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For all hair types

African Hair Types

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Nicole Lapsley Layne recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook  06/25/19
8 hrs
this product really makes your hair grow ... great for all hair type.



5.0 out of 5 starsWorks well for fine / soft hair
June 17, 2019
Wild Growth HairOil Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
My hair is very fine and soft. A friend gave me a bottle to try out before purchasing a bottle. I was then using it on my braids and my hair started growing like
. I now wear my own hair (long at the top and shaved on the sides) and its really working to thicken my hair ...
5.0 out of 5 stars Really works!
May 26, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. OzVerified Purchase
I love this product! I was skeptical even though I saw proof of others growth but then a friend of mines told me that she uses this product and it made her eye lashes and hair longer so I purchased it. I apply this product to my scalp every other day when I'm not planning on straightening my hair which can be anywhere from a week to two weeks and then when I wash my hair and straighten it, its even longer than before and very noticeable! I'm almost done with my first bottle and will be buying another bottle. Anyone can use this product  but I don't believe you'll see the best results if you don't already know how to properly take care of your hair before using this oil because your prior routine could be whats damaging your hair and preventing this oil from working the way it does for others.