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     In formulating  Wild Growth Hair Oil®, Wild Growth Company utilizes proprietary processing methods to quantitatively and qualitatively enhance and moderate:



Oils of Coconut, Olive Oil, Jojoba, Rice Bran, Cocoa (Butter), Acerola , Pomegranate , Rosehip , and Pumpkin Seed.
Extracts of Mushroom, Chick Pea, Lentil, Cocoa Mass, and Sesame seed. Essential oils Of Clary Sage, Eucalyptus,
Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, and Peppermint. 



In formulating Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer, Wild Growth Company utilizes proprietary processing methods to quantitatively and qualitatively enhance and moderate: 


Oils of Coconut, Olive, Castor (USP), Jojoba, Safflower, Rice Bran, Flax seed, Roman Chamomile , Evening
Primrose, Carrot, Pumpkin, Black Cumin seed, Grape seed, and Noni. Essential oils of Clary Sage, Eucalyptus,
Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, and Peppermint. 







1. Synthetics such as colors, preservatives, fragrances, vitamins, carbomers and other polymers, silicone (amodimethiconesphenyltrimethicones etc.), etc..


2. Drugs (patent or otherwise formulated)


3. Animal or animal derived products.


4. Hormones (natural or synthetic)


5. Minerals -all elemental minerals (single and in combination) found in the Periodic Table including sulfur,  phosphorous, etc.. and their chemically derived forms. Wild Growth offers trace elements only in biologically active and safe plant based complexes as they naturally occur to sustain life.


6. Petroleum -all petroleum and petroleum derived products such as petrolatum, mineral oil,  carbomers, other polymers (olefins, quaternium forms, ethylene derivatives, acrylic forms etc.) and  other petroleum (fossil fuel derived hydrocarbons) compounds used in the hair care and cosmetics industry.







Wild Growth® Hair Oil and Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer. Our products are the Wild Growth® Hair Oil and the Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer. They both have the same growth nutrition formula good for African and non African (ex. Asian, Caucasian, Indian,  Middle Eastern, Spanish, Native American etc.)  and  natural non-clogging leave-in conditioning properties.   Then each one contributes to better results in it's own unique way. The Wild Growth® Hair Oil also has an uncompromisingly rich soft texturizing formula which keeps the hair in soft manageable condition with a good degree of moisture for breakage protection. This natural softening is also good for the scalp for improving energy flow and by providing the necessary pliability at the roots so that growth rather than breakage is facilitated by more movement. Maximum hair growth can be achieved when used with Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer. The Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer  carries a very high degree of moisture which surpasses Wild Growth® Hair Oil to help fight dryness  which not only tends to make hair brittle but also inhibits normal growth function at the scalp level. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer  does not have the unique full strength softening formula of Wild Growth® Hair Oil  but has significant amounts of soft texture factors that is adequate for many, while, in addition to advanced moisture, has a natural deodorizing quality which serves well in between head washings as a head refresher.  Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer has 300%  more moisture retention,  and, uniquely, 250% more lubricity than Wild Growth® Hair Oil Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer offers anti-friction, anti-stick, high glide action/high lubricity, low weight, low oiliness conditioning, and will contribute to critical 24/7 hair growth and protection by its ability as a shampoo additive and wet hair-applied leave-in conditioner.  The difference with  Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer  can be experienced with: less stickiness that can cause discomfort and breakage during groomingless itching from dryness, less dandruff, chaff or ashiness, less hair breakage (from dryness and abrasion). Maximum hair growth can be achieved when used with Wild Growth® Hair Oil.


 Both Wild Growth® products are natural hair growers, strengtheners, and texturizers. Only plant based biologically friendly ingredients (mostly food grade) are used.   It is recommended that both products are used for 24/7 accelerated results. Wild Growth® Hair Oil which detangles and gives a rich texture to hair is a post-wash (applied sparingly on slightly damp, not wet hair) and in between washings (applied sparingly on slightly damp or dry hair) only product. In addition to growth, Wild Growth® Hair Oil imparts fullness, bounce,  body, life, silkiness, hair that is mane-like (flowing with movement and contouring or cascading  when still), and a healthy look and feel. In addition to growth,   Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer specializes in moisture and hair cuticle sealing  and  should be used in all phases of haircare: should be used as a pre (or in between)-wash (applied to dry, damp hair, or wet hair), co-wash (wet hair) and always as an additive to shampoo, and as a post-wash  (always applied wet hair as a leave-in conditioner).  






۩۩   Never before achieved thicker and longer hair with both Wild Growth® oils


۩۩   Therapeutic Leave-in conditioning from hair ends down to the roots without     clogging or irritating with both Wild Growth® oils




 Special additional features of each oil which will contribute to critcal 24/7 hair growth and protection:



Wild Growth® Hair Oil (Green)     with special  texturizing for:


۩ Tangle, frizz, and poofiness-free hair.


۩  Manageable, soft, silky, bouncing, full body hair, with life.


۩ Prevention of hair damage from mechanical stress.


۩ Easy, fast and effortless  blow drying, pressing, flat ironing or just sitting under the drier hair.


۩ 2X and 3X perm/relaxer life extender.


۩  Perm/relaxer transition (from) product.


۩ Perm/relaxer replacement for some.


۩  Thickens hair and provides more body.



۩ Use as a post-wash only (on damp towel dried hair just after washing or dry hair between washings but not immediately before washing or during washing).


۩  Maximum Protection from Grooming Stress







Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer (YELLOW)    with special light oiliness/ high moisture /low friction formula that:


۩ Seals and strengthens protein structure of damaged and delicate African quality hair  when applied to dry hair and  wet  hair).


۩  Offers anti-friction, anti-stick, high glide action/high lubricity, low weight, low oiliness conditioning.


۩  Provides extra protection during heat styling by maintaining seal at higher temperatures (apply just after applying Wild Growth Hair Oil before applying heat).


۩ Offers colorless or near colorless product for color sensitive grey, white or blond hair.


۩ Refreshes and deodorizes with natural ingredients.


۩ Can be used as a pre wash, co-wash and post-wash.


۩  Provides Maximum Protection from Shampoo harsh chemicals while deeply seeding for growth.


۩  Provides Medium Protection from Grooming Stress with Dry Hair.


۩  Provides Safe Protection from Grooming Stress with Wet Hair.





How much are these products? 


USA: all prices include shipping $12.39 for 1 bottle 20.98 for two, 29..57 for 3. 38.16 for 4, $46.80 for 5,  $55.38 for 6,   $63.91 for 7, $72.48 for 8, $82.08 for 12)


All countries:  click here .                         


How long do these products last? One 4 fluid ounce bottle of either product will last 1-4 months for African quality hair, and 4-12 months for non-African quality hair.


Rogaine/how it differs from Wild Growth® Products. Rogaine/how it differs from Wild Growth® Products: The functionality is different. Rogaine is a vasodilator which forces temporary nutrients from the blood supply to feed the hair roots. As long as it is used , hair may grow. But Rogaine does not remove the congestion in the scalp which often is the underlying cause of poor hair growth. Unlike Rogaine, with Wild Growth, there is a cleansing and nutritional aspect to it that is progressive, and over the coarse of time (This does not mean that results are slow...far from it... follow this fast growth link), will help restore a balance whereby hair can grow on its own, even after discontinuing use. As a result, discontinued use will not result in the reversal of the progress made while using Wild Growth. Wild Growth makes no claims of artificially altering hair growth function. Rather it is viewed as assisting the inherent normal physiology which is often held back by local scalp congestion caused by impurities which, in turn restricts the energy needed for normal hair growth.





Wild Growth® Hair Oil, color, odor and feel:




Medium to light amber.



'Heavy but not bad' describes Wild Growth products smell attributable to  stabilized nutritional ingredients without synthetic adulterating chemicals to artificially make the product perfumy or candy sweet. Descriptions of Wild Growth® Hair Oil are varied: 'earthy', 'herbal', 'food-like', 'pine-like', 'smokey', 'curry-like', medicine-like, 'root beerish', 'floral' and others.The smell is not an issue at all for 80 percent of users. Is not especially liked but tolerated at first by 10 percent of users who later become accustomed to it, not tolerated by 1 percent of users and is actually liked by the remaining 9 percent of users:  


"Other hair oils that I used had bad, string chemical perfume smells. They smelled so strong that my mom and I hated to use them, and we would ruin whole pans and containers preparing the oil. This one is practically food grade, meaning it smells more like some organic food rather than chemicals!"  N.S (from MN) 08/16/04

"I have been using your product for 3 weeks now and I have noticed my hair growth is around 2 inches which is wonderful. I still have a little breakage. I just took out my braids after wearing them for over 2 years off and on and it could be caused by that (dead hair). I have noticed my hair hair is much softer and manageable. I noticed when I press my hair it comes out straighter! I have recommended my product to my friend and she is caucasian and she has also noticed around 1 1/2 inch hair growth within the first 2 weeks!! This is an awesome product. It not only is helping my hair but it smells GREAT! I will keep you up to date with my progress!! C.R. 9/27/03"


October 26, 2011-Amazon.com
By Ann -This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)
"Okay so I ordered this because of the good reviews it got and I got it a day ago, I don't know how it works- I'll update this review later but for people who are complaining about the smell...are you serious? T
rust me the smell is not as bad as other people make it out to be. Someone said it smelled like hot dogs? that is a total lie. It smells exactly like henna, if you use it. The smell is earthy and natural and not overpowering at all. I like it so far, I'll update later on whether or not it worked for me."


(from survey)
Age: 22 year old female, Hair type: fine and some oiliness. Has used Neutrogena shampoos and conditioners and has only air/towel dried her hair before and since using Wild Growth Hair Oil®. Had braids for 6-8 weeks prior to using Wild Growth Hair Oil®. Saw improvement in length of hair 4 months after use, improvement in thickness four weeks after use, less hair breakage in 2 months and improved texture of hair in 3 weeks. Wild Growth Co. Comments: Co records indicate that J.B. achieved the above results with 2 bottles of Wild Growth Hair Oil® over a span of 4 months (early april through early August).User comments: Started March 30th 2005 to present. I had just took out my braids before I started using Wild Growth Oil. I was curious about the product because my hair started to break, especially the middle of my head. So I needed something to help regrow it back, and something natural. I hated using chemicals on my hair (except for one time dyes and rinses) and
I liked the natural smell W.G.O. had. Good nutrition for my hair. Anyway, my hair has gotten thicker and slightly longer, about a 1/2 to 1 inch. It has actually gotten better when I used less on my hair. Too much can make your hair dry and coarse. I'm still waiting for longer hair, but I think my hair enjoys the nutrition it needs along with diet and exercise. My hair is about the same length it was almost four months ago, nape of the neck length, but it got thicker, especially around the temples. It controlled my dandruff problem too! I am looking forward to a year from now, for better results, 1 & 1/2 bottles and going.
Franklin Park, NJ



Thick and rich oil that quickly disappears after application while leaving behind shine and long lasting softening and bodifying retexturization.




Wild Growth® Light  Oil Moisturizer, color, odor and feel:




Colorless/near colorless or clear.




Sweet, Herbal, Floral and Citrus-like.





Free flowing thin  and slippery oil that leaves a long lasting moisture building oil barrier with sheen.




Guarantee. We offer an unconditional refund  for 1 year from the time of purchase. Return the bottle empty or with unused portion, along with receipt if purchased at a store or elsewhere online,  to: Wild Growth Co., P.O. Box 2940, Saint Johns, AZ 85936 for a full refund.



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