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Testimonial category links african (natural and relaxed) hair results  alopecia  amazing results back of head, kitchen or nape hair growth  baldness/ becomes disinherited beard grower beautiful hair before and after braids/twists/protective styles breakage caucasian/asian/indian/pacific/spanish/middle eastern chemicals  chemotherapy children concentrate crown /top of head hair growth dandruff detangles Dreadlocksends eyebrows eye lashes fast hair growth  front/forehead hair growth  hair confidence restored hair growth issues completely resolved ➝ hair growth age limit? hair growth cures that last without further use or assistance  hair growth progresses with continued use/even and consistent growth➝  hair growth system  ➝ hair grows hair line  hair loss  hair moisturizer hair products/ How well does Wild Growth stack up?  hair shine  harsh weather and good hair growth  healthy natural hair growth      inches of growth  kink removal  kitchen, back of head or nape hair growth lasting results  little goes a long way longer hair  long term use/been around a long time (safe staple product) love  for hair product loyalty/pledges/product seriously relied upon  males  manageable hair   medications/medical conditions/stress  miraculous hair growth moisturizer nails nap removal nape, back of head or kitchen hair growth  naturally manageable hair texture with FFBBSS (raggedyness-free, frizz-free/body and bounce/sway/swing and shimmer)  new appearance of hair new growth perms and relaxers pressing oil/ heat styling smooth, fast and easy   protective styles really works/is all that is needed/gets the job done/consistent results/never fails/fulfills hopes and needs relaxer and perm stretcher/replacer  Hair repair and protection- strand/ follicles/ and roots   results for first time ever or in a long time   results are attention grabbing   results are surprising  results never before achieved   results within days or weeks  shelf life (no expiration date necessary)  shoulder and below length hair silkiness/smooth hair skin (& scalp) care soft hair split ends stay short hair or slow growing hair  stop itch stop shedding strong hair tames  hair  temples and edges thicker (fuller) hair/For thinning hair top of head/crown hair growth weather (harsh) and good hair growth  wig and weave  wild growth Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer works when others don't/never fails




Venetta Sutton Yes I see a big difference in my hair   an my Eyebrows  I
had none
July 27, 2015



April 23, 2015

Marie Noriega-FaceBook

 Love this stuff ... The green one works real well... I'm transitioning to natural myself ... So when I braid down for a weave I put this oil in the parts .. And down the length and ends of the braid ... Then cover with a wig cap... Blow dry , to open up the cuticle that way the oil gets to where it needs to .. I dyed my hair burgandy
before I decided to go natural .. So I can see my roots black
and it's only been almost 2 weeks.... Plus it works good on nails helps them grow fast , especially if you already have a full set of acrylic or gel nails definitely has and I use it on my eyebrows... GETCHUSOME




March 5, 2015

{This product is not for people with (for lack of better terms sorry) WHITE PEOPLE HAIR}←Wild Growth's Take: There are specific instructions for Caucasian and other non-African hair types. Generally, use less to avoid greasiness and get same results. See GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for Causasian hair or PRODUCTS .
By Sydney-amazon.com on March 5, 2015

{WARNING: This product is not for people with (for lack of better terms sorry) WHITE PEOPLE HAIR. I did not pay attention that this is for African hair types. I used it on my hair not knowing this and my hair looked disgusting like i hadn't showered in months..}←Wild Growth's Take: There are specific instructions for Caucasian and other non-African hair types. Generally, use less to avoid greasiness and get same results. See GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS
for Causasian hair or PRODUCTS .

 However; I give it 5 stars because I do use it on my eyebrows and eyelashes and it works wonders. I swear by it! There was a noticeable difference in the thickness of my eyebrows and lashes, and even got hair to grow where it previously hadn't grown before! Good stuff, {but if you have "white people hair" it's only good for eyebrows and lashes (and hair growth, 'even got hair to grow where it previously hadn't grown before!')}←Wild Growth's Take: There are specific instructions for Caucasian and other non-African hair types. Generally, use less to avoid greasiness and get same results. See GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for Caucasian hair or PRODUCTS .



March 1, 2015

Ericka Johnson`FaceBook-‎Wild Growth Hair Care
3 hrs
I Love see This Product An Da Smell I Wash My Hair Twice A Week An Massage It In My Scalp Three times a week my hair is so freaking soft and has grown at least an inch n sumn because I also take biotin but due to shrinkage it dosent look like it but I notice a diffrence. I'm sill on m first bottle lol but IMA buy another one n da conditioner tommorow n I was also putting it on my eyebrows n lash which have grown n gotten thicker I'm truly in love


January 21, 2015

Lauren Laraiivia-FaceBook

 It smells really bad but I use it on my brows I have thick brows also tried it know my hair it grew  really fast




May 19, 2014

From Amazon.com Customer Questions & Answers

Would this be recommended for fine straight hair? Or does it work best on coarse hair?

I myself have long very fine straight hair and yes I would definitely recommend this.
I am on my second bottle and my husband was so impressed I ordered him his own bottle. he was in a car wreck about twenty years ago and hasn't had eyebrows just scar tissue now he has eyebrows and I'm watching his receding hairline disappear. It has done wonders for me I was losing so much hair and had massive thinning in front and along part and that's no longer a problem. hope this helps.

readinglarge answered on May 19, 2014



February 13, 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars Staple Product!

By Amber
This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

Two reasons I purchased this product:
1) I have recently decided to stop getting relaxers because i noticed it was thinning and weakening my hair.
2) Ever since i was a child my hair  in the temple area  has been thin and would never grow thick.

Some background on my hair:
I'm a black woman currently transitioning and I believe my hair type is 4a/4b.

I started using this product on my hair a few months ago and i swear by it! my hair is softer, thicker, and i have noticed significant hair growth. My trouble area (the temple area on my head) is actually growing out! I noticed a lot of people complaining about the smell as well They are definitely being dramatic the smell isn't bad at all. Oh! I've also noticed my nails growing like crazy because of me applying this oil. I also apply this oil to my eyebrows and they're a lot thicker. This product is just plain amazing I highly recommend it.



March 29, 2013

5.0 out of 5 stars IT WORKS!!!, March 29, 2013
David - Amazon.com

This review is from: Wild Growth Hair Oil 4 Oz (Health and Beauty)

I brought this product from the Wild Growth Co. , and it truly works from my experience. I brought it in 2009 and i still have it now! I have thick hair and when i use this product to flat iron my hair it makes my hair so shiny, soft, manageable, and healthy looking. I had so many compliments about my hair so soft and shiny, some say my hair has gotten  so long! I put them on my eyebrows too and it also grew. I hate the smell but i put some smell good hair spray occasionally but it really doesnt bother me cause the smell goes away eventually.


March 08, 2012

subject: i love this product, i wont use nothing but w.g. halleluia!!!!!!!!

thanks for your product i used on my scalp and then i get those special "itchies" just to make my hair grow as my friend at my tutor class said,now, i know to get real hard hitting results. i don't care if it's soiling my shirt nape. these itches are keeping me to stimulate my skull and let loose on upon the nape too. i use on my eyebrows to grow thick too. bless you wild growth, i wont buy anything else!!!!!! peace love, oxo! nicole, goldsboro,nc

Nicole, Goldsboro, NC




December 05, 2010
From: < >
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010 1:47 AM
To: wildgro@wildgrowth.com
Subject: Im loving them!!!
 These oils work so fast is amazing! I have seen just little results on my hair but its because i just started using them,but that is not what im here for,believe it or not this product does wonders for eyebrows!ive been putting a little bit of both oils in my eyebrows and theyre growing so quick,even on places i wouldnt grow hair in,its awsome i love it and ive been using it in my lashes too,i just dab my finger at the tip and spread it on my lashes and they are so long im loving them! I havent seen dramatic results for my hair but i know i will because i have hope :) and when i do ill keep you posted,thank you so much you guys for coming out with this incredible product!never discontinue it please!
Xoxo sc1707