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Two different tools for growth


Natural Hair

Wild Growth Oils are for natural untreated hair but also works well with chemically treated hair. It is not only good for general African quality hair, but any hair type that tends to go frizzy, tangled and overall unruly and unhealthy. Wild Growth Oils are for growth protection but also softer, silkier, kink free, frizz-free more manageable hair with more body, bounce and sway. Wild Growth Hair Oil is the retexturizer which works its magic on natural hair. It is not required daily and is also good for doing and undoing braids because of good grab factor. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer also great for natural hair, for growth protection as well, will hold moisture longer, but, if necessary, can be used daily without build up, keeping the head fresh, moisturized and lubricated. Very good for maintaining protective styles too.

Because Wild Growth Hair Oil works so well on natural hair, It also works well with relaxers and perms. Here is how: the new growth will be made so soft and frizz free that relaxer and perm appointments will be stretched and, therefore beautiful hair with less frequent exposure to chemicals. Wild Growth Hair Oil is such a powerful texturizer, that many can easily transition from perms and relaxers altogether.

Summary of difference between both WG products (both for natural and chemically treated African and non African hair) and purposes and methods of using them together.

Use WG Light Oil Moisturizer for mixing in with shampoo or co-wash and as stand alone leave in conditioner or mixed in with another leave in conditioner. Also can mix with WG Hair Oil on damp (not wet) towel dry hair or dry hair.

Both products have the same growth protection strength. But the growth bonus with WG Light Oil Moisturizer is that you can deep seed for growth protection while removing scalp debris during shampoo and offers extra breakage protection when used as a leave in conditioner in wet hair so that it won't crack when it dries. WG Hair Oil does not play in that wet hair environment because hair will get sticky and gummy.

The WG Hair Oil is THE texturizer for de-tangled, de-kinked, de-frizzed, flowing, bouncing, silky and swaying natural hair. It can be used as much as three times per week (or more, depending on hair texture) on dry ( or just damp, towel dried) hair. It will tame and soften new growth so it will stretch a relaxer or perm. It will also allow for an easy transition from chemically treated hair. If someone finds WG Hair Oil too heavy for using frequently to keep the head continually moisturized (RULE OF FINGER: there should always just a bit of shine on the finger when one touches their scalp), then the WG Light Oil Moisturizer comes in handy because it is light and holds moisture longer without buildup. One can alternate and use both products separately, or can mix them together and can experiment to find the magic proportion that works best.

For Braids, WG hair Oil is great for doing and undoing braids because it has good grab factor. But for daily maintenance, WG Light Oil Moisturizer will control flaking, build- up, odor and dryness while protecting the hair strands from cutting each other with maximum lubrication.

For the qualities mention above, one can mix both products together to merge the features when used on dry or damp (towel dried) hair.

Non-African Hair can also benefit from the non-growth qualities (All hair types benefit from the growth qualities of these products) of both Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer.

Though Wild Growth Hair Oil is a heavy oil, applied on damp, towel-dried hair in very small quantities, it can get rid of frizz, fly away and or under-bodied non-African quality hair found among Caucasian, Asian, Indian, Native American, Spanish or other hair types. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer, though applicable in small quantities at any time on non-African Quality hair,  will always benefits as an addition to a shampoo when mixed in with it. Also, it will prevent breakage when used as a leave-in conditioner. Even in such applications, less amounts are recommended for non-African Quality hair.


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