before and since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®: Creme of nature Detangling conditioning shampoo, Loreal Paris Natural Black Pree-color Excelence creme (after shampooing). User coments: "My hair has grown back to about 6 inches".

(from survey)
75 year old female. Hair type: fine & dry. Has been using dyes for 20 years till now. Has permed before using Wild Growth Hair Oil® and a has blow dried, used drier or pressed every 2 weeks since starting. Has seen improvement in length, thickness and bald or balding areas, and improvement in breakage within months; and improvement in texture in weeks, since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®. User comments: I have found Wild Growth to be a good product. I would recommend it anywhere. It is the best growth product I have ever used.
Conway, SC


(from survey)
64 year old female. Undisclosed hair texture. Used lye products before but not after using Wild Growth Hair Oil
®. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®,  has been using  conditioning shampoo, Creme of Nature, Ultra Moisturizing Formula for dry, brittle or color treated hair. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®,  user lets her hair dry natural (no heat usage), and then oils once a week and has seen improvement in length, thickness, thinning or bald spots and hair breakage all in one month's time. The coarse and dry hair texture has improved also. User comments: the lye products  I was using were balding my head. So I had to wear a hat all the time. I just washed it and brushed it. It wasn't enough to comb or pinch up. Now my hair has grown back enough so I can plait, and is growing better each day. I had hair short as a boy. Now I have hair growing.
Albany, GA


(from survey)

69 Year Old Female. Hair type: fine and dry. No history of lye products or dyes. Shampoos used: Pantene.Before using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, had used many kinds of oils, pomade, etc. after shampooing and conditioning. Had and continues to press. Now only uses Wild Growth Hair Oil® after shampooing and conditioning. User experienced improvement in hair length thickness, and texture as well as reduction of hair breakage in less than a week. User comments:  I've had amazing results using "Wild Growth Hair Oil". I began using the oil probably  five months ago. At that time my hair was "Boyish Short"!!! It is now shoulder length and the texture is silk like. Got lots of comments on growth and change of my hair in general. I am so very pleased with your product. Wild Growth Co. Comments: user's guess of length of usage seems accurate as records indicate that she used  2 bottles over a course of 5 months beginning  on 5/14/05.
Bull Head City, AZ


(from survey)
58 year old female. Hair type: fine and dry. Prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oil®, had used lye-based perms for years and had used dyes and glued-on weaves frequently. Had used gels, spray and instant hair color after shampooing  and sometimes used conditioners. Since using , has discontinued using lye products and has dyed and blow dried once. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®,  noticed  improvement in hair length and thinning or bald spots in 1 week, and improvement in fullness and texture in a matter of days.Wild Growth Co. comments: Co. sales records show that her results were obtained in the course of using 1 bottle, which was purchased directly from us, over a period of 5 weeks.   User comments: This is the truth about what your Wild Growth Oil has done for my hair. My hair was so short, I could barely pick it up. It was thin and my scalp was dry. But since I've been using Wild Growth Hair Oil, it has grown 3 inches in a week's time. It is very soft and thick. Now since I have used it the whole month, it has grown about 6 inches long. I can make a ponytail, not a long one, but I love it. My grandaughter noticed it and said, "Grandma, where did you get all that hair on your head?"  Ha-Ha, how sweet it is!. I gave my daughter your address. She was impressed. I'm ordering 2 more bottles now.
Union, SC


(from survey)
80 year old female. Hair type: fine and some oiliness. Used (for 15 years) and continues to use "Gentle Treatment" lye product.  Has used dye for past 11 years. Has used 'Vive & Finess' shampoo & conditioners before and since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®. Uses a little hair pomade with Wild Growth Hair Oil®  after shampooing and conditioning. Has had hair grow 6 inches longer since using Wild Growth Hair Oil® in a matter of months. Has noticed improvement in thickness and improvement of a bald spot in a matter of weeks. Hair texture has become softer.  User comments:  Before using your product, Wild Growth, my hair was badly damaged by a beautician using too hot a blow dryer. The damage took out a bunch of my hair, leaving a big bald spot on the crown of my head. I came across your ad in a magazine, ordered the product, and after using it, noticed the growth, and improvement in the texture (the original texture of my hair before the damage).
New Jersey


You probably won't believe this! But...Your product "wild Growth" is amazing! I'm 69 years old and it's making my hair grow past my shoulders. I'm putting it on my husbands forehead where the hair used to be. I'll tell yu how it wrks for him soon. Why I am writing is I'm shocked! I had a wig that I bought over 1 and 1/2 years ago from a well known company; that went fuzzy and I felt bad as it was over a hundred dollars and I couldn't wear it any more!! I could't get a comb through it. Its a long wig called 'Britney'. I put Wild Growth on my hair and saw my wig there looking awful. Well, I'll see what wild Growth will do for it! No, it did not make this (non-human) hair grow, but woo it made it nice and very workable. The curls stayed in, the shine came back, the fuz softened so I could make it like it used to be!! I just had to tell you that "Wild Growth" even works on wigs! Try it and see for yourself. This wig was to be tossed out, until now!!
Dyer, Nevada


       (from a survey)       

User Profile: 85 year old female, fine and dry hair, shampoo-VO5, no history of chemicals (lye or dye), other products used-Dixie Peach Pomade, length of time before seeing results with Wild Growth Hair Oil-3 months. User comment: I have been using Wild Growth for about 3 months. Used one (bottle) and 1/2 of another. There has been in the length. A good change. But not thicker...I will continue with it hoping for it to get longer and thicker. I'm telling my friends about it.
Philadelphia, PA

(from survey)
User profile: 83 year old female, fine hair with some oiliness, no history of lye or dye products used, baby shampoos, aloe vera conditioners, olive oil after shampooing and conditioning. Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil® user has experienced improvement in length in weeks time and thickness in 3 months time. Some improvement in a small bald spot at the top. User Comment: My Hair improved since using Wild Growth Oil. It's not as dry. It is thicker than before use of oil. There is a difference.



My name is A.I., and I live in Decatur, GA, and I am 68 years old. I have been using wildgrowth since Decemer 2001. My hair has gone past my shoulders and it is still growing.



June 24, 1999

I'm 85 years old(smile). I, for one, can say my hair since using the oil is growing beautifully.