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Hair & Scalp:


The  unique universal formulas  are made from a combination of natural oils, vitamins and biologically available and complete mineral comlexes that are specially processed to work for every type of hair: from coarse and dry hair and scalp to all thinner types of hair. They are easy to use, not messy, and leaves no sticky build-up. Both Wild Growth® products are extremely effective even when used sparingly: resulting in maximum achievement of hair length and fullness; and greatly reduced expense, time, grooming effort, and discomfort; and reduction of puffy or fly-away hair. Concentrated all-purpose Wild Growth® Hair Oil and Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer are available in 4 fluid ounce bottles.

Details  (also visit product profiles for product photos, features and instructions)

Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer  is a near colorless light bodied yet rich  penetrating (this is a leave in product too!) oil that is used as a scalp and hair oil and applied in the same way as Wild Growth® Hair OilAs a scalp oil and hair oil, many people report never before achieved hair growth results after using Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer such as first time shoulder and below shoulder length hair, growth of stay short hair; and thicker (improvement of receding hair line, bald spots, thinning at the temples and elsewhere) hair too. In addition to advanced moisturizing properties for  breakage control and growth,  Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer 's   lubricating qualities provide anti-grab/glide-through handling breakage protection (grooming, braids, weaves and wigs maintenance).It also deodorizes  the hair and scalp, leaving a clean and fresh desirable scent either when used just after using Wild Growth® Hair Oil  or between hair washings to refresh or re-moisturize the hair and scalp. It is a mild texturizer so it can be used  alone as a higly lubricating and lighter  dry (or slightly damp) hair leave-in conditioner or can be used  together with heavy duty texturizer Wild Growth® Hair Oil to achieve a balance between strong texturizing power, slickness, agreeable lightness in feel, lightness in color (when preserving gray, white or light hair color) and odor.   Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer   stands alone as well because it can be safely and effectively used as shampoo additive to enhance hair growth and protect hair from chemical attack and also can be safely used as a leave-in conditioner on wet hair to prevent breakage/damage from the wetdry cycle while reducing  grooming stress as the hair is brushed or combed out while still wet.

Wild Growth® Hair Oil Highlights

1. Truly Natural (Our Promise)

2. Promotes fuller and longer hair never before achieved (When used as a scalp oil many users report satisfactory to amazing growth results including new growth in bald or thin spots to the point of completely filling in,   first time lengths [to shoulder, below shoulder, to bra length, below bra length and to waist length], and first time thickness.).
3. Provides instant powerful and lasting soft texture conditioning  without the use of any chemicals (harsh or mild).
4. Allows pain free combing of hair.
5. Instantly removes tangles.
6. Used for accelerated combing, brushing, blow-drying, flat Ironing,   pressing, braiding and styling times.
7. Imparts superior hair shine and glow.
8. Bestows clean and fresh hair styles lasting weeks longer.
9. Saves money: a little goes a long way; multi-purpose Wild Growth® Hair Oil is the only product needed for many; It is an easy to use do-it-yourselfer reducing professional hair care expenses; extends the life of perms and all types of hair styles hair styles. Even when used regularly, one bottle of Wild Growth® Hair Oil will last at least one month, and often much longer for coarse and dry (African type) hair an 3-9 months for finer (ex. Caucasian type) hair.
10. Reduces frizzy, puffy and fly-away hair.

11. Infinitely variable hair bending and straightening properties: Wild Growth® Hair Oil alone will achieve different desired results:

 A.  When  Wild Growth® Hair Oil is applied on dry hair (ex. between washings)  curls and waves will be mostly preserved.

C. When  Wild Growth® Hair Oil is applied on slightly damp towel-dry hair and comb or brush a few times till it becomes completely dry, then curly may turn to wavy and wavy may turn to straight. Coarser hair will not be affected.

D. When hair is blow dried (more so when pressed or flat-ironed) hair will become straight.

E. When  curls that hold are desired, then oil hair, set it in curlers, then sit under the drier.

F. When hair becomes oily, then use less (Wild growth need not be oily to work). For fine/soft hair, start with a little (5-15 drops) first, to know how much your hair needs.

Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer Highlights

1. Truly Natural

2. Promotes fuller and longer hair never before achieved. When used as a scalp oil many users report satisfactory to amazing growth results including new growth in bald or thin spots to the point of completely filling in, first time lengths (to shoulder, below shoulder, to bra length, below bra length and to waist length), and first time thickness.

3. Provides advanced, long lasting natural moisture by forming barrier or 'shell' against dryness without greasiness or excessive oiliness.

4. Provides advanced long lasting lubrication and unique anti-friction properties without heavy greasiness or oiliness. Balances out Wild Growth® Hair Oil if it gets too thick and sticky with effective lubricating action while not diluting growth effect and adding more longer lasting moisture.

5. Cleanly imparts excellent body and shine  without heavy greasiness or oiliness.

6. Serves as a hair and scalp gunk and flake buster and as a deodorant.

7. Stimulates, soothes, and refreshes with a clean natural scent.

8. Deeply nourishes hair and scalp with a light oil presence.

9. Even when used regularly, one bottle of Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer will last at least one month, and often much longer for coarse and dry (African type) hair and 3-8 months for finer (Caucasian type) hair.

10. Reduces and maintains reduction of frizzy, puffy and fly-away hair.

11. Is an effective shampoo additive for protection against chemical attack, and shampoo delivered hair growth.

12. When added to wet hair as leave-in conditioner Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer will promote growth and preserve hair cuticle from wet-dry cycle damage.



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Common questions and answers appear below.


What are the main differences between both your products?

Long Answer 1

The Wild Growth® Hair Oil offers growth AND powerful natural texturizing for detangling, soft and manageable natural styles, extending relaxers/perms,  and chemical-free straight or curly hair styles when blow drying and pressing and/or curling. Wild Growth® Hair Oil will re-condition an old wig to make it new again because of its powerful texturizing qualities. In addition to powerful hair bending qualities Wild Growth® Hair Oil has strong grab (sticky) action when first applied. This allows for powerful detangling but also eases doing and undoing of braids. After absorbing, Wild Growth® Hair Oil will make the hair (skin too) smooth, but, magically, not sticky or oily. It is best used on damp hair, but, as is many time necessary, can be successfully used on dry hair and scalp. The Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer offers growth, as it shares the exact same 'Growth DNA' that Wild Growth® Hair Oil has. But, in addition  Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer can be used directly in a shampoo to protect hair from over-stripping while still moisturizing and seeding for growth while the scalp is cleansed. It is also used as a leave-in conditioner on wet hair to prevent wet/dry cycle damage (breakage). It is very slick or lubricating to enable handling of delicate hair without pulling on it and will prevent wigs from pulling on hair too. While Wild Growth® Hair Oil  is good for working with braids, Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer is good for maintaining braids by holding moisture longer and keeping braids slick so hair edges will not cut against each other. Like the name implies, it is light in feel, color, and odor and, when used together with Wild Growth® Hair Oil between washings (on damp or dry hair), can customize Wild Growth® Hair Oil's level of heaviness, color, and odor. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer will deodorize or freshen-up head funk in between washings. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair and scalp. No matter what hair type, by using both products one can get maximum texturizing and heat styling results while aiding hair growth 24/7 in all cycles (wash, rinse, and in between) forming a complete hair growth system.


Long Answer 2

Natural Hair

Wild Growth Oils are for natural untreated hair but also works well with chemically treated hair. It is not only good for general African quality hair, but any hair type that tends to go frizzy, tangled and overall unruly and unhealthy. Wild Growth Oils are for growth but also softer, silkier, kink free, frizz-free more manageable hair with more body, bounce and sway. Wild Growth Hair Oil is the retexturizer which works its magic on natural hair. It is not required daily and is also good for doing and undoing braids because of good grab factor. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer also great for natural hair, for growth as well, will hold moisture longer, but, if necessary, can be used daily without build up, keeping the head fresh, moisturized and lubricated. Very good for maintaining protective styles too.

Because Wild Growth Hair Oil works so well on natural hair, It also works well with relaxers and perms. Here is how: the new growth will be made so soft and frizz free that relaxer and perm appointments will be stretched and, therefore beautiful hair with less frequent exposure to chemicals. Wild Growth Hair Oil is such a powerful texturizer, that many can easily transition from perms and relaxers altogether.

Summary of difference between both WG products (both for natural and chemically treated African and non African hair) and purposes and methods of using them together.

Use WG Light Oil Moisturizer for mixing in with shampoo or co-wash and as stand alone leave in conditioner or mixed in with another leave in conditioner. Also can mix with WG Hair Oil on damp (not wet) towel dry hair or dry hair.

Both products have the same growth strength. But the growth bonus with WG Light Oil Moisturizer is that you can deep seed for growth while removing scalp debris during shampoo and offers extra breakage protection when used as a leave in conditioner in wet hair so that it won't crack when it dries. WG Hair Oil does not play in that wet hair environment because hair will get sticky and gummy.

The WG Hair Oil is THE texturizer for de-tangled, de-kinked, de-frizzed, flowing, bouncing, silky and swaying natural hair. It can be used as much as three times per week (or more, depending on hair texture) on dry ( or just damp, towel dried) hair. It will tame and soften new growth so it will stretch a relaxer or perm. It will also allow for an easy transition from chemically treated hair. If someone finds WG Hair Oil too heavy for using frequently to keep the head continually moisturized (RULE OF FINGER: there should always just a bit of shine on the finger when one touches their scalp), then the WG Light Oil Moisturizer comes in handy because it is light and holds moisture longer without buildup. One can alternate and use both products separately, or can mix them together and can experiment to find the magic proportion that works best.

For Braids, WG hair Oil is great for doing and undoing braids because it has good grab factor. But for daily maintenance, WG Light Oil Moisturizer will control flaking, build- up, odor and dryness while protecting the hair strands from cutting each other with maximum lubrication.

For the qualities mention above, one can mix both products together to merge the features when used on dry or damp (towel dried) hair.

Non-African Hair can also benefit from the non-growth qualities (All hair types benefit from the growth qualities of these products) of both Wild Growth Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer.

Though Wild Growth Hair Oil is a heavy oil, applied on damp, towel-dried hair in very small quantities, it can get rid of frizz, fly away and or under-bodied non-African quality hair found among Caucasian, Asian, Indian, Native American, Spanish or other hair types. Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer, though applicable in small quantities at any time on non-African Quality hair,  will always benefits as an addition to a shampoo when mixed in with it. Also, it will prevent breakage when used as a leave-in conditioner. Even in such applications, less amounts are recommended for non-African Quality hair.




Final Short  Summary of both products:


Both oils act together for complete hair growth system  proven for even better (as compared to when used alone) growth and attention grabbing results.


Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer features: 1rst time ever growth, use in shampoo or as part of co-wash to promote growth and prevent shampoo damage, wet to prevent hair drying damage or dry hair for maintenance.  It is a super moisturizer (holds moisture)  and a specially fine oil with light refreshing scent which keeps hair protected while keeping hair and scalp flake and funk free. Also can be used as a hot oil.


Wild Growth® Hair Oil features: 1rst time ever growth, natural texturizer extends chemical relaxers, super blow dry and press, instant tangle and kink-free hair, superior body, bounce sway and shimmer, for damp or dry hair.

In just  a few word, why should I use both?

The Wild Growth Hair Oil grows and repairs. The Wild growth Light Oil grows and protects. 

Both Products stimulate growth. In addition, the Wild Growth Hair Oil , because of it powerful texturizing characteristics, repairs as well.   The Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer protects by holding moisture longer, lubricates so hair stays damage free, especially during protective styles and chemically protects during shampoo/wash/dry cycle, while extra deep seeds for growth while grime is being removed during shampooing.


 What  are they? What are their main ingredients... What makes them work?

......Wild Growth® Hair Oil is made of plant derived oils, vitamins and minerals.

It contains specially selected and processed natural ingredients from:
OLIVE OIL: tripalmitin, oleic acids, triolein,  arachidic esters, flavonoids, squalene, terpenoids, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein, the aglycone of ligostride, (+)-1-acetoxypinoresinol, pinoresinol, alpha-tocopherol, vanillic and caffeic acid, oleocanthal (the dialdehydic form of (-)deacetoxy-ligostride aglycone), chlorophyll, pheophytin and carotenoids.
COCONUT OIL: lauric acid, monolaurin , capric acid and monocaprin.
JOJOBA OIL: long-chained monohydroxyl alcohols, pro vitamin A and E.
OTHER VEGETAL SOURCES OF: vitamin D (ergocalciferol), choline, inostol, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium.

...Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer contains a  specially balanced blend of   Wild Growth® Hair Oil nutrient complex  and  proprietarily modified natural ingredients from: castor oil, flax seed oil, carrot oil complex, pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil, safflower oil, roman chamomile oil, black seed oil, evening primrose oil,  vitamin e and proprietary Wild Growth® Essential Oil complex.

What don't Wild Growth Oils have?

1. Synthetics such as colors, preservatives, fragrances, vitamins, carbomers and other polymers, silicone (amodimethicones, phenyltrimethicones etc.), etc..
2. Drugs (patent or otherwise formulated)
3. Animal or animal derived products.
4. Hormones (natural or synthetic)
5. Minerals -all elemental minerals (single and in combination) found in the Periodic Table including sulfur, phosphorous, etc.. and their chemically derived forms. Wild Growth offers trace elements only in biologically active and safe plant based complexes as they naturally occur to sustain life.
6. Petroleum -all petroleum and petroleum derived products such as petrolatum, mineral oil, carbomers, other polymers (olefins, quaternium forms, ethylene derivatives, acrylic forms etc.) and other petroleum (fossil fuel derived hydrocarbons) compounds used in the hair care and cosmetics industry.
 7. Proteins/Keratin (external source). WG Oils moisturize, condition, and energize the hair shaft, cuticle and root which, are themselves protein based. They also encourage endogenous nutrition of hair (proteins, etc. from within-the source being the blood supply ). But they do not patch up the hair and scalp with additional foreign proteins.

 Who are they for?

......Universal multi-purpose Wild Growth® Hair Oil  and Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer  are proven effective for all people ('African' type hair: coil type, coarse to fine, dry, and tangly and 'Caucasian' type hair: fine, oily and non tangly). Please note that all people, whether they be of African, Asian, European,  Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American,  or Spanish descent will fall in either the 'African' or 'Caucasian' type hair categories. Because it is an oil-based product, individuals with naturally oily hair need to use far less than the recommended (see answer to 'How to Use' question) amount. It will work for coarser and finer grades of hair. Finer grades may require less product.

Do they really work?

Of       Compatibility Our promise Uses Really works Surveys Examples

And   F A S T


How long does it take to grow my hair?

...... Some people report hair growth just days after they use Wild Growth® products for the first time. Others report results after weeks and months.  On the average, a difference is seen between 1 and 2 months. Results are different for each individual.  Overall, Wild Growth has a reputation for fast results.


Why and how should  I use both the Wild Growth®Hair Oil and the Wild Growth®Light Oil Moisturizer together?

While each Wild Growth® product gives great results when used alone, both act together as a Complete Hair Growth System with the following directions for use:

Quick Note:

Please note that regardless of whether you consider yourself African-Black, Caucasian-White, Spanish, Native American, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern or other, the best way for you to use Wild Growth products should be decided by the qualities of your hair alone. For instance, if you consider yourself non-African and have dry and tangly hair, then the appropriate method of using Wild Growth products for you may be in the instructions for 'African Type Hair' ( finer hair will, in any case, use less product). If hair becomes too oily, use less or follow the instructions for non-African type hair.  If hair becomes too heavy or sticky from Wild Growth® Hair Oil, add Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer to thin out and lubricate to desirable consistency.


 Learn the Maximum Protection Method of using both Wild Growth® Hair Oil and Light Oil Moisturizer


Can I use Wild Growth®Products on just the spot of my scalp that needs it?

Yes. But it is best to apply to the entire scalp to best get the results in the place you want it. Also, by doing the entire scalp, you can build complete hair and scalp health into the future. Remember that you are only using a small quantity.

If I use Wild Growth®Products on my scalp, would I need to use them on my hair too?

Not necessarily. However, you also need to control hair loss by preventing breakage. That is what Wild Growth® Oils do. They provide armour against daily insults such as, chemicals from perms, relaxers and dyes, heat treating natural or even permed (not advised) hair, shampoo damage, wetdry hair cycle damage, or even extreme and unusual insults such as chemotherapy and radiation. This can be achieved by conditioning and strengthening the hair itself with Wild Growth products. You will see more hair when, for every 100 hair strands growing, there are only 5-10 strands breaking off as compared to 30-50 hair strands breaking off.



Can Wild Growth® products be safely used with perms/relaxers or color?


How will they affect my perms/relaxers ?......Positively! People with perms use Wild Growth Hair Oil to make their perm look and feel more natural, and to give their hair more shine.  Wild Growth® Hair Oil  makes the perm or relaxer last longer (more time between perms) as it makes the new growth soft and, therefore, blend in with the rest of the perm or relaxer .  Some people use Wild Growth® Hair Oil  instead of perms because the product offers relaxer-level conditioning.  By many reports, Wild Growth® Hair Oil  and  Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer   bring strength and good condition to hair that has been weakened or damaged by perms.


Perm/relaxers, transitioning from a perms/relaxers.  Wild Growth® Hair Oil will also condition the perm/relaxer for less breakage and will make the natural new growth soft and of more relaxed texture to blend with the perm. Result: perms with Wild Growth Hair Oil progressively last longer (at least 1.5 times or more to start with) so you will be exposing your head to less chemicals. Also, Wild Growth® Hair Oil  in relaxed hair  does makes the hair stronger, more resilient, better feeling and looking, healthier and more natural.  Apply The Wild Growth Hair Oil to all of your hair and to your scalp. The new growth will blend in with whatever relaxed or permed hair you have left. Most people notice a difference in growth between 2-6 months. With Wild Growth Hair Oil in it, hair will be more manageable and more protected with less breakage. Of course, healthier new growth should occur as well.

Safely using Wild Growth® Products with perms/relaxers.

 Wild Growth® Hair Oil has demonstrated chemical damage protection qualities. Users do add Wild Growth® Hair Oil in  their perm/relaxers  not only protect their scalp from burning but experience stronger chemically treated hair for the first time ever. While working in the hair and scalp, Wild Growth® Hair Oil has also been known to prevent hair loss during chemotherapy and radiation. 

But it still may be a good house keeping to not have any oil in your scalp (by letting the oil dry out for two days prior to the relaxer=stop applying two days before)  and  apply the chemicals (lye, dye or otherwise) without Wild Growth® Hair Oil added. This is because if there are any chemical residues that have not been neutralized, any oil which penetrates skin can drive such chemicals into the skin where they do not need to be. At least this is the theory. Users, then, must decide whether to either get burned by the chemical at the surface of the scalp which is a tough protective layer of dead  protein rich cells but not risk oil facilitated deeper penetration of the chemicals into the deeper hair growth follicle, duct, and root levels or to strengthen the hair and and protect the scalp from burning with Wild Growth® Hair Oil but possibly letting some of the chemical piggy back on the oil into the deep delicate hair growth regions and then...who knows?

Finally, although, users of chemicals get growth results with Wild Growth® Oils , maximum growth is expected when no chemicals are used. Using Wild Growth® Oils away from relaxer application times to both soften the new growth and strengthen the hair to the ends is a step in the chemical-free direction.




Will they change the color of my grey hair?

'I went to Sally's on yesterday and purchased the Wild Growth Light oil Moisturizer and it works fine on my silver hair.
Thanks for listening!! I'll let you know my success story!
Joyce H.'


The Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer . (yellow bottle) is near colorless and will not change grey hair. Both products share the same growth nutrition formula. You can either use Wild Growth Light Oil moisturizer alone or in conjunction with Wild Growth® Hair Oil in lesser  amounts, to avoid grey coloration problems and best growth results.

Are they safe?

......Absolutely! But if you feel that your hair is uniquely sensitive to various products, then it is suggested that you try Wild Growth products on part of your hair and scalp to learn that it is safe for you.

Do you guarantee these products?

......YES!!!  If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, just send the bottle with the unused portion, along with the reason for why you are not satisfied, back to us and we will fully refund you the amount that you paid. This guarantee is valid for up to one year from time of purchase.

How big are the bottles? How long do they last?

......The four fluid ounce bottles lasts at least one month, often two months and longer for African type hair and can last up to 6 months for fine and soft and oily Caucasian, Asian, Native American, Latino and Indian types.

What is the Shelf Life?-no expiration date necessary

Pretty much indefinite.. Just don't contaminate or store in freezing or extremely hot areas (although even those conditions don't make much of a difference).  Nothing can grow in these oils. They are perpetually  anti-bacterial, anti fungal, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic (lice, worms, etc.) See shelf life examples (testimonials):

Shelf Life-no expiration date necessary


Can they be used as a hot oil?

Yes! But do not overheat heat as hot as Wild Growth® products may get de-natured. Instructions. Also consider applying heat after oiling the hair.  Excellent results, particularly with Wild Growth® Hair Oil  (ex. lastingly conditioned hair all the way to the ends) have been obtained this way.  Methods include under the dryer, blow drying and pressing.


Can I use them on wet hair?

......No. Not for Wild® Hair Oil  . Yes. Yes for Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer .

See General Instructions


Will they work for fine hair?

......Yes. For growth primarily. And they will also give the fine hair control, body, more substance and shine.  Must use sparingly to get results (see answer to How Do I Use...?)

If I were to stop using Wild Growth® products, will my hair continue to grow or fall out due to discontinued use?

...... Hair, reportedly, continues to grow more than before using Wild Growth® products {but probably not indefinitely} after discontinued use.  No instances of significant amounts of hair falling out after discontinuing use have been reported. Some instances of significant hair falling out have been erroneously attributed to  discontinuing WG oil usage, when, in fact, WG oil usage was preventing hair from falling out despite the underlying conditions that would have caused hair loss if WG oils were not used. See the example below:

A person who discontinued using both oils stated:

·        Ti Hargrove I used the green and white bottle of oil years ago. It made my hair grow very fast when I used it for months. When I stopped using it, it made my hair fall out with little white bulbs from the root on them. The doctor told me it would grow back and it never did, especially since each hair had white bulbs on them. This is when I learned that is a product says it is all natural, it can still affect you. Be careful!


Wild Growth response was:

WG oils keep hair follicles out of telogen or dormant phase. White bulbs are characteristic of dormant hair roots which are no longer feeding the hair root and the dermal structures to which the hair roots are anchored. Nutritionally unsupported, the hair roots and their follicular anchor (appearing as a white bulbs) tear off. However the underlying cause of the dormant telogen phase has to do with nutrition/stress/hormonal and other physiological conditions. WG Oil were keeping the roots in active anogen phase. These roots would have gone dormant without the WG oils. The proof is that when you stopped using the oils, your hair went into telogen dormant phase with its typical characteristic features of hair loss with the white bulbs. This dormant phase is not related to the WG oil use and maybe abnormal (normal telogen or follicular dormancy occurs at all times across approximately 5-10 % of ones scalp where serious hair loss is not noticed). The gain you had with WG oils was lost when you stopped because the underlying dormancy was never corrected or even gotten worse. When nearly all WG oil users discontinue, their hair gain very slowly deteriorates over the next months or years, does not deteriorate at all, or actually continues as the weeks and months roll by after stopping (visit )   In all such cases forming the vast majority of WG oil users, abnormal telogen phase is not an issue. For more information on telogen phase manifestations such as white bulb surrounding the roots of fallen hair visit


Can I use Wild Growth® Products with Braids?



Both Wild Growth® Hair Oil  and Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer should be used for braids. To understand this, you must know the general difference between both products:

The Wild Growth® Hair Oil offers growth AND powerful natural texturizing for detangling and smooth hair styles when blow drying and pressing. Wild Growth® Hair Oil will re-condition an old wig to make it new again because of its powerful texturizing qualities. It is used on damp or dry hair and scalp. The Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer offers growth AND can be used directly in a shampoo to protect hair from over-stripping while still moisturizing and seeding for growth while the scalp is cleansed. It is also used as a leave-in conditioner on wet hair to prevent wet/dry cycle damage (breakage). It is very slick or lubricating to enable handling of delicate hair without pulling on it and will prevent wigs from pulling on hair too. Like the name implies, it is light in feel, color, and odor and, when used together with Wild Growth® Hair Oil between washings (on damp or dry hair), can customize Wild Growth® Hair Oil's level of heaviness, color, and odor. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer will deodorize or freshen-up head funk in between washings. Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair and scalp. No matter what hair type, by using both products one can get maximum texturizing and heat styling results while aiding hair growth 24/7 in all cycles (wash, rinse, and in between) forming a complete hair growth system.


Braiding (actual braiding) : 

To set your hair up for braiding (detangling brushing, combing, or smoothing with heat) Wild Growth® Hair Oil is the primary product to produce a frizz free body-full braid. Then, it will be easier to work with the Wild Growth® Hair Oil while braiding because it has more grab.


Braid Maintenance (applying to head with braids):

Once the braids are in place, the Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer should be the primary product to use. I provides the slickness to lessen the cutting action of hair-strand- against-hair-strand during normal movement. It is to be regularly applied (always in small quantities) throughout the hair and scalp. You want to have always enough in your head to draw just a little shine on your fingers when you touch your head. 1- 3 times per week should be the frequency for most users to accomplish that. Of course, for protective styles avoid micro or not much larger braids. For large braids you can go down the braid with the bottle’s pointed spout. For smaller you can clench an oiled hand along the braid. There is no build-up with these oils, but let the Wild Growth® Hair Oil absorb well before taking down and washing head to avoid saponification of any residual surface oils resulting in stickiness or film which has more to do with the mixing this heavier oil with the surfactants than the oil itself. For when you do take down the braids to wash, Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer can (5-15 drops) be actually be mixed with shampoo in hand for washing the head, and can (5-15 drops) be used in rinsed wet hair as a leave-in conditioner without any ‘residue reaction’. Also, if head gets funky while in braids, Wild Growth® Hair Oil will extend the scalps freshness longer for less frequent washing. Always remember to use these oils sparingly. They can produce a growing itch or growing dandruff but to tolerable limits if used just enough.


Which Wild Growth product to use when always in braids? I could only afford one.


Each product is about growth but is uniquely focused to do certain things.
You can manage braids with the green alone. You will get growth and
recondition to repair and prevent frizz or halo effect. The yellow's
moisture will last longer, the slipperiness of the yellow will prevent
some breakage from braided hair strands rubbing against each other. Also,
the yellow will de-funk de-gunk (prevent any build-up) and de-flake during
any protective styles including braiding. As regards braids or other
protective styles, the green's unique focus is to help with braiding
because of it's good 'grab' factor and  to repair and revive while in
braids. The yellow's focus is to  protect (dryness, breakage) and maintain
a braided style with less intervention. Also consider that when you do
wash your hair, only the yellow can be effectively used in the shampoo
itself to protect from the shampoo harshness while deep seeding for growth
during the cleansing process. Also, as a leave in conditioner on wet hair
after rinsing, the yellow will prevent  wet-dry cycle breakage that is
regularly experienced to some degree or other after washing and drying
hair. The green cannot offer help in the washing and conditioning phases
of your hair care (can cause a serious sticky tangled mess BUT can be used
and has greater conditioning effect on DAMP towel dry hair).

As far as affordability, you can actually save money by getting both.
Otherwise you will have to use the green more often to maintain moisture.
The yellow will hold moisture longer, so it offers less intense
maintenance: both effort and money-wise.

You will use more product by including the yellow in the wash and
conditioning cycle, but the results will be greater than using only the
green only between washings. So, in the end you will have spent the exact
same money or even less, especially if your always in braids, but gotten
better results than using the green alone.


How Does Wild Growth® Oils compare with Rogaine

Rogaine/how it differs from Wild Growth® Products: The functionality is different. Rogaine is a vasodilator which forces temporary nutrients from the blood supply to feed the hair roots. As long as it is used , hair may grow. But Rogaine does not remove the congestion in the scalp which often is the underlying cause of poor hair growth. Unlike Rogaine, with Wild Growth, there is a cleansing and nutritional aspect to it that is progressive, and over the coarse of time (This does not mean that results are slow...far from it... follow this fast growth link), will help restore a balance whereby hair can grow on its own, even after discontinuing use. As a result, discontinued use will not result in the reversal of the progress made while using Wild Growth. Wild Growth makes no claims of artificially altering hair growth function. Rather it is viewed as assisting the inherent normal physiology which is often held back by local scalp congestion caused by impurities which, in turn restricts the energy needed for normal hair growth.


Can I use Wild Growth® Products together with other products for better, or best results?

Wild Growth Co. cannot and does not recommend usage of other products in conjunction with Wild Growth® Products to improve results. However Wild Growth® products are compatible with a wide variety of products, as no adverse reactions occur. In regards to drugs or harsh chemicals, Wild Growth® products  will not increase the adverse effects that those drugs or harsh chemicals are known to cause.



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