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 Wild Growth® Hair Oil will stretch a Relaxer!!



 December 6, 2012 at 12:14 AM

I just purchased few weeks ago in search of something different as i like to experiment with different products. Well Im sold on this oil! It works great for me as I can stretch relaxers longer since NG is softer. My hair grows fast but dont see length due to breakage and shedding. I was coloring my hair so I stopped that about 2 months ago. Only downside is it makes my hair heavy but I'll deal with it to have healthier hair. Great product and I definately recommend it!!





November 18, 2011

WGHO....Is Da BUM!
"Years ago I read on a Hair Board about this WGHO....rave reviews....ya da ya da ya da! What sparked my attention was that ladies were relaxing their hair @12 wks. I was like MAN is that even possible!!! So I went out to Sally's and purchased it.....My results was: I went from relaxing every 4 wks. to 5 wks. to 6 wks..... then I made it to 12 wks. So I said all of that to say WGHO does really work for me....I have used this product since approx. 2000 to date. Did it grow my hair, well of course it did...YAY!  For a product that deliver what it promises, it's worth every penny....That says alot for a product junkie that don't buy high end products......I would and have recommended this product to Friends...."


from:   http://www.sallybeauty.com/Hair-Oil/SBS-308001,default,pd.html




Cons: have to get use to the smell
"This oil has made a big difference in my hair. It does everything it says it'll do. I can stretch my relaxers longer because it makes my hair more manageable and my hair is growing. As long as I use it consistently, I'll see results. The smell isn't too bad for me, but others may not like it. I just deal with it because the benefits outweigh the smell. But, like other products, this may or may not work on you. But I hope it does. You should give it a try and give it time before you give up on it."

from: http://www.sallybeauty.com/Hair-Oil/SBS-308001,default,pd.html





February 29 , 2008


(from paper survey)


23 year old female with coarse and dry hair. Used relaxer every month before using Wild Growth Hair Oil and once every two months since using Wild Growth Hair Oil.


Uses neutralizing shampoos and hair mayonnaise as conditioner and uses Wild Growth and Jam after shampooing. Other styling methods used: wet setting and wavy pony tail weaves.  Since using Wild Growth Hair Oil, has seen 5 inches of length over the course of months and has seen filling in of a bald spot and general thickening in weeks (one month or less). Has also experienced softer texture of hair in a matter of days and reduced hair breakage after months of use. User comments: Ever since I started Wild Growth, my bald spot is full of hair. I can't tell where is was! I have more control over styling my hair, and I can go as long as two months without a relaxer.







(from paper survey)


22 year old female with coarse and dry hair.Uses relaxer every 2 1/2 months.


User comments: Since I've been using Wild Growth Oil, my shoulder length hair is half way down my back now; and I no longer have to perm every month. L.S., Boston MA






I have been using your oil for about 4 1/2 years now and my hair is so thick. People use to be able to see through my hair but not anymore.   I wear my hair in braids during the summer using your oil on it.  I haven't relaxed my hair in 5 months.  I took out my braids shampooed and conditioned it.  I never relax my hair fresh out of braids. I used my flat iron using your oil, my hair looks like it was fleshly relaxed.  My friends wanted to know what relaxer I used and I told them your oil and my flat iron.  They told me I really didn't need a relaxer using your oil while flat ironing it.  Wild growth oil has made it possible for me to wait 6 -months before relaxing again because it's not healthy to relax the hair to soon in between which makes it a lot healthier.  My daughter hasn't had her hair relaxed in 4-years and all I use is your oil and my flat iron and her hair is silky straight.  I have never gone without using your oil  and can't imagine not having it here. A very happy customer, keep up  the good work. Tammie







(from papersurvey)


18 year old female with coarse and dry hair. Has used lye products, shampoos (Vo5), conditioners(Black and Sassy),blow drying, staightening before and since  using Wild Growth Hair Oil®


User comments: My hair is longer than it's ever been. It's better than any other product I have used in the past. I don't need perms or relaxers as much.






I first used your product two days ago and I love the instant shine,
thickness and manageability it provides.  Even if my hair does not grow I am
already satisfied with these results. 
Never before
could I comb through my
hair 5 weeks after a relaxer
(immediately after washing) it and still have
no knots or hair in the comb.

K.W.  in Florida




(from paper survey)

47 year old female,  fine and dry type hair, used relaxer for 25 years applied (relaxer) every 5-6 weeks before using Wild Growth Hair Oil® and  continues to use it every three months (12 weeks) after Wild Growth, has used semi permanent dye for 10 years prior to using Wild Growth every 2 weeks and continues to use it  every 6-8 weeks, has blow dried and used drier, used leave in conditioners, setting lotion, glasser, and creme or oil for dryness before Wild Growth, and now uses just Wild Growth alone in addition to regular shampoo and conditioner and , when not air drying, uses Wild Growth as an under the drier conditioner after washing. Noticed improvement of hair length after 2 months, improvement in thickness after 3 months,  reduced thinning or balding in 3 months,  reduced hair breakage in 3 weeks, and improved hair texture in days. User comments: Before using Wild Growth I was a real skeptic. My hair was very thin, my hair line was thin and receding and I had a bald spot in the top of my head that just would not go away. My hair was always dry and lacked shine and just running my fingers through it would break my hair. I was very frustrated because I had tried every product on the market for the condition of my hair and nothing seemed to work. I don't take any medications and I'm a very healthy eater. So I just could not figure out why nothing  was working. I had made up my mind that I was not going to spend any more money on useless products. I settled on the fact that I am getting older and maybe that was the cause. Then I seen the ad for Wild Growth in a magazine. Like I said, I was skeptical at first but I kept going back to that ad. So I ordered a bottle. The results were amazing!! I never liked taking pictures so it never dawned on me to take a before or after picture. I wish I had because now I love my hair. My family can't believe the difference. Thank you Wild Growth for making me feel and look beautiful. I am a customer for life. E.R. Savannah, GA





I bought a bottle of your wildgrowth oil and I have to say that I love it!  I didn't know how to properly flat iron my hair but with your oil it was very easy.  I get a silky straight press everytime right down to my ends (this is very important to me since I used to have bad looking ends). Also, it keeps my hair very straight (even when I touch it up with heat) until my next relaxer touch up which is about every four to five months so my hair actually gets to grow.  I also have very, very dry hair that was on the verge of being brittle.  Your oil actually keeps it soft.  I use just a little everyday (especially on the ends since that is my main problem area). I would recommend your oil to anyone. T.





Hello, my name is D. and I'm from Tuscaloosa, AL. I've been using your product for about two months now. I called to say how much I love your Wild Growth product. Its the best thing I've used for my hair. I have a relaxer. With this product, I don't even need to use a conditioner. It makes it so healthy and thicker. I have always had thick hair, but I know relaxers do damage hair alot. It brought  my hair back to life. I just wanted to say THANK YOU.  Please never go out of business. D.



I have  been using wild growth for three weeks now and I am astonished with the results. I am a college student and for the past two semesters, I have been really stressed out and it was taking a major toll on my hair. As a result my stylist had to cut four inches offf my hair. I was devastated. The following day, my friend told me that her Aunt was using wild growth on her hair and how soft and fast it was growing. So I logged on the website, checked the ingredients and decided to give it a try. After washing my hair, I applied Wild Growth just as the bottle said and my hair was so soft I couldn't believe it. The change in texture happened immediately. Now, three weeks later, my hair grew quite a bit. In fact it is growing so fast that I have to wash my hair twice a week to keep up with the growth. My perm is actually lasting longer because the oil is making my hair lay down without any kinks or problems. At first I didn't think any thing was happening, until I washed it and realized that the oil was making my new growth blend in with the relaxed hair. The oil works so well that I air-dried my hair, only applying the oil, wrapped it overnight, and it laid down without any heat! Any other time, I could not get it layed like that with my best flat iron. t flat iron. Lets just say  that I am very impressed and am so happy I gave Wild Growth a try.





I was introduced to your product through a friend. I have been using Wild Growth for a few months now and I am very pleasingly satisfied. I can now use less relaxers because, after blow drying, the product makes my hair straight. This will be the exclusive hair product for me. O.D.



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