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Will Gray recommends Wild Growth Hair Care. Facebook 10/13/18
October 13 at 5:47 PM ·
Two & a half months wild growth hair saved my hairline

Before and after  (male baldness, thickness, edges, hairline)

*********For the more curious********

What Consumers Show and Tell when under Wild Growth®  Hair Growth Protection:

african (natural and relaxed) hair results  alopecia  amazing results back of head, kitchen or nape hair growth  baldness/ patches/spotted areas/thinning beard grower beautiful hair before and afterbig chop prevention and recoveryboth products for even better results braids(management and growth to allow for them)/twists/protective styles breakage caucasian/asian/indian/pacific/spanish/middle eastern chemicals  chemotherapy children concentrate/ affordabe/little goes a long way  conditioner for hair & scalp crown /top of head hair growth dandruff detangles Dreadlocks-maintenance, enhancement, replacementends conditioning/preservation/trim prevention eyebrows eye lashes fast hair growth follicles deemed dead grow hairfor all hair types front/forehead hair growth  hair confidence restored hair growth issues completely resolved ➝ hair growth age limit? hair growth cures that last without further use or assistance/hair growth progress does not revert back but hair continues to grow after discontinued use/progress continues even with off and on use  Hair growth progresses with continued use/short to long/long to longer/thin to thick/thick to thicker/bad to good/good to better/ even and consistent growth➝  hair growth system  ➝ hair grows hair line  hair loss reversal of  hair (and skin) moisturizer comparison with hair products/ How well does Wild Growth stack up?  Hair repair and protection- strand/ follicles/ and roots/disaster from heat, chemical, braids, locks, weaves etc.      hair shine  hair stylist/professional recommendedHair texturizer-instant and lasting for naturally manageable curl patterned hair (raggedyness-free, frizz-free/body and bounce/sway/swing, livelyness, amazing feel and shimmer) Hair transformation/retexturixer  harsh weather and good hair growth  healthy natural hair growth/  healthy & refreshed hair, scalp and skin      inches of growth   kink removal -instant and lasting  kitchen, back of head or nape hair growth lasting results  little goes a long way longer hair  long term use (safe and effective for....)-continuous or off and on/been around a long time (time proven staple products) love  for hair product loyalty/pledges/product seriously relied upon/ personal endorsement  males  manageable hair  mane and tale results medications/medical conditions/stress are no obstacles to Wild Growth  miraculous hair growth moisturizer nails   nap removal- instant and lasting nape, back of head or kitchen hair growth   new appearance of hair new growth perms and relaxers pressing oil/ blow dry/heat styling smooth, fast and easy  and lasting hair straightening protective styles assistance and protection against really works/is all that is needed/gets the job done/consistent results/never fails/fulfills promises hopes and needs/not from the eyes of a wisher but one who was first skeptical/on and off users who have repeatedly seen a difference between using and not using Wild Growth oils relaxer and perm stretcher/replacer     results for first time ever or in a long time or results hard to achieve   results are attention grabbing    results are surprising/exceed common expectations/from skeptical to believer  Results continue but do not revert when usage stops  results never before achieved  results shared by other results within days or weeks/results within a few uses  revolutionary permanent transformation of hair scalp sensitive skinshampoo product for growth and reduced shedding shedding   shelf life (no expiration date necessary)  shoulder and below length hair silkiness/smooth hair skin (& scalp) care soft hair, skin and scalp split ends stay short hair/ slow growing hair/uneven growth/ lazy growing hair  stop itch stop hair loss stop shedding stop shrinkage strong hair/protected hair tames  hair  temples, sides and edges  Thank God thicker (fuller) hair/For thinning hair top of head/crown/middle hair growth uneven growth successful user tips/Workarounds   weather (harsh) and good hair growth  wigs weaves, sew-ins, hats  wild growth of hair Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer wild growth oils never change works when others don't/never fails

Most recently updated testimonials

Faster growth!-what does it really mean?

Skeptic Opinions Shot Down by Facts   

two different tools for growth protection


How Can Wild Growth®  Oils build such an endless user file of AMAZING hair growth results while being only a cosmetic product? The answer is that Wild Growth  Hair Oil and Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizers have a wizard-like mastery over  Hair Growth Protection.

Wild Growth®   Hair Growth Protection claimer and disclaimer.

Wild Growth® hair growth protection simply defined: "Hair strands can break or become damaged from the root to the end. Thinness, baldness or short hair can result from sufficient breakage over time. Regular use of Wild Growth® cosmetic emollients and elasticizers can sufficiently reduce breakage to make a significant difference in hair density, thickness and length." How significant or to what extent? -Progressive filling in of bald areas (where prevention of breakage occurs near the skin's surface. First time shoulder, below shoulder, mid-waist and below lengths ( where prevention of breakage occurs anywhere between roots and ends)

Wild Growth Oils have been proving for over 32 years that the reality of improved hair growth can be successfully accomplished without targeting  the body's/scalp's functionality in the production of hair. Rather, the biologically pronounced 'dead' hair strand  has been the target of Wild Growth cosmetic research for decades and, as a result, Wild Growth Oils has the 'hair growth protection' solution 'nailed'!

The 'Hair Growth Improvement credited to Wild Growth Oils' that users show and tell comes from Wild Growth Oils being applied to the target area of interest: Dead Hair. So let our above statement be clearly not  miss-interpreted or deemed as misleading. Simply explained, a pair of scissors or the action that scissors perform will prevent hair growth at any point along the hair strand. If at the scalp level, the result is baldness or sparseness, if breakage occurs after some accomplished growth, the result could be limited length and sparseness (lack of thickness). Wild Growth Oils condition, help retain moisture, lubricate and elasticize to reduce the scissor-effect that environment stressors have on the hair strand.  The competent maintenance and protection of this dead material pushed out by the live body and  the resulting amazing  thickness and length that follows is what Wild Growth is dedicated to and does. So let the following amazing hair growth protection 'show and tell' results be qualified in the manner as just explained.

Disclaimer: the following volunteered comments and images submitted by Wild Growth Product users are not intended to indicate, reflect, or imply, the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Neither are they intended to imply product safety as judged by any regulatory criteria. These products have not been determined as safe or unsafe by any regulatory body and may play a role that has not yet been established in a potential allergic reaction.

Some extractions from before and after photo collection


2014-2017 progress by Gina Allen

submitted on 04/09/17 8:57PM





Good Morning Message 10/25/16

From: L. Burnam <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 2:59 AM
To: wildgro@wildgrowth.com

I love y'all wild growth because I was bald head two months ago and now my hair is growing


September 20, 2016
I started using wild growth hair care on Sa'riya when she was 3 months her hair was trying to come out and just like everybody else I thought it was b.s but its not a month later my baby hair is back like it never left and her cradle cap is gone as well #Aug19/#Sep20 #2016 it works fr I use it myself -Facebook

- V. N. " It really works!" - june 12, 2016

before and after progress

After Close up


Fee$ Amazon.com
5.0 out of 5 stars100 stars!!!
June 26, 2019
Size: 4 Fl. Oz
You guys just don't know how happy I am! Just like others, I was skeptical. On a few hair forums, I read where the women felt that the oil was just an oil to seal or moisturize their hair with, but it is much more than that. It's magical!

1st week: Thickening and no breakage!
2nd week: Noticeable fullness and some growth!
1 month: New growth coming in looser (4c hair)!
9 1/2 weeks later so much hair!  In April I struggled to pull my bangs to my upper lip, now June 26, my bangs go past my chin! I wondered what the texturizing effects were all about with the oil and now I see because my new growth
typically comes in coarse and tangly but now I have smooth waves!
Additionally, I felt that it would be unfair to the makers of this oil to benefit so much from their product and not give credit to them. I also use on my eyebrows and see
. My natural hair gets bigger each week.  I am so in love with my hair. My product for life. Yall better get this oil. Thanks!!!!

Edited to add: If you struggle with single strand knots and tangles like I do, just add a few drops on the tangles/knots, rub in for a few seconds, and detangle and watch the tangles melt away. Also, today my boss asked me what I was doing
grow my hair so much;)


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Pioneers of the 'Going natural African Hair Growth Protection Oils.'

The name 'Wild Growth' has been registered solely by Wild Growth Co. throughout the entire history of The United States Patent & Trade Mark Office for products bearing the 'Wild Growth' name such as Wild Growth® Hair Oil  and Wild Growth® Light Oil Moisturizer       

For all hair types:

  ►  Black/African, African Mix, Asian, European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Native American, Mid and South Pacific, South American, Spanish and other types hair growth protection!


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