Shampoo product for growth and reduced shedding

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Have you tried this? It is called Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer? It is called Wild Growth® because it has the same strength growth formula as the Hair Oil, but can also be used in the treacherous washing and rinsing phases.  A few drops mixed in any shampoo followed by a few drops as a leave-in in rinsed wet hair and scalp will not disrupt the growth momentum  that all shampoos (good or bad) are known for while preserving the natural oils with little or no  (grime) build-up  that a co-wash  produces. As a result, the head feels clean and vibrant with little or no ‘expected’ hair breakage from the washing and drying process. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer is called light because its consistency (allowing for better penetration), odor, and color are light. Also, its 'friction factor', 'hold', 'drag' or 'grab' on the hair structures is light for breakage-fee, glide-through detangling. It is called a moisturizer because, 24/7 (during and between washings), it moisturizes with penetrating and lasting nourishment and so protects the hair cuticle and scalp from drying and cracking. Between washings, it can be used  alone for maximum growth and gunk, funk, and itch control with protective hair styles and also to regulate potential thickness, stickiness, and odor from usinf Wild Growth® hair oil.





Shampoos: Transform any  shampoo (regular or otherwise) into a healthier growth shampoo with Wild Growth® Light Oil Mosturizer.  Just add and mix in a few bio-activating drops directly to shampoo portion that you are about to use to protect from shampoo abuse and to deep seed for growth.  Use as part of Complete Hair Growth System by following directions in maximum protection method or general instructions.



Selestine Renee Sadiki recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook
September 19 ·  2018
From bald 8-5-18 to this 9-19-18
The white bottle mostly helped but I started messing with Yellow and I saw big improvements in just 2 days of using it in my shea moisture coconut
This stuff really works !!!



Janay Laishawn reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
June 1 at 1:31pm · 2018
I Literally chopped ALL my hair off (3times) since August 2017. I’ve been using it almost everyday since March 2018 and I can tell a major difference in my hair. use the yellow bottle in my shampoo once a week and the white bottle every other day with my other products. My hair is more soft and moisturized  than ever before  I’m a living witness



Work around for itchiness

I feel like it makes my scalp a bit itchy so I ...
ByLacion May 22, 2018
Size: 4 Fluid OuncesVerified Purchase Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
I bought got this for myself but my fiancé uses t more than I do and his hair is growing very fast and is healthy. However, I feel like it makes my scalp a bit itchy so I only use it in my shampoo and conditioner.


-Strong fragrance workaround-

Jennikki Belle reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
May 6 at 8:10am · 2018
Wonderful product!  Really works well. I've used both the yellow and white bottles (yellow in my shampoo & white on my scalp in the evening because of the strong fragrance) and love the results!! Definitely works!


Gabrielle Hicks reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care —Facebook
January 18 at 6:09am ·2018
Love love love this product I have been using it for almost about a year and I see a huge difference in my edges and overall thickness... my hair started falling out   after a major surgery I had and.. I started your
both bottles yellow and white I use the yellow in the shower when I shampoo my hair and I use the white for moisture and everyday... I also use it on my eyebrows once or twice a week before bed and they are
growing in


Brittany Young reviewed Wild Growth Hair Care — Facebook
January 6 at 6:50am ·
I love the Wild Growth Hair Products! My hair is relaxed and I still achieve  growth using the yellow bottle in my shampoo and the white bottle 3x a week. Thank you Wild Growth Hair Oil!!!



This is an inexpensive but great grooming product for black hair
ByR. Rushon November 17, 2017
Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer
This is an inexpensive but great grooming product for black hair. I have very coarse thick hair. I do not have a relaxer but I do use hair color. I usually use this at the roots of my hair after shampooing. My hair is almost waist length. It is
soft, manageable and doesn't dry out as much as it used to between shampoos. It prevents split ends also.


By Jenn Canteen on May 22, 2017
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
Amazing product, saw new growth within 2 weeks

It is also excellent to use on eyebrows to help then grow
ByJB on March 27, 2017
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer Size: 4 Fluid Ounces (2 Pack)|Verified Purchase
I add this oil to my shampoo, and after shampoo I use it to oil my scalp. It is also excellent to use on eyebrows to help then grow. I prefer the light oil instead of the regular.


It works but you have to use it correctly!
ByNiKa'SmOm on October 12, 2016
Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer. Size: 4 Fluid Ounces|Verified Purchase
This was used on two of my daughter's hair. They have 2b and 3c hair type. I used this in conjunction with shampoo, conditioning, and also with cowashing method. I have used coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, almond oil and castor oil before. I still think that this oil has a slight smell. Not an unpleasant stink but definately a slight smell. Because of this I added some tea tree oil to the shampoo to neutralize the smell. Not a lot just a little.
Growth was immediate  with my 2b hair girl. With my 3c hair girl   after a few weeks I could see the change. Also, with my 3c hair girl I noticed that the shrinkage was less. I have already recommended this product on all my hair groups on facebook. It really does work!!


October 19, 2015

" my opinion both works very well. White, I massage into my scalp. "Yellow, I use on wash day. I put 3 drops into palm of hand and mix it with my shampoo. This step really helps me with detangling and shedding."-Matthews Lynnette Delois


October 11, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars
Working wonders for my almost none existant edges!
ByTracey Jayon October 11, 2015

I am African with re laxed hair. My edges are weak and were almost nine existant due to years of weaving and braiding continuously. I know longer braid my hair in an effort to regrow my edges. I have tried products like Jamaican black castor oil, ors fertilizing temple balm, t44z, black seed oil.... None of them helped to regrow my edges.
I started using wild growth oil(white bottle) 5 weeks ago and the wild growth oil light moisturizer(yellow bottle) 3 weeks ago). After a week my edges started to fill in. I was so impressed with the products. Now in week 5 I feel like the growth is not as much as in week 1 but it is still growing. I also relaxed my hair one week in and I now have about an inch of growth in the rest of my head. I know my edges will take a while. I use the oil in white bottle every other day on my scalp and massage my scalp for 5 minutes every night even on the nights I do not apply the oil. The oil moisturizer in yellow bottle I use in my hair every other day to seal my moisturizer. I also use a few drops of it with my shampoo on wash day. I mix both oils for my prepoo as well.
On another note my husband has been developing a a bold (bald) spot on the top front part of his head  over the last few years. He used the oil in white bottle and started seeing results after ten days.
I highly recommend these oils. However I think it's important to actually massage the scalp for 2-5 minutes to increase blood flow which encourages hair growth. Also it should not be used more than 3 times a week.




Wyceta Thompson-FaceBook

 The yellow bottle oil smells good and I put five drops of it in my shampoo. It keeps my hair soft and keeps my scalp from itching. I use the white bottle oil on my scalp 3 times a week. It works very well.