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"Not only does Wild Growth Hair Oil work wonders on my hair, it has also worked wonders on my cuticles! WGHO is better than using regular cuticle oil.  I'm very pleased."
R.Lawton, OK

 These oils work so fast is amazing! I have seen just little results on my hair but its because i just started using them, but that is not what im here for, believe it or not this product does wonders for eyebrows! Ive been putting a little bit of both oils in my eyebrows and they're growing so quick, even on places i wouldn't grow hair in, its awesome i love it and I've been using it in my lashes too, I just dab my finger at the tip and spread it on my lashes and they are so long im loving them! I havent seen dramatic results for my hair but i know i will because i have hope :) and when i do ill keep you posted, thank you so much you guys for coming out with this incredible product! Never discontinue it please! Xoxo sc1707 December 05, 2010

'Hello there, I have a question. I have just started using Wild Growth Oil last Monday and already the oil has calmed down my scalp and stopped the itching (I have a very sensitive scalp as I used to have Scalp Folliculitis). But I workout everyday and I get quite sweaty, so I shower regularly including my washing my hair and scalp. But since using the oil I only rinse the scalp and hair with warm water. I try to use the oil every other day as read that you are not should use it everyday. Then wash the scalp/hair every other day (I have very short twa natural afro hair at the moment). Is that OK? Its very important that I keep my scalp clean to stop Scalp Folliculitis coming back (at the moment I use a medicated shampoo). Thank you." Jennicer J. (facebook 11/19/12)

I don't have before or after pictures. However, I really want to tell you what I think of the Wild Growth Hair Oil and Light Oil Conditioner. My hair is a combination Hispanic-Western European/Northern European. It is very fine with loose curls and I dye it so it tends to frizz at the ends and break easily. I am also on various medications that make my hair thinner and fall out. The Wild Growth hair oil and LO conditioner help strengthen my hair and reduce frizz. My hair is also growing longer so fast you can almost see it! My scalp is well conditioned and doesn't itch anymore.
I also use the WGHO on my fingernails and eyelashes. My fingernails are stronger and don't break as fast as they used to. Also, my eyelashes were extremely thin. Now my eyelashes are growing back, long and thick! Thank you for your products. I don't have to use a lot and they last me a long time. What a great product! Anyway, thanks for listening! Laura K. July 08, 2012

Hello, I would like to take a moment to comment on your website and
product. I like the new look of the website. I LOVE the hair video!! I think
that many people will be inspired by it!! To give you a little bit about
myself, I aman African American female with an afro natural. My hair is VERY
tightly curled/coiled, and has often been difficult to manage due not having
the right products/tools. I went out and purchased a bottle of Wild
Growth about 6 months ago, and I ended up throwing it out, because I was SO
frustrated with my hair at the time. Fast forward to today.., I use Wild Growth
oil every other day or so. I have only been using it for about 1 week,
but it has made a tremendous impact on the handling of my hair.
It has also
helped my daughter's scalp to clear up, and she had crusty flakes that would
occur in patches.
Her scalp would bleed when the patches were flaked off. I
also noticed that when I took her hair down to restyle it, the comb glided
through, and her hair was VERY manageable. I also noticed that when I
too myhair down it was very soft and easy to manage. Now, after all these
years, I have the KEY to making the hair softer and easier to manage, and I
KNOW that I will be able to grow my hair OUT as opposed to getting frustrated
and cutting it off. Wild Growth Oil motivated me to cornrow my own hair,
which I have NEVER done. I would never have attempted it before. Thank you so
much for making this product. I will continue to spread the word. Wild Growth
is an EXCELLENT pressing oil, as well. I pressed out a friend's hair,
and it felt SO soft and moisturized. WONDERFUL!! A happy customer. P.G., January 04, 2007

I have a 7 month old daughter.
She has been suffering from eczema...extreme cradle cap since she was born. I started using this on her 3 weeks ago and this is the first time since she has been born that all of her cradle cap went away and all of her hair has stopped falling out. Thanks for the good product. I use it on my hair. Her hair is beautiful now. M.J. 6/07/02



Wild Growth  products are also proven nail and skin conditioners that are effective for all ages (0-99+ years), both male and female. Other than the scalp, these oils will facilitate growth of hair on other skin areas where it should grow such as eyebrows and eye lashes, and serve to moisturize and condition other part of the body.

Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer naturally provide a favorable nutritive environment for healthy skin and nail growth and conditioning by removing restrictions to normal appositional growth of both nails and skin as well as normalizing sluggish skin cell exfoliation in problem areas characterized by  dryness and cracking. The result is uniform and maximized nail growth and uniformly healthy and vibrant skin tone. 

Directions for hands and nails:

If you, after using either or both Wild Growth Oils on your hair and scalp, spread a little on your hands and also over your cuticles (the tissue that overlaps the nail plate and rims the base of the nail) and nail plate (the exposed surface of the nail) you will notice how fast (approximately10 minutes) nearly complete penetration occurs. For efficient application apply some (15-20 drops) spread thoroughly after every time you use it on your hair and scalp.

Other skin areas:

Apply a small amount in the center of the intended area of coverage and spread to the perimeter until the oil has almost completely penetrated.


Nail improvements to expect: 

1. flexibilty (vs.brittleness)

2. moisture protection

3. glow (after penetration)

4. nail growth 

Skin improvements to expect:

1. Suppleness (vs. cracking)

2. lubrication, moisture protection

3. glow (after penetration)

4. healing (do not apply on open wounds)

5. natural protective barrier against  microbial penetration.

6. Hair growth (including brows and lashes).